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Aside from advertising, a growing part of Corporate Greenwashing is the promotion of Personal Greenwashing. All Big Corporations have teams of gig–workers (likely crypto–compensated; plausible deniability) to troll all Social Media. But before SM, all Corporate spin targeted Mass Media. They still do, but now they are most successful within Social Media {PDF}.

Anonymous social media sites have hundreds of such players; they are there to play along with the crowd by posing as one of them; they are also among the hosts, creators and moderators. This is evident by how content that exposes the truth soon disappears; deleted by those who can.

Reddit alone, has over a dozen personal greenwashing subs, with names such as simple living, environmentalism, sustainability, and so on. They focus on ecological minutia as justification for, and a replacement to, real and impactful lifestyle changes, such as avoiding the cataclysmic Car Cult. If ones lifestyle choices require fossil fuels, that is anti–green and anti–simple–living! 99% of consumerists ecological footprint is their car alone; the other 1% would be among the 5–R: Refuse; Reduce; Recycle; Reuse; Repurpose.

All addiction exposes itself in the self–justification mentality: The only thing else, is confession and change. But denial seems to be the winner here; personal greenwashing is now the norm. It has been described by one Scientist as soft climate denial; the belief in climate change itself, but without any measurable lifestyle changes to create any countering effect. It is as if there is another (external) force that is overwhelming common sense action.

Learning how to live without a car of any kind would be one major measurable act; that is highly provable. Yet no one is doing it, and in fact, car sales is growing exponentially; the need for ever more infrastructure is exploding; the need to pave over evermore square miles of Earths surface to accommodate all these machines will end us as a species, and yet, it will not stop. It is the madness of Mad Max indeed; the overwhelming addiction to motor vehicles until the very end, which ironically is caused by them!

Empirically, one car does more damage to Earth than virtually everything else they do, and by hundreds to one! But they are not giving it up, so they must deflect; all self–justification is the process proof of the cognitive dissonance that haunts them. There Is No Such Thing As A Car Owning Environmentalist! Using cars is an outward demonstration of ones rage–hate for all life on Earth.

Personal greenwashing is now pandemic, but it is proof of the cognitive dissonance that now plagues humanity, especially here in the Eschaton Era. Every car is one cancer cell in the global metastasis, and every car owner/user is directly responsible for this terminal disease. So why do these metaphorical cancer cells blameshift the cancer they are directly responsible for? Simple!

They do not see themselves as the cancer; they stage themselves as the victims; they redirect the blame onto corporations, as if corporations pick all their money from their magic money trees so they can use it to inflict their cancer–causing ways onto the rest of us. But in fact, corporations get all their money from consumers; if you pay them, it is you that is responsible, and blameshifting will change nothing.

The only enemies of Earth are the collection of humans that finance Big Oil, typically at the pump, but to a lesser degree, by just accepting and living in modernity, is if there are no other options for how humans live on Earth. But for the bulk of our species existence, humans lived just fine without any fossil fuel products at all. I often get the justification product; the whale oil argument, as if the people living in those times, were similarly unable to just not buy it!

How much money was given by customers to the Car Cult from 18,000 BC to 1800 AD? $0! Why? They did not exist! The human species somehow managed to live for the bulk of our species existence, with zero cars. And I wager ten trillion dollars, we can do so into the 26th century, with ease. But the monkey–see–monkey–do masses, simply cannot think independently or critically; the masses are cultural drones. Only Love enlightens us; first to us, and then to all other things!

All this is (psychologically) the DK Effect for sure, but even that is the byproduct of pride–ego–emotion dominating an individual; that is, it is Spiritual at its root. All of it can be solved, but only by a much–much deeper self–awareness, which can only come from Ruach HaKodesh; the Indwelling Holy Spirit: Love! The only other Earthly solution would be environmental compliance by brute force.

But Social Media is far more about marketing and manipulation than about socializing; its very existence is itself, proof of the monkey–see–monkey–do paradigm. Control is the highly profitable ruse for/of all Social Media. Getting peoples attention is their only purpose; exploiting base emotions and trauma–drama is fascinatingly profitable. The monkey–level human masses, cannot imagine being anything, but a monkey. Zoo primates are not all committing suicide for simply being who/what they are, and it is the same with monkey–level humans.

The Social Media hacks are paid to sow discord and doubt; to incite and excite; all to deflect issues away from personal responsibility, and those suffering from cognitive dissonance must gravitate toward it. But some become too obvious in the doing; the least discerning eye can detect them! Big Biz and their hackers, know they do not have to face customers daily; there is no service counter at Big Oil!

Big Oil Execs know (as we can all observe) that if their customers do not stop buying oil products on their own, they will continue to be customers, even while their customers deflect the blame for their consumption, onto Big Oil; these mega–rich sociopath's are never bothered by being blamed; they laugh about it, all the way to the bank.

Big Tobacco was sued many times, but is was mostly symbolic; then they were forced by law to place danger warning labels on all tobacco products. But all of this did not deter Big Tobacco, and Big Oil is way bigger than they ever was or will be! Believing politics is a solution to Big Oil is equally insane; the only solution (for both addictions) is to quit, and then to quit blaming them for selling things: They are capitalists and currently it is legal.

Big Oil's anonymous gig–workers, will masturbate the pride–ego–emotion of those who suffer from the drama of cognitive dissonance; the part of that conflict, between thinking one is good, versus only being and doing good. Suffering from guilt–shame–condemnation, these desperate consumers, seek ways to push themselves away from such a persistent paradigm; Social Media does that for them.

But blameshifting is just diversionary; it will solve nothing. The dystopia is already here; Earth is doomed; and it is doomed only because of Satan and his trillion demon army imposing their will upon Earth, via the mental mechanisms of pride–ego–emotion, within the hearts of the bulk of the human species, to work Satans plans: Satans Earthly Trinity Is Economics & Politics & Religion!

Satans greatest success so far, is hiding his presence from (and impact on) the masses. It is analogous to Dark Matter; there is stunning volumes of evidence that Satan and crew are there, just as Scripture implies, but no one, even the religious, really believe it. And that is why the Eschaton Era is here, now, and why we will end as a species. Satan is the father of lies (and liars); Satan is the great deceiver! And the gullible masses thirstily drink it up.

I call these consumer–types the diet soda people! Making fast–food stops possible for the desperately lazy, sedentary sloths, they will drive–thru order a triple cheese burger with everything, jumbo fries, an ice cream sundae, and (yep) a supersized diet soda! But the answer to "why" is simple; it gives them the illusion they are making a sound dietary choice.

Their car is nearly 100% of their ecological footprint, but since they are not going to end that addiction, they must/will justify it away with the (proverbial) diet soda: Personal Greenwashing Car Cultists! Social Media is one main justification platform today; it allows for anonymity so that they can express fake caring for the environment, all while living as hypocrites that no one online will ever know about. This cheating comes with a cost; more cognitive dissonance.

Corporate–sponsored personal greenwashing is wildly successful, because it creates an army of (unaware and gullible) supporters, oblivious to the fact that they are cultists; even openly as members of the Car Cult and willing agents of Big Oil (and all Big Biz; they all do it). These corporate armies gain the sympathies of those who prefer Victimism; but they all suffer from all the effects of Lovelessness.

Love brings with it, many sub–traits like Simple living, peace, contentment, calmness, quietness, ease (antonym to disease), patience, real joy, honor, duty, forgiveness, loyalty, mercy, compassion, wisdom, stability, emotional maturation, and many others. Love puts others first. Love is a verb, not an emotion, though Love can illicit emotional responses. All non–transformed humans can only have brain experiences; all human bonding is just Oxytocin.

In the absence of YHVH–Love, the bulk of the human species will struggle in all the opposing traits; us–against–themism, peacelessness, anger–hate–rage, revenge and vengeance, warmongering and embattlement, weaponization, militarization, conflict, dissension, domination, dominionship, fear–paranoia, insecurity, discontentment, attention–hunger, self–loathing, power–hunger, wealth–hunger, and any/all other manifestations of us–against–themism. The Messianic Cross was about the reunification of the species (John 17).

Satan has one carnal–primal goal for his humans: Us–Against–Themism! It is the only way for an incorporeal entity (demons) to infect the corporeal realm. Unlike predation, cancer is the consuming of the very organism that gave it life. It does not eat the body to survive; it dies along with the very body that harbors it; it is the snake that eats its own tail. All grow–or–die economic paradigms are exactly that; the most malignant of all is the sin–evil of Capitalism, a necessary ingredient for the Eschaton Era.

Those that are not money wealthy, will still take sides with the rich, because they too, want someday to be them; they hunger–lust for that money–power themselves. Ironically, the wealth–class get that way by the exploitation of the non–rich masses, and yet, the non–rich not only allow it, but side with them in it: They sabotage their own self–interests; just study American politics.

Oddly, those that are not money wealthy (now), will still side with the rich, because they too want to someday be them; they hunger for that money–power themselves. Ironically, the wealth–class get that way by the exploitation of the non–rich masses, and yet, they not only allow it but side with them in it: They sabotage their own self–interests. Again, they are cultists! Blind, they require leaders!

The few outside of cultism, are eyewitnesses to all this, via Nudge Theory, and Behavioral Economics in Politics, and many other forms of psychological manipulation; summarized as the easy guiding of the sheeple masses. But mass self–sabotage, in itself, is not merely human stupidity ⊛; it is supernatural; paranormal; it has the distinct markings of Satan and crew.

How Satan works in humans is obvious, except of course, to those within his many cults: Satans Earthly Trinity Is Economics & Politics & Religion! No cultist believes they are in a cult. But these Spiritually blinded individuals cannot make decisions on their own; they are fully controlled via their pride–ego–emotions; the puppet strings of Satans internal triune of dominionship. For them it is like watching a horror show, and they are the unwitting puppets, and thus, can claim Victimism.

Satan commanded freedom from YHVH, and his humans are just like him; they demand the power to do as they please at all times/places. And suffering or loss their actions coast others is just the collateral damage of their freedoms and liberties! Sound familiar? (Gal 5; 1Pe 2; 2Pe 2)

These people lack critical thinking skills, which manifest foremost in original and/or individual thoughts. They remain cultural drones; societal automatons; monkey–see–monkey–do; they suffer from toxic cultural memesis; they cannot imagine living even a bit differently than what the socioculture guides them into; no higher thoughts at all.

It is the great barrier of pride that blocks all things from YHVH, including wisdom. The Spiritually blinded cannot see past what is right in front of them at all times. Like the eye blind, they are fully dependent on those in their immediate surroundings. We as a species are doomed because of it. The only way to be freed from all of this, is Messiah–in–us!

The symptoms of this blindness is all around us, and they define Earth–life. Satan has tattooed his likeness into the minds (foreheads) of the masses, who daily and handily do his bidding (churched or not). Satan and his demon army are incorporeal; they cannot do anything in the corporeal or physical world; they rely on willing vessels to do all the evil on Earth that will occur.

Addiction and dependency has been at the core of capitalism, even before there was the official word: Capitalism! "To capitalize upon" is where it came from; at first to capitalize upon nature, then later, other people. Any serious student has studied Social Ecology. Only a small portion of humanity (forever globally) ever wanted to put in the sweat labor necessary to grow food or build shelter; and why, if one can somehow con others to do it all; that makes one smarter than the laborer. Right?

This has been the human condition almost forever! From this mentality we had slavery, and thus every other taker con, concocted by the human mind. This human condition deteriorated in/by money–centered cultures, which all degraded over many generations, into an actual paradigm we call Economics. And that unwieldy entity required control; politics & militants.

All exploitation involves dependency; once there was more humans in a biome than the nature could support naturally, the stronger would control the weaker, with brute force, to increase production of needed things; later in time that degraded into the seemingly more civilized, economic paradigms of control. But the land lord is not the lord of the land to be a laborer! They fully intent to be a taker.

This has been a runaway train for millennia, but that is about to run out of track. Earth just isn't big enough for there to be ten million takers sucking from the one laborer any longer. Even the planet itself cannot be drained like it's a never–ending resource tap.

In the year 2023 alone, humans consumed more natural resources than was consumed by the sum of the global human species, from 4,000 BC to 1000 AD: 5000 years! It goes beyond human reason; it is supernatural and paranormal in nature; the indifference and greed involved is overwhelming, far beyond need or reason, for it is ravenous and vampirous. Personal Greenwashing is how people attempt to justify the rage–hate within, and the loss of personal control. Hence the pandemic of blameshifting.

Why? Not from population; I proved empirically a few decades ago now, that 10 billion humans could not only live sustainably, but collectedly we could even expand the ability for Earth to produce for us. We could extend the life of this planet beyond what it would have done, on its own, without the human species ever upon it.

But that is not the prophesy for Earth; it has another fate. But, there are billions of virgin planets awaiting those who prove Love as a verb, via their lifestyle choices; via their Do No Harm living paradigm. The Car Cult is among the most destructive things done by humans on Earth.

The first thing most cults have been known to do, is to isolate potential or actual followers, so that they can be indoctrinated apart from family and/or the culture–at–large. This is a variation of what religion–businesses do; it is what economics and politics now do.

If one cannot be physically separated from the culture–at–large, then isolate them in other ways. Like Corporate Greenwashing, manifesting Personal Greenwashing, Cult News outlets isolate their viewers psychologically; they are masters in subtle manipulation, especially when it comes to the productions of us–against–themism: They serve their masters with excellence; they all faithfully serve the god of this World.

Like so many who died from Covid–19; those who laid in their hospital beds, and in their last week of life on Earth, they denied that it was even real; that it was all just a hoax; that it was not as serious as claimed. Until death did they part; their marriage to Satan was truly fulfilled! But they will not even be aware of it, until after their Judgment Day. And of course, the faithless do not believe in that either, until afterward, when they are cast into the empty vacuum of outer space, to exist in the (dark–side) freedom from YHVH, they so desperately sought after their entire adult Earth life: Darkness!

Elohim so Loved the world that He gave His only begotten Adon, so that whoever believes Him, would not perish, but have everlasting life. For Elohim sent not Adonai into the world, to condemn the world, but that the world through Him could be saved. Those that believe Him are not condemned; but those that do not believe, are condemned already, because they have not believed in the Name of the only begotten Adon of Elohim. And this is the condemnation; that Light has come into the world, but people loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil. For everyone that does evil hates the light; neither will come to the light, lest their deeds should be exposed. But those that do truth, comes into the light so their deeds may be made manifest; that they are performed by Elohim! (John 3:16–21)

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