You Are The Temple Of The Lord!

(John 2:18-21; Acts 17:24; 1Co 3:16-17; 6:19; Eph 2:19-22; 1Pe 2:4-8; Rev 21:21-22; Matt 12:3-8)

The Sin Of Sedentary Living!

All evidence points to the fact that the human body was not designed for sedentary living. It distorts and changes into odd shapes; it becomes diseased from this perpetual idleness. Humans now roll about on wheels, never laboring by the sweat of the brow, making simple things and living a simple life from/on the land of YHVH. Instead, they trade time for money, and use that money to avoid labor, living instead for the acquisition of their lord, Mammon, as both its servants and its dependents (Luke 16:13-15).
This open contempt for The Creator of all, YHVH, is too often hidden behind a certain disdain for the Temple, which is the human body, as well as the planet that all human bodies rely upon for a healthy life. People covertly snub their noses at their Creator, even as they consume the productions of religion, by taking risks with the Temple they have been given responsibility over, and will indeed be judged based upon. But they can do this because the Indwelling Holy Spirit is in fact, not in them, and likely never will be, and deep-deep inside they know it.
Temple risking behavior is sin, but also telling; it is fruit for those who can Spiritually see and hear. Unnecessary risks are sin-evil: e.g. traveling in planes or participating in the car cult; attempting to defy gravity for the emotional thrill of it; any risky behavior that does not specifically glorify Messiah Yeshua in your life, or replicate what Messiah Yeshua exhibited in His lifestyle example for us, or that does not result in the construction of shelter or produce food and clothing; the simple necessities of life (1Ti 6:6-10) for the Saints.
Lifestyle sins differ from single or reactionary sin-acts (1Jo 5:16-18; Heb 10:26-28; Num 15:29-31): Lifestyle sins are purposed; calculated; intentionally repeated; a daily devotion to sin-evil, but even worse than the sin itself, is the well-rehearsed self-justifications for them. Examples of lifestyle sins is a voluntary, future intended participation in it: e.g. the car-cult, mammon service, homosexuality, adultery, abortion, thievery, usury (profit without labor) and labor free living, economic exploitation (see the monetizers), lying, murder, slavery, bigotry, self-justification, and so on; there is a long list of such temple defilement's.
Sin is sin unto Elohim; a mass murderer is the same person (Spiritually) as a person who only tells lies (Rev 21:6-8; 1Ti 1:8-11). The Godless and the Godless-religious, both will rank sin according to their earthly impacts, but YHVH does no such sin ranking; secular humans will rank sin by/with the laws that those humans write, but the Law of Love is the only paradigm that Messiah Yeshua will be using on your Day of Judgment. And the Law of Love is all that matters to the (infinitesimal & inconspicuous) Elect of YHVH.
In other words, Hitler and the person who willingly participates in the car cult, are the same people (Spiritually), and therefore, if left unrepentant or unchanged, will end up in the same eternal outer Darkness with one another. The horror of that reality, is in just how much, that denial and self-justification will play a role, as the very source of all the (metaphorically hellish) weeping and wailing and gnashing, within the free-range freedom haven of the eternal abyss of endless empty space (Matt 13).
People are unaware of, or willingly abuse their bodily temple, in the service of money or mammon. They use the precious gift of life, and the body they inhabit, exploiting their bodies and the planet itself, in the dogged pursuit of money. They have sacrificed themselves at the altar of compliance with the culture that existed before they were born, oblivious to and/or indifferent to, all the other options for living life on Earth; relegating and compromising themselves to being $$ productivity machines.

Spiritual Metamorphosis, Not Religious Conversion!

Without the Spiritual enlightenment that comes to us humans, only by the Indwelling Holy Spirit (following an unconditional surrender unto His Lordship alone), the bulk of humanity are blinded to these things, and thus limited to whatever their culture and (the recent) past generations expose them to: Enculturation: And now, that has become planetary. They live as their society has shaped them; as religious modifications, not as Spiritual recreations, who are no longer of this world: The World!
The masses tempt The Lord daily; hourly even, by a bizarre devotion to sedentary living; by being on wheels all the time (i.e. the car cult) when we were given legs and feet; by eating poorly; by polluting the environment; by making lifestyle decisions that are clearly antiChrist in their intentions and results. This open display of discontentment cannot be avoided, and indeed, the entire planet is now being impacted by it all; hence, why we disciples call this time-period, the (destined) end-times.
Without the total fulfillment of the Indwelling Holy Spirit, humans are left unfulfilled, and crave for things that they hope will fill that ever nagging emptiness; but alas, nothing will fill that longing, for long, except the Indwelling Holy Spirit, which will keep us fulfilled forever: the Living Water, Bread of Life! Thus, people act out their Spiritual starvation, with intention and forethought, and in a host of varying ways: Money hoarding, the hoarding of material things, shopping, promiscuity, religion consumption, and of course, eating.
Since we all must eat, the self-justifications for its excesses are easy; the dedication to eating is monumental; even though a person should only spend about 30 minutes a day eating (30 per 1440 minutes), most of the blindly enculturated masses, have built a life around it; rooms are dedicated to eating. Elaborate kitchens, dining rooms, and restaurants, are as shrines that people dedicate to the eating process. Western influenced home designs, unabashedly center on daily eating: SAD! Now, this in/of itself, is not as problematic as it is revelatory. In western influenced societies, where fast or ready-to-eat foods abound, most have fallen prey to easy eating. But consider this:
The Effects of Intermittent Fasting on Health, Aging, and Disease!   Evidence is accumulating that eating in a 6-hour period and fasting for 18 hours can trigger a metabolic switch from glucose-based to ketone-based energy, with increased stress resistance, increased longevity, and a decreased incidence of diseases, including cancer and obesity. (Source: New England Journal of Medicine & repeated all over the Web).
With a fairly balanced BMI and no health issues (born in 1958 & taking zero drugs), I've been eating 2 times daily, at around noon and then around 6pm, for over two decades now, never knowing about this 'scientific revelation' until recently (I fast most Saturdays too). Without the ingenuous insights that come, only to the (infinitesimal & inconspicuous) Elect of YHVH, via the inspirational auspices of the Indwelling Holy Spirit; the bulk of our species remains as the animals that we all are, biologically speaking.
The masses exhibit this by how they monkey-see-monkey-do--copy-mimic-parrot everything and everyone in proximity. There are little to no original thoughts, and thus actions; there is no critical thinking, but only copying, like drones or automatons. All of life itself, supports this overwhelming fact! They think they are free, even though they cannot fathom such a concept, apart from what their enculturation instructions assign to them. Only the Indwelling Holy Spirit can metamorphosize the natural man; a radical transformation indeed. Then we only follow our own hearts, which are guided by the Holy Spirit.
YHVH came onto Earth in human-form to both experience corporeality as we do, and being trapped in spacetime, to provide a way to be set free of sin and vice, even while still sin-capable: Why? So that we can be inhabited by YHVH personally, via the auspices of the Indwelling Holy Spirit; the sum and embodiment of purity, and thus, cannot touch or be touched by sin-evil; hence, the time-shift.
My Master (Messiah Yeshua) came in the 1st Century to provide propitiation for me, who was not yet born, so that in my present, I can harbor the Holy Spirit, even though I can/will sin in my time-future. My sin-debt was already paid for, in the past, for the benefit of my present and future. Awesome indeed! Consequently, we disciples live, in-the-now, as a show our devotion unto YHVH, by respecting everything; this planet and this body.

Running The Process Of Elimination!

Most modern people will run to their doctor for every boo-boo or upset tummy. And while not opposed to professional medical intervention, most people suffer from what they put into their mouth's (and lungs), and, what they do not put into their mouth's. E.g. Recently a friend experienced diarrhea for over a month, saying they'd have normal bowel movements, followed a few hours later with a few bouts of diarrhea, but without any other symptoms like cramping. So, I suggested investigating anything added to their diet in recent months that has diarrhea as even a possible side effect.
And sure enough, I was informed that they were trying, what was actually just powered erythritol that had stevia added, more for marketing, titled, All Purpose Stevia Blend. But it was mostly erythritol, which has already shown to cause diarrhea. Days after cutting out that sugar alternative, they (relieved :-) slowly returned to normal stools. I use 100% organic liquid stevia, and only in small amounts, typically to boost the sweetness of (a pinch of) raw unfiltered honey, and then, only in organic tisane and coffee. For health's sake it's vital to break those tongue cravings to sweet & salt, and enjoy how things taste without these addition addiction's.
We have to first run the process of elimination whenever we get or feel dis-eased. As we age, we morph a little; we humans will slowly outgrow one thing, only to slowly grow into another: I know, right? Our dietary needs will also change (quantity & content), and so, eliminating or replacing some foods is often very helpful for an initial self diagnosis. In elderly years we are naturally less active, though we should never just sit down and await the end: Live with purpose and die with honor! Read AARP's Welcome To The 20-Minute Village.
Keeping active throughout the day is ideal (at any age), rather than being sedentary most of the day and then trying to crunch all our physical fitness efforts into small packets of time; i.e. the gym rat paradigm! Do not park on your butt for more than a half hour at any sitting; stay active from rise to bedtime, and also, walk at least a mile a day, everyday, with two of those weekly days doing 4+ miles, and also, incorporate regularly, an individually formulated resistance workout: Here's one piece of equipment for all that (Utube).

The Seat To Seat Lifestyle!

Most humans will live in opposition to (or indifferent to) both biblical and biological directives, and then in time, when the human body begins to fail them, they suddenly seek Godly healing (and if that don't work, the doc's dope): Unfortunately it does not work that way; either way. We were designed to walk, not roll about on wheels, after humanity has paved Paradise (Utube), as they ravenously transform the garden of Eden of YHVH into the urbanized death of Satan.
We were designed to labor outside all day, with our hands, in the sunshine and fresh air breeze, interacting with insects and animals, walking bare feet on grass, or hiking trails, and not on level pavement all the time (think ankle strength). We were designed to labor by the sweat of our brows, in the soil and the plant-life, daily. We were not designed to shop indoors for food, or rolling on wheels from seat to seat, everywhere and all the time; the sedentary life!
We were designed to eat single ingredient, all natural organic foods, like plant-life and fresh clean fish, not factory manufactured, chemically laced food-like products. We were designed to be manna dependents, not mammon dependents (Luke 16:13-15); to be Christ centric, not culture centric. When we betray and defy our Makers design for us, nothing good will come from it: Just wait and see! Time will assuredly catch-up with you, if it hasn't already.
But for the precious few who serve The Lord with our very lives daily, we know that our bodies are the temple of The Lord; the temple is not human-built buildings (Eph 2:19-22; 1Pe 2:4-5). As such, we Love, and from that core/root, we thus honor and respect our bodies as the only earthly hosts of the Holy Spirit (John 2:18-21; Acts 17:24; 1Co 3:16-17; 6:19-20; 2Co 3:1-3,4-6).
Thus, sedentary obese people in church services (which should be an oxymoron) speaks volumes to the (infinitesimal & inconspicuous) Elect of YHVH. But the Godless churched will likely remain oblivious to this reality, while in this life. The connection between the obesity epidemic and the car cult is obvious to those with the Spiritual sight to see it. Overeating is analogous to promiscuity, in that an individual has lost control of their temple; as sin, obesity sets alongside fornication, adultery, bestiality, pedophilia, homosexuality, and so forth.
No one Loves anyone, anymore than they/we Love self (Psa 139:14; Pro 19:8; Eph 5:29). Repeat: No one Loves anyone outside of themselves, more than they do the self. Love begins within us and for us, and the Root of that Love is only (and exclusively) the Indwelling Holy Spirit. Naturally, people lie to themselves, and thus to Elohim, and thus to other people, with mere words; noise that is created by air passing across the vocal cords (1Co 13:1). Mere words are too often delusional; meaningless; unsubstantiated. We are what we do, and no more! And: Do unto others as you'd want done unto yourself!
Healthy living cannot be summarized in neat packages (like a prescription) to add to the lifestyle you are likely already living, especially if you are westernized. The obvious ethnocentrism that plagues all things western, is a form of unabashed bigotry, which has been normalized with the colonization (or conquering) of/by mostly White Europeans, of/upon the rest of Earth.

The Alternative Of Western Medicine!

We can see this ethnocentrism in the very words and concepts that are representative of this enculturation bias. Western medicine is only a few hundred years old, whereas, the Ayurvedic and other Holistic forms of medicine, have existed long-long before that. And yet, in the westernized world; to the Eurocentric or those with western bias, they are the Alternative Medicine to what the center-of-the-world Whites see as the only legitimate things in existence. They even westernized the religions of the (yep) Middle East; namely, Christendom, then its latter-day, Arabic man as savior version, Islam.
Nevertheless, raw food preparation takes time, and it is time well-spent. One must research and find high quality food (think local farmers markets, or online if not local), and then, one must cook the old fashioned way; combining single ingredient foods from a list of foods that you have researched and find beneficial to your overall health (especially of the superfoods group): Then, do not buy or eat any other foods.
You want to wean yourself off of modern grocer dependency: What you do not grow at home, you can buy-trade-barter for, at local farmers markets, using your garden excesses. And most important; you must learn how to make valuations that are not told to you by your culture (by enculturation). Believe it or not, the US Dollar is not the barometer or benchmark of anything of any intrinsic value.
Therefore, you must relearn by first unlearning. Forget the monetary value of a thing, or of anything. A personal organic garden has a value that is well beyond the dollar value or retail cost of the food itself. The psychological and physiological benefits of growing a garden (alone) has incalculable perks. It is not how much you'd $ave in doing so; it is the wholesomeness of the entire seed to table process. Eat a little dirt everyday.
A century ago, allergies as we know them did not exist. But we must understand that most people hate (or are indifferent to) Elohim's Garden Of Eden: Earth! Consequently, most people moved out of the garden settings, which we humans were designed for, and started to kill off the Creation, building roads and other human only structures, with a driving hunger to wipe out all traces of the natural world; hence, the hygiene hypothesis: What did not kill us made us stronger! That is now reversing.
We, the (infinitesimal & inconspicuous) Elect of YHVH; we all care for the natural aspect of Earth (the plant and animal kingdoms), as it was from the beginning, until modernity, and do so in our Masters stead. We live lifestyles of simplicity and care; we make it abound and fruitful (Gen 8:17). But the YHVH hater masses (churched or not); they want to kill, steal, destroy, and then lie (John 8:44; 10:10); lie to YHVH, to themselves, and to others. They are the takers (parasites), not the makers; they live antiChrist lifestyles of money dependency, which makes them dangerous to life indeed.

Your Body Is Your Church!

To Love self is to thoughtfully care for the temple of YHVH, your human body, by seeing it, not as your own, but as the property of YHVH. You prove your ability to Love, starting with self, because anyone can say love words without ever knowing the depth and complexity of simple Love. The barometer, compass and benchmark of the Saints, is YHVH and scripture; whereas, the barometer of the rest, is mammon $ (Matt 6:24), and the benchmark is set by what other worldly folk say or believe (Eph 2:19-22; 1Pe 2:4-5).
Wisdom cannot be purchased, only assimilated: Any person can reach genius status without ever spending a dollar. There are many who spend huge and never gain wisdom, but only to master the ability to regurgitate committee approved curriculum on test day; the paradigm of Peek Performance.
From there, the monetized will spend the bulk of their waking lives, protecting their ego by validating all that they believe, based upon those purchased credentials, which themselves are little more than a product of monetized education, validated by data regurgitation. Oh and by the way, I have one too; they are not that hard to get.
Wise council is always this: Never blindly follow the advice, offered by people who are dependent upon (the productions of) that advice for their own survival. For example, if a nutritionist or a doctor must get their food and shelter and other necessities for survival, via the money they get as a nutritionist or a doctor, then he/she is among the last people you should follow advice from: Why?
Because they are compromised, and in direct proportion to the level of desire for material wealth. As a biological imperative, they must/will lie to you or deceive you, if doing so, secures the necessary income flow: The bulk of western economics are built upon this premise. But denial and distraction is how they avoid this reality. And yet, people cannot figure out why Sodom 2.0, the USA, has so much mammon, but with so many in prisons; so much addiction; so much violence and suicide.
Anyone dedicated to being rich, or dedicated to keep up with the Joneses, or, are just plain money dependent; they must and will, compromise any/all things unto that directive; that imperative: They sacrifice everything-everyone at the Altar of Mammon (even progeny). Listen carefully to anyone, sure (I do); however, only take to heart, those with no ulterior motives, nor the potential for such (Matt 6:11-12,19-21,22-25,31-34; Luke 16:10-12,13-15; 1Ti 6:6-11).
When you read any of my online writings, what do I get from it? Zero dollars! I get no personal benefits at all. You do not know who I am, and so you cannot praise me or gift me or credit me for writing what the Indwelling Holy Spirit inspires within me. In other words, it is not me, it is the Holy Spirit, and I am merely the (proverbial) pen writing on paper. And that's the way it should be (and indeed is) for all the Elect of YHVH, everywhere and all the time.
When calculating health paradigms, one cannot ignore a hundred generations of ancestral imprint, or DNA mapping, and still expect good results. You must know the lifestyles of your ancestors when devising a diet fit for you. But one thing is consistent among all humanity; sedentary living for the vast majority of humans, is new; rolling about on wheels is new; being born with more chemicals in our bodies than were in the sum total of the entire human species from 15,000 BC to 1500 AD; that too is new, relatively speaking. Thus, the ability for us to adapt to genetically sudden changes, will cause the very health issues revealed by the global science-health community.
Of course, with money being the defining validation for most people, especially in the West, trying to teach wisdom, is at best unlikely. Wisdom is that rare condition that replaces education as the final authority on thought products. When we (the rare few) who have taken on the very mind of Messiah, and have the wisdom of YHVH as oracles, teaching others is almost impossible, and why my Master told us (His disciples) to walk away from those who demonstrate that they are still volitionally stuck in the quagmire of human pride-ego-emotion.
When money is an individual’s core, barometer, benchmark, and compass – or to put it another way, ones god – that money power will overrule all else. And so it is with the Broadway masses of mammon servants (Matt 7:13-14; Luke 16:13-15); thus, getting such people to see and acknowledge wisdom is unlikely. This is observable; most of humanity here in these end-times are money centric.
For most of the human experience, our diets altered and swayed; even from culture to culture; tribe to tribe; biome to biome, human diets varied often wildly across the globe. What humans are capable of the most, is eating almost anything and thriving from it, and partly why we're the dominant species on Earth. Our bodies possess over a thousand generations of imprint upon them, and once we end such diversity, and settling down to only one way of doing this thing we call life; only then will (and was) our ability to adapt, altered; our rate of adaptation as it was designed by YHVH.
But one overwhelming fact remains; we were designed to walk, and walk-hike-run everywhere and daily; we are not adapt to being on wheels. The biology of walking has abundant data declaring this truth. Humans traveled by walking a lot, and thus it was slow going. But walking all the time was a consistent pull on the food-energy consumed. The secret to ultimate fitness isn't all that complicated; just spend a month outside hiking eight hours a day!
'Man was meant to walk – and to walk a lot,' says Watson, an associate professor of cardiology at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, and co-director of the UCLA Center for Cholesterol and Lipid Management. 'That doesn't mean marathons, but rather, to move around a lot.' *
Also, many humans, though not all, moved from one ecosystem to another; one biome to another, and did so slowly over years or decades. Even inside of dedicated territories, people walked daily and for miles. The mental and physical benefits of walking (esp. walking in the woods) is impressive, as is the data on air pollution from one completely unnecessary source: Cars! 150 million US citizens live in counties that received an F for either ozone or particle pollution in State of the Air 2020.

Why Diets Work ~ And Fail!

Adaptation takes many generations; study diabetes among Native Americans: Hence, the new Native American Diet: And check out as well, the Inuit diet: These are a few examples among many. But what we have not yet adapted to, is rolling upon the surface of Earth. The health impact and subsequent consequences of this sudden lifestyle change is what we all discover, when studying human health; it impacts everything and everyone. The greatest single act one can do – for both personal and planetary health – is to be exorcised from the Car Cult. But alas, it's a major player in the upcoming events of the prophesied end-times.
If you suddenly swap your food source from one kind, to another, the body cannot react fast enough, and so it must/will respond in the short-term to the rapid change: E.g. a meat-heavy diet suddenly replacing a carb-heavy diet, or vice-versa. When we shock the body this way it must/will weight-adjust, because it's (biologically) trying to adapt to the sudden change. But eventually it will settle down and revert to the same fat-cell count that it sustained before, and more often a bit more, due to the sudden change itself. This is where we get the euphemism, yo-yo diet; the hormonal factor.
Rather, you want to decide what is most healthful to eat in the long-run, and then stick to that food source all the time; thus, buy only that food: You are what you buy to eat! I'd advise a plant-based diet as core, especially here in these end-times, primarily due to the fact that all human body's throughout time and place, ate plant-foods (with polar tribes as rare exceptions).
Plants are still everywhere, and for the bulk of human-time, they overwhelmed Earth. They can be grown at home, and so you should produce all your own organic produce, including fruit. Raise chickens for eggs, bow-hunt for turkeys, and fish. Avoid anything that comes from cows or hogs! Most disciples of Messiah Yeshua were fishermen; many still are (myself included). Do not use anti-inflammatory drugs; instead, reach for an anti-inflammatory diet. Wisdom is to know that food is medicine!
And, giving up the Car Cult and walking everywhere all the time, will do more good than any gym membership. Remember the main lesson here: those who are money dependent upon anything, I recommend you skip (those who sell cars, gym memberships, processed foods, you name it), they will not agree with me, and indeed how can they? They lie and cheat daily, in the presence of their Maker; therefore, they cannot and will not be truthful to any mere mortal. Lies become them (Luke 16:13-15; John 8:43-45).

The Pill-Pop Pathology!

The main problem with taking pills of any kind is partially psychological; that is, the placebo effect, which is always temporary, from hours up to weeks even. But worse; it gives the false impression that if pills are taken, the need to eat healthy and live a wholesome life, is not such a priority. But the human body adapts very slowly to changes of any kind, and so, much patience and perseverance is needed to overcome anything that we humans consume; specifically, that which we can become lightly or heavily addicted to.
But if you take any pills of any kind, prescription or otherwise, this is a tell; a sign of a health problem that must be resolved the Yah-way! And while not opposed to all modern medicine, I also know extensively about the monetization effect; in fact, I'm one of only a few authors on Earth that write about it, due mostly to the blind enculturation incarcerating the bulk of humanity, and not because of any greatness on my part: I'm a mere servant of a Master (Messiah Yeshua), and do not want to be or do anything else.
As for this topic, the fact remains that humans have thrived for nearly all generations, without any pills whatsoever, and so, regardless of the convincing evidence that anyone might produce, it cannot and will not override the empiricism of reality itself: We are here and thriving! And we are here because our Creator made us to thrive on very little in the way of food intake, and, we thrive from eating dirt, as it were. Read: Why Eating Dirt Should Be Part of Your Daily Routine.
Now of course, the money dependent, non-food producing, do nothing, grow nothing, protect nothing, make nothing, build nothing, hands-out taker capitalists, really have no choice but to get you, to give them monies, and, whatever it takes to make that happen: Deception therefore is 100% assured! They must, will, and do, lie about (or distort) just about everything. Their addiction to hands-out money taking causes them to convince themselves they are doing good, whatever that may be. And one cannot reason with an addict, especially a money addict.
They have even rewritten history a bit, so to benefit the mammon economy itself; an economy built upon the monetization process itself. Since they will live/die as slavers and takers, they really have only one other option; die to this life and be reborn Spiritually: But since only an infinitesimal percentage of all humanity is going to do that, the results of this Earth experiment is predestined.

Capitalists Morph Into Whatever Money Tells Them To!

Artificial lifestyles birth artificial solutions, like drugs or other potions, rather than living by design. The purpose and function behind the daily physical struggles, such as walking year round, enduring cold weather, laboring by the sweat of the brow, spending most of life outdoors, sleeping 9+ hours per cycle (though not always all at once), and so on: these struggles are not bad for us, but are good for us.
On the one hand we have more ways to protect our overall health, and yet at the same time, we are poisoning our air and water, and eroding the soil (Read: Why Soil is Disappearing from Farms Globally). Humans are treating Earth as a mere product to monetize for money.
Water quality is one fine example of this reality. Humans always thrived on moving fresh water; streams and rivers were the main source. Water that does not move, or is not replaced, such as ponds where there's not sufficient fresh (rain) water flushing out the pond regularly; this will result in stagnation and bacteria growth. So humans learned to avoid standing water.
But here in these destined end-times, all the rivers (and thus their branches) are heavily polluted with human-made chemicals from commercial farming runoff (and industrialization in general), and the result is what you'd expect; higher cancer (and death) rates, downstream compared to upstream (e.g. the Southern States inside the US bread basket of the Greater Midwest).
Statistics, metrics, and parameters, exist when actual facts cannot be ascertained or collected (e.g. Wallet Hub's incessant analyzed data). In other words, a statistical fact is an oxymoron! I always like reading published best-of lists, often generated by westernized urbanized individuals who do not actually do any of the things they write about; e.g. a younger person writing about the best place to retire, or a sedentary person writing about an active lifestyle, or a car-dependent writing about public transportation (etc).
Whenever you see the word 'metric' (which is a function that measures distance between two points, but is misapplied due to it being an American neologism), used as if it's a statistic, or worse, a fact; you know (at least) that they are under educated in the matter.
And then there's the haunting simpleton manifestation of the Dollar God, which by its commandments, determines authority paradigms in the now-fully corrupted West. Allow an explanation: The one getting paid to be or to do a thing, is the assumed authority on that subject. It does not matter if another is far more informed or talented in that subject, if the one being paid and given said official title, is the one saying it; that becomes the official rule, barometer, benchmark, compass, and so on.
An amateur is a western word-concept, denoting someone who is not paid money for a particular ideal. E.g. An attorney will have the official word on a law, simply because they attended a law school run by, yep, yet another paid hireling, who is the official of that entity issuing whatever official credential they market. And who determines them as the official of that entity? Yep, yet another hireling. Now you're likely getting it; as you climb this imaginary ladder, you find yet another paid professional of the western hierarchy paradigm.
But how far up this fictional chain of command do we go? Who is the ultimate authority validating all the others down that proverbial chain? God? Yes sir! Which particular god-gods-goddess, then, is all that must be determined. It used to be the Church, then the kings/queens, or, the one with the most power, which was almost always the one with the most gold: Today it's money, but the logic is the same. But does inheriting a hoard of money/gold, establish authority? Not in the real world, but so long as the masses accept that as authority, then it works as such.

Trapped In The Web Of Monetized Medicine!

When aspirin was discovered and developed, it revolutionized the world of medicine, which was more akin to witchcraft than actual science, prior to that general timeline. Doctors, and the broader Medical Industry itself, dispensed this wonder drug, and from the time of the widely prescribed wonder drug aspirin, and then penicillin and antibiotics, everything else (forward in time) done under its money taking venture, by what became big pharma, was hailed as the collective great wonders of modern western medicine, which has lengthened human life and made us healthier as a species.
But all that is flat-out lies, by distorting facts to fit the narrative; the evidence to prove that wrong, overwhelming. Only a small percentage of modern western medicine today, has long-term positive health results (excluding some interventional surgeries); most drugs and therapies being mostly placebic; some even toxic; the dangers of modern medicine now unfolding in time, with the Web making information (and more so now, even among westernized doctors) more readily available and less controlled by governments and corporations (for now anyway).
This problem is so acute that there's a TV program (New Amsterdam) that will try to redress it. Big Pharma (copying big tobacco of a few generations ago) are deepening their enculturation propaganda with an extravaganza of Ads on TV and elsewhere, normalizing the (now) pervasive drug culture, which serves to fix all of 'god's fk-ups' with what they hope are life-long prescriptions. But the machines of modern medicine provide a false sense of empiricism; what they expose is seen in the wrong frame.
Look at your entire diet as one thing, not one thing as your entire diet! Put another way, there are no magic pills or a single food or ingredient that will be the super-food to save people from an otherwise, overall unhealthy diet: And an overall unhealthy diet is to eat too much quantitatively, and to eat too much food made indoors (factory food). A healthy diet is first to eat mostly single ingredient foods that you have full control over the contents thereof. Second to that would be single ingredient foods that are grown and processed and prepared healthfully.

The 120 Year Life!

My Spirit shall not strive with man forever, because he also is flesh; therefore, his days shall be one hundred and twenty years! (Gen 6:3)
Think everyone died young in ancient societies? Think again! And of course, no one would have believed this scripture passage, if in fact, humans only lived to be 40 years old, on average, which is what the money dependent, monetization marketeers of the Medical Industry (and the Education Industry) benefactors, like to instigate and promote publicly; this is called manufactured dependency. The same logic holds with creating complexity. (The modern education system was created to foster punctual & docile factory workers).
After all, they need money and so they need the business, and will say or do almost anything to keep the dollars flowing in. The average money dependent capitalist, could not so much as define integrity, much less be defined by it. Hippocrates and primum non nocere notwithstanding, the money dependent do much harm indeed, and devoutly, and a sizable chunk of it.
In fact, humans lived much longer in the past, and, the quality of life was also higher than post-IR times. The irony of all modern data (putting aside the fact that it's predominantly Western History), centers on the fact that all health research points to health being the result of cleaner living and eating: That is, no air or water or soil pollution, and almost all pollution being addressed, began at the Industrial Revolution (IR) and worsened over time. Bioaccumulation is a word you must master an understanding of.
While the marketeers of modernity have been beating the 'everything modern is better' drumbeat for many decades now, in truth, the human-made chemicalization of Earth is terminal to the human species. We live with radiation levels that never existed before on Earth, and never would have (forever) without the Anthropocentric influx and deluge of toxic elements introduced on this planet. Humans have created chemical concoctions, which are new elements found nowhere else on Earth or in the entire universe: Can anyone say god-complex?
Ironically, it was modern medicine clinicians that first used radioactive particles to treat human illness; this is of course, sheer madness, but if an official Doctor says it's good, then it must be, right? Even if it was a western Doctor from 1895. After all, they are paid money and went to a school; surely that alone makes them an authority, right? Mammon is the compass and barometer and benchmark of all things nowadays; paid and professional are now the same thing!
It is sheer human arrogance, and a blind faith in modernity itself, which will soon lead to the prophecies of the end-times to conclude. But what is tragic, is that the Xians of Religianity are so gullible to the forces of the Godless world, which they are not only participants in and/or the enablers of, but are in fact, collaborators in worldliness (1Jo 2:15-17). This is partially why my Amish brethren avoid much of modernity. Now, for many Amish, this is not from a wealth of knowledge concerning the negative effects of all that is modern, so much as it is, being equally as blinded by their own enculturation directives: But they are not wrong in their initial premise.

Earth: Human Food Farm!

Most humans are demon-driven to destroy Earth as fast as they can, and so of course, everything is asphalted over. Monoculture and Center pivot irrigation now dominate surfaces that were once rich with trees and grasslands and ruled by wild animals; indeed, the once immense and varied animal kingdom, is not even 1% of what it was for most of human-time. There's not one molecule, under or on or above Earth, that is not polluted with human-made lab-created chemicals of one kind or another, that did not exist on Earth (in that form) prior to the Industrial Revolution Prostitution, and will not exist on any other planet, in all the universe, forever.
The Creator of everything and everyone (YHVH), thankfully cannot and will not, resurrect any of the planet-haters, God-haters, temple-haters; those who demonstrate through this Earth experiment, their indifference toward the natural world, and toward themselves and others, via their lifestyle choices. YHVH cannot (and will not) give these people an everlasting body, and then place them upon other planets; given time they would destroy it too.
On Judgment Day, the sheer bulk of the human species will not be given an everlasting body and placed upon any of the worlds of YHVH; instead, they will remain incorporeal (Souls) and cast into the abyss of darkness; the vacuum of empty space, thus protecting the other planets from them.
The human body adapts slowly to whatever food source is availed: We are clearly omnivores, and as a species we thrived because of this trait. We're the only single species to occupy every (land-based) ecosystem on the planet. Today we know the potential damage that can be caused by sudden and radical dietary changes, such as what's been gleaned from Native American diabetes studies. Humans could not move from one ecosystem to another very fast by walking, but now we can do so in a day; and we cannot adapt quite that fast.
With these facts understood, we therefore do not need to look too far back in human-past, to discover which diet is best for us as a species, because it really has more to do with what your genetic relatives have been eating over the last dozen or so generations: The proposed caveman diet is irrelevant to everyone today.
Humans have always experienced periods of feast and famine; hence, the presence of the ditty, Feast or Famine! When we observe all other earthly life-forms, we see a similar pattern. The human body stores fat, not to remain fat, but to use that fat-store at a certain future lean-time: There must be that lean-time (expressed as fasting these days). Or, we must eat far less. Or, we will gain fat.
Now, imagine you were any one of your ancestors; did you carry around a millstone and build threshing floors during your travels? No! Impossible. Are there wild grains that people ate? Yes! Now do the math. Yes humans ate grains, and my guess would be, cumulatively the equivalent of a few loaves of bread annually: And, that assumes they ate any grains that particular year at all, for even that would have depended upon many factors, such as which biome they were in, at any given time, and weather patterns, which also vacillates.

Whose God Is Their Belly: Living To Eat Or Eating To Live!

(Phl 3:17-21; Rom 16:18-19). The body experiences cravings because it lacks nutrients, but too many will feed it with what the mouth likes; low nutrient foods; junk foods. But the logic is simple: Yes, we can eat most anything, and we can survive on a wide variety of foods, but moderation is key, and thus, nutrient-dense choices is the preferred way, so that a person eats less in volume or weight.
Think about this too: Without water humans perished. This means that humans had to live by water, always, and though rain provided fresh water pools on occasion, we require fresh water continuously: i.e. lakes and rivers and streams. Even those living near the salty oceans used fresh water outlet sources: the ocean refuses no river! And what was the easiest food-sources to catch? Fish and seafood: Waterborne creatures. (And on land; trapped small mammals and fowl, plus their eggs).
Sure, men group-hunted for larger game, but this was in-between times (and, not all cultures did so): nevertheless, it was impossible to travel long distances without a water source, unless of course, you traveled alongside the water source: Ding-ding! Now do the math. Even children learned to deep dive for crustaceans (etc.), or surface spear fish, as most waterborne creatures were/are not dangerous to humans. Fish were once in massive abundance (thousands of times what there is today), and so it was a never-ending source of human food; and, there were only a fraction of humans planet-wide, as compared to now.
Eating whatever you can catch, from most any water source you happen to be nearby; this food-source is almost a complete food; you could conceivably live on it alone, for most of the time. But the human body will crave what it needs or lacks (in such situations), and so these cravings would eventually drive people to seek the very thing their body needed, such as greens or fruits or hive honey, which provide other micronutrients not found in abundance in the flesh of sea life.
If you imagine what Earth was like before the onslaught of the Godless human infestation, even one millennia ago, you can then imagine the pristine settings; the condition of biomes and ecosystems, as they were then, and then extrapolate from that understanding, what to do today, to replicate those circumstances.
The Garden of Eden paradigm is what our Creator would have to return Earth to, conditionally: That's never going to happen: Instead, a new constellation (or new heavens) surrounding a new earth (virgin planets in other solar systems) is the future of/for the (infinitesimal & inconspicuous) Elect of YHVH (Isa 65:17; 66:22; 2Pe 3:10; Rev 20:11; 21:1), the only bodily resurrected Souls from among the bulk of the human species.
Therefore, anyone who suggests to you, any food item that is made in any human-built structure (processed foods, pills, etc.); these people demonstrate their ignorance of human biology, and history, and I do not care how many credentials they boast of and with. If they need money to survive, they have been monetized and must and will deceive themselves, and then you, in this dependency, and whether they are consciously aware of doing so or not. Any food product that must (by law) be fortified to be classified as fit for human consumption, is not.
Anyone who intently studies current food systems knows exactly what I'm writing about. In the process of converting anything and everything into dollar increments, quality must be lost: The bottom-dollar is the top-priority in the monetization world! To blindly trust these food-profiteers, is a demonstration of indifference, or gullibility, or both. But the irony of critical thinking (and logic) is that it cannot be purchased from the Education Industry, which ironically, attempts to promote such. Critical thinking is void among the enculturated drones of the human species.

The Economic Ruin Of Cure In A Money Dependent Economy!

These capitalistic people are exactly like any substance-abusive addict, when it comes to saying or doing anything to get what they are fully dependent upon; and, they must/will live/die in denial of that reality, anesthetizing the cognitive dissonance for as long as their bodies can endure it. money dependency will hurt more people than all the drugs ever created by humanity over all of time.
All westernized doctors are trained to react to or treat (often poorly assessed) symptoms with lab-created chemistry; they are little more than drug dealers or pharmaceutical peddlers. In fact, there are no courses offered at any western college (thus far) that seeks to make humans independent of the very human systems built from, and for, money economics: Humans have ruined (compromised; adulterated) everything in the monetization process.
Western doctors are still considered quacks by many eastern practitioners, but the times are slowly changing (see doctor's links below). There is no profit in cure; thus, the marketing of treatment in perpetuity is the capitalistic way for the Pharmaceutical Industry and their drug pushers. This is why I see the nurses as the true medical heroes of western medicine, because they operate more from the patient level, than the socially lofty perch of the doctor.
Just like with the tobacco industry, addiction is good for business, because unlike with other businesses, an addict will not simply switch to another addiction once a business becomes unethical; they are addicts! Dedicated customers is the dream-state of all Godless capitalist money-dependent mammon servers, hunger-lusting for evermore money power.
Most people seek the web (and other sources), most often to validate, vindicate, rationalize, justify, or otherwise support a belief or a lifestyle that already exists in their minds (and lifestyles); thus, they dismiss or attenuate anything and everything else that opposes them, or that might cost them money. But western medicine is not true medicine at all; it is only an economic product, manufactured (originally) by the White capitalists that westernized the world, via monetization and mammon service. Eastern medicine had always been (and still is) far superior to the 'cut-and-cook' monetary productions of the capitalistic.
Money dependence is the great compromise; its dependents will say or do anything to keep the proverbial mammon tap$ flowing, because the only other option is to live a Messiah-centric life of manual labor, simple living, carpentry, gardening and organic food production, and butchery if they are meat-eaters, all of which the sedentary masses will kick and fight against, until the end. The bulk of the westernized world lives (and has been living) an antiChrist lifestyle, where blind enculturation and mindless indoctrination assure its perpetuity.
The bulk of the human species, do not live as individuals, dedicated to the quest for ultimate truth; in fact, the bulk of humanity lives in the primate-state, wherein they are blindly enculturated drones of their micro-experiences, and thus spend the bulk of their lifetime, living by primal paradigms, but then, needing to adjust that so they can live within a society of people who mimic ideals, established on their behalf, by former generations. With very rare exception (like 1 per 250 million), all humans are merely, blind followers, with normalization and enculturation the empirical evidence. That infinitesimal few, are referred to herein as the (infinitesimal & inconspicuous) Elect of YHVH.

The Subjectiveness Of Anything Labeled Evidence-Based!

All Corporate funded research is skewed! But sales spike when alluring words such as 'backed by research' (or other similar claims) are assigned to a (pharmaceutical) product or (medical) service. Authentication itself, is a sales tactic. One of the traits copied (by the masses) especially in the westernized cultures, is that peddled by the money dependent employees and profiteers of the Education Industry; the need to validate all knowledge through the culture centric filters of formal education.
Void of actual critical thinking, these monkey-see-monkey-do--copy-mimic-parrot indoctrinates are worse than the theologians of ancient times. It is the myth of god-like men (e.g. doctors) that corrode common sense; and the Peers of the peer reviewed are still just people, folks! I could provide a thousand examples, but one should suffice:
I share data via publication (websites; books), and those who do not like what I am communicating, or just do not understand it, feel challenged or exposed, and so they must counter or protest (it's called ad hominem): They must immediately challenge that data by questioning the purchased educational credentials: Do you have a degree in Theology? Or if its medical advice: Are you a Doctor? Or a Nutritionist? And so on.
Without having their own mind, their own thoughts, common sense and critical thinking, the monkey-see-monkey-do--copy-mimic-parrot, carnal primal human masses, must and will, copy-mimic-parrot whatever they are told or sold: But to be wrong is too great a toll on the ego of Godless and the Godless-religious.
People must spin tales to fit their own personal narrative, when that narrative is built around personal survival. If that survival is, in any way, dependent upon money, then the imperative to trick, or lie, or deceive, or in any other way possible, to validate whatever self-beliefs, to assure or bring that money to that money dependent person; such deception is necessary.
Conversely, if you hate money (as all Kingdom-living disciples of Messiah Yeshua do), and you survive and thrive healthfully via your own organic garden, and living in a self-built structure, and you live completely debt-free, there is no need to be dishonest in the acquisition of the unrighteous mammon. But the money servants have no choice: Well, one other; to bend a knee unto the only King: YHVH. But the vast majority of the human species will not (Matt 7:13-14,21-23). The consequences of this reality is the sum of reality itself: Thus, the Elect of YHVH are as foreigners on Earth.

The Modern Grocer!

Once, the grocer (proprietor) were simply the go-between; a store for the urban inhabitants to purchase the excess produce of rural farmers. The best lifestyle is that of subsistence farming; only growing or raising or trapping or catching what your small group or hamlet or village needs (also, think no refrigeration, back in the days).
If you decide to consume it, the dairy from small animals is best; in fact, I'd avoid cow-based products all together, unless you or someone you know, happens to own a non-produce cow that roams freely and eats mostly grasses grazed from the earth. That milk could be used sparingly for hand-churned butter or cheese, but goat's milk is more sustainable and digestible.
Out of everything that you buy during your entire lifetime, the one and only thing that you should never skimp on, is the food you buy or eat: You are what you eat! If you were to drink raw milk from a cow that lived on grass in the 15th Century, that milk is totally different than the milk sold today in the plastic jug of the average grocer. They both share the name milk, but that's where the similarities end. Everything in the modern grocer must be looked upon, in like manner: Adulteration! Thus, ignore titles and pictures, and read carefully the ingredients lists. And 90%+ of all that you buy/eat should be single-ingredient and unpackaged.
Almost everything in modern grocers share a few base ingredients: Salt ~ Sugar ~ Fat! Fake fat! In fact, sodium is added to more prepared foods, recipes and diets, than any other single ingredient in the westernized diet: Why? Well, humans used it a lot in the past, prior to refrigeration, to preserve meats (mostly), but with refrigeration now common almost everywhere, why continue the practice these days?
Simple! The vast majority of people are monkey-see-monkey-do--copy-mimic-parrot followers of whatever former generations left behind. Tradition, which never came out as a good thing by my Master, Messiah Yeshua, is simply the laziness of the next generation, mindlessly guzzling whatever leftovers remain by previous generations. Critical thinking and original thoughts, are represented in the ability to think outside of all those little boxes; it is the only way to transcend them.

Sodium Dosing & High Blood Pressure!

No health conscious person has sodium in their kitchen. We use spices and herbs only. Yet, it seems that everything eaten has salt in it; it may be a small or large amount, but everything uses or includes salt (sodium). Find any prepared foods sold anywhere, and there will be salt added. Even if you buy ground or sliced meats (e.g. turkey), it too is laced with sodium for preservation purposes. Find any recipe that does not include a dash of salt; it's like a cult! There must be 'no-salt-added' web pages, to counter virtually all others. Even ice cream (which is also not recommended) has salt added. Why?
Salt addiction! It is an addiction much like tobacco addiction; non-smokers cannot stand the smell of burning tobacco, but to the addict, it is a heavenly aroma that draws them in. Those (of us) who do not add salt (sodium) in our foods, ever, find the taste of anything with too much salt in it, repulsive. After I stopped adding salt, like I once did BC, a few years later when stuck away from home and hungry, the only cooked food nearby was fast food, and so I ordered only a Big Mac, but nearly could not finish it because it was like eating a teaspoon of table salt. Then I knew what others were missing, with everything they ate being salt-dominant in its flavor-set, and they are as oblivious to its disgusting taste, as is a smoker, to its bad smell and taste.
People feel compelled to put salt in/on virtually everything, because of habit, tradition, and expectation; the fact that the masses who blindly follow those in front of them, or before them, cannot think for themselves critically, originally or independently; they simply cannot think outside the tiny boxes, provided them by former generations or their current enculturation directives. But there is enough sodium naturally occurring in seafood and plant-life, to meet dietary needs.
That is why this is considered sodium dosing (or sodium loading); it is when the blood is never free of an excess of it; sodium is put in the body daily (hourly even) and also non-stop. It stores in fat, creating a potassium-sodium imbalance. Read about the pleasure trap ideal; not only the salt addiction but other bad dietary habits that our tongue-training gets us into.
Getting a non-stop injection of sodium has cumulative effects on most people; knowing this may be as simple as blood pressure monitoring. Buy and eat only unprepared (single-ingredient) foods, making sure that you are consuming no added salt in any form, for a month. Continue a zero-added-salt diet for another two weeks, monitoring your BP, and then return to your SAD way of eating, but continue the monitoring. (Read: A New Connection between the Gut & Brain).
Do the math, and also, read the resources: Salt's Effects on Your Body & Alternatives To High Blood Pressure Medication. Simply put, salt (sodium & magnesium sulfate) belongs in the bathroom, not the kitchen. No true health-conscious person includes salt as an ingredient in any food recipe. Consider reading The No-Salt Lowest-Sodium Baking Book.
Remember, those who monetize health, the Medical Industry and the Pharma Industry, must/will/do, lie or distort all data concerning this one issue, and many others just like it. Treating high blood pressure, alone, is a multi-billion dollar business product. You must learn and understand the principles behind the compromises of monetization itself: Beware the Monetizers!

The Habituation Diet! Flour-Eaters!

Think about how humans eat today; we create something to hold the food in; wraps, buns and other eatable holders. Perhaps this was to keep your hands clean during eating. But this is a bad habit to get into: First wash, and then get your hands coated in the foods you are eating. This eliminates the unnecessary grain-made wraps, and in fact, sandwiches are perhaps the worst thing, and the worse way, for people to eat. Yet, the sand-witch is the staple of fast-food, the single greatest source of diabesity in the Americanized world. Flour impacts glycemic index and thus the foods made from flour should be minimized or avoided; and that list is long.
In ancient times, a fresh-off-the-tree hardwood stick would be stripped of bark, and made into a skewer; the (just caught) fish or fowl would be impaled on this skewer, then held over an open wood fire, but not for too long, as the skewer would eventually catch fire itself. The result? Lightly cooked, just killed, all organic, chemical-free meat, seared only in an open flame (no pans or oils). This is animal meat that lived naturally and wild, as did most all animals prior to the (mostly Godless) human infestation that collectively and carelessly poisons the modern world, via the Godless industrialization of the creation.
People have long kept dogs, but not for the snugly pets as we think of them today. Dogs are light sleepers, territorial, and great at early warning; plus, they ate the bones and other animal parts that humans did not prefer eating. Humans had relational bonds with animals such as dogs and horses, because we lived with them; depended upon them; e.g. a horse was, like a car is to people today, only alive. These relationships were somewhat symbiotic and truly interdependent, often with an emotional component to them.
The secularized masses identify all things based upon very narrow paradigms: For example, people will often ask me: 'What do you do for a living?' And I know they are expecting a capitalistic identifier, such as an employment title or the name of a university degree (which I have but do not share). I'm an alien to (and among) the mostly secularized world (2Co 6:14-18; Eph 2:11-16,17-22); I avoid such titles, and so, I say that I am a Monk, or a Messianic disciple. The very next question is often just like the first one: 'What's my religious affiliation?' But, to be (as much as can) like my Master, Messiah Yeshua, I too am anti-religious.

Shoe Box Of Enculturation!

In other words, the idea that anyone could live contented with home-grown food, hand-built shelter, and simple clothing; even unfitted cover like the cloaks worn by Messiah Yeshua, and, all of this, debt-free and non-materialistically, and, with very few possessions? All this must seem a foreign concept to the bulk of humanity these days, who are resigned to being blindly enculturated, capitalistic, money dependent, materialistic consumerists; the latest religion-fad, with cultural christianity being only one of its many money-generating productions. These are recipient-side takers who actually create nothing, but exist only to take-take-take-take-die! What a sad witness unto your/our Creator.
But simple living is just how all our ancestors lived for millennia: And I'd rather be old-fashioned or backwoods, than modern or forward-thinking. The teen or young adult mind, always thinks they are ahead of their parents; this mindset has been the case for all generations of humanity everywhere. However, as we all become old, some of us realize the foolishness of this mentality: Or do we?
The belief that we (the human race) are moving forward, or advancing as time moves forward, is a myth; it is wish-fulfillment, and a fact measured within the (monetized) Education Industry itself. But it's a myth borne from the same mindset as that of the teen (always ahead of parents); that improvements on old things are actually improvements at all.
But when we are young (tabula rasa), we are quick to absorb whatever is in front of us: Enculturation. And that's OK, and even normal, for children. But as we maturate (assuming that ever happens), we are to move beyond the limitations of youth and think critically for ourselves. When we are young we are indeed invincible; until we are not (1Co 13:11-13).
For those of us fortunate enough to have survived youth, all of life takes on a new perspective; much more for the few, and even a little for the simpleton: Time changes everything for everyone. Fad diets can be initially viewed as good because the young can survive eating butter by the pound, or smoking tobacco, or the raw meat diet, or two-thousand other such examples. But all that changes if/when you cross the big 5-0 (for some, the big 4-0).

Perpetual Sleep Deprivation!

The problems with sleep all center around overall lifestyle: They can be grouped into two basic categories, biological and psychological. Both issues revolve around modernity itself: daily access to stimulants; lights at night; generally poor diets (e.g. SAD). Any 1 of these biological issues can affect sleep, and yet for many, it's a combination of them. These issues coalesce into the psychological, such as how dietary choices alone can affect mood, and depression, and so on. In other words, it's complicated at first glance, and yet it is not complex; it is actually very simple to fix: In a word, simple living.
Sleep debt is well studied, but as we should know by now, teaching a lifestyle that would then exclude the need of western medicine would cost big corporations and big pharma multiple billions dollars, and so, what we can witness as unhealthful is literally all around us: e.g. shared living quarters in nursing homes; the single worse design possible for that setting. Then nurses come in and wake patients for care that could be done while they are awake. But we (with the ability to see it) see this same moronic design in virtually everything in the westernized world (to a greater or lesser degree). Is all this, just a case of too many simpletons with decision-making power? Or is it masterfully intentional?
You must be your own health advocate. Eat a clean, and if possible, a locally produced Pescetarian diet; consume an abundance of fiber rich foods; abandon all stimulants; sleep very well and with intention; surrender all the unnecessary toys of modernity and the lifestyles they induce, to avoid social jetlag.
Being trapped by/in the shoe-box of blind enculturation is a manifestation of Spiritual darkness, and thus eternal damnation, and for which, the 'Holy Spirit in the world' uses shame-guilt-fear (condemnation Rom 8:1), and even tragedies, to gently push humans into the Light. However we, the (infinitesimal & inconspicuous) Elect of YHVH, already know the outcome (John 3:16-18,19-21) compared to (Matt 7:13-17,20-23): the initial hope versus the ultimate reality. Volition is indeed our superpower; one which the Creator created and will not usurp.
Nevertheless, disciples are not to judge people, because then we would declare them lost, even while they (metaphorically) still have time on the clock. We simply Love them all, without reservation, not because they deserve it, but because they need it. Perfection is not only attainable, but prerequisite to entrance unto the Heavenly Kingdom (Matt 5:43-48). But if you are only on Earth to take-take-take-die, well then, none of this has much meaning to you, apart from its possible socioreligious benefits, or monetary value.

Stress Kills! Peacelessness!

The stresses of this life, for the most part, all center upon keeping-up-with-the-Jones's: Peacelessness! Keeping up with the monetization process, in the service of mammon, is a stress of/from time itself (time is money, right?). If you use an alarm clock, or have a time-dependent schedule to keep, you have been modernized, and moved ever farther from the Messianic Cross; far-far from Kingdom living, which follows the natural world, not the human-made world, and every lifestyle is a choice (John 14:25-27).
Dealing with others who exist on Earth, only to make money; to attain evermore social and/or political power over other people; to hoard dollars, so to lord that resource-power over those around you; these are the Satan driven forces that most people suffer from, either as being those very people, or having to live among them (James 4:1-4). As utterly horrifying a lifestyle as that would be for any Love-conquered individual, the bulk of humanity look forward to repeating it again tomorrow.
From ancient kings/queens, lords and politicians, to the Pharisees and lawyers; most of all humanity (in childhood) are taught to hunger-lust power. Today, in Satan's money centric end-time culture, everything is economical; everything is determined and valued in dollar increments; the dollar is the only barometer of life. Thus, humans are mere commodities; and not only just the humans trafficked (slaves); everyone who is a dependent upon money for survival. Hence, the outcome of chronic stress and materialistic worrying is cortisol raising stress, which is silent but deadly, and now epidemic.
The evidence that stress kills; the mounting evidence of the dangerous effects of stress on the entire body, is well researched and documented. Longevity studies (in humans) are so mixed that they can actually create confusion; I've read from over a hundred different resources (over decades), and so I write from experience, but web-search it for yourself. Read: The Science of Stress & How Our Emotions Affect Our Susceptibility To Burnout & Disease & To Physically Age Slower, Show Self Control!
People from all over Earth, who live a century and beyond, show little evidence of any genetic advantages, with parents and siblings who did not live any longer than the majority (or average) for that people-group. Some even brag about a lifetime consuming tobacco or other no-no's: But since most tobacco consumers die young, these very few cases are anomalies, not examples.
After reading from so many of these resources (mostly research papers, books & websites), and then prayerfully pondering it all, a common denominator emerged: Stress! Or more accurately, the lack of it. Everyone seeks the centenarian holy grail; that single pill to pop, or that special-K diet to consume, the correct exercise program, or some other outward thing that can be added or subtracted. But the tell is simple living spawn from genuine peace. It is fully understanding stress addiction. Stress is so harmful because it cannot be controlled with diet or pharmaceuticals; stress is symptomatic of a Spiritual state of being.

The Blue Zone Phenomenon!

Longevity can be achieved any place where the things we cannot control are healthy; namely, the air we breathe (note this in blue zone locations). This is because being outside often, is itself, a healthy lifestyle; however, we cannot filter the open air like we can with water, which can be as simple as a quality tap filter for municipal water sources, or the (rural) collection and chemical-free treatment of rain and/or well water. It is wise to produce most (if not all) of your own produce, just like it is wise to make everything from scratch to avoid buying factory food: You must be in full control of every ingredient going into your mouth.
Knowing what foods you will eat, and what foods you will not eat, is an excellent start; without this knowledge you will remain at the mercy of the food monetizers; they are the very last people to trust your health with. E.g. I learn for free and I teach for free; I will not make one dime (ever) for any information I provide in public like this; thus, I have no ulterior motives for what I share: Believe it or ignore it; either way it will not impact me, in any way whatsoever; it's your life. All my needs are met by my Master, via the natural world of YHVH, and so I do not need nor want your money.
Once you have a list of all the foods you will eat, the amounts of each then, must be considered. For example, pure whole grains are good, but in limited quantities. E.g. The highest quality wheat grown on Earth will still make you fat if you eat too much of it. Homegrown eggs are an excellent source of protein, but they too must be limited. The total amount of calories consumed must be measured by output; that is, eat only what you will burn in activity, otherwise it must/will store as fat. A parked car don't need more gas.
But the longevity studies are a general rule-of-thumb, not necessarily an example of healthy living. For example, a Blue Zone in Southern California? That's confusing, given that the region consistently ranks poorly on the US Air Quality Index. But it is often a local or circumstantial issue; living near the coastlines in So-Cal would mean that local air is coming mostly from the Pacific Ocean; it is the vehicle traffic inland that accumulates. Additionally; since stress is a major factor in any health calculations, and good health is how longevity is reached, it is hard to calculate, based upon an individual's chronic stress level over a lifetime; stress and competitivism are synonymous.
I am a Pescetarian; however, for me it is not about living a longer earthly life. In fact for me, to be absent of this body is to be present with my Lord (2Co 5:4-8); to be in my eternal home (my resurrected state), and so, I have no fear of dying. Living only for another year, or celebrating my 100th birthday; either timeline is still a very short time, when considering eternity. Even if it were possible to live 120 healthy years, it's still just a blink-of-a-blink of time. So I really don't care how long this (my) earthly tent survives, and especially if all I'm doing is merely surviving. For however long I am here, I will serve The Lord; I find peace and purpose in that regardless of outward circumstances.
People stress themselves so unnecessarily; it is hard to watch people, as they live utterly conquered by what others think of them: The near-pathological need for the approval of others, while pathetic and horrifying to me, is the sum of their very existence. A keep-up-with-the-neighbors lifestyle manifests in such a stark contrast to the golden Rule (the biblical commandment) to Love neighbor as self, as encased in the beatitudes.
I live as unto my Lord and Master, Messiah Yeshua. But He only lived 3.5 decades, and so, not a model for long-life. But again, it is a matter of a true, daily living, actionable Faith, versus the mere consuming of a religion. Besides, time is relative. My Master was YHVH in the flesh (and will be again); He had to take on human form to make sure we humans understood clearly, via His (red letter) Godspeak, and His lived lifestyle, what was otherwise being twisted by the uninspired masses, who were twisting what YHVH was inspiring others to write down throughout human time. The written word was being exploited, just as it is to this day.
The Indwelling Holy Spirit alters our Soul, which in turn alters our mind-heart: We take on the mind of Messiah (1Co 2:15-16), and from that point-in-time, forward, we are new creations; not merely modified, altered, or remodeled: New! We abandon our former lives: Our very lives and lifestyles change radically; how we live is radically transformed by why we live. Only the Indwelling Holy Spirit can expel the demons and attenuate the primal within. Without Messiah-in-us (the Indwelling Holy Spirit: Romans 8), humans will remain mere primates, and caged to primal ways, and thinking, and perspectives. And remember: Danger is just anger with a D!

The Tree {Really} Is Known By The Fruit It Bears!

(Matt 7:16-20; 12:33). The Lord will show you and guide you, once (and only when) you have totally surrendered your will; your heart-mind-Soul unto the actual Lordship of Messiah Yeshua (Mark 12:29-31). But your true willingness to follow Messiah, must be proven with real action on your part: It must be more than words (Utube); far more than merely attending church services, which is a distraction from a true discipleship; from true and daily community. Therefore, the human Soul can best be measured by what a person does not possess. (Mark 10:17-22; John 12:25; 14:15-21; Luke 14:25-27)
If or when you one day find yourself suffering physically because you did not seek wise counsel and/or did not heed that council, do not blame another. When people get desperate (or fearful), they will suddenly seek 'The Man Upstairs' to relieve them of the suffering they are enduring, but all too often, it is already too late for reversal intervention. You want your Creator to help you? It's happening right now! It will not get any better than this; you just read a page from a disciple of Messiah Yeshua. I gained nothing either way, and it cost you nothing but a bit of reading (Matt 10:8).
Be proactive: Study all the content herein and apply it. The greatest cure is prevention, which is just the offspring of wisdom via humility, which always leads to simple living, and thus, far less stress than the consumerist, materialistic lifestyle of the masses. Without the Indwelling Holy Spirit ruling within, all humans are driven and defined by pride-ego-emotion; driven hard by ambition and discontentment. However, with the Holy Spirit, we are driven and defined by Love-wisdom-humility: It's an entirely different existence and thus lifestyle. The quality of life soars!
When your existence is consumed by/in the world, the more important things are unseen. For one example (among hundreds), human to human contacts have been reduced to mere monetary transactions. People are now valued in USD increments, and not based on the fact that Messiah Yeshua died on the Cross for each and every one of us (James 2:1-4,5-9). Even not-yet-born children are defined by their monetary or time costs to their biological host (mom); looked upon as a tumor or burst appendix, rather than as a precious creation of our Loving Adonai Elohim, with an eternal Soul of incalculable worth.

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