I Think; Therefore I Am; A Victim!


Most see themselves as a lone victim who cannot help themselves, because they were born into it, and now they have to fight the rest of us, in that perpetual victim status. They do not know (or do not want to know) that almost everyone has to deal with one issue or another, in this life. Corporeality itself is an ongoing excersize in unrelenting mercilessness! Just wait until you are really old for a more personalized experience on the subject!
Consequently, as a part of the victim paradigm, they like to challenge others with: Do you have my affliction? No! So you cannot understand my trials! Woe is me! Therefore, new words were created by this Oracle in 2010 or so, and hopefully to be officially added later somewhere, to expand the list of English words on this topic, atop victim, victimized, victimology and victimization (and they are): victimhood, victimship, victimism, victimist, victimizer, and victimizationist.
Making ones self a benefactor of the victim class, is at the root of victimism. The victimist is always a victim; they may never claim this as such, outwardly, but that is the mindset or mentality. Therefore, it is only a matter of time before a victimist will experience victimization. Just being on Earth, a victimist is always ready to be victimized. Consequently, the victimist is ever ready to expose all the attacks that come just from living on Earth, surrounded always by the opposing villains.
Victims prove their internal struggles with victimship, by casting themselves always as the potential hero; a hero who is forever in a struggle for good against the forces of evil. And they do this publicly; they protest against all the evil governments (throughout time and culture); against those "others" who are simply, not them! In their mentality, they are victims of all sorts of things, but in reality, they participate in corrupt systems that they rail against, and become their collaborators. E.g. the Car Cult.
In the victim paradigm, the others are always the flawed ones; always a step (or more) behind them. The victim is always and forever a victim; always self portrayed as the good guy. Consequently, their perpetual worldview is that of them, positioned as the always good one, and thus everyone else around them, are potentially or actually, the bad ones; those in the wrong. It is just a matter of degrees for them.
If the other does not align with everything that is confined in the victims head, they are cast as the villain in their own minds. And villains must be ignored, opposed, or destroyed if necessary. Can you see deeper into this proverbial rabbit hole to see where this could lead? Everything they believe in is truth, and if anyone disagrees with them, they are of course wrong as villains, and now the victimists must suffer evermore as they endure the wrongness outcomes of the "them" people. But self-righteousness is not only evil, it is demented and can even lead to insanity.
Christianization and victimization go hand in hand; Christians are also self–appointed victims, but cloaked in a righteous looking facade. They pretend to endure the evil world all around them (one they are actually collaborators in); they "pray" for their enemies; not genuinely though; in reality, they prey on them! They participate in Satans earthy trinity of economics, politics and religion, and then exact their cloaked victim status onto those arenas.
We see a lot of victimist examples, with things like War Memorials; the enemies are always the bad guys and "we" are always the good guys, and so, wars are about "we" being the agents of good, who sacrificed for others on our side of the proverbial and literal map lines, made by these prisoners of geography. All nation/states have War Memorials and other human praise and worship Monuments.
"We" on this side, are the victim–turned–victor heroes of the "them" people, as the Goliath–like villains on the other side (who of course, are not here to boast with such Memorials). This feeds into all acts of patriotism and/or nationalism; that we are the victors over some evil force and celebrate those victories as the superior ones. But it is all just pride–ego–emotion; YHVH abhors pride! And any understanding that we are just one species on one (supportable) planet with one chance at this; this is so far beyond them they will surely die still oblivious to it.
Unfortunate for the Broadway masses, this kind of self-justification will only validate such murderousness and human slaughter, on this side of eternity. In reality, the greatest victim on this planet, was Messiah Yeshua; 100% innocent and still paid the ultimate price. We know how He responded to it all. Love!
Whatever a person's own issue may be, it may or may not be an unnatural issue; some bodily bent in the wrong direction. Still, it is life challenges that we are each faced with, of one kind or another, either to overcome, or to be overcome by; regardless, it is an issue of volition every time! Our biological reason for being, is procreation, not meaningless self-indulgence. We volition to honor the Temple, or not; we Love self through self-discipline, not self-indulgence (Eph 5:28–30).
But when an entire society enables and even promotes the villain/victim/victor paradigm, making heroes out of self-created victims, the number of victims, must and will escalate and sometimes dramatically; it becomes a popular social role to be in, as well as a personality product to market for mammon. Unfortunately, the stress level created by this self-induced victim state, is itself, what ends up being most unhealthy to such individuals. But worst of all, it detracts from the true victims.
The calling of the Messianic Cross is best summarized in the longest and greatest prayer ever recorded by humanity: The Lord's Prayer! And no, not the Matt 6 one chanted like a magic potion by the COP Cultists. The lord's Prayer for Messianic disciples is all of John Seventeen! It centers on the reality that the Messianic Cross was for all humanity; it centers on a genuine unity of the human family. The enemies of that Cross must and will oppose such a notion, and the fruits of their earth life will be the evidence against them in the end.

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