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A real Spiritual life always results in a truly minimalist lifestyle, because we Messianic disciples know full well, why we are here. But this is not about living in a cold wet cave laboring naked by candlelight. Such fictionalized images aside, this is about living in such a way, where and when ever you are at, as the basis of true living contentment, which is not possible for long, when one is faking it or just experimenting. Volitionally living humble, is just the natural outcome of being humble.
What is laughable, are modern westernized consumerists, building websites or speaking about minimalist lifestyles, after they have consumed more natural resources in any given month, than most humans did over entire lifetimes. An average American family will consume more resources in 7 decades, than the sun of the entire global human species did, over a period of a thousand years (e.g. 5000 to 4000 BCE); more every few years than any European castle king did in a lifetime. From this context, for car owners to even try to utter ideals about a simple living lifestyle paradigm, is insanity at best.
Still, assigning words to things does not magically make those things real or measurable; yea, scientific. But simple living is also not simple math; the number of things possessed is not the point. We who live contently under the Messianic Cross, would be uncomfortable with too much, and would not accept the responsibility of a large sum of money (e.g. an inheritance or winning). However, the wealth hungry (masses) live for money; they are indeed, devout Mammon servants. To know the parable is critical: The tree is known by the fruit it bears!
This is equally true of those who claim to be minimalists and/or simple living advocates. It is not necessarily who they are; it is just something they try; it is just sampling an alternative lifestyle. It is not why they live and breathe. Most people are low income earning consumerists who have acquiesced to this reality, and are now trying to find a way to live with less tribulation.
This fact can be observed everywhere. Nevertheless, true simple living is to simply live: To be freed of the bondage of blind Enculturation! Simple living is true freedom. The Car Cult is itself, the overwhelming evidence of an extremely complex lifestyle; the opposite if simple living; the apex of destruction. There is no such thing as a car owning environmentalist; that is a pseudoenvironmentalist.
The Car Cult is only about ego and emotions; there is no logic or reason for any of it. To be blunt; every intelligent person will see no need for one; they squander nonrenewable natural resources and they are dangerous; all cars are dangerous, but the big and/or loud ones are more so, and to achieve what? Attention seeking behavior is physical evidence of mental illness; we as a species must identify such humans among us, and institutionalized them, not weaponized them with money and cars and guns and such, under the guise of pseudo-freedoms (or the cult of freedom). Otherwise we will end up with a completely insane society: We will doom ourselves! Perhaps that is just how the Eschaton will manifest.
Many Messianic disciples who live near to (secular) Homeless people, notice during our interactions with them, that even they do not live a voluntary simple or minimalist lifestyle. If they had the money, they too would have as many things, and the lifestyle complexities that impacts everyone else in the greater population.
All conspicuous consumption is gluttony and addiction, which are fruits of Lovelessness, which is proof of Spiritual vacuity. But then, there are those who go through phases in life; they will shed themselves of all possessions (just put it in storage), take a backpack and hit the proverbial or literal open road. Others who are also slaves to money and to consumerism, will just own or buy less things than others around them.
And while these can be good things, that is not minimalism or a simple living lifestyle. This can be known by measuring the level of chronic stress; measuring peace and daily contentment. Scientifically, blood samples can measure cortisol levels recorded on a regular basis over a few years; that would reveal much. Another key to longevity is to avoid toxic people.
The deeper psychology for those, not living daily under the Messianic Cross, must be seen within their carnal/primal roots, which all humans are born into: E.g. Hoarding behavior is similar to mammals stocking winter food or bears gorging for hibernation. There is a mammalian carnal/primal explanation for (at least) the predilection to hoard things. But transcending all that is (in part) why we are here, and in this form.
We were designed to Labor; our bodies produce hormones that give us the energy to do so. When we switched from a labor society to a sedentary society, wherein fossil fuels is the energy source rather than calories, something strange happened to the human body, as well as the planet collective. The words "pent up energy" comes from this leftover energy that has been generated by the calories, now consumed in excess, and cannot be merely poured out, and so they must be spent somehow. Today they are burned emotionally, mostly in the form of anger.
For all Messianic disciples; we live by a higher calling, and get our directives from the Messiah Scriptures: In this particular topic, that would be Matthew 5 thru 7.
To live simple is primarily to avoid dependencies; not to be at addiction level, when it comes to our daily needs. Ask yourself:Would you suffer or starve without a grocery store? If so, then your very physical survival depends upon them. Addicts are deeply dependent upon those who supply their drug of choice. Conversely, out Master taught us an entirely different Earth life, (again) in Matthew 5 thru 7 specifically, but elsewhere too.
People still trapped in the tiny shoebox of their blind Enculturation, cannot see past their proverbial noses. This fact is witnessed in what I call the funnel effect; it is all monkey-see-monkey-do–copy-mimic-parrot exhibitions of blind enculturation. The particular funnel being referred to here – based on the fact that the automatons can only follow the other automatons or the blind leading the blind – is the road or street funnel. And it is cars that are being funneled.
The Car Cult masses just blindly drive where ever the street takes them: Into grocery stores, restaurants, malls, and every other roadside shop and business that the builders and profiteers of the Car Cult, tells them to go, just like rats in a maze, and the comparison is so real, with mammals obeying obstacles set by higher thinking beings.
Conversely, and whenever it is possible, all Messianic disciples eat at/from home; we do not eat out unless we cannot prepare food in advance for whatever reason. Eating out is certainly not a sin, but we wish to honor the Temple by having as much control over what goes into our bodies as possible, and, because it is always less expensive to eat from home, where we grow or buy single ingredient foods that are prepared by us.
This lifestyle also prevents unneeded travel. So many people enslaved within the Car Cult, maim and kill one another, over going from point A to B to A, just to eat, or worse, just to entertain themselves. But this is just physical evidence supporting the fact that they only care about themselves, and they only care about what others like them, think of them, explaining why they take such incredible risks, for such frivolous results.
Keep in mind the reasons behind all socialization; for us Messianic disciples, we are fully aware of the psychology and biology of mating; of perpetually increasing the mating pool for available mates to procreate with. This is an unconscious motivation for the Spiritually blinded masses. Science is correct to observe this behavior, but they stop at a certain point in their understanding of it all; after all, they are driven by it too.
Socialization is just unconscious peacocking, but even to the Science world, that aspect is attenuated to be something more psychological than biological in nature. But this is a primal and natural drive; the goal of YHVH in allowing this method of replication to endow the many mammalian species, was evidently a part of a much bigger plan than just replication or procreation alone, on a lone planet in the middle of know where, and for no reason at all.
For the purposes that are understood by the Elect of YHVH – a small fraction of the human species by the way – we are to observe and to learn; doing so is not just a good idea, it is an expectation (1Th 4; 2Ti 2 thru 4). Avoiding it could lead to sin-evil that we may not be aware of, and Love compels us mightily never to go that way.
Therefore, we do not focus on (or care about) all the things that the atheists, the other religious, and the anti-Messiahs, all collectively focus upon; the here and now; to monkey-see-monkey-do–copy-mimic-parrot the society around them in the now. To make Mammon the center of our world. The dedication to such blind enculturation is the proof of Spiritual blindness, but do not try to tell them that! Pride-ego-emotion is their only guide; Satan is their only god and guide.
Participating in the Car Cult would (by itself) represent the most complex and dangerous of any lifestyle, ever lived by humanity. Simple living centers around conscientiousness: It is to be aware and conscience of how all ones life and lifestyle decisions impact others. It is to desire and seek efficiency over what appeals to vanity or ego or emotions.
I use/own low end electronics; I take advantage of all the extensive no fee offerings of my public library. I use shipping and delivery of everything, over driving to pick up things one at a time. I move myself year round with an e-scooter or I just walk (got RideShare App if needed for emergencies, trapped in car hell).
Almost anyone can live this way in any urban or suburban or rural setting. Just pick places that are efficient and that has routes (bike/scooter and/or bus) that allow safe travel, car free, year round. If you have children and you Love them, you cannot and will not raise them in the secular parts of North America. See the Youtube video: Why We Won't Raise Our Kids in Suburbia of North America.
These six things YHVH abhors; yea, and the seventh is an abomination unto YHVH: A proud look; a lying tongue; hands that shed innocent blood; a heart that devises wicked imaginations; feet that are swift in running to mischief; a false witness who speaks lies; and those who sow discord among the brethren. (Pro 6:16–19)

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