Mr. President, Tear Down That Grid!


Who Better To Speak For Creation Than An Oracle Of The Creator!

Everywhere that the subject of electrical generation takes place, one thing is never brought up; eliminating the electrical grid all together. It is always and only about how the generation is taking place at the source or how it is being consumed. Why is that? After all, the only real problem with how electrical generation takes place, is the grid itself. So why ignore this proverbial bull in the china cabinet? $$$!
If I owned every farm, every food distribution hub, and every grocery store on Earth, I would be a god; I could literally control everyone. Defy me and I would just let people starve to literal death. I would have so much power, that the nations of the world, via their military forces if necessary, would have no choice but to usurp that power. This is why fair competition laws were made.
Since the wealth-class rule everything and reign over everyone (the money-dependent money-loving masses) and have been doing so for many millennia, it will ultimately be up to them. Pledges for change are proclaimed publicly to appeal to (or gain the attentions of) some sect of society, typically to generate more revenue; tourism, investment, etc. It will, of course, never happen: Ever, not even a century from now! However, the desire is a positive sign.
We as a species, will be at the beginning of real change, starting the day after the continental grid has been dismantled and recycled. All power must be generated at or near the source of use; this will drive the manufacturers of things like refrigerators and HVAC equipment, and other more necessary items, to run on a fraction of the power they currently consume.
We'd create local power plants that would run an Industry Park, using solar, wind, hydro and geothermal (when and where possible), with highly efficient CNG back-up generators as supplement. All asphalt roadways would be dismantled and recycled; pathways replaced with elevated Mag-lift type short and long-range travel, returning the bulk of earth's surface to its garden state.
The solutions are easy; I could easily teach it to grade-school kids who would totally get it! However, getting egocentric adults to let go of their habitual ways, is not easy. Pride is the greatest force in the cosmos, which explains the Messianic Cross in contrast to Narrow Way.
The wealth-class, who have been converting Earth into dollars to hoard for self-empowerment (mostly hydrocarbons or precious metals), will surely want to continue to ravage this planet for personal gain: This madness must be stopped. But it won't! Not by the power of humans alone.
Remember, YHVH created and owns everything, but YHVH gave Satan Earth, but only to be the god of the human race. As Job teaches us so beautifully, YHVH is allowing the proverbial bowling ball to roll down the lane of time, uninterrupted, so that the superpower of volition will present itself, through us. YHVH is building a Family, but will only accept those dedicated to Love!
YHVH Is Love; Satan Is Pride!!

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