Oracle: Earthly Conduit of YHVH!

Etymology Online: Oracle (n): A message from a god, expressed by divine inspiration," from Old French oracle "temple, house of prayer; oracle" (12c.) and directly from Latin oraculum "divine announcement, oracle; place where oracles are given," from orare "pray, plead" (see orator), with material instrumental suffix -culo-. In antiquity, "the agency or medium of a god," also "the place where such divine utterances were given."

Wiktionary: Oracle: A shrine dedicated to some prophetic deity. A person such as a priest through whom the deity is supposed to respond with prophecy or advice. A prophetic response, often enigmatic or allegorical, so given. A person considered to be a source of wisdom. A wise sentence or decision of great authority. One who communicates a divine command; an angel; a prophet. (Computing theory) A theoretical entity capable of answering some collection of questions. (Jewish antiquity) The sanctuary, or most holy place in the temple; also, the temple itself. Synonyms: priest acting as conduit of prophecy; a prophet. ~ (See also: Oracle: The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language)

(1Pe 4:10-11; Heb 5:9-14): If anyone speaks, let them speak as the oracles of Adonai! The English word translated into "oracle" varies in meaning a bit, depending upon the language one translates it from. But the general theme is clear, especially for all disciples: My Master was/is The Oracle; He orated pure truth concerning the sum reality of life. And my Master died (in part) so that I – and others dedicated to Him; living disciples – could-would be like Him in many ways (John 17).

We disciples of Messiah Yeshua, stand here in spacetime, in His stead. Each post-Resurrection generation of humans, has nestled within them, a tiny but vital peppering of people (now globally) who are living Messianic disciples: You can tell by our/their lifestyles; we live for the King, not for the world; we're not capitalists, consumerists, political or economic. We recognize all those things as the corruptions of men; our Kingdom (our reason for existence) is not even of this world (John 18:33-37).

The term oracle is just a title or an identifier that humans gave to others, whom YHVH used as earthly vessels and conduits of communication. They/we are inspired by the Indwelling Holy Spirit to speak and/or to write; to communicate the presence of, and heart and the will of YHVH. In each generation of humans everywhere, YHVH communicated with certain people, at differing times in their life-experiences, in the hope of bringing about a knowledge of YHVH, no matter what term was used or in what language as an identifier.

But a vital part of that communication, was/is an awareness of (the presence of) satan and his massive army of incorporeal demons, who have been faking this attempted relationship between YHVH and humans, by creating a mockery, via religions, to distort or replace any potential for a personal relationship. Once the barrier of sin was removed from the equation, upon the Messianic Cross, satan and crew had to distort all things in yet other ways.

We humans are the Temple of the Lord (Matt 18:19-20; John 2:18-21; Acts 17:24; 1Co 3:16-17; 6:19-20; 2Co 4:6-11; Eph 2:19-22; 1Pe 2:4-5): The earthly temples of YHVH are no more! Post-Pentecost, the Temple is summarized in the physical body, the only container of/for the Holy Spirit (at least, while in this particular corporeal state). I'm a walking harbinger and host of YHVH-Spirit; the Indwelling Holy Spirit (Rom 8:9-11). Without YHVH-in-you, the gods of men will become the stars of your focus.

So are all other individuals (past; present; future) who have surrendered unconditionally unto the supreme and eternal Lordship of Messiah Yeshua, and died to this life, so they can be reborn (born-again) as Spiritual. Unfortunately, the bulk of the christianized world could not so much as define Lordship, must less does a Lordship define them!

Since our bodies are the property of YHVH, and the only Temple of YHVH, post-Pentecost, and, we as bond-servants do not own ourselves (Gal 2:20), everything we do with our bodies is a reflection of our (Love and thus) care for the Temple of YHVH. We are merely the stewards of our flesh, just as we are merely the stewards of Earth, and in our long-term future, the stewards over other resources in the cosmos that we'll be given control of, all of which are still the property of YHVH, Creator and Owner of all, everywhere and always.

Anyone who claims any land on this YHVH owned planet, will be cast into outer darkness. It is militarism that YHVH abhors the most. Patriotism and nationalism and empire-building, are profuse and unabashed sin. To think that you own anything on Earth, is itself, a reflection of one's devout marriage to satan and his dominating social and political and cultural productions. Only pacifists fight for freedom, by opposing the dominators and conquers and militants among us.

This planet (all of it) belongs only to YHVH, and anyone who tries to justify, validate or rationalize colonialism, domination, conquering, or empire, are Spiritually doomed, because they cannot be (and will not be) resurrected into eternal bodies. The most heinous and sinister of all humans on Earth, are the end-time antiChrist proprietors of a pharisaic Dominion Theology.

Spiritual Resurrection; Then Bodily Resurrection!

YHVH entered into a human; Messiah Yeshua, to personally provide atonement for the world we live in. After all, YHVH created it, both the good and the evil, for YHVH is Sovereign and the only Creator-God; Monotheism summarized. But this is for a much bigger design plan: Us! No, we are not superior beings over other life-forms, and in fact, part of the observation plan, was to place us in the midst of other life-forms that we could gain dominion over, and see if we are the wise stewards of them or not: It's a part of the greater/grander test.

The purpose of that atonement was so that you and I could partake of it as a form of empowerment against the powers that seek to work against us; or more accurately, to work for themselves, which does oppose YHVH: That is, satan and his trilling demon army, working through the bulk of humanity, to do evil always. You and I can then choose which path to follow, thus the sheep and goat analogy. YHVH is watching to see who will walk the dark side, and the light side.

Of course, we who walk in the light see all, but those in darkness are either oblivious to the fact that they walk in darkness, or they they like it. Either way, we who walk in the light, use it to point the way for the Elect and infinitesimal few, who will be seeking it. First we die to self completely, and then we are Spiritually transformed and effectively resurrected; only the Spiritually resurrected will be (future) bodily resurrected.

The resurrected few will be only those who demonstrate, in the here and now, a dedication to a Messianic discipleship; a Love of all humanity; that's what we are here for! Salvation is not a belief-gift; a reward for believing in Jesus: Salvation is a calling and a destiny; hence, the infinitesimal and inconspicuous Elect of YHVH. But the self-righteous are driven by works righteousness, found only in religion-acts centered around the church-businesses and their respective rituals and rites and traditions, all of which are monetized for mammon ($), unabashedly.

Buy contrast, church businesses were/are mere production$ of enculturation and tradition (Matt 15:1-4,5-9); one that Messiah Yeshua obliterated on the Cross (Matt 27:49-53; Heb 8:13; 10:19-25). Unlike communal sister-brotherhoods, the patriarchal dens of thieves which developed (Matt 21:10-13), were exposed to the light of/by my Master; the YHVH Monetizers or hypocrites (then and today) were brought into the light of pure truth. Satan responded to his assured doom (from the 1st to the 21st Century), by exploiting the pride-ego-emotions of men, as always, and they in-turn, built what is corporately known of as Christendom, via mammon (Luke 16:13-15; 1Jo 2:15-20).

If any man speak: Peter proceeds to speak of two particular forms taken by this manifold grace of God; (1) the power to speak; (2) the power to minister. The speaking is, of course, public preaching in the Church; and the man who does so is to do it "as oracles of God." Ellicott's Commentary for English Readers.

You can read from protestant bishop Charles Ellicott, his arrogant assumption that all oracles are, of course (and said with a pompous English-British accent), public preaching in the Church. Obviously this is not so, but from his very limited micro-experiences, it might seem that way. Yet, the global human experience, over all times and cultures, is hardly represented in 19th Century urban Europe, and certainly not within the confined experiences of a churchman of the Church of England. But like all mere christianized people, he remained Spiritually blind, and this only exposed it.

Pharisees and Sadducees too, were religious professionals (authority in their own eyes), but they clearly did not speak for Messiah Yeshua; instead they opposed Him and even had Him assassinated! They were satans disciples (posing as the real thing)! But Chucks assumption comes from his clearly limited cultural perspective; his micro-experiences; his confined enculturation, which is (itself) the evidence of Spiritual blindness; an assessment not from the Messiah minded.

The statement quoted is just another marketing scheme, perpetrated by the YHVH monetizers of the religion businesses (past; present; future) who in fact, have no clue what being a devout disciple of Messiah Yeshua would even look like. The religion businesses exist as a replacement to a daily dying discipleship, driven by Love-wisdom-humility; a distraction from facing YHVH-truth, which serves to expose us, to us! All of christendom is a distraction from a living, communal, daily dying discipleship.

Action At A Distance! *

The power of YHVH should not be politicized nor monetized; such power is not a bargaining chip (Acts 8:14-19,20-24). My earthly identity is meaningless; my social position pointless; my possessions worthless. I'm a mere servant of a Master, and as such, I must continually decrease that He may increase (John 3:27-30,31-34). Who I am is irrelevant; what I do in the open service of my Master is all that matters.

The oracles of every generation, have the empowerment of the Indwelling Holy Spirit; the exact same power as all disciples had, and will have, from the 1st to the 21st Century; the last generations of humankind, who are living in front of, and under, and because of, Christus Victor, as it applies within the greater cultural context of the Constantinian shift. Our hope is to see the christianized converted into living disciples of Messiah Yeshua.

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