Why Future Resurrected Saints Do Not Have Social Media Accounts!


Social Media Accounts: Throne Rooms of Self-Admiration!

Social Media is no different to the (infinitesimal & inconspicuous) Elect of YHVH, as Messianic disciples, than any other worldly things, found inside the tiny boxes of human Enculturation: Except, it is public and global; an open testimonial; a witness; a monument; an exhibition; it is that proverbial fruit on the tree (Matt 7:15-20), which can be clearly seen by those with Spiritual sight; the Elect of YHVH. The World however, are blinded to all things Spiritual and eternal (John 9:39; 2Ti 3:1-5; 2Co 4:1-4; 1Jo 2:15-17).
Notice the word usage here, because the christianized or the churched are not Messianic disciples, and as such, they are not in an epochal, lifestyle-altering, profound, marriage-level, daily-dying, deeply personal relationship with YHVH, through the auspices of the Indwelling Holy Spirit, which occurs only as a result of unconditional surrender unto the supreme and eternal Lordship of Messiah Yeshua. Christians, and Christendom in general, has no direct connection with The Creator of all, Adonai Elohim (YHVH). Consequently, they are guided by all the things that guide the sum species; pride-ego-emotion!
Competitivism for ever-fewer resources, made conflicts increase among humans, and so, a way to resolve them, was/is itself, a way to monetize the masses, and do so without actually producing anything tangible, via Labor. Those who sow discord (Pro 6:16-19; Rom 16:17-18), keep the flames of competitivism and adversarialism alive. The entire westernized world is deeply infested with this mentality, and thus capitalism, driven by the Monetizers, has metastasized into almost every other culture on Earth. And like social media, religions are also a major part of (and then a contributor to) that Enculturation.
The sin of religion is a part of why YHVH became Human in the first place; to expose it for the satanic sin it clearly was, and still is, unto all (past-present-future) Messianic disciples as the Saints of YHVH. Messiah Yeshua (forever) exposed the sin of religion, and they crucified Him for it! Christians are the exact same people-type that crucified Messiah Yeshua; politically adulterous, secularly promiscuous, and religiously pious while living anti-Messianic lifestyles, and also demonically promoting the sin of Bibliolatry.
Social media involvement is simply an unabashed public exhibition: I am of the World! I'm a follower of whatever is before me! I obey money as my only barometer and compass and filter! I am devoted to the gods of tech! And of course, every generation had similar devotions to what was popular in their time-culture: monkey-see-monkey-do–copy-mimic-parrot. A terrifying fate, except of course for the monkeys, who will remain oblivious until death. Consequently, words such as these will be declared as ridiculous and even extreme: They have to be, and that is understandable. Messiah Yeshua was considered radical; extreme; insane; possessed. That is how you know you are in/on The Way.

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Welcome To The End Times: They Thank You For Your Volitional Collaboration & Cooperation!

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