Monastery of Messiah!

All disciples of Messiah have (or soon will) read the many awesome (and free) writings of those, from among the many generations of people who would be considered disciples of Messiah (from the First Century to the last). Those devoted to Messiah living, have abandoned the meaninglessness of consumerism and trading time for money to avoid laboring, and have adopted the simple life. With that freedom and time, we all love to learn about our Master, Messiah Yeshua, plus all of our eternal brothers and sisters who have gone before us. Time, culture, and the circumstances of life, all work to shape human thought and thus, writings; what I write today would have seemed other-worldly to me 3 decades ago; the younger me would not have agreed with the elder me.

When sharing this wisdom with a younger 25 year-old man, I asked him how upset he still was, over losing his toys as a 5 year old; or his bike as a 10 year old; or his first love-interest as a 15 year old. He rightly replied that they are all distant memories at best, now. What was the end of the world, at the time, becomes utterly meaningless and forgotten completely, over enough time. I use these archetypes when sharing with school-aged children on the subject of teen suicide. These are the natural phases of life; however, they can also be applied to Spiritual wisdom, and indeed, to Spiritual living.

As we maturate as humans, the old things fade away, while new things predominate; that is, for a time. In the now-time, we tend to focus on what is impacting us in the now: That is normal. Keep your eye of the proverbial ball or you might get hit with it. But keep the archetype in mind always. Enculturation naturally programs us and decides for us, what is most important, at the time. But Messiah Yeshua has other plans for you/us: Are you ready?

A State Within a State!

Dr. Harnack was a German Lutheran theologian and church historian, producing many religious publications from 1873-1912. And while I love much of what he writes, I do not agree with him on everything. And that is normal, because as stated previously, people are experiencing life on Earth, sometimes radically different than one another, and so, grace is all about allowing us all, to go through all the natural phases of life on Earth, and then on top of those experiences, all the differing phases of Spiritual maturation (and not all humans even go through such: Atheists for example).

Dr. Harhack wrote Mission and Expansion of Christianity in the First Three Centuries and within its pages was an excursus written called Christians as a Third Race. Therein, we get into the idea of a completely different human on Earth; one so completely different than any people-group known of in human history, up to that time/culture; the notion of a 3rd race became a viable theme for debate.

Unlike the bulk of humanity (past, present and future), the Elect of YHVH (the Body of Christ) have been, and still are, a peculiar people (1Pe 2:6-8, 9-12). What sets us apart is that we do not merely follow those in front of us, nor those who came before us. We are freed from/of all the trappings of the worldly, and especially a blind followship of/to traditions, rituals, and holidays. Without the illumination of the Indwelling Holy Spirit, the Godless and the Godless-religious (the churched), operate in Spiritual blindness or darkness; they can read bibles and attend church-business services, yet remain utterly (Spiritually) blinded and eternally lost.

But the infinitesimal few, referred to as the Elect of YHVH, all live this life very much like our Master did. In fact we study His teachings and lifestyle, and then purpose to duplicate that to the best of our abilities and within the time/culture we find ourselves in: And in all times or cultures since the time of Christ, that is exactly how the Elect of YHVH lived and still lives. Nowadays however, we are well into the end-times, and things are rapidly degrading into the inevitable end-time prophesies. Satan had a stranglehold upon all the fake Christians (the bulk of Christendom) since the Third Century AD. By the time the Europeans sailed to virgin lands, they were already so diluted and oblivious to a Christ-centric life, they went about Earth seeking whom they could devour, and prostituting the Name Above All Names in the process.

Living in Sodom 2.0 today, where the once-free Native Americans, who were primed and ready to receive the truth about Messiah Yeshua, and the long-suffering patience and unconditional love of His precious Elect, were instead overwhelmed by the many (Christian-flag-waving, bibles-n-bullets) antiChrists that were prophesied to overwhelm Earth in the end-times. These Americans understood well, the Great Spirit; YHVH was already preparing that (proverbial) soil for good seed; however, Satan and his weed planters dominated (and decimated) them instead, and conquered the land that belongs only to YHVH, thereby mocking YHVH in the most sinister way possible. The bulk of the human race are effectively, future demons, some of whom will even frighten Satan in person.

Satan Economics!

Religion-businesses are the productions of Satan, and as such, serve primarily to distract the masses at the Mass; to keep the masses entertained so that they will return to working for Satan's mammon, and then share a cut of that (source-of-all-evil) mammon with them every weekend. But there are no religious professionals in the discipleship of Messiah. We, as the infinitesimal Elect of YHVH, are all devout servants of a Master, Messiah Yeshua, our Lord and paradigm for earthly living. Christians by contrast, represent the many antiChrists that were prophesied to exist, and in their greatest numbers here in these end-times.

There will not be one accountable adult, out of the entire human race, who will be a part of the Kingdom of Heaven, who was not a disciple of Messiah Yeshua. Christianity is just a religion; no one who enables or consumes Christianity, nor any other human religion, will partake in the Kingdom of Heaven. The religions of Christianity (Christendom) are the very distraction and false sense of eternal destiny, which Satan spun after his defeat, which verily followed the Resurrection and Ascension of Messiah.

Disciples of Messiah spend our lives in the service of Messiah, not in the service of mammon; these servants are the many enemies of the Cross. The standard westernized lifestyle includes formal education, and its debt, and machine debt (mainly the car cult), home mortgages; indeed, any debt whatsoever, becomes a testimony against you. A person could not so much as get near to the Cross of Christ, and then continue in (or enter into) such Satanic works, all of which involve actions, lifestyles, and choices, based solely upon what other humans might think of you.

All Saved people, without exception, focuses only and exclusively upon what YHVH thinks of them, and not one second of now-to-eternity, will any Saved person care one gram what any other created being, thinks of them; especially the opinions of the hellbent, Abyss destined, human masses. The tree is known by the fruit it bears (Matt 7:13-18, 19-23). Personality is a mask: Character is a magnifier! We are what we do, and no more! Therefore, buy their fruits you shall know them.

Not one Saved, Kingdom-living, Spiritually transformed, disciple of Messiah, will for one second of time, so much as entertain the thought of going into money debt, period; not for anything. To be so desperate to have some material thing (anything) that one is willing to yoke with Satan and his worldly masses, for anything under the sun; this is fruit. Years before I was even a disciple of Messiah (I was an Atheist then), I went into debt via a mortgage (sold the self-built house 5 years later); that was the last time-period that I borrowed (my mid-20's: I'm 60 now). I have not gone into debt for one dollar, in over 3 decades, and from the day of my Salvation, forward, my brain has not so much as thought of doing so. But the Godless-religious are oblivious to all of this.

Therefore, when I write, I write what the Holy Spirit within me, shows me, exposes within me, a guides me. I do not write anything for the sake of making monies from it; I actually spend money to post this, plus much of my waking days as an author for my Master: Nor do I write for the inflation of my ego; you don't know who I am, and I have no idea who is reading this, nor does either of these matter (to me). I grow, raise, hunt and fish, build, fix, share, and will teach others to do so. However, I will not give anyone any cursed dollars. All that I have belongs to YHVH; I have very little actual money because as a disciple of Messiah, I purpose to live, as my Lord did, needing as little of it as possible. With YHVH-Love as catalyst, all that I have: time, talents, wisdom, and material things; all of these are not mine, but YHVH who allows me to steward all these resources, in time.

YHVH is in control of everyone that voluntarily, daily surrenders (our superpower of) volition, unto the Lordship of Messiah Yeshua, and that is a lifestyle, not a religious addendum to an otherwise earthly lifestyle of mindless consumerism, employment, sedentary living, money-dependency, grocer-dependency, and so on. I will teach you how to build a DC-powered tiny home, and without any other material things (esp. cars and other Earth-killing things), you will have all the time you need to devote your earthly existence to engaging the natural world of YHVH, and produce all your own produce. You can live free of this worlds tempting entrapments, but first, you must die (John 3:1-5, 6-12, 18-21; all Mark 10).

Discipleship of Satan: The Mammon Devotees!

Once you are ready to die to this life, at 100% dedication, and abandon 100% of what the carnal-primal life represents; only then will you even get close to an understanding of what a Messiah discipleship might look like. Until then, you will remain in Spiritual darkness, and will use the religion-businesses as the justifier of your (otherwise) Faithless-Godless-Loveless existence. Once you are even close to actual Salvation; once you are Spiritually primed, and coming close to the Cross; even by then, the entire time-for-money consumerist money-centric lifestyle, will become horrifying to you: Keeping up with the Joneses is a fate worse than death itself!

The beauty of this radical, epochal, utterly life-reversing, transformational metamorphosis, is that the new life centered in/on Messiah Yeshua, is a grand improvement over the dead life of mindless followship, meaningless consumerism, planet-killing employment, and blind enculturation (all prisons in themselves). But you also must understand and accept that The Change will have its downsides (all of Luke 14); again, just study the red-letter words of your (now-new) Master, Messiah Yeshua.

Monastery of Messiah!

It is the duty of all who (with their very lives) follow Yeshua the Messiah, to be monastic in many ways. Monk is not an employment title, as with the tithe-dependent religion-businesses, because a Monk has taken vows of poverty and chastity; not (necessarily) to other humans, but vows directly to YHVH; how an individual lives (or seeks to live) upon Earth is a true reflection of that relational reality.

It is a personal commitment to giving full-time to the marriage, because we are the (proverbial) Bride of our Heavenly Father. In any marriage, there are those who are not fully committed; as they see it, they have lives outside of the marriage, because marriage is just one of the many outside productions of the individualistic life. To have no relationship with YHVH is to have no personal relationships at all.

This is why divorce is so common in the West; all this is due to the fact that they cannot be truly close to anyone until they are first, one with YHVH. They yoke firmly with the world and worldly, and try to navigate within that darkness, all the while, proclaiming to be Christians. The tether of the Holy Spirit is what links each of us, individually, to YHVH, where then, YHVH becomes the center; the core; the source: Subsequently, we share in that centrality (John 15:1-5; 17:20-21).

I am one with YHVH, and if you are one with YHVH, we are connected to each other, via that conduit; the circuit is complete and the connection recognized (1Co 2:10-16). Conversely, the Godless-religious remain trapped in the tiny shoe-box of (blind) enculturation, where competitivism (on some level) will produce the us-against-them paranoia paradigm, and the subsequent manifestations of bibliolatry and theological battle (indeed, all organized religion; the money-dependent religion-businesses).

The Elect of YHVH collectively labor together on YHVH's property (all of Earth); demonstrating, living, and sharing the lessons of equality, sharing and stewardship, which is sustainability. The Monk life is similar to the Ora et labora: to labor joyfully together as a form of worship, or the laborare est orare: to work is to pray.

Living structures are tiny-houses, rather than the quintessential Monastery mega-structure with many rooms and/or levels. Monks are like Johnny Appleseed; Monks produce all food resources, employing a smooth blend of permaculture, forest gardening, no-till farming and others, as paradigms, as well as maintaining all area constructs, YHVH-made and the few human-made things, and under the theme of Kibbutz.

John Seventeen: Now I pray, not for these alone {the apostles}, but for them also, which shall believe on Me through their word {all future disciples}; that they all may be one, as You Father, are in Me, and I in You; that they also may be one in us {the Elect of YHVH are one, just as the Father and the Son are one}; that the world may believe that You have sent Me {The evidence of His existence is proven by our mutual Love, unity and oneness}. The glory which You gave Me, I have given them {the Indwelling Holy Spirit}; that they may be one, even as We are one: I in them, and You in Me; that they may be made perfect in one {perfection manifests in relational unity}; that the world may know that You have sent Me, and have Loved them, as you have Loved Me.

That the World may Know that You have sent Me!

All who have surrendered unconditionally unto the supreme and eternal Lordship of Messiah Yeshua, and have subsequently died to this life (primarily a death to ego), have been reborn or born-again as completely, radically new creations, wherein the old person is dead and buried: Gone! Thus, we are all tethered to each other via the Indwelling Holy Spirit, which is YHVH.

The Elect of YHVH are on Earth primarily to be the evidence of YHVH's existence, through our Love for one another (The Royal Law: James 2:8-9) and our dedication to the glory of unity that can only manifest in Community: an earthly microcosm of the future, eternal Kingdom of Heaven. And if you cannot do so, for seven decades on Earth, you cannot and will not do so, for seven billion decades (i.e. forever) in the Kingdom of Heaven. Remember the parable of the Sheep and the Goats: There will be no Spiritual programs running there either; free will remains intact. Your character, at physical death, is who you (are and) will still be, eternally.

The Elect of YHVH!

The Elect have (or will) abandon the seeming security of what was, in that great exchange; the great adventure into the glorious unknown (Pro 3:5-8) as we follow our Leader. Our evangelism; our testimony; our evidence; our witness; our light, illuminates in the world, by our Love for each other, and within Community, as it was with Yeshua the Messiah and His apostles, as modeled by the Father/Son bond, and the new and radical lifestyles depicted in Acts (1-5).

Christianity in the 1st Century was far different than the sum of its modern (trace) remnants: The disciples and other early followers of Yeshua the Messiah radically altered the way they lived, just as it was revealed and described in the book of Acts (1-5) and elsewhere, for that in Acts was not a one-time or rare event: Instead, what we learn from the book of Acts (1-5) was the new lifestyle standard; the paradigm of things to come: Freedom from the trappings of this world (Acts 2:44-47; 4:34-35; 5:1-5).

Such intentional communities did not develop everywhere right away because such cultural and economic changes are not as immediate, as are moral (and then ethical) changes. How we live on the outside, slowly changes, alongside the changes that occur from within. Of course, the Godless-religious must (and will) rationalize this away; they have to. The carnal state demands that people remained trapped in hoarding and materialism, paranoia and us-against-them-ism, wealth-mongering and power-hunger: Summarily, bondage to the flesh!

Messianic Ethics!

Conversely, the Elect of YHVH are preoccupied by the heart of The Great Redeemer, which manifests openly in this long and heartfelt prayer of our Master. All who Love Him pray this prayer as well, but the religionists deflect from this by parrot-praying instead from Matthew (Matt 6:9-13), which was not its intent to begin with, but was directed as a contrast to the faking Pharisees (Matt 6:5-8). The Elect of YHVH never pray in public, but the Godless-religious love to do so.

We do not have the full story of any one life, much less the story of the tens of thousands who surrendered all (in life-temporal) in the great exchange for life-eternal. We have only a fraction of the people and the events, as recorded for posterity and preserved for us (and we're deeply thankful for that). What was preserved therefore, was intended by YHVH to be our guidebook for living.

The book of Acts was critical to this directive; even more so than the epistles, which serve to show us what went wrong, for it was vitally important to know how Satan was going to infect the fellowships that came to be known as Christian. Saul of Tarsus, though not an eyewitness of the Master, was (and still is) vital to understanding how YHVH works within those who seek to serve their Creator, but then get caught up in the shoebox of their enculturation; a dark place (a blindness) that YHVH intends to free us from.

The Elect of YHVH are the manifestation (the light; the sign; the evidence) of the Indwelling Holy Spirit: We are to be a living testimony to the reality of YHVH, via the life and witness of YHVH's human form, Yeshua the Messiah, our paradigm for living. The John Seventeen prayer of our Spiritual Husband, Yeshua the Messiah, is what the Elect of YHVH spend every waking moment trying to fulfill; it is our full-time job.

Our lifestyle is our witness; it is our (proverbial) light upon a hill (Matt 5:14-16); our unity in Community, which is sustainable in-the-now, and thus becomes eternally applicable; this is how we portray the heart of the Great Redeemer. Religion and money has poisoned this testimony. But do not be troubled; YHVH calls out those (Elect) individuals that are known about in time-future; those who are (or will be) among the Elect of YHVH (Eph 1:3-6; 2Ti 2:19; Heb 4:1-5; 1Pe 1:17-20, 21-25); co-partners in the Kingdom of Heaven.

The Elect of YHVH soon disengage from the worldly: however, the nominal Christian remains conformed to the world (Rom 12:1-5; 8:27-30; 2Co 6:14-18), and fully yoked to these Godless principles, but then, they Christianize it. Even so, they remain Spiritually blinded (oblivious) to YHVH, which means that they remain in the shoebox of their enculturation, and then try to manufacture a religion in that confined darkness, like building churches in Sodom as the solution. YHVH called the righteous out of Sodom before the lava bath, but even a physical removal does not remove what is in the heart: Remember Lot's wife (Luke 17:28-33; 2Pe 2:18-22).

Ego: Satan's Playground!

We learned from our Masters confrontation with the enemy that Satan likes to use human ego to manipulate us (Matt 4:3-7, 8-11). This involves primarily human ego and pride, with human emotion as the catalyst. This is why it needs (we need) to be brought under subjection (1Co 6:12, 8:13, 9:25; 2Co 6:4-10; Col 3:5; 2Ti 2:22; 1Pe 2:11-12; Rom 6:18-19; 8:13). Today, we are witnesses to one of the greatest victories of Satan to date: Christian Patriotism, which is just nationalistic narcissism.

The human ego is the part of us that YHVH requires the death of, before we can be born again: we must be transformed from being egocentric to becoming Christ-centric! In fact, to be born again requires that something first dies: This is why Nick could not understand what Messiah Yeshua meant when He said, you must be born again (John 3:4-9, 10-15, 16-20). It is the difference between genetic relationships versus Spiritual relationships; the great chasm between mere economic relationships versus being His true relatives.

The Godless-religious are as Loveless as the bulk of humanity, while void of Love (1Jo 4:6-12); consequently, they have no concept of relationship, and so instead, they only know enculturation for themselves, and inculturation for others; they are not empowered by Love to build eternal relationships with their neighbors and (former) enemies (Matt 5:43-48; 22:36-40). This applied to others far away, as logically as it did/does to those nearby. Earth and humans are microscopic when compared to the universe of YHVH.

Temptation Nation!

Most people are mere drones of their enculturation; however, the Indwelling Holy Spirit enlightens the Elect of YHVH and lifts us far beyond those very narrow paradigms of life, living, and lifestyle. The Godless-religious (Matt 7:21-23) are confined to their little boxes; e.g. almost all US Christians are first, Americans and capitalists, who just happen to consume the religion of Christianity: Therefore, they will defend it as if it's their own, and will even kill and war over it.

Oh, the blind arrogance of patriotism! Of course, the Elect of YHVH understand that Earth (and all creation) belongs to YHVH. But the Godless-religious suffer from cognitive dissonance as a result of the conflicts inherent in living in contradiction to the ways of YHVH. The Godless-religious (the fake Christians) have been deceived since the First Century, and that deception has increased both in numbers, as well as in cleverness and intensity.

Paradigm of Evil!

By the time 15 centuries had past, these new bibles-n-bullets, self-professing Christian colonizers (with massive sailing ships) were penetrating virgin lands for queen and pope, gold and mammon, and committing some of the greatest atrocities against the other people that YHVH created; the indigenous Natives (the Africans, Indians, Mexicans, Alaskans, Hawaiians, and so on). Without the empowerment of Love, there is only the carnal brain, which is driven mostly by fear and paranoia, and the subsequent hunger-lust for Authoritarianism.

The Elect of YHVH are not on Earth to partake in carnal battles over territorial disputes; the never-ending conflicts of the mammon-empowered, in their perpetual struggle for power, lordship and dominion, who indoctrinate and exploit the young and the poor to build their war-machines. We exist as the contrast to the carnal hominid: we are empowered by the Indwelling Holy Spirit to live a much higher life than the primate masses; we seek to reflect higher ways with higher thoughts (Isa 55:8-9; Rom 11:33-36; 1Co 2:10-16): Was blind but now we see... Everything!

The Sermon on the Mount (as well as the Sermon on the Plain and the Beatitudes) reflects this opposing lifestyle (Luke 6:26-32). The human animal lacks the supreme advantage of the Indwelling Holy Spirit, which installs Love, and from that foundation, all other YHVH-honoring mentalities and thus lifestyles.

The purpose of this writing is not to start a new religious movement; it is not to create anything new at all. My life (and hopefully yours) is but a continuation (through time/space) of what YHVH began via the life of Yeshua the Messiah; the New Covenant: the Kingdom of God within us (the Indwelling Holy Spirit: Luke 17:20-21), preceding the Kingdom of Heaven in front of us (referring to the time-lock we are all currently experiencing).

New religious movements come and go, but YHVH is the same throughout time and circumstance. Indeed, even modern versions of church and religion are (themselves) artificial, superficial, and corrupted constructs of The Kingdom. Even so, if you are just another Intentional Community seeker looking for a more suitable IC, this will not likely be what you seek ( is about all there is on the subject online). This is not a theme park: We, the Elect of YHVH, do not see this as an alternative lifestyle; this is Life itself.

The YHVH Enculturation!

The Elect yearn to be in genuine Community with others that they will exist with, eternally in the Kingdom of Heaven, for the Kingdom of God is within you already, and as such, a life created and dictated, merely by culture or tradition, is unacceptable to the Elect of YHVH. If you suffer from boredom and need to be stimulated constantly via mass-media, smart-phones, social media, or any other new form of culture-directed followship, then you clearly do not have the Indwelling Holy Spirit, filling you to overflowing.

Instead, you demonstrate hunger and thirst; your emptiness is showing forth in your lifestyle and behavior, and subsequently, your true personality. Since personality is often a façade – it is most often faked – Yeshua the Messiah instructed the Elect to judge the tree by the fruit it bears (i.e. lifestyle). Even so, personality is often a short-cut to see just how blindly enculturated a person is (i.e. cultural cliché parrots).

The terms Monk and monastery are terms captured from times-past, when they meant something unique to those that lived within them. I am a Monk of YHVH, this is sure; however, I am not a monk in the sense of one's modern interpretation of ancient Catholic (or Buddhist) Monks. As First Century Christians living in the Last Century, we the Elect of YHVH, are not trapped in tradition, nor shaped by enculturation (or inculturation, or acculturation).

In other words, the Elect recognize the fact that the universe is the creation of YHVH, as is this particular planet, which means every inch of it, and additionally; that time and culture and all humans and other life-forms, are all equally created by YHVH. Therefore, there are no human rankings among the Elect. There are no Lay Christians which are in contrast to the Theologian, for this implies that many simply do not learn about YHVH, but only those in formal education. These paradigms; these mentalities are worldly. The Elect do not think like that.

Nationalistic Narcissism!

Likewise, there's no such thing as Patriotic Christianity (i.e. the pop-religious, pride-driven, theme-product of modern Americans and other westernized mindsets), nor any other such thought-concepts. Patriotism itself, is the result of ethnocentrism; a carnal (indeed, an antiChrist) manifestation of the us-against-them pathology or mentality, which is one of the many symptoms of the Faithless-Godless-Loveless: Faithlessness results in Godlessness, which results in Lovelessness; or, the Faithless-Godless-Loveless masses.

The FGL are therefore, guided by the same carnal forces that guide all life-forms not reformed (indeed, transformed) by the Indwelling Holy Spirit. The (Spiritually) blind have no choice but to follow those in front of them (Luke 6:39-40). Patriotism itself is a learned concept; it is a display of copy-mimic-parrot;, it is clearly not among the content received, via the Indwelling Holy Spirit (James 3:13-18; 1Co 2:14; 2Co 11:3; Jude 1:19).

The Consumerism of Religion!

The religion of consumerism created the consumerism of religion. the Godless materialistic capitalistic consumerists have (over many generations) created a complex world, and they just expect everyone else to blindly follow them into it (Matt 15:8-14). The Amish say no! The Elect of YHVH say no! They/we would rather be left behind; we would rather live as humans did in a simpler time.

But the Spiritually blind can only follow those in front of them; a monkey-see-monkey-do followship that is dangerously taking Earth right along with them, headlong into the inevitable end-times (Christian Eschatology). Of course, the planet itself will survive the human infestation, but it will be permanently compromised. Do not worry beloved Elect; YHVH has lots of planets (Isa 65:16-17; 66:22; 2Pe 3:11-14; Rev 21:1).

Inflationary Economics: The High Co$t Of Existence!

The Monastery of YHVH will be more than just a monastery; it will also be a self-sustaining, tree-planting, organic, sustainable, 150% food-producing community; a fellowship; perhaps a retreat and a camp. Meditation, contemplation, worship, and study, will be as important as the manual labor that will produce such self-sufficiency.

This will be a radically different lifestyle than that of the typical modernized, westernized consumerist. This will not be a capitalistic, profiteer, real-estate investment mechanism. Inflationary economics (and capitalism generally) are, at their core, Satanic; they are clearly an integral part of the end-time paradigm, which includes profiteerism, usury, and so on.

Capitalism was created by the indifferent (the opposite of Love is indifference); in turn, it creates or normalizes indifference; indeed, a specific psychopathy. In fact, capitalism is the extreme version (the end-consequence) of money-dependency. For the bulk of the human experience, humans ate what they grew or raised or caught, lived inside of what they built, and wore what they hand-made (or traded for). Life was simple, and so were the aspirations of life. However, without the Indwelling Holy Spirit, discontentment is the rule.

This explains why the bulk of humanity are thieves (hands-out takers, rather than makers); why they are fornicators or adulterers; why they are murderous and anger-driven; why they are power hungry and materialistic; why they are addicted and obese. Money is indeed, the root of all evil, and the sum of evil for those who serve it, love it, and are compromised for it and because of it. Concepts convoluted by capitalism (capitalistic myths) are: Do no harm; Defending your country; Innocent until proven guilty; To protect and serve.

The Kibbutz Ekklesia!

At the Monastery of YHVH, there are no bosses and no employees; no leaders and no followers; no one will be an inch above or below another, for all humans are equal to YHVH (and to those YHVH enlightens). Those who theologically exploit the Messianic Scriptures to justify or validate a god-complex will not fit here at all (and likewise, will not fit into the Kingdom of Heaven either).

If you are driven by pride and ego, equality and community (come unity) are truly not for you. We closely follow the teachings and the lifestyle of Yeshua the Messiah (referred to in more recent history as the Lord Jesus Christ, which is OK too). This intentional Community is for those who are therefore, theologically Christ-centric.

We, the infinitesimal Elect of YHVH, are here on Earth, but we do not belong among those who have infected it; what Scripture defines as the world or the Nation's or the Gentiles. The first century Jews (specifically, the religionists like the Pharisees) did not see the non-Jew as simply unredeemed, but unredeemable: Yes, they were bigoted!

We, the infinitesimal Elect of YHVH, are on this planet, but this is not our eternal home. This is a fine planet (it is my personal favorite so far), but our Heavenly Father has created countless (and seemingly infinite) numbers of planets, and for a purpose we do not yet fathom. But nothing will go to waste.

What we can understand, is exposed to us via the natural world, as well as through the Messianic Scriptures, but only as the Scriptures are unveiled to us via the auspices of the Indwelling Holy Spirit. What we can see, is how this planet is being scared, abused, and used up by the Godless masses, so I doubt any of YHVH's chosen people with inherit this particular planet. Earth (void of life) will stand as a reminder of how evil manifests in the universe; how it plays out on a planet; a celestial display of what corruption looks like.

However, if you are still driven and shaped by your enculturation, this will all seem foreign; alien; peculiar. But you must be done with the consumerist lifestyle; you must be horrified by the thought of existing as nothing more than an employee and citizen consumer, enslaved to mammon, driven by ego, and led by mass-media.

You are here, because something within you (hopefully the Holy Spirit) is prompting you from within your current discomfort. The peace that you know should be yours, is not to be, and so you are seeking and knocking, just as you should be doing. Remember also that many thought that Yeshua the Messiah (and crew) was a fraud and a cult, because such judgments are made from the confines of one's enculturation.

Sanctuary of Peace!

None of this is intended to change anyone's mind; if the Holy Spirit does not change you (directly and personally), these particular words certainly will not do so (not in the long-term anyway). Within that unimaginable peace sourced exclusively from the Love of YHVH (Mark 9:50; Phl 4:6-7), there are always (in some variation) these basic manifestations: simple-living, calmness, meditativeness, prayerfulness, contemplativeness, patience, and contentment: Love will make us anger-free, anxiety-free, jealousy-free, ambition-free: Truly free.

The Elect of YHVH do not believe in the human-centric paradigms of superiority; that we are better than other nations, generations, cultures, ethnicities, or languages. We are a chosen people, as individuals, throughout time and location, but not as nation-states, nor as religious entitlements. We certainly do not believe in Euro-Caucasian concepts such as Manifest Destiny, nor any other such paradigms of bigotry, hierarchy, and elitism.

Spiritual blindness keeps people in darkness, where they remain small; ignorant; superficial; self-centric. These people love their darkness (John 3:19) and will justify themselves all the way unto Judgment Day, and even YHVH cannot change that outcome.

Conviction is reacted to from pride with justification; until pride is utterly destroyed, eternal doom is assured (and predestination completed). Most Christians do not use Scripture to change themselves; they exploit Scripture so they can manipulate others; they are bibliolatrous because of what Scripture can do for them, rather than being transformed.

E.g. All church-businesses are cults, and all cults are made up of individuals who exploit (primarily) the epistles so they can force human females into a submission unto them. If you exploit the Messianic Scriptures in any such way, let me say to you plainly and boldly: you are demon possessed, and my only response to you is: Get thee behind me Satan.

But who exploits and prostitutes Scripture this way? Every religion-business on Earth, past, present and future. The capitalistic theme of "Christ Incorporated" is anathema; it is the purest form of evil. There in not one human on Earth who is abiding in the power of the Holy Spirit, who would, thereafter, even ponder the idea of seeking or signing a 501(c)(3) organization status with the servants of the Beast. This is how the Godless-religious manifest their true motives for participating in the religion of Christianity.

The Doctrine of Messiah!

Yeshua the Messiah lived and taught very basic and fundamental principles; the root of which (and the core of them all) is unconditional Love. Those who Love YHVH studies to know how to rightly divide truth (all truth everywhere); a wisdom sought to better serve our Heavenly Father. Those who Love YHVH hunger to know all about The Father, as well as all creation.

We, the Elect of YHVH, are not intrigued (or distracted) by the madness of humanity; we are not interested in human-made things nor impressing Godless people, for we are the reflection of our Heavenly Father; the proverbial wheat among the weeds.

As we learn from the Parable of the Tares, those weeds were sown for a reason; it is not our calling to oppose Spiritual darkness, but rather, to be light in that darkness; a beacon of reality in a delusional world that is overwhelmed by shadow. Yeshua the Messiah confronted the socially-accepted bigotry and indifference of the religionists and the attorney-class of His time/culture.

Anyone can love their own relatives; indeed, all mammals show a powerful attachment to their offspring, and mourn for the loss of one within their group. As part of the design, YHVH instilled survival mechanisms into virtually all life on Earth; but this is Not Love! What distinguishes the Elect of YHVH, from the rest of humanity (the hominid masses), is that our Love is sourced from YHVH, via the conduit, which is Indwelling Holy Spirit (John 14:15-18; Rom 8:9-14): It is a supernatural, unconditional, and eternal Love, which transcends the corporeal.

Please note: When referencing the Indwelling Holy Spirit, there are no Pentecostal or Holiness Movement ideals herein, such as the Baptism with the Holy Spirit. The conjuring of the spirit-realm is occultism (demonic): Anyone who speaks in tongues is just acting; a manifestation of their enculturation, not their transformation. There can be no true Spiritual discernment within the Godless-religious, hence the bibliolatry epidemic manifesting in these end-times (John 5:44 KJV; 7:24; 1Co 2:10-16 [Strong's G5591]).

Church Is Not Family!

The word family is parroted so often in the westernized culture that it is heartbreaking to experience, but also revelatory of this end time epoch. The bulk of the westernized world lives without even a conceptualization of what the word family means or represents. Without an eternal Family of fellow servants of Messiah, the bulk of humanity are left with genetic kin, which they often do not even like, or worse, they tag anyone in proximity to them, with the title family; coworkers, teammates, fandom and so on. These are mammon-centric relationships that they try to vitalize, and while pathetic, it's really all they got. The designed hunger for genuine and eternal bonds is powerful, even within the Loveless lost.

Among the disciples of Messiah, water is thicker than blood (Matt 10:37-38; 12:46-50; Luke 14:25-26; John 3:3-7): Therefore, there can be no true and eternally meaningful relationship, which can maturate, via an hour per weekend church service; we are called to be unified as a single body with differing functions: (John Seventeen): This can best be achieved in Community. If you cannot Love me for 8 hours daily for 8 decades, how then, will you do so, every second of trillions millennia (forever)?

Indeed, the purpose of this life is manifest, but for those with Spiritual eyes and ears to perceive it. A universal Love is what we see among the Elect of YHVH; we Love our enemies (Matt 5:43-48); we Love those in other parts of Earth, just as we do those nearby. We Love those who would destroy us, just as we Love our children; however, such Love is impossible for the Faithless-Godless-Loveless (and these three are connected because they are all one in the same).

The Predestination Paradox!

We are but the sum of our actions, and our inactions. What a person says or believes, has no meaning to YHVH (and thus, to the Elect of YHVH); most people outright lie or process only distortions of truth, and are self-deluded; thus, we cannot hear what people say, we can only use our eyes to see, for the tree is known by the fruit it bears (Matt 7:15-20; 12:33-35). Therefore, unconditional Love for all, is the only evidence of a Spiritually transformed soul; the only accurate fruit of salvation (personality traits can be faked).

Those who use religion or the creation, just so they can (in some way) be above, superior to, or over others; to justify opposition with others; to lord our Heavenly Fathers resources over others: these are manifestations of evil. The Elect of YHVH are called-out-one's; this is an important truth.

Those who are called; those who are chosen; they/we cannot avoid destiny. This is also true for the masses who are not called. After a few decades observing self-professing Christians seemingly dedicated to an antiChrist lifestyle; to a path to eternal destruction, I am now convinced that predestination is true, even though the scientist within me still fights the idea: I call this The Predestination Paradox!

Calvinism is not a necessary theological stance to find it hard to fathom why the bulk of the (accountable, adult) human race will volition to traverse Broadway rather than Narrow Way (Matt 7:13-14, 22-23; Luke 13:24-28); that is, until we come to fully understand the power of free will.

The YHVH Lifestyle!

Among the Elect of YHVH, there are no employer/employee relationships, which suggests hierarchy: Hierarchy is yet another product of enculturation that the multitudes are trapped within (i.e. it's a mentality). We will not mimic the culture unless doing so just happens to reflect the teachings of our Master. We will only use money where the society commands it of us. We understand that we live in the end-times; that the bulk of humanity are Godless (even most self-professing Christians); that the USA is a Godless capitalist plutocracy.

However, since we are deep into the end-times, there is no place on Earth that will differ from another, all that much, for end-time events will be global. If you have mammon (money) debts, they will not matter here so much, because we will live communally; the land will not be owned by an individual; rather, in a communal way in the form of a land trust. We will not be lords of the land (landlords); instead, we will live with the land.

Those who wish to make room for the Lord must find pleasure, not in private property, but in common property: Redouble your charity. For, on account of the things which each one of us possesses singly, wars exist, hatreds, discords, strife's among human beings, tumults, dissensions, scandals, sins, injustices, and murders. On what account? On account of those things which each of us possesses singly. Do we fight over the things we possess in common? We inhale this air in common with others; we all see the sun in common. Blessed therefore are those who make room for the Lord, so as not to take pleasure in private property. Let us therefore abstain from the possessions of private property, or from the love of it, if we cannot abstain from possession; and let us make room for the Lord. ~ Augustine.

Our Body As YHVH's Temple!

You've heard the saying before (1Co 3:16-17; 6:19-20); it's an understanding that YHVH literally inhabits the Elect. The Elect of YHVH, driven by the Love mentality, will live very simple lifestyles; we will fish the lakes, rivers and streams for meat; we will grow fruits, vegetables, and nuts. We will not be commercial farmers, and there will not be a dietary need for grain crops or cattle.

Our diet will be much like our Master, Messiah Yeshua: Pescetarianism, but understanding that all things are blessed by YHVH for our survival. We are what we eat, that's for sure, but what we eat also reflects who we are, because what we eat determines how we live: what we need; what we take; what we preserve. YHVH's natural world is directly affected by our dietary choices, and so we chose with wisdom through Love.

What we consume into our bodies is also an exposition of our inner person, be it for good or for bad: E.g. Smoking; sugar addiction; caffeine dependence; obesity; just to name a few. All of these (and other substances as well) make people hypertensive, anxious, and sometimes even anger-driven (not to mention sick).

Since we, the Elect of YHVH, seek peacefulness always, we know that how we eat affects our state of being, and since we want (indeed, are dedicated) to be all that we can be, as unto our Master, we strive for perfection (in all things) even if we never get there. Our Heavenly Father is pleased that we give it our all; the final grade is irrelevant in the bigger picture. Anyone can kick any habit; they simply do not want to bad enough (John 3:17-22).

Without Love installed by the Indwelling Holy Spirit, it is impossible for a person to Love self; in fact, the Loveless do not Love at all: Anyone! They will exist that way until they die; therefore, they can only parrot the word love because they are taught it as children, and because they possess emotions and feel attachment: But attachment is not Love! How can we Love self, YHVH, or others, when we are not Love? It is impossible.

When we become Love, via the auspices of the Indwelling Holy Spirit, Love is not an emotion that we can we gain or lose; Love is the very substance of our being: we become Love (it permeates every molecule of our being every microsecond of infinity). The manifestation of Love can best be been seen with your eyes: Look unto the Cross, there you will see it. Likewise, you will see Love in self (Mark 12:30-31) and how you treat self, can also be seen by all.

With Pure Love For Self, Comes A Fight For Health!

The dietary decisions that a person makes, determines not only one's personal health, but also the health of the planet, via the needs that we create for ourselves locally and globally. Western farmers were (are) all about beef and dairy products; this means much land for grazing, much grain for feed, and so on. A low-impact diet means a low-impact lifestyle, which translates to low-impact ecologically.

There is really no need for hundreds of acres of land. Thus, having a community bordering a large State or National Forest, and near a large clean fresh-water lake (fish-able year-round), is the ideal stage. Along with mild winters, there should also be ample rainfall (for a rain-catchment system) and a huge aquifer underneath, in the event a well is needed.

Permaculture; Forest Gardening; Polyculture; No-till farming; these examples (among several others) present as viable, sustainable and safe trades or economic practices to consider. The Elect of YHVH are dedicated stewards of all that YHVH created, but not so, with human-made things, especially the evil things, the greatest of which is money.

We must build a sustainable Community that progeny can perpetuate without too much internal conflict (understanding that none of us control external conflict). This is why we will keep it simple; thus, we will be off-grid in every way, even though we will not be anti-modern either. Obviously there is (currently) an advantage to using computers and the Internet for communication; for writing and publishing, web-mastering, home-schooling, artistry, videography, and so on.

But fossil fuels must be limited to emergency use only; the damage to Earth is too obvious for such a bad witness. We must make all decisions with the understanding that we will not become dependents of anything we cannot make at home: We cannot make gasoline, nor should we. Obviously, we cannot make computers either, but then, we cannot make 100% of all we will need or use. Even so, we should use wisdom and humility to decide what is acceptable and what is not.

Buying a few laptops does not compare to buying automobiles, car insurance, and thousands of gallons of gas, motor oil, (and so on). The human and the environmental effects of the car on societies as well as auto dependency are well-known and documented (well, for those who care to know). But such enculturation is nearly impossible to be freed from, without Love, via the empowerment of the Indwelling Holy Spirit (again, the predestination paradox manifest).

We are experiencing a global crisis. In the 1990's Cuba experienced a similar crisis when its oil imports virtually dried up. The documentary, The Power of Community: How Cuba Survived Peak Oil documents how this apparent crisis led to a dramatic social revolution. Mechanized oil-dependent agriculture collapsed, permaculture experts from Australia were brought in, and the Cuban population became much more self-sufficient. Not only did the extreme dependence on oil decline and was much healthier food produced, but people started relating to each other as human beings again. Instead of a disaster of gigantic proportions, Cuba experienced a return to a humane and happier society. What happened in Cuba is inevitable in the rest of the world. The global economy depends on cheap oil, and oil is getting more expensive. We can learn from what happened in Cuba and start preparing for it, or we can wait until a crisis is upon us and suffer the consequences of being caught unaware. (

The YHVH Community!

What's an appropriate title for the disciples of Yeshua the Messiah, today? What should we call ourselves? Is there a more accurate designation? Do we really need a designation? How do we find one another without offending and/or angering the fake Christians that permeate the western cultures? This is an attempt at assembling a community of followers of Yeshua the Messiah; true Jesus freaks!

Those who have already (or are about to) surrender unconditionally unto the supreme and eternal Lordship of Yeshua the Messiah, die to this life; give up their earthly dreams, desires, and goals, and give themselves over unto a slavery unto the Master; this defines the Elect of YHVH. Where are YHVH's people? Do they really exist in any large numbers on the North American continent today? Or are the Elect of YHVH an infinitesimal few, dispersed? Yeshua the Messiah made all things obvious, but only to the Elect of YHVH (Matt 13:13-17).

YHVH's Elect are not those who claim to be Christian; rather, those whose very existence on Earth is dedicated to obeying YHVH (Matt 13:19-23). There are only two groups of humans; those on Broadway and those on Narrow Way. Which road are you on? (Matt 7:13-14, 22-23; Luke 13:24-28). Yeshua the Messiah makes clear that only 1 out of perhaps many millions, will actually end up in the Kingdom of Heaven.

There will be countless numbers (perhaps billions) who will consume the productions of the Christian religion; they will, for a season, partake in the activities of the religious; however, they never abandon their earthly wealth; their empowerments; their economic advantages; their freedom: They are not in it for the sake of obedience; they engage YHVH for the same motives as most sought Yeshua the Messiah; for the proverbial free lunch (John 6:26);

Enculturation of Dreams!

Most people seek out god and religion, via the church-businesses, ultimately to get ever-more; not to give up everything for life-eternal. They want to be in the world, and of the world, and that requires a commitment to mammon and all its trappings (Luke 8:11-16; Matt 13:18-23). They will seek the gods for favor in this life; they seek blessings for the here-and-now.

Without the Indwelling Holy Spirit, it is not possible to follow YHVH daily and forever; without the Indwelling Holy Spirit it will be impossible to spend eternity in the Kingdom of Heaven. YHVH is using this earthly human experiment to secure a family of saints fit for the Masters eternal Kingdom (Luke 9:62). YHVH is seeking laborers, not slave-masters. It will be volitional; there will be no Spiritual robots in the Kingdom of Heaven; every human will be worthy of this honor because they obeyed the words of YHVH (John 15:13-16; 14:15-21).

There is no such thing as self-belief-salvation; no Romans Road into the Kingdom; these prepackaged doctrine-bites are among the many great lies of the evil one is the theology of faith-alone-salvation. YHVH allows the evil one to use the things of this world to tempt us; that's the test. Will you choose to serve your ego, your pride, and carnal desires? Or, will you surrender those temptations; will you give up human-centric dreams, for a life in service to the Master? (Luke 16:10-15). Will you absorb the culture? Or will you transcend it?

Enculturated by Egocentrism!

If you cannot live a simple, humble, money-free, contented, YHVH-focused life for 7 to 9 decades, how could you do so forever? This life is the classroom, the many tests, and the final exam (Gal 3:23-27); however, since the bulk of humanity prefers the ways of darkness over the Light (John 3:16-21; Luke 11:33-36), they will either ignore YHVH (they will choose to be openly Godless); or, they will use Scripture to justify Godless lifestyles.

This is the single greatest act of evil that will befall humanity; the Godless-religious: they will profess to be Christians, but will experience Hell; but while on Earth, they are deceived (Matt 19:16-20, 21-26). Satan tempts the fake Christians, beginning with the stage-hogs; those who hunger for attention and the praises of men: the egocentric.

These people (typically urbanized money-dependents) must/will exploit a learned theology, a cleaver exegesis, and a winning personality, to collect a group of simpletons to lead: Today, this is called church services (rituals for a tithe). Yeshua called them a den of thieves. If any monies are exchanged, they are cults: All religion-businesses are cults (past, present, and future).

First Century Christians In The Last Century!

Therefore we, the Elect of YHVH, are not those who blindly consume the cultural products of religion; the Elect of YHVH are those who purpose to live YHVH-centric lives and lifestyles. There is no weekly religion; there is only daily dying (Luke 9:23-25). The Elect of YHVH are not drones of enculturation; we have transcended such blindness. In the animal kingdom there are predators and prey; they live in that paranoia; that state of us-against-them; animals are thus territorial and carnal.

The human animals are likewise materialistic; territorial; nationalistic; patriotic; egocentric; narcissistic: They cannot see from a much broader God's-eye view. The Godless actually believes, for example, that God blesses America, evidently at the expense of the rest of all creation. Why not say: God bless humanity or God bless Earth? Simple! They live in a hole, like the mammals some believe they evolved from.

The Godless-religious are as Spiritually blank as are the rest of humanity, who have also not surrendered and died. Without a death-to-self, the ego and the emotions rule; thus, the males often want to be the one who lords over subordinates; they need a hierarchy so they can be over or above others; this is of course, pathetic and sad. One must have the same perspective as YHVH, otherwise, the flesh and the brain will be lord over all things in that individual.

All things will remain pride-centric; even parenting is nothing more than an act of egocentrism. Humility is one of the first traits of all who have died, and then been reborn (born again) from the Holy Spirit dwelling and reigning within. Pride and ego are the masters of the Godless-religious, and they are most often blinded to it (1Jo 2:18-20).

Those who consume the products of religion (in this case, the Christian religion) but who have not been reborn; they are (thus) self-important; self-serving; self-centric. They expect to be serviced by others; they demand respect; to be treated as a superior. Conversely; the Elect of YHVH do not drive people this way; we draw people with the Love from above.

Everyone has free will; volition; autonomy: If I coerce you, in any way, to think or believe or to act; the sum of your true self; your true inner person, is being temporarily overwritten by my influence over you. YHVH will judge you (and everyone) based upon your volition, even if you surrender it over to other humans.

Dominion: sovereignty; control. Synonyms: supremacy, ascendancy, dominance, domination, superiority, predominance, preeminence, hegemony, authority, mastery, control, command, power, sway, rule, government, jurisdiction.

Dominion; Authoritarianism; Enforcement; Violence!

This is true of the hell-bound masses; it is therefore the goal of the religion-business authoritarians: They believe that if they coerce you (in any possible way); this will alter who or what you are on a Spiritual level: And yet, even YHVH is incapable of such a violation of volition. This is why authoritarianism is one of the fruits of the god-complex; authoritarianism is a demonic manifestation; a product of indoctrination, which is exacerbated by damaged egos. Of course, it has long-been presented as a Godly act, when in fact, it is evil incarnate. Messiah Yeshua opposed the Pharisees and the attorney-class for just this reason (among others).

The Jews (themselves) opposed the Roman Imperialists because they were lording their brand of laws and rules over them. The antiChrist's that permeate Christendom, likewise hunger-lust to exploit the Messianic Scriptures (primarily the church notes written by brother Saul) as a way to justify and/or validate their earthly lordship pathology, resulting in their Pauline doctrines, many of which have demonic roots. Indeed, those with a god-complex are surely demon-possessed; sealed unto an eternal doom, and desperate to drag down as many as they can (via the religion of Christianity).

A God's-eye view (or YHVH-perspective) allows us to look upon all of life, far differently than the rest of humanity, who are Spiritually blind; we must recognize that blindness. The Elect of YHVH understand that others on Earth, which also have the Indwelling Holy Spirit reigning within, are eternal Spiritual brothers and sisters; as such, we treat them (and think of them) from this perspective.

This is a reality to us; however, for the Godless-religious (and mostly the Xians of Religianity), they are blind to this reality, and as such, they do not see others in such a deep and profound way: Thus, they do not respond to their brethren as what they are; as Love-dominated eternal relationships; they do not see the Elect of YHVH. Those who truly Love YHVH (as that is evidenced by their lifestyles) are totally committed to finding and bonding with others for whom they know, beyond any doubt, they will spend eternity with, in Loving relationships that far-transcends any mortal relationship: That reality is mirrored on Earth (here and now).

This is why Community is built by the Elect of YHVH; we simply cannot spend the bulk of our time and talents feeding the secular masses, and then be satisfied with weekend church services. If (and again, IF) you have the Indwelling Holy Spirit reigning within; you have the Love of YHVH dominating your very existence. Consequently, you have only one main goal in this life; to locate and then yoke with the Elect of YHVH. Without that Love installed by the Indwelling Holy Spirit, John Seventeen is not the central focus of your every waking moment, it is just another chapter in a book that you may worship but do not live.

The god-Complex!

All cults have leaders and followers; indeed, that is the central theme and mission of all who live an antiChrist lifestyle. They will range from mega-groups like the Catholic Church, down to small unincorporated units. The Elect of YHVH seek to be servants; all of us. Conversely; the antiChrist's pretend to be Christian, but their main goal in life is to feed their starving ego.

Without the overwhelming presence of the Indwelling Holy Spirit, the bulk of humanity are as empty shells (2Pe 2:17-22; Phl 3:15-21). Trying to fill that emptiness is what we see the bulk of humanity doing, and nearly taking down a planet in the process.

Glory-seeking is a manifestation of antiChrist; those who need to be the center of attention; those who need a stage and an audience; these are antiChrist. No one, who has been humbled by the overwhelming power of the Indwelling Holy Spirit, seeks a position, or any possible circumstance, wherein he or she is elevated above any other.

Any pastor, preacher, pontiff or pope, who wears the clothing (bears the markings) of the Godless; those who stand upon a stage or platform, offering a monologue for a tithe; such a one has already exposed his/her true heart, but of course, only to those who can see; those with Spiritual eyes; those with eternal sight; the enlightened (Eph 1:15-21). A person must be Spiritually thirsty for years, before they finally attenuate to the point that they want to participate in such showmanship.

Whenever I visit genetic family members, I have to conform to their lifestyles; I am in their homes; this is being respectful (1Co 8:8-13; 10:23-27). They are not followers of YHVH, even though they are typical western consumerists who (for some) participate in a local religion associated with Christianity. Just like the bulk of those (globally) who select and claim Christianity as the chosen religion to adhere to, they are still not dead-to-self (and the mere mammal cannot even comprehend a death-to-self).

Therefore, they are not dead to the effects and impacts of enculturation. I do not condemn them (or anyone) for living in this state; until they die-to-this-life, they will remain servants of mammon (Luke 16:13-15); they will remain open to evil influences via the many pathways of temptation (Matt 6:11-13; 26:41); they will continue being led by blind enculturation (Matt 15:12-14).

The Tree Is Known By The Fruit It Bears!

People either follow the intent of the parables of our Master, Yeshua the Messiah; or, they abuse Scripture in cut-n-paste style (or, sound-bite theology) to justify, validate, or explain the lifestyle they intend to continue living. Without transformation, there can only be conformation. This justification process can range from meat-eating to the mass-burning of fossil fuels. It is easier to deny that one's actions are bad, rather than changing one's lifestyle.

In fact, there are thousands of acts and possible lifestyles, which YHVH does not want us living; however, most humans are going to live the way they want, anyway. One's lifestyle is the greatest act of rebellion against one's Creator that is possible to display: one's living testofmoney testimony. We, the Elect of YHVH, are not here to judge, but we are taught to observe actions or intents, and then avoid temptation (but never rationalize it).

Among those humans who also claim to be Christians, these people will abuse Scripture to validate their true intentions. Conversely, the Elect of YHVH are prepared, and empowered, by the Indwelling Holy Spirit, to abandon harmful lifestyles, once we are made consciously aware of them: We repent!

Conversely, the Godless-religious cannot swallow the amount of pride necessary for such confession: They are not empowered for such radical changes in lifestyle. Thus, they must remodel Scripture to their lifestyle, rather than remodeling their lifestyle to Scripture; specifically, the teachings of God-in-skin, Yeshua the Messiah (YHVH-Corporeal).

By reading through the many web-links herein (as well as their links); embedded within them are ideals central to the lifestyle of all who Love and serve YHVH: The hope is to see you, see them. These links are acceptable as secular resources, but like all secular resources, they must be consumed with the proverbial grain of salt. We, as the Elect of YHVH, must have Spiritual discernment in all things, and as such, be able to extract truth from a planet of resources that were created predominantly by Godless humans.

We recognize the clear difference between the creations of YHVH (both temporal and eternal), versus the mortal creations of the Godless majority, whose lifestyle is clearly not on Narrow Way; the strait gate: The Way! We understand the implications as well.

YHVH is not building a church; YHVH is assembling a family: The Elect of YHVH! Churches are businesses that are concerned with numbers; with growth; with taking. Yeshua the Messiah taught us that Satan wins the numbers game, teaching us that it is not about quantity; it is about quality; the true content of our character, as that manifests openly and in fact. The Elect of YHVH are a part of the family of YHVH because we have surrendered, and live (now and forever) under the Lordship of Messiah.

Hebraic Monk Of The Commonwealth of Israel!

I am first and foremost, an individual that is counted among the Elect of YHVH (throughout space/time); I am a disciple of Messiah Yeshua; my name written, not in the history books of men, but in the Book of Life (Rev 3:5; 20:12; 21:25-27; Php 4:3). This is the sum of my identity; this is what I am; who I am; why I am (Eph 2:8-12, 13-16, 17-22; 3:1-7; Heb 11:32-36, 37-40).

Oh sure, my parents named me Paul, and I currently inhabit this temporal body, and I just happen to live on (what a few modern men decided to call) the North American continent, and it just happens to now be the 21st Century, but these details represent only an infinitesimal fraction of what, who, where, when, and why I am. My identity is 99% as a disciple of Yeshua the Messiah, my Lord; Saviour; Paradigm; Friend! All the other factors (the 1%) are random and irrelevant to my eternality and thus, infinitesimal from such an eternal perspective. Are you there yet?

If a person does not want to be too obvious, they will hide or distort data without actually omitting it: Scripture is like that as well. YHVH made sure to make it an effort to find the golden nuggets of truth dispersed within the word of YHVH. Indeed, Messiah Yeshua intentionally and openly spoke in parables or metaphor, even admitting to doing so (Matt 13:10-13; 13:34-35); this is because the truth-seeker will dig deep, but most only seek data to justify themselves and the darkness they prefer (John 3:19-21; 16:25-31).

This same pattern of allegory versus literalism is how we know who is deciphering the word of YHVH via the Indwelling Holy Spirit, versus those who academically cut-and-paste the word, even though the result of their lifestyles typically says all, for the tree is known by the fruit it bears.

The Godless-religious masses, prophesied to occupy these end-times, will almost deceive the Elect (Matt 24:8-13; 24:23-24; Luke 17:20-21), which means that even if we are tricked for a season, eventually the truth will emerge, because YHVH is ever calling us (John 10:3-4; 10:25-30). This happens naturally by simply living as close to YHVH as we can (via simple living); that in turn, leads us into the path of righteousness. It is only when we let our fleshly desires; our lingering hunger for human-made things and the human-made world; that Satan can successfully knock us off-course (Matt 4:3-7; 1Co 10:9-13).

The religious frauds are those self-professing Christians who are often only in it to feed the ego and their mammon addictions. Thus, the Christians, yoked comfortably with the Godless masses they truly belong to in the world, are already fully immersed in secular politics (the new religion) and their militant-backed efforts that will wield the weapons of the end-time cataclysms. During WW2, the Jews were concentrated in ethnic groupings, making them easy to find and round-up by the militant-class of that particular Satan-led Holocaust.

And just as the Diaspora can also refer to the Jewish dispersion, the Elect of YHVH has always been, and is even now, a product of (physical) dispersion (1Pe 1:1-5; James 1:1-4; Luke 17:33-37); perhaps we are protected via such a dispersion, because in these end-times, having us all grouped together too tightly would present easy pickings for the pseudo-Christians to persecute us yet again, just as Martyrs Mirror demonstrates to us, the reality of such an occurrence, even in modern times.

The heart of the Great Redeemer is concentrated in the longest recorded prayer, all of John Seventeen, which speaks plainly of a unity that is impossible in the world; a unity bound by unconditional Love, which is tethered via the Indwelling Holy Spirit, and networked throughout time and space, which will transcend our earthly bonds and carry over (unbroken and uninterrupted) into eternity; the Kingdom of Heaven.

Denominational-ism is not the dispersion of YHVH; denominations are the religionists; these are the productions of Satan, as he attempts to defraud YHVH via these businesses of religion, all of which Satan began and still inhabits. Pride drives division, but humility assures unity. The goal of Satan, with regard to church-businesses, is to use these fake Christians as straw-men, so that they will crash and burn; a certainty without the Indwelling Holy Spirit.

Hence, the Atheists, the Buddhists, the Hindus, the Muslims, and others (described in the Messianic Scriptures as the world or the Nation's) will look upon this debacle called Christianity, and conclude that this Jesus Christ is as much of a joke as are those (sects) who proclaim His name.

Being a bit technical here; Jesus is not the Name above all names, for that would be YHVH. Now, if ones heart is pure, YHVH understands that we make honest mistakes: No one with a pure heart for YHVH will suffer for such minor errors. In YHVH's human form, He was named Eashoa in Aramaic by His biological mother (Eashoa' M'sheekha = The Anointed Life-Giver), which from the sacred Hebrew, it's written and spoken in English as Yeshua the Messiah; therefore, we (the Elect of YHVH) honor Him by also calling Him Yeshua the Messiah (or Messiah Yeshua, or simply, The Messiah).

Satan's ploys will ultimately fail, because the Elect of YHVH cannot be deceived for long. Oh sure, many of us were sucked into these religion-businesses (for a season); many of us fell under the spell of Satan, for in those businesses, we heard the spoken words, from the Word of Life (the Messianic Scriptures). I heard and learned many truths from men, whom I fearfully doubt will ever see the Kingdom of Heaven; this will be an exponential and recurring theme in these end-times.

Satan is aroused by using the Godless-religious to quote Scripture, but altering it with a pinch of leaven; a 99.5% truth, laced with .5% lies or simple diversions. Humans are naturally drawn to the words of Life, but as our Master taught us plainly (John 3:19-21; James 1:12-15; Matt 13:18-23); those who ultimately avoid the light of truth are those who love their darkness even more. In other words, they are not the chosen ones, simply because they will chose, not to die to self (Rom 8:27-30; 2Ti 2:19; 1Jo 3:18-24).

The Heaven Now Paradigm!

Yeshua the Messiah was teaching (and trying to live) a very simple principle; that if you cannot unconditionally Love the masses around you – via forgiveness, the Sermon on the Mount, and the Royal Law, while on Earth – then you will not be able to do so every second of infinity (forever). The Kingdom of Heaven is the eternal Kingdom that awaits all who become the kingdom of God while on Earth (Luke 17:20-21).

The purpose of this life is to allow all things to run their own course, naturally and without any interference from YHVH; this is so that YHVH can record the events, as they happen volitionally, and use our very lives as the evidence (for and against us) on the Day of Judgment. What we become during this experiment will determine what YHVH intends to do with us hereafter. Every act of sin that will occur on Earth has been atoned for on the Cross: Pride (alone) is the eternal doom of the masses. YHVH is Love ~ Satan is Pride!

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