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Neo-Amish; Tribe; Colony; Benedictine; Shaker; Mennonite; Amish; Hutterite; Amana; Bruderhof; Brethren; Harmony; Quaker: What do any of these terms mean to you?
Aloha; Saludos; あいさつ; Namaste; Bonjour; Ahoj; Shalom; 问候; Hallo! I am a disciple of Messiah Yeshua; a monk of YHVH; a Tekton; an Oracle of Adonai my Elohim (1Pe 4:11). I am nobody special; I do not suffer from a savior complex (i.e. evangelism; proselytism), nor a god-complex, a messiah-complex, or a hero-rescuer complex.
I do not want to be a leader; I do not want a stage or platform to be the center of attention, nor any other platform to expel my ego upon. I have no unique (or me-alone) revelations from above, no private interpretations of scripture, and have never audibly heard from the incorporeal realm.
However, as a disciple of Messiah Yeshua, I am a devout student of the Messiah Scriptures (since the late eighties), with special focus on the Red Letters of my Master, and like my Master, I am a radical pacifist. In this world I am blessedly disenculturated, a conservationist, a woodsman, an egalitarian, a pescetarian, a voluntarist, an undergrad, a sociologist, and a webmaster.
I am not a leader seeking a followship, nor a follower seeking a leader; I seek only friends (John 15:5-9, 10-15, 16-20) and collective unity as egalitarian siblings of Adonai our Elohim. Any form of hierarchy or societal class, is sin-evil, for which all disciples of Messiah Yeshua are obligated to expose and reprove (John 3:17-21; 16:7-12, 13-16; Eph 5:6-12, 13-17; Col 1:19-23; 2Ti 4:1-4).
We are all equal in the eyes of YHVH; regardless of age or gender, ancestry or skin color (Acts 17:22-24, 25-28, 29-31); humans simply being. Those who exploit religion or economics to gain power or usurp authority over others, are demon possessed or demon oppressed. Social stratification is demonic and evil, and in every possible way, and in virtually all its permutations. The very fact that any human must fight for basic human rights, is anathema in and of itself.
But this is most prominent in/from christianized Europe, and all its dominionist colonizers and conquistadors, and their land conquered colonies, the worst of them being the UnGodly Satanist's Annexed land, and their rabid world-ending monetization of all creation, assured by capitalism's grow-or-die economics and the political passion to keep it going until the end. Beware the Monetizers!
Still here? Good! To continue, those of the World will use brute force to impose their will upon others, but still others do so by including god-religion-bible; that is a sin-evil beyond those of the carnal-primal. Men have been exploiting the Messiah Scriptures since the 2nd century, to justify their dominion over women, and then, even other men, once the culture-at-large permitted money to be the barometer of power and the compass and benchmark of life.
This is why Community (or any real form of collective collaborative unity) must be avoided by the power-hungry, because in a true Messianic Community, everyone has the same power, and those with the dominion pathology, cannot share power. They want to be the lords of land, not equal shareholders in its stewardship. They are like their master and actual lord, Satan (2Co 4:1-5; John 8:43-45), who was rejected by YHVH for his power hungering ways; Satan was a control freak with too many worship-me mentalities.
Hear therefore, the parable of the sower: When anyone hears the word of the Kingdom, and understands it not, then comes the wicked one, and catches away that which was sown in his heart: This is he which received seed by the wayside! But he that received the seed into stony places; the same is he that hears the word, and anon with joy receives it, yet he has not root in himself, but endures for a while: For when tribulation or persecution arises because of the word, by and by he is offended. He also that received seed among the thorns is he that hears the word, but the cares of this world and the deceitfulness of riches, choke the word and he becomes unfruitful. But he that received seed into the good ground is he that hears the word and understands it, which also bears fruit, and brings forth; some a hundredfold, some sixty, some thirty. (Matt 13:18-23)
Behold, one came and said unto Him: Good Master, what good thing shall I do, that I may have eternal life? And He said unto him: Why do you call Me good? There is none good but One; that is, Elohim! But if you will enter into life, keep the commandments. He said unto him: Which? Yeshua said: You shall do no murder. You shall not commit adultery. You shall not steal. You shall not bear false witness. Honor your father and your mother. You shall Love your neighbor as yourself! The young man said unto Him: All these things have I kept from my youth up, what do I yet lack? Yeshua said unto him: If you will be perfect, go and sell all that you have, and give to the poor, and you shall have treasure in Heaven; then, come and follow Me! But when the young man heard that saying, he went away sorrowful, for he had great possessions.
Then said Yeshua unto His Disciples: Verily I say unto you that a rich man shall hardly enter into the Kingdom of Heaven. And again I say unto you; it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the Kingdom of Elohim! When His disciples heard it, they were exceedingly amazed, saying: Who then can be saved? But Yeshua beheld them, and said unto them: With men this is impossible; but with Elohim all things are possible!
Then Peter answered and said unto Him: Behold, we forsook all and followed You; what shall we have therefore? Yeshua said unto them: Verily I say unto you who have followed Me; in the regeneration, when the Son of man shall sit in the throne of His glory, you also shall sit upon twelve thrones, judging the twelve tribes of Israel. And everyone that has forsaken houses, or brethren, or sisters, or father, or mother, or wife, or children, or lands, for My name's sake, shall receive a hundredfold, and shall inherit everlasting life. But many that are first shall be last; and the last shall be first! (Matt 19:16-30)

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