Eternal Darkness!

Hell And Destruction Are Never Full: So The Eyes Of Man Are Never Satisfied! (Pro 27:20)


The Will To Power: Root Of The Dark Side!

The very downfall of Satan was his thirst for power: narcissism, self-supremacy, dominion, control, lordship, rule, domination, money-power, leadership, inequality, and grandiosity, just to name the more egregious of exhibitions and manifestations. In Spiritual darkness, the Loveless masses become inhuman: indifference degrades into being psychopathic and sociopathic, and eventually demonic. The step from Lovelessness to full-on psychopathy is small indeed.
What is most terrifying is that they live among us; they attend church services and even grace the pulpits, they pay their taxes, they are good employees, customers, and so on. But something is missing deep within them; a connection with their own Soul; Spiritual enlightenment; Life! Hence the common euphemism, Soulless that attenuated over time into the lower case of soulless, to mean dull or uninspiring or unremarkable.

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