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Posted here are 6 among the many repeated query themes (2005 - 2015):


• Why do you think a commune is better than living separate with {church-business} weekend services?
The sum of westernization, from which today's Christendom was invented, thrives from the domination of man over animals and nature, which led to a dominion of man over man. First, one must abandon worldly lifestyles of mass-consumerism and debt and employment, build your own small shelter (mortgage free) and grow all your own food, give up the violence of the Car Cult and begin to live as Messiah Yeshua, and all His disciples of every generation.
Only then will you have the free time to study to show yourself approved (2Ti 2:10-15) and thus able to better rationalize eternal things (Luke 12:22-32; John 6:27). Then you can study social ecology, and the vastly differing worldviews of indigenous versus western 🎧.
Westernization itself (and thus, christendom as its cultural byproduct) is the fulfillment of prophecy concerning Satan, the god of this world & age, and his power over the masses on Broadway, via the primal states of paranoia and propaganda; of us-against-them-ism! We, the Elect of YHVH, feel uncomfortable on a planet filled with neighbor-hating people who actually believe they own land (only YHVH owns Earth), who then use $ mammon to finance their hireling militants who support by force, their attorney-class drones, who write corrosive laws designed to benefit those who get rich from such an exploitation paradigm, to begin with.
And though the assumption of a commune denotes a bunch of stoned hippies shacking up together, the literal official definition does not: Commune is a French word appearing in the 12th century from Medieval Latin communia, meaning a large gathering of people sharing a common life; from Latin communis, things held in common. These exact words are found in the book of Acts (Acts 2:41-47 & 4:31-35). From a purely communal standpoint, I like what some American protestant groups are doing, like the Bruderhof: But they too, have demonstrated a bibliolatrous theme that I do not share: And like the Amish, they too did not begin that way. The Benedict Option is non-optional, here in these end-times.
The goal (here) is not a survivalist camp: Like the Amish, this is more about self-sustainability, and possessing firearms designed only to kill humans, should speak for itself; if it does not, you are not Messiah-centric (sorry). Holding all possessions in common is not the best model either, especially here in these end-times.
That is because there will be those who will only come around for a season; perhaps from cognitive dissonance; perhaps they are escaping something that ends up only being a temporary setback in their (otherwise lifelong) worldly pursuits. And everyone in one huge house or building is also not good; in fact, spread out self-contained tiny homes are a better option; a modern-day teepee or hut or yurt.
• What would prevent this from becoming another cult-like commune?
To be frank, I see all organized religion as cultic, in that they put a human and/or an idol, on a stage or a pedestal; a place where only my Master belongs. Thus, I never say: My pastor says this or does that! Instead, I say: My Master said or did this and that! We do not attend church services, for we know that we (our own bodies) are the church! We are the Temple of the Holy Spirit, or the Soul of Messiah Yeshua.
We, the Elect of YHVH, are our own minister or pastor or priest (Rev 1:5-6); we neither follow nor lead other humans: Messiah lives in us, and does so because of us, and for us. We follow only His voice daily; we disciples die daily (Luke 9:23-25); not for a few weekend hours and "how are you" and other stock slogans, then right back to business-as-usual (Luke 17:26-30): We surrender all that!
All cults have human leaders (one person or a small group): popes, pastors, priests, reverends, bishops, ministers, bosses, employers, Boards, and the like. And because this is to take place in the US, it is not wise to have one large location owned by one (or a few), and then a bunch of other "followers" joining some charismatic "leader" (that is just creepy 🎧).
Also, like my Master, I too am a Pescetarian who will occasionally eat wild fowl, so I think it wise to be within decent walking distance to a (public) fishing source: oceans or clean big lakes, as well as the opportunity to grow all organic plant-based foods, and raise chickens for eggs and perhaps even goats for cheese. I am for the Messiah diet, in honor of the Temple.
But to negate any cult status -- which will assuredly be assigned by the headhunting Xians of Religianity during their competition for tithe-givers and supporters -- logic dictates that each individual or familial group hold the land title to their own property, and we all, buy property that is connected or nearby, just as the American Amish do. We build Community, agreeing (contractually) that if anyone, along the path of time, decide to re-enter the worldly realm, they agree to sell whatever they leave behind, to others purpose-driven to live within this uniquely Messianic Community.
One idea mentioned years ago was to buy a cluster of lake lots somewhere; that makes sense. Even living among the Amish is a great idea, as they have established buggie routes. But regardless of where, the Community would surely help one another; again, this is to be modeled after the American Amish, but without any official joining of any church; to be neo-Amish; to be a Spiritual family; it is to be grafted into the Elect of YHVH from among all generations (Rom 11).
• Why do you use uncommon or unfamiliar words?
This typically means Christianese, which I do not monkey-see-monkey-do--copy-mimic-parrot, because I have been disenculturated by the overwhelming force of the Indwelling Holy Spirit, via Love. Out of respect for my Master, and from all my time invested in getting to know Him, and the truth that He promised to those who diligently seek Him, I came to see that blindly following my enculturation was not the will of YHVH, for anyone, anywhere, anytime. And I believe wise men still seek Him!
The (infinitesimal and inconspicuous) Elect of YHVH are called out ones (1Pe 2:9-12; 2Co 6:14-18); we, who are destined to the Kingdom of Heaven, abandon the average lifestyle, and trade everything in, to become bond-servants; pilgrims; aliens living among the masses on Earth; we are devout disciples of Messiah!
We labor by the sweat of our brows daily; we build and grow and make; we live (or hope to live) a simple lifestyle, without money debt, greatly reducing or eliminating the need for man's Mammon, and then spend all our free time, in and for Messiah Yeshua (John 6).
In that new role, we spend much time, not in employment or consumerism or secular entertainment; instead, we are new creations, and thus abandon (most or) all of the former life. With this time freed up, we seek and knock daily for YHVH-truth, and those who do that soon learn that blind enculturation (and thus the sum of this Earth) are but the byproducts of a Satan driven race of humans being; the atheists, the agnostics, the religious in general, and especially those on Broadway; the Matthew Seven Christians.
We do not copy our culture any longer; we become Messiah-centric, not culture-centric; Messiah-like in every possible way: Was blind but now I see! Life slows down considerably, and the peace that was once unknown, will now define your existence (Phl 4:4-7; John 14:25-27). Even the physical body benefits from such real peace, and how we treat the Temple is a reflection (and an extension) of our devotion unto YHVH. Plus it is way easier to follow The Lord than it is Satan!
We, the Elect of YHVH (Matt 24), eventually learn all about our unmarried, homeless, brown-skinned, average-looking, Jewish Tekton, and virgin-born Savior, and also how the 1st century Koinonia lived, via the Messianic doctrine contained in the Red Letters of the Messiah Scriptures. The closest we can get (today) to being accurate in our word-choices, is (first) to read from our Messianic Jewish brethren, mostly in Israel but also in other parts of the Middle East.
• Why do some spell YHVH as G-d?
While not opposed to such letter posturing, doing so is more an outward imitation of reverence for YHVH. But all Messianic disciples are ruled by the mind of Messiah (1Co 2:10-16); we acknowledge YHVH as Abba Father; we have a personal relationship with Adonai our Elohim, via Ruach HaKodesh; the Indwelling Holy Spirit. YHVH was Yeshua and The Holy Spirit is Adonai: Monotheism summarized!
But some do think that The Name is too Holy to even say out-loud: However, that is more an exhibition of the distant god theme, which serves only to expose, though unintentionally, the absence of a daily-dying, intimate, personal relationship; indeed a marriage-level relationship. (See: Names of GOD for more details). Hopefully you do not refer to your human spouse, as lord or master or queen or king.
Messiah Yeshua was YHVH-in-the-flesh, which means that my Lord and Master, was the corporeal manifestation of YHVH in Person, and yet, He (Yeshua) calls me friend (Matt 23:8-12; Luke 12:1-5; John 15:12-17). That is still hard for me because I am a mere servant of my Master (and the disciple is not above his Master); I still feel uneasy referring to Him as friend. We humans were created with a YHVH shaped place within us; the innate drive to worship YHVH. But the Messianic Propitiation changed everything!
However, Satan uses the things of this world (Matt 4) to distract the masses from worshiping YHVH, and so they redirect that energy toward earthly temporal things and with cult-like fervor; things such as the cult of politics, the cult of sports, the many consumer cults, and indeed, the cults of (all) religion. Rather than Messiah Yeshua being the center of ones corporeality, He is relegated to a few hours weekly, at best. Of course, the single most destructive of all human cults, collectively and globally and forever, is the stunningly devastating Car Cult.
Nevertheless, this is what it means to have a personal relationship, if it be that such a relationship actually exists beyond the imagination (Rom 8:5-11); the Indwelling Holy Spirit is the only way to such a relationship. Religion is what happens in the absence of the Indwelling Holy Spirit; it is the replacement to a marriage-level, daily personal relationship with YHVH. The Pharisees were the fake religionists of His time; they too, presented an outward show of humility and reverence, even though most of them had no conceptualization of YHVH, and thus of the prophetic Messiah who stood before them (John 8:13-19).
• I never see the word "Him" when referring to our Heavenly Father: Why?
Because YHVH is not a physical being, and gender is only about corporeal procreation or coitus (Matt 22:24-30; Gal 3:22-28; John 1:18; 1Jo 4:12). Trying to be accurate about this, therefore, has nothing to do with attempting to de-gender scripture, which seems an issue among the descendants of the pope protesters. As a Messianic disciple, all of those squabbles, I am not privy to, nor interested in learning about. I mastered the productions of the evangelical protestant theological themes in the nineties, and I still stand at: No thanks!
Gender is irrelevant in all things for the disciples of Messiah (and for Messiah Himself), but it has been magnified by the bibliolatrous; the Xians of Religianity ever since the 2nd century. This, typically because there is one or more atheistic people (mostly men) exploiting god-religion-bible to increase their lordship over others.
My response to them and this? Get thee hence, Satan! I will attempt to expel the demons that conquer their Soul, but I cannot and will not enable them further. They need to be deprogrammed; disenculturated; de-westernized and un-americanized first; completely disenculturated. Only then can they even begin to learn about Messiah Yeshua.
Appealing to, accepting, or enabling in any way positively, machismo, is simpleton and (dare I say) demonic. This is because doing so, almost always leads (boys-to-men) to patriarchal pathologies, and that too often leads to hierarchy, emasculation, gender bigotry, abuses of females or outright misogyny, violence and militarism.
The sickness of machismo and the mental illness expressed in its latter stages of dominionship and controlism, must be exposed and treated as an illness socially, not normalized and allowed to continue to fester in the public arena. But the opposite of all of this, is the perpetual victim paradigm; or, I am victim! But having a vagina does not automatically make one a victim; that is a choice, because bad things happen to all of us. The shame of machismo posturing occurs soon after any/every male is actually Spiritually metamorphosized.
Pauline Christianity, in opposition to (or a corruption of) a Messianic discipleship, dominated and shaped Christendom; that is why the Way is a course that diverges from the more culturally popular productions of Christendom, via a mere christianization that is void of Spiritual transformation and radical metamorphosis, witnessed mostly in lifestyle. A Messianic disciple can be male or female; no gender distinctions exist among the disciples of Messiah Yeshua (Matt 22:29-30; Gal 3:27-29).
• Will rules be written and imposed? What about shunning (or discipline)?
We, as Messianic disciples, live by only one rule: The Golden Rule! I have sayings that go back 2 decades for me, but will share them again, here: All Spiritually transformed women dress modestly, but not all modestly dressed women are Spiritually transformed. All Spiritually transformed men labor with their hands, but not all sweat-of-the-brow laborers are Spiritually transformed. All Spiritually transformed people live simple, but not all simple-living people are Spiritually transformed. And there is no misogynistic cult of spouse going on among the Elect of YHVH.
There are characteristics and lifestyles that all Spiritually transformed people share and follow (sooner or later), and without anyone coercing them, or shaming them into doing so. All who hear and follow the voice of Messiah Yeshua (John 10), end up in the same place or way, when living the sermon on the Mount; indeed, by living from all such Messianic parables, with YHVH-Love driving them. But the outward alone, does not define us (James 2:14-20): that is most often the stage show, commonly labeled religion, with the mask of personality, often obscuring ones true character.
If a person copies some certain way of living, just to be accepted by other local humans; they are not in a personal relationship with YHVH (not yet anyway). No one will partake in the Kingdom of Heaven because they were shamed or guilted (pressured) into dressing or working or worshiping or living a certain way. And yet that is exactly how the anti-Messianic religious, attempt to justify their own sin lifestyles, by magnifying the sins of others, thus hypocritically deflecting the light from themselves.
We must understand Judging. We will be judged by YHVH, not by what we were coerced to do, but by what we voluntarily wanted to do, and wanted not to do: We will be judged as individuals based upon our character, and not as parts of a collective, like simply being born Amish or Jewish or Christian or Indian or American or whatever (Rom 3:1-12; Acts 17:24-28).
The intent of the Amish Ordnung was analogous to any Law-lords production or ordinance, rule or creed; to control actions by guilt, obligation, fear, intimidation, or coercion. The intent was/is that by pressuring young family members to live a righteous lifestyle, this will eventually drive them to the Cross volitionally; to create and live a Messianic lifestyle that youth can be influenced by, as opposed to the treacherous world around them/us: Hence Rumspringa.
This original good intention may have (partially) worked in the past, but as we have moved deeper into the end-times, the effects of the World is now overwhelming and overbearing; experienced by almost everyone everywhere, here in these latter days (Luke 17). The Way is quite unique here in these destined end-times, but do not look unto any of the productions of Christendom, for any living truth about YHVH-Love and eternal life.

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