Praying The Yah Way!

When you pray, you shall not be as the hypocrites are, for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and in the corners of the streets, that they may be seen of men. Verily I say unto you; they have their reward. But you, when you pray, enter into your closet, and when you have shut your door, and pray to your Father, which is in secret; your Father which sees in secret, shall reward you openly. But when you pray, do not use vain repetitions as the heathens do; for they think that they shall be heard for their much speaking. Therefore, be not like unto them, for your Father knows what things you have need of, before you ask Him. After this manner therefore, you pray:
Our Father in Heaven, hallowed be Your name! Your Kingdom come; Your will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven. Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors; and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil: For Yours is the Kingdom, and the power, and the glory, forever. Amen!
(Matt 6:5-13)
In the ancient Greek theater a hypocrite was an actor on a stage (G-5273); this was the intent when Messiah Yeshua said: that they may be seen of men! Actors who play a doctor, for example, are not real doctors; they convincingly play that role on a staged hospital before an audience (or a camera nowadays). Audiences will only see the show presented, not the sum of those actors real and daily lives, off stage. It may be entertaining, but it is not real; it is superficial. These people are not co-laborers; they are not everyday family members; they put on a stage show and then vanish from our lives.
Hypocrite was the word Messiah Yeshua used to define the true nature of many Pharisees; the professional religionists: Such exposition was a major component of the urban mission of the Messiah, and by proxy, His disciples of all times and cultures (Eph 5:6-11,12-17; 2Ti 4:1-4; John 3:19-21; 16:7-11; 21:15-17).
It is therefore the mission of obedience for all disciples of Messiah Yeshua, to expose the frauds of Faith, for the sake of the unregenerate, who might otherwise think these are the ambassadors of YHVH. Our duty is to expose YHVH-truth, via the empowerment of YHVH-Love, in a perpetual state of prayer and daily living humility. Exposing hypocrisy always angers the pharisaic.
Still, it is not an easy thing to communicate a truth that the Indwelling Holy Spirit has placed upon our mind-heart-Soul, and then someone close to you finds it too hard to accept, and they reject you in the process. Some call this tough-love (which is too often only the tough part), but prior to my radical, epochal, Spiritual transformation, I always preferred to smooth rather than ruffle feathers.
As a young atheist, my bible was How to win friends and influence people! It took some time for the Holy Spirit to thicken my skin (so to speak) so that I could be open and honest, knowing I'd reignite the cognitive dissonance that many people face in this life; who must anesthetize themselves when simpler distractions fail.
Nevertheless, I write/say what I must. Every church-business that has existed -- from the First until the Second Advent of my Lord and Master, Messiah Yeshua -- stand as monuments to hypocrisy; they exist as religious production stages; temple money-changers; social theaters (if you will) for the Godless-religious; the christianized; the 'Xians of Religianity,' to perform their weekend religiosity show; exactly to be seen of men, and to be compensated with mammon for the show; a service indeed.

They Have Their Reward!

These pride-filled, stage-hungry, attention-seeking, capitalistic, mammon serving, us-against-them promoting, holier-than-thou, fake-humility presenting, monologists, are easily exposed or spotted by the (infinitesimal & inconspicuous) Elect of YHVH; we have the Indwelling Holy Spirit and thus, YHVH-Love; and thus, the mind of Messiah (1Co 2:10-16; 1Jo 2:27-29), which is a supreme advantage in Spiritual warfare.
However, the bulk of humanity does not. Therefore, it is our duty to warn them, in anyway we can. The Reformation should continue until the return of The King! The frauds seek recognition or praise; they cannot do anything in this life covertly (Matt 6:1-4); not for long anyway. Messiah Yeshua taught about a personal, private, intimate, daily (even hourly) relationship, just like one would have with a life-long spouse, with prayer being the necessary communication medium in that daily relationship (Psa 91:1-2).
Messiah Yeshua prayed while walking, standing, or sitting, with eyes opened and looking upward, and more often alone than among others (Mark 1:35; Luke 5:16; 6:12); the very opposite of the hypocrites. When people punctuate prayer with a time-slot, what they are really conveying is that they never actually commune with YHVH continuously; they simply comply with what they see-hear others doing, with regard to this thing we call prayer; they ritualized it.
While the christianized market and exploit prayer as one of the many rites and rituals that they monetize, Messiah Yeshua was offended by the pretense, and so are all His disciples and followers (past; present; future). We, the Elect of YHVH, never pray in public (with very rare exceptions of course, like emergencies), and in like manner, we do not ever announce that we pray or tell others we will pray for them, because that is just pretentious showmanship (which is itself a sign of demonic influence).
For the christianized -- or for any adherents from among any of satans list of religions -- prayer is always about asking (demanding) their respective Creator figure, to make their earthly life better or more prosperous. But prayer for the disciples of Messiah Yeshua (the future resurrected Saints of YHVH), is about listening to YHVH, not to talk to YHVH. How can anyone pray continuously? By listening!
Yeshua spoke a parable unto them to this end, that men ought always to pray, and not to faint, saying: There was in a city a judge, which feared not Elohim, neither regarded man. And there, was a widow in that city, and she came unto him, saying: 'Avenge me of my adversary!' But he would not for a while, yet afterward he said within himself: 'Though I fear not Elohim, nor regard man, yet because this widow troubles me, I will avenge her, lest by her continual coming, she weary me.' And The Lord continuing, said: Hear what the unjust judge said! Shall not Elohim avenge His own Elect, which cry day and night unto Him, though He bear long with them? I tell you that He will avenge them speedily! Nevertheless, when the Son of Man comes, shall He find faith on Earth? And He spoke this parable unto certain which trusted in themselves that they were righteous, and despised others: Two men went up into the temple to pray; the one a Pharisee and the other a publican. The Pharisee stood and prayed thus with himself: 'Elohim, I thank You that I am not as other men are; extortionists, unjust, adulterers, or even as this publican. I fast twice in the week, and I give tithes of all that I possess!' But the publican, standing afar off, would not lift up so much as his eyes unto Heaven, but smote upon his breast, saying: 'Elohim be merciful to me a sinner!' I tell you, this man went down to his house justified, rather than the other: For everyone that exalts himself shall be abased, but he that humbles himself shall be exalted! (Luke 18:1-14) {cf. Eph 6:17-20; Rom 8:26-28; 12:10-14; 1Th 5:15-19,20-25}
The sin-evil of praying only for earthly things, or for earthly help, or even for/of yourself, truly exposes the heart condition of the one praying (James 4:1-4; 5:12-16). Only the Elect of YHVH pray to be broken; pray to be freed from the many bondage's of this world and this life; pray for the blessings that do not require mammon and will even alleviate our need for it; pray to be transformed to be more like our Master, Messiah Yeshua. Prayer is not bending the will of The Lord to our wants or ways or expectations; prayer is about discovering the will of The Lord for our lives, so we can bend our will unto those directives.
Since prayer is only real when the one praying has a real and intimate, marriage-level, daily relationship with Messiah Yeshua, simply playing christian via such pretense, is sin, which helps no one, and deceives many. When the Elect of YHVH pray, we keep it to ourselves, we disciples do not go about, handing out (proverbial or literal) we're praying for you announcements!
But the christianized -- the Godless-religious; the churched; the consumers of Christendom -- they like to show-off, upon the public stages of this life. For example, sports players will often pretend-pray; they will point to the sky, or cross themselves, or any pantomime, which gives the impression that they are christianized. They believe in a cartoon god who declares: 'I'm going to sit back in My Heavenly recliner, and watch you suffer while inside of My creation box, until you beg repeatedly, through prayer, for Me to end your suffering!'
In their minds, the generic god character (who, unbeknownst to them, is really satan the god of this world), is merely their fellow stage character, whom they appeal to; to be on their side of the game, and yet, each side is praying for god to help them win against the other. I guess they believe that if they win, then god must be on their side (Matt 20:20-23,24-28). If someone prays for something and they get it; this must be because god is on their side and the devil on the other. If god told me this, then it has greater legitimacy; indeed it has authority!

The Thoughts-&-Prayers Catchphrase!

The deeply intimate and private act of prayer-communication, is being adulterated by the christianized masses, who now dominate these end-times (esp. Sodom 2.0). This is of course, offensive to all Spiritually transformed, Love-conquered individuals who happen to hear the catchphrase when watching or hearing mass-media sources (and why most of us don't watch or listen anymore).
The human masses are fallen (trekking full-speed on the superhighway of Broadway), and in these end-times, the accentuation of prophesied mentalities are indeed, manifesting before the very eyes/ears of the Spiritually sighted (Matt 13:13-17); however, the bulk of humanity are oblivious to all of this. Sound-bite theology is just another manifestation of the short attention span, plaguing the antiChrist masses, especially here in these prophetic end-times.
Most people living in these end-times are so drunk with the new wine of satan that they are oblivious; trapped in a fog continuously. They are the dissolute offspring of over a hundred generations of people, and will also squander their precious life on Earth, serving mammon, satan's money system; this unfortunately, will lead their eternal Souls into Darkness.
There, they will know all of this, and indeed, everything else that they learned about and/or experienced on Earth, will fade into distant memory, as they become consumed with these eternally relevant messages, repeated over and over, forever. There, it will be as wailing and weeping and gnashing.
The christianized pray with their eyes closed or hands clasped or kneeling or some other outward posturing, which becomes the mimicked theme (and the evidence) of their outward or public show. Like children, they simply copy what they see others do, and such copying is a sign of immaturity (1Co 13:11-12). Children mimic what they see adults doing; they have no way of comprehending deeply psychological or emotional issues, let alone sin and its eternal consequences, and redemption. We may think it cute when kids copy us, but we must make sure that it is far more than copy-mimic-parrot. They need to see real-life, Messiah-likeness; they get more than enough fiction already.
The Godless-religious will pray to be alleviated of the burdens and spared the consequences, they place upon themselves by living an antiChrist life and lifestyle. For one example; they pray to be protected while traveling in a car (or worse, to be 'blessed' with one); however, YHVH does not want the Elect of YHVH (indeed anyone) to even participate in the car-cult to begin with.
The Indwelling Holy Spirit illuminates all of this to the chosen individuals (collectively referred to as the Elect of YHVH, or Body of Messiah); however, the Godless-religious christianized 'Xians of Religianity', remain as blinded as the rest of (the bulk of all) humanity; hence, blind enculturation.
In that enculturation shoebox, their minds are shaped by the world; shaped by what they experience (even church attendance and religion in general), and then, they interpret the scriptures from the filters of their enculturation, rather than seeing the world via the scriptures: Modernity seen through scripture; not scripture seen through modernity. Church-businesses exist to masturbate human pride-ego-emotion for a tithe, not to initiate a life-altering epoch that would move people away from money-dependency and mammon service.
True and actual prayer is not intended to be a performance, or for preaching, or for subtle gossiping: Instead, prayer is done in private, but when real, will bear publicly, the fruit of Messiah likeness (James 5:16). The Godless-religious are the opposite of that; they have no genuine long-lasting Spiritual fruit, and because of that fact, they try to fake it with public displays of religion; hence, the popularity of the church-businesses. And while the Elect of YHVH pray for others (Psalm 122:6-9), the Godless-religious most often pray for themselves: god give me a home-run; a touchdown; god give me more money; more time on Earth; god protect my family, or my country (me-my-mine).
All their prayers are centered upon themselves, or, those that directly touch or affect them, or whatever (or whoever) is in close geographic proximity. They do not pray for humility, or Messiah-like wisdom; or freedom from money-dependency; indeed, they surely do not want to be humbled by tragedy or negative circumstances. The god of the Godless-religious, is of course, the god of this world, age and era, satan (2Co 4:1-4,5-7). They cannot acknowledge YHVH by name because they do not know YHVH personally (intimately), and so the generic word god will suffice for their religion show purposes.

The Sin-Evil Of Monetizing YHVH For Mammon!

Synagogues were called batei tefila, or Houses of Prayer, and batei midrash, or Houses of Study. By contrast, the Jerusalem Temple (and temples in general in the First Century) were more like tourist monuments than fellowship halls. The den of thieves (Matt 21:12-16) was such a temple; they were not privately or corporately owned businesses with office hours, like all are today; many were large and quasi-public; a grouping of buildings on large courtyards. But most attendees were not there for genuine prayer; they were there for monetary reasons: They were capitalistic, as were many throughout scripture (Acts 8:18-23).
Messiah Yeshua gathered a band of brothers to canvas the region in the service of YHVH; they eventually worked almost exclusively outside of all the religion businesses of their time/culture; their sin synagogues (Matt 4:23-25); note that it was (importantly) not referred to as my or our synagogue (Mark 1:23-27,35-39; Matt 9:35-38; 10:16-18; 12:5-9; 13:54-57; Luke 4:15); there's an entire lesson inside that nugget. Today of course, Messiah Yeshua and crew, would not so much as even be allowed inside of any christianized religion business on Earth, much less be allowed to take over their service (Luke 4).
In the West (especially), the Godless-religious want to display the symbols of religion everywhere (the 10 Commandments; a cross; talismans, symbols, branding, etc.), but this is because their religion is strictly public, and never private, because they have no personal intimate relationship with YHVH via the tether of the Indwelling Holy Spirit. They must lie about a relationship that does not exist, and thus, organized religion adherence becomes their proof of faith, as does their other public displays of religiosity, such as prayer. But lifestyle alone is that fruit on the tree, for all to see (Matt 7:16-21; 12:33; Luke 6:43-46).
Our open reward (for secret prayers), is the fruit of righteousness; it is the empowerment to be more like my Master, Messiah Yeshua; to follow His life and lifestyle; to serve Him in spite of our outward circumstances (study the life of Saul via his church letters; that’s why they’re included in canon). We move away from temptation; the world creates it, finances, enables, and delivers this evil, which Messiah Yeshua calls temptation (Matt 6:11-13). The religionists are power hungry, and lust for earthly gain; they want to be revered; noticed; respected; admired; feared; paid.
Messiah Yeshua calls us friend and brother; we who Love and serve Him, are His true and eternal Family; not at all like the fake 'families' of this world, who align with one another (only) in the micro: patriotism collectively, as well as all the smaller alliances that unavoidably spill from the us-against-them primal paradigms. Thus, the Godless-religious love hierarchy and fully expect to have superior titles, which they issue unto themselves, via the enculturated products of the westernized mentality, of which is a blind acceptance to hierarchy, leadership and followship.
The Spiritually blinded masses cannot (so much as even) conceptualize justice or mercy, much less dispense it or enforce it. Nevertheless, it is our duty as disciples of Messiah to shine the light of YHVH onto the darkened world, via our Messiah-centric lifestyles, and sharing truth, and exposing hypocrisy, in the hope of exposing this to the few; the humbled; the redeemed; the chosen; the predestined ones. It is not our current Earthly mission to bring about societal fairness or justice; therefore, we live within the confines of the culture as we found it, and work instead to bring people to the foot of the Cross, for real (Matt 23).

The Tree Is Known By The Fruit It Bears!

Without the Indwelling Holy Spirit, the Godless-religious masses need a way to appear religious, but without being Spiritually transformed. They are the pretenders who act out the social or traditional role of Christian (they are christianized); however, they do so without ever surrendering unconditionally unto the supreme and eternal Lordship of Messiah Yeshua, who will take the dead-to-this-life shell of the old, now dead person, revives them, and only then, installs the Holy Spirit (Rom 8), which builds a brand new person almost from scratch. Messiah Yeshua said that unless you are reborn, you cannot enter the Kingdom of YHVH -- which is the Indwelling of the Holy Spirit -- which eventually results in the Kingdom of Heaven.
Some of the first things to note here in Matt 6, is what Messiah Yeshua said; that even heathens pray; all religious people pray; so do hypocrites; of course, they are the most evil because they pray to the air or the ceiling, pretend to be oracles or messengers or ambassadors of our Heavenly Father, but they are faith-frauds, and thus the most dangerous and evil of all, and as a result, will suffer greater than all (Mark 12:38-40).
If you have ever been under the spell or control of any religious leader or professional, you have experienced first-hand, demonic influences (to a lesser or greater degree). This is why there is so much inappropriateness within organized religion (all of them). Evil men have been exploiting god-religion-bible to lord power over women, and the poor, and youth (indeed, all the under-powered), since nearly the beginning of this human experiment. The Pharisees that Messiah Yeshua faced were by no means the first to do so: But His where-when-why arrival on Earth was not coincidental; the time-frame of the experiment had been reached: Salvation was/is His name!
The COP (Catholic-Orthodox-Protestant) cults, refer to Matthew 6:9-13 as the Lord's Prayer: It is not! But they will parrot it verbatim, as if doing so has any Spiritual meaning whatsoever: It does not! So why the subterfuge? Because the prayer of Messiah Yeshua is found in John 17; the entire chapter; memorize and repeat that one prayer of the Lord, daily! If nothing else, it will at least help you to understand the heart of Messiah Yeshua, even if you never come to know Him intimately as your eternal Spouse and Mate, Friend and Family (Matt 12:46-50).

Christendom Does Not Represent Messiah Yeshua!

The christianized will pray to god (the gods really), only when they want something, or are facing loss or death. Also, Matthew 6:9-13 is not even a prayer: It is a lesson; it is Messiah Yeshua answering the question of how to pray. The Pharisees (then and today) will pray, only to show others that they pray; they like to pray in public and even demand the right to pray in public: sound familiar? It is the end-times, folks! Messiah Yeshua exposed this for us to see and to understand; for those who want to see and to hear.
Indeed, the christianized see prayer as a thing to do, now that they are religious, and that is the same, Christian or otherwise: Prayer is an act within many religions, as proof that they are truly religious; devout; god-seeking. But most people do not actually pray; they do what's called self-talk, with eyes closed and hands clasped: That is, it is a show; a performance to be seen of men and to be approved by other actors.
Holy prayer is private and very personal; it is analogous to passionately kissing your spouse. You do not kiss-n-tell; you do not intentionally display it in public. There is no shame in kissing a spouse, but it is not something that we, the Elect of YHVH, seek to deliberately display publicly. It is a part of a very intimate and personal relationship; it is not a part of a script that we act out on a stage as a public performance, so to confirm our religiousness; that is just evil.
I would no more pray in public than I would publicly display any intimate act, with any human, or with my Master and King; my eternal Spouse. But remember, prayer is how the fake religionists; the westernized-monetized-christianized-industrialized masses who today identify as Christian, display their fraudulent religiosity. That's the lesson; that is why the christianized are so adamant about public prayer; they do not have a real relationship with Father Adonai, which then, makes the public show all the more important for them. Plus, prayer has become a slogan of the christianized; they offer prayer on the radio or TV; it is nothing more than a marketed religious product.
This is what my Master, Messiah Yeshua, was teaching; comparing the faker Pharisees, in contrast with those who are truly in Love with YHVH; those who are sincere in their devotion unto our eternal King. We do not need others to know if we are praying; it is a part of our daily lifestyle; the Elect of YHVH already know we pray. The fakers like to announce that they have (or will be) praying; some even prefer to pray only in public, so they may be seen or heard of men; so they may show their bravado in being openly religious; that they have come out of their relational closets. But Messiah Yeshua calls us to be (or remain) closet prayers, out of respect unto YHVH as our eternal Spouse (Rev 22:17).
Public displays of prayer, says: 'Look at me (other christianized people) for I'm a Christian too'. But doing in public, what should be done in private, only serves the enemy, not Messiah Yeshua (it is the spirit of antiChrist). Those who pray openly, may do so as evidence that they are religious, but the effect is that the world will see them doing this, which misrepresents YHVH; it is a false witness, which is itself an act of sin-evil. The religionists will gather in prayer, and pray for Godless things; for the gods to protect them as they are about to do some Godless act that will honor them, not YHVH.

The COP God: A Prayer Dispenser!

They will pray to the Man upstairs like Santa Claus, awaiting the prayer-signal, to dump boatloads of temporal junk; machines and the like; all of which will eventually fill-up the landfills; not the will of YHVH for anyone. They will pray for mammon, which YHVH wants us to be freed from to begin with (Matt 6:19-24; Luke 16:13-15).
They seek ever more money so they can purchase, what YHVH expects us to create, with our own sweat labors, such as our housing and food. But this is the god-construct that the Godless-religious project to the curious (on-looking) world: A god who must also suffer from abject materialism, modernity, enculturation, emotionalism and a host of ego problems.
False prayer produces the impression (the illusion) that praying to the gods, alters the natural course of life; based on this false assumption, this supposed loving god is thus, merciless to allow suffering elsewhere. How can a merciful god allow this or that? It produces a host of 'how can the almighty allow it?' questions to be raised.
The fictional god of the christianized is too often misunderstood, but this is because the christianized have no knowledge of YHVH whatsoever. Like their religionist counterparts (Muslims for one example), each respective religion-brand (theologically) manufactures the god they want; the god that serves their ego, pride, want, fleshly desires, and hopes for and in this life.
Nonetheless; Spirit-centric prayer unto YHVH -- the One Creator of all -- is private and personal; it is not a thing we really want to do in front of others very often; indeed, we remain (or become) closet prayers. To the Godless-religious, prayer is one way to show-off one's devotion to their respective religion-brand.
To the Godless-religious business person (the religionists), it is a part of the 'service' they market for a monetary fee: They offer prayer to those whom they feel need it; the Catholics offered similar 'services' (similarly) to those who entered their grand cathedrals; it was that performance of piety that angered Martin Luther to begin with, thus fueling one of many Reformations.
Still, most people would have never had a problem with (or rejected) the gods, who were not involved in corporeal life: If we were taught as children that YHVH is omnipotent and omnipresent but does not interfere with the natural course of the (volitional) human experiment, few would be so anti-god. But when we learn from the religionists, of a god that pushes the buttons and turns the knobs, right now in time; altering the course of this life; we can only surmise that this god has forgotten us, or someone we Love.
If god helps a select few, but ignores many others, well, this is not fair. Right? How, therefore, can a merciful god allow the suffering of the innocent among us? This is a good question, once we base our assumptions on a god that does anything at all. An all-powerful fix-all god would sure be more desirable; and is assuredly more marketable.
If god is all-powerful, why not use that power to make life easier? To answer that question: YHVH could have just designed the human body more durable and virtually incapable of progressive disease or even aging. We would not have or need a Medical Industry, and life would surely be more merciful and enjoyable.
And I know that YHVH easily has the ability, and so, why not? Well, I cannot actually answer that logically. But Faith does not require that I know everything (nor would I want to); I know what mine eyes see, and most everything mine ears hear are lies or distortions of truth. I know that YHVH is in control, but not in the way we would like. YHVH built Life; we should be thankful for just being in it.
But humans are lazy creatures, and so, we take the path of least resistance: And religion has been a financial profit-pig for millions, spanning the human experience. But a useless god is not a very good product to market. Thus, religions (through time) have prostituted the Creator, and adulterated the word of YHVH, so they can get a labor-free cut of the proverbial mammon pie.
And then, along comes this Messiah Yeshua Guy: His message was antithetical to the religionists of their past (and even our present). Messiah Yeshua taught that we are to live a simple, sustainable life; to give more than we take; to surrender unto His Lordship, and live simply and honorably (Luke 12).
One need not be a Jewish Pharisee, to be Pharisaical; this is a modern term to define those who have the same mentality, the same pious attitude that Messiah Yeshua faced with the Pharisees of His time/culture. It was not Messiah Yeshua attacking the Jewish Pharisees as a religion, per say, but rather, His exposition of the (fraudulent) mindset and lifestyles that many of them demonstrated; to expose their true motives for being religious-professionals to begin with: I.E: They do not pray for you, they prey on you.
How do you know? They end up with something you once had. The infinitesimal Elect of YHVH pray, so that we remain tuned-in to YHVH; in doing so, YHVH guides us down the path originally designed for us. The Godless-religious pray that the gods create the pathways that they desire. The Elect of YHVH seek the will of our only Master, Messiah Yeshua, no matter the outcome; conversely, the Godless-religious pray that the gods perform their will: This is how you can tell the Godless-religious from the Spiritually transformed Elect of YHVH.
From where do wars and fighting among you come? Is it not from this, from your lusts which war in your members? You desire, and do not have. You murder, and are jealous, and cannot obtain. You fight and war, yet you have not because you ask not. You ask and receive not, because you ask amiss, that you may spend it upon your lusts. Adulterers and adulteresses! Do you not know that friendship with the world is enmity with Elohim?
Therefore, whoever desires to be a friend of the world is the enemy of Elohim. Do you think that the scripture says in vain: The Spirit that dwells in us yearns to envy? But He gives more grace. Therefore He says: Elohim resists the proud, but He gives grace to the humble. Therefore submit yourselves to Elohim. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you. Draw near to Elohim, and He will draw near to you. Cleanse your hands, sinners; and purify your hearts, double-minded one's. Be afflicted, and mourn and weep. Let your laughter be turned to mourning and your joy to heaviness. Be humbled before the Lord, and He will lift you up. (James 4:1-10)
Grace is temporary; grace is an element of time, and is not eternal; hence the soberness of this warning. We know this by the very root meaning of the word: For example, one falls behind on mortgage payments, the lender can offer a grace period, but that does not mean one can stop making payments from then on. It is a period of time for one to recover and eventually resume the payments. And you should know what happens when you stop paying! Grace is not forgiveness, it is grace. It gives us time to repent and recover from the consequences of sin lifestyle, but if a person is dedicated to that lifestyle (i.e. unrepentant), grace ends and a Day of Judgment is all that's left (2Th 1).

God Bless My Godlessness!

Dear big-man upstairs; as I do dangerous things, which do not in any way, glorify You or serve You, or serve others as You would, or live as Your lifestyle modeled to the world. I pray that you protect me in the doing. Amen! Indeed, this is how the Godless use prayer. That is: 'I will live as I will, and You protect me while I'm doing it, and if anything goes wrong, it's Your fault, so fix it (oh yea; in Jesus' name, amen)!'
While the Elect of YHVH seek the will of our Lord to be done (Matt 11:24-28), the Godless-religious expects their gods to fulfill their will, and prayer becomes great fruit-evidence of this Spiritual condition; this Spiritual status, or state of living. Those who are not Spiritual, are thus only carnal; corporeal; physical, and the fruit-evidence of that fact, is witnessed in their attraction to, and investment in, all things physical.
The Godless-religious like to shop; to be entertained; they daily seek ways to alleviate boredom because they do not know or obey Messiah Yeshua (John 14:10-13,14-18; Eph 4:28), and so, they take from the fruits of another's labors (they trade time for money producing no shelter, food or wear: useless jobs), thus relieving them of the time and the calorie-burning energy required to obtain them: Labor! These are the Sodomites (Sodom 2.0 is the USA); if these same people were born in these biblical ancient cities, they too, would have been given a lava bath by YHVH, and then their Soul parked in extreme outer darkness thereafter.
The other fact is how the Pharisee prayed to begin with: regimented; ritualistic; scheduled. The Pharisees were, depending upon the time/place, a political party, a social movement, and a school of thought among ethnic Jews that flourished during the Second Temple Era (roughly 536 BC to 70 AD). After the destruction of the Second Temple, the Pharisaic sect was re-established as Rabbinic Judaism, which ultimately produced normative, traditional Judaism, the basis for all contemporary forms of Judaism.

The Actual Lord's Prayer: John Seventeen!

The disciples asked Messiah Yeshua, how to pray (Luke 11:1-4; Matt 6:9-13): Why would they ask such a question since they had been with Him for at least several months by that time? What does the very question expose? First; that He did not pray in front of them, and evidently, they never heard Him pray either (hence the question). The disciples did not want to continue to merely copy those they witnessed praying, like people do today (esp. the Pharisaic); they only knew about praying via the Pharisees (Luke 18:9-14), which Messiah Yeshua so often opposed.
This is why He taught about the prayer closet (Matt 6:5-8); the idea that (actual, true) prayer is personal, private, and profound in its results: The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much (James 5:16); whereas, the prayers of the unrighteous produce no lifestyle changes, and so they continue to live just like those that directly influence them. Also, if prayer is burdensome, or (worse) a scheduled ritual; then you simply do not know YHVH personally.
When I pray, I go to a private place, and there, I stand, look upward or outward (eyes opened), and say: Messiah my Lord, or, Elohim my Love, or, my Heavenly Father ... and then I continue in this intimate, private, personal and fervent connection; this unifying communication with my Master and eternal Mate. The context of all prayer centers first on that relationship, and then on eternal things. Only the fakers will pray publicly, and thus, always in the context of the 'me-here-now' that defines their true self. Those who seek 'the man upstairs' to improve their earthly lot, are Spiritually bankrupt, even though we never give up hope on anyone until their corporeal end.
Past Monks were spawn from the productions of religion; mostly the western catholics, but also from the eastern orthodoxy of the Levant region. A true and pure Monk (or disciple) is not associated with any money-dependent (mammon-serving) religion-business: The Monk of YHVH is a disciple of our Master and Lord, Yeshua the Messiah, via those precious Red Letters. Our life and lifestyle will not be as ritualistic as those religion-centric Monks that most people are familiar with.
Religious Monks believe in ritualism, but this is because they are not yet Spiritually transformed; they are merely religious; their Soul had not been transformed by the Indwelling Holy Spirit, which is YHVH. I do not need to strain and lament in seeking some distant god, through chants or rituals or repetitive prayer (Matt 6:5-8), for YHVH is right here and right now, abiding within me: YHVH and I are One (John 17:20-23). YHVH does not operate by the clock or the calendar; therefore, we are ready always, to commune with YHVH (Matt 24:42-47). Prayer is about listening!
Listening prayer and Christian contemplation are more in alignment with how the Monk of YHVH lives a prayer life. True prayer is about receiving, not asking or demanding. The modern religionists (the westernized capitalist evangelical protestants) get the most media exposure; they have converted everything that is Holy, revered and honorable, into consumer products that they 'minister' for mammon (money, tithes, offerings, etc.). Do not listen to people who have a hand out or who expect to get money; they are compromised; they are money dependent; they represent the many antiChrists among us (1Jo 2:15-18,19-21).

Lead Us Into More Temptation?

Prayer (Grace) is not merely conveying a message to YHVH; prayer is not only talking (Rom 8:8-11,26) to plead for more things or more life-time. The Holy Spirit (assuming that Spirit reigns within you), reminds us of the words of Messiah Yeshua (John 14:25-26), and when we read the context of prayer spelled out by the Master, we get a better word-picture of this glorious connection. The intent is to free us daily from the effects of tempting advertising or being tempted by money.
The protestants will often say (out loud, no less) that they heard 'god' say this or that to them, but this is always a lie. You cannot live an antiChrist existence, and then expect to hear from YHVH (or to be heard) any time you whine or bark a prayer in the name of Jesus. They hear only the voices of the evil one (John 17:15) who pretend to be god/s. All the mythological gods of all human history, were created or perpetuated by satan and his trillion demon army of YHVH haters.
Demons have been manipulating people for a very long time; they mastered it long ago (Eph 1:16-20,21-23; 6:11-13; Col 2:9-12,13-15). Since the time of Messiah, most people live antiChrist lifestyles that are busy with chasing mammon; conversely, the (infinitesimal & inconspicuous) Elect of YHVH serve YHVH full-time. The protestants will exploit scripture by claiming the authority of the bible ('the bible says...' people) in order to make it their authority.
The laziness of the Godless-religious is what leads to such simpleton acts as to parrot (what came to be known as) The Lord's Prayer in Matthew's gospel (Matt 6:9-13). The Lord's Prayer is actually all of John Seventeen. It is easy to locate sound-bites in the bible and then rearrange them into some act of religious significance or ritualism, but Messiah Yeshua did not say these words (recorded in Matthew's gospel) with any intent of future generations twisting it, like what we see in the world today.
Fiction writers like to parrot 'Our Father which art in Heaven...' as if it's an actual prayer, but this outcome is a process of satan, to get the masses to avoid the actual Lord's Prayer, because it speaks of a complete and tight unity: Community, which the denominators, and verily, all of Christendom, cannot live out daily, here on Earth, and thus, cannot in Heaven forever either. Christendom is the outward corporeal production of satan, whereas the Saved-Transformed-Redeemed few (the Elect of YHVH) are tethered to YHVH, today and forever, via the Indwelling Holy Spirit.
People throughout time would appeal to a deity or god, only when they had needs; however, the Master was teaching a new principle behind our New Covenant future with YHVH; a personal relationship. YHVH does not speak to humans; audibly or through scripture, as the bibliolatrous try to proclaim; those of 'Xian' bibliolatry. Scripture was never intended to be reduced to a classroom textbook for perpetual students to finance perpetual teachers; indeed, the Word became flesh (John 1:10-14; 7:37-39; 17:17-23). We do not merely academically consume the word; we either become the sum totality of it, or not.
There is no performance anxiety in living a Messianic pattern; only in acting (or faking) a Messianic discipleship. For the christianized Godless-religious, prayer becomes an outward measuring device to display piety; to make a show of faith unto human eyes; to publicly announce one's christianization. I am always nervous around those too willing to pray in front of others, because, for the Elect of YHVH (myself included), prayer is as intimate and personal, as is physical intimacy is with one's spouse (indeed, YHVH is our eternal Spouse).
There are rare times when YHVH will place it on our hearts to pray, and at that moment, others will be present, but this will be rare, and not common. It is analogous to mating with your spouse; there are impulsive times when the mating-mood strikes, but you do not act it out, then and there, right? You go to a private place where the two become one flesh. That is what Messiah Yeshua meant by going into your prayer closet. (Read: On Prayer and the Contemplative Life)
Prayer is a beautiful thing indeed; however, it is not shared openly with others; it is just too intimate for others to be present. We find a closet, as it were; a private place away from others. But you see: The Godless do not actually have an intimate, personal relationship with YHVH, and the proof is witnessed herein. They will quickly take it out and show it off to everyone. They have no thought about it, because prayer for them has never been real; it is always a show; a production for the benefit of others.
There are instances in letters to some of the early fellowships, concerning prayer, but we must always keep in mind that Saul was not a direct Apostle of Messiah Yeshua (he never met Him in the flesh), and as such, Saul did not have the Messiah Directives. Saul was, as we are today, a sinner Transformed by the Indwelling Holy Spirit.
That is significant, indeed, but we must keep it in mind, when we read the letters, understanding who wrote them, and why they were written. Saul was inspired, but so is anyone who has been Saved and Transformed, and their lifestyle reflects that reality. Those fellowship letters, written and included in the New Testament, were never intended by YHVH (or Saul) to be the foundation of Messiah-doctrine: referred to as Pauline Christianity.
When there is no genuine prayer life, humans find themselves alone in the universe. In that aloneness, they seek out other humans to talk with; to engage; to seek council; just as they should with YHVH, alone in their prayer closets. But you see, they really do not have prayer closets; that is, they have no real (daily dying; daily living) Spiritual relationship with YHVH, and they will not until they surrender unconditionally unto YHVH.
They are fully immersed in the world, and they want to stay there, and then, just add religion to their regiment. But YHVH is not an addendum, and will not be accepted as such. Thus, the worldly pray to 'the man upstairs' to bless them and protect them as they live Godless lifestyles. When things go bad they can blame satan or the god/s.
This is where religion-businesses come into play. They tell people that they are Saved, by just using their mouth and their emotions to appeal to YHVH for a ticket on the straight and narrow; The Way. They provide a place of social connection, and this is why so many humans support them financially (making it possible for them to exist to begin with).
But church-businesses are not filled with Christian workers; they are filled with those who put on the show of religion for the sake of the givers: They put on the show for the ticket sales. This is why some of us do not prefer to be called Christians, for this associates us with worldly religionists who also employ that terminology. As the Elect of YHVH, we follow the Messiah Yeshua Doctrine (Matt 7:19-23,24-29), found throughout the Gospels (Focused examples: Matt 7 & 22; Mark 1; John 7; 2nd John).
Religion (as a business) has failed because they are, in the Spiritual sense, dead (Rev 3); they are a drain upon all who participate therein, except (of course) for those who are there for the money (John 6); or, for their sagging egos. But YHVH is not found by those seeking Him for ulterior motives; YHVH is most often found at the end of self. The business of religion is like a grocery store; it is a place to go and it is assumed that YHVH is in there. Hunger compels us to the grocer's and the church, but YHVH does not occupy one place over another; YHVH is as much in the grocer as the church. The Church is made of flesh and bones, not building materials, and few fully grasp what that means, save the Saved.
The Laodicean Age is indeed, here, and all of us are smack dab in the middle of it. The only one's not aware of this, are those spoken of in Revelations; the church and the churched. The Godless-religious are more concerned about their religious rights, than they are about their Spiritual condition, exactly because they have no Spiritual condition; they are dead within. That deadness must happen, it's prophetic. If the one fulfilling the prophecy was aware of their sin, they would stop and the prophecy could not happen. Therefore, in order for it to be true, those guilty of it, must be oblivious to it. The church cannot see it in the self, and indeed will not; YHVH will see to that.

Praying to Your Hands or Eyelids!

Prayer is Spirit centric and Messiah focused; no need for prayer to be 'legal to do in public'. For the Elect of YHVH; we pray in private. We pray continuously. We live prayerfully. We don't pray to YHVH, for YHVH to see our requests as we do; instead, we pray to see all things the Yah way, and then for the power to render us powerless, so that we operate only within the empowerment provided by YHVH, on an as-needed basis. Less of me, more of You; may I decrease, so that You Lord, may increase.
Our prayer life centers on finding and doing the will of The Lord, and not of our own needs, wants or lusts. We trust in YHVH our Provider, to give us all we need directly from the natural world. In order for that to be possible and sustainable, we must steward Earth as YHVH intended. Industrializing and polluting it, is not sustainable and thus it's abuse. We live our Kingdom in the now, for the Kingdom of YHVH is within us already (or not).
We should pray, asking YHVH to forgive us for living in such a way, as to harm the planet, created and owned by YHVH, and causing suffering among the humans that are mistreated and/or disrespected and exploited, in the production of the things purchased wth satans money. We should ask YHVH to lead us into lifestyles fitting of and for our earthly vessels.
We should pray to be good stewards over all YHVH places in our control. We should pray it and mean it: 'Give us, day by day, our daily provisions; keep us from temptation; deliver us from evil'. What evil? All that is tempting to us! We pray for the freedom from the world; not freedom in the world; we certainly do not implore the world to let us pray in their presence.
Therefore, we do not need any posturing (social or political) to pray; one can pray standing, sitting, kneeling or in bed; eyes open or closed; hands in your pocket or in the air. You see, YHVH does not care (at all) about how we pray, but that we pray to Him sincerely and effectually; that the relationship remains personal and life-changing. In a changed life, we live righteously; we live as the early fellowships, which had to hide from persecution: You can bet; they prayed fervently. Prayer is the vehicle to metamorphosis;a radical turn-around that defines being born again: Messiah Yeshua was used by YHVH (the Father), to communicate His Love unto creation.
Messiah Yeshua called the Pharisees actors, and they did not like Him, consequently. Prayer is not to be a way for us to say things out loud to others who hear us praying; to say that which we will not say to their face otherwise; in fact that is wholly blasphemous. Prayer is not a way to publicly display one's religiosity; it is not to flash the Christian card; it is not to show others of our faithfulness. Prayer is for us personally; so that we can grow and maturate in the Lord. We can (and should) pray in intercession, but the central purpose for prayer is for the perfection of the self, and, in thanksgiving unto the Father.
The Elect of YHVH pray for the will of The Lord, to be done here (on Earth), no matter what it will cost us personally; conversely, the Godless-religious pray for (personal) health, control, and prosperity in the here and now. They thank the gods for the things they should not even have to begin with, and beg for the things of this world that YHVH wants them to be freed from, via a genuine prayer life. Ironic, huh!

Prayer: The Purpose; The Power; The Perfection!

Prayer becomes a thing people do, in-between decisions they volition. Conversely; the Indwelling Holy Spirit gives us the mind of Messiah; once that occurs, the Saved, no longer think like the world; we no longer refer to the world; we no longer utilize the paradigms of the world; we no longer crave the world, at all. We are transformed radically by the renewing of the mind, and that mindset is typically the opposite of the culture-at-large.
In short, the ceiling will not give you what Santa Claus denied you. YHVH waits for us to die to this world, before He ever dwells within our Soul. When we truly belong to Messiah Yeshua, mind, body and Soul, we live as Him on Earth. When did you last pray for your abusers? When did you last, hike into the wilderness to pray for hours?
You have heard that it has been said: You shall love your neighbor, and hate your enemy. But I say unto you: Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them that spitefully use you and persecute you; that you may be the children of your Father which is in Heaven: For He makes His sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sends rain on the just and on the unjust. For if you love them that love you, what reward have you? Do not even the publicans do the same? And if you salute your brethren only, what do you do more than others? Do not even the publicans do so? Therefore, you be perfect, even as your Father in Heaven is perfect. (Matt 5:44-48)
And when they came to the multitude, there came to Him a certain man, kneeling down to Him, and saying: Lord, have mercy on my son: for he is lunatic, and sore vexed, for he often falls into the fire, and often into the water. And I brought him to your Disciples, and they could not cure him. Then Yeshua answered and said: O faithless and perverse generation, how long shall I be with you? How long shall I suffer you? Bring him to Me. And Yeshua rebuked the devil, and he departed out of him; the child was cured from that very hour. Then came the Disciples to Yeshua, apart, and said: Why could not we cast him out? And Yeshua said unto them: Because of your unbelief, for verily I say unto you: If you have faith as a grain of mustard seed, you shall say unto this mountain, remove hence to yonder place, and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you. Howbeit, this kind does not go out, but by prayer and fasting. (Matt 17:14-21)
And they that did eat of the loaves were about five thousand men. And straightway He constrained His disciples to get into the ship, and to go to the other side before unto Bethsaida, while He sent away the people. And when He had sent them away, He departed into a mountain to pray. | And at evening, when the sunset, they brought unto Him all that were diseased, and them that were possessed with devils. And the entire city was gathered together at the door. And He healed many that were sick of divers diseases, and cast out many devils; and suffered not the devils to speak, because they knew Him. And in the morning, rising up a great while before day, He went out, and departed into a solitary place, and there prayed. (Mark 1:32-35 | 6:44-46)
And they came to Jerusalem, and Yeshua went into the temple and began to cast out them that sold and bought in the temple, and overthrew the tables of the money-changers, and the seats of them that sold doves; and would not suffer that any man should carry any vessel through the temple. And He taught, saying unto them: Is it not written: My house shall be called of all nations, the house of prayer? But you have made it a den of thieves!
When the scribes and chief Priests heard it, they sought how they might destroy Him, for they feared Him, because all the people were astonished at His doctrine. When evening was come, He went out of the city. And in the morning, as they passed by, they saw the fig tree dried up from the roots. And Peter calling to remembrance said unto Him: Master, behold, the fig tree which you cursed is withered away. And Yeshua answering, said unto them:
Have faith in Elohim. For verily I say unto you, that whosoever shall say unto this mountain: Be removed and cast into the sea! And shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he said shall come to pass; he shall have whatsoever he said. Therefore I say unto you; what things soever you desire, when you pray, believe that you receive them, and you shall have them. And when you stand praying, forgive: If you have ought against any; that your Father also, which is in Heaven, may forgive you your trespasses. But if you do not forgive, neither will your Heavenly Father forgive your trespasses. (Mark 11:15-25)
And He said unto them in His doctrine: Beware of the scribes, which love to go in long clothing, and love salutations in the marketplaces, and the chief seats in the synagogues, and the uppermost rooms at feasts: Which devour widows houses, and for pretense make long prayers; these shall receive greater damnation. (Mark 12:38-40)
This is the most brazenly obvious words Messiah Yeshua ever spoke about the Pharisees; about or concerning being pharisaic in general: The Godless-religious are there to put on a show; a play on the stages of life; to seem religiously devout; to speak on behalf of the gods, wherein they gain trust, and then proceed to take their mammon resources for personal use/gain: They exploit the power! Notice the reference to clothing; today it is the suit and tie; the look-at-me bling; to dress to impress! Pride indeed!
To devour a widow's home is analogous to death insurance today; or, to will one's home and/or possessions over to a religion-business. It is that ravenous money-loving notion that Messiah Yeshua often referred to, concerning the human condition; the desperation for profit, mammon and power; money-power. When the human remains untransformed, they remain as hominids (animals); just as Peter put it: Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, walks about as a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour. Adversarialism, territorialism, hierarchy, and competitivism, are the signatures of the evil one, and all those he deceives and leads (churched or not).
Satan, the ethereal demons, and his earthly servants (the many antiChrists) are Takers; parasites; devourer's; they do not care what or who they kill and eat, so long as they get their bellies filled. They look at the resources of other humans, and then put on a religious pretense in order to gain those resources (in this particular case, the real estate of the dying). These kind do not labor and build and grow and live simple lives; their fruit manifests in their love of worldliness, urbanism, and grand material things.
The Godless can only look upon other humans as a resource; other humans exist in their world, to control, absorb, scam, subjugate or dominate; (the 'what's in it for me' mentality). The religionists will build (physical) temples that are, in truth, dens of thieves; monuments to their own successes (Luke 21:1-6). The wilderness is the artwork creation of YHVH; it is where all Saved Souls are drawn to (following true conversion), for periods of regeneration and further transformation; our time alone in the garden creation, with YHVH, receiving our prime directives through bonding, intimate prayer and unfettered devotion. Indeed, that is why it is called a personal relationship: It is private and profound, and bears visible fruit via lifestyle choices.
The Elect of YHVH do not flaunt faith; we resonate Messiah Yeshua (primarily) in lifestyle. Messiah Yeshua said that if you pray in your closets, YHVH will bless you openly; the fruit-evidence of genuine prayer will be manifest in genuine communal relationships; in peaceful contentment; in lifestyle simplicity; in emotional maturation. The lifestyle will be reflected in Community (communal unity), Neighbor, Discipleship and Stewardship. For the Godless (including the Godless-religious), blessings and gifts only means that YHVH will give us more toys; more mammon: The immature still looking at the Lord Messiah Yeshua as Santa-god.
You look more Messiah-like, when you're no longer in the picture. This Spiritual Transformation is metamorphic; like the caterpillar to the butterfly: it is to be set apart (much like the American Amish as compared to the average materialistic capitalist). Spirit-centric humans are not lead by their emotions, they are led by YHVH; we decide what we feel, and do not blame the outside world, or others, for feelings or what is experienced.
We will be judged, by Messiah Yeshua, on Judgment Day, by our character, and the subsequent action-inaction of/from that character. We will not be judged based on our personality; our presentation of the self to the world. YHVH cares nothing at all, about our personality, except when it is a faked presentation of our true character, as with the Pharisees. Humans fake a personality; a persona, in order to trick other humans as to the true self; the mask of hypocrisy.

The Sinner's Prayer: Fictional Panacea!

This concept was a theological extraction from the COP (Catholic-Orthodox-Protestant) cults, who were finding ways to market their respective money-dependent religion-businesses. Basically, they seek out humans who are filled with guilt, either from actually being super-bad people, or, by making them feel bad about themselves (before they understand why). The sinner's prayer is a prayer offered to the listener, by some religious leader, to be parroted, in order to assure eternal salvation, or so they solicit. The prayer includes the words - forgive me for I'm a sinner - in some form or another. This may not be vain repetition (Matt 6:7), but it is no more sincere.
Now, putting aside for the moment, that all humans sin and fall short of perfect righteousness; the person who has not made any former commitment to Messiah Yeshua thus far, and, who is there just trying to learn about this Christian god, is now faced with the idea that they are utterly depraved and sin-soaked pieces of crap, who deserve utter torment and torture for trillions millennia, and thus, need to repent.
And what exactly does repent mean anyway? The profound depth of theology placed upon them is going to result in a guilt response, not a well-informed decision, based upon months of prayer and introspection. Why? Because religionists employ guilt to get them obligated to their church-business or religion-brand, wherein they fleece the flock, as it were.
The Gospel is indeed, truth, however, the time to be sharing the deeper ideals of Faith, should be left to the promptings of the Indwelling Holy Spirit, after that installation occurs (Luke 9:2-5). Even Messiah Yeshua said it plainly:
You have not chosen Me, but I have chosen you and ordained you that you should go and bring forth fruit: For many are called, but few chosen!
To tell someone who knows nothing about the atonement (the propitiation) of Messiah Yeshua, and how that was the sin-offering; the Lamb of YHVH that replaced the Jewish lambs used as physical altar sacrifices; this is deeply theological, indeed. To expect someone to understand sin, itself, is confusing. Very few humans understand that they have ever sinned at all.
If sin is just the breaking of rules, most humans know already that they would be punished if they murdered someone. Thus, they do not murder, not because they do not want to, but because they do not want to pay the consequences of that sin-act. Sin is only sin when we're taught that it's bad and wrong (Romans: all). After all, anyone can easily justify anything, if it is to the satisfying of their carnal desires: Vengeance and retaliation are powerful desires.
If, for example, a man catches another man in the act of raping his wife, he may feel compelled to kill him, and I assure you, he will not feel guilty or bad for doing so: Indeed, he will (metaphorically) pound his chest to let all the other males know that if they try this, they too, will be dead. However, if this same man gets woken abruptly by his crying child, and in a fit of anger kills the child, he will feel the overwhelming guilt that comes from the loss of the child he bore and loved, once his temper subsides: Sin therefore, can be very circumstantial. Without the Indwelling Holy Spirit, human emotions govern.
Thus, the law says that, no matter your personal feelings about murder (or your justifications), the act is a crime and you will be severely punished if you murder. To tell someone that they are guilty of sin, well before they even understand Law itself, is very premature, and will not work on those who do not yet feel the conviction that comes, not from inducing guilt, but from the Holy Spirit, which does not dwell within us, just because we parrot a prayer. This entire concept was taught to us in a portion of a letter to the Romans by Paul:
As it is written: There is none righteous, no not one; there is none that understands; there is none that seeks after Elohim. They are all gone out of the way, they have together become unprofitable, there is none that does good, no, not one. Their throat is an open grave, with their tongues they have used deceit, the poison of asps is under their lips; whose mouth is full of cursing and bitterness; their feet are swift to shed blood; destruction and misery are in their way, and the way of peace they did not know. There is no fear of Elohim before their eyes. But we know that whatever things the Law says, it says to those who are under the Law; so that every mouth may be stopped and all the world may be under judgment before Elohim, because by the works of the Law none of all flesh will be justified in His sight; for through the Law is the knowledge of sin. (Rom 3:10-20)

Prayer As Psychology: The Psychology Of Prayer!

Why do we pray for the families of the dead? Why pray for the dead? What good does it do? Does YHVH allow untimely death, but then comfort people in that loss? That would be analogous to the murderer comforting the victim's family. Not that YHVH is the murderer, but that YHVH is either responsible for all things, or nothing: To be selective would be the pinnacle of evil, and YHVH is not evil.
Would you prefer the comfort of YHVH concerning your dead child? Or would you prefer YHVH prevent your child's death? Why would YHVH do one, but not the other? Is the power of Adonai Elohim, limited to the easy things? No! The logic is simple here. Thus, we have the psychology of prayer, where prayer is a form of psychology; a psychological tool like hypnosis; a drug to anesthetize or a placebo to placate.
The Protestants followed after the Catholics, in that, they became the sellers of the religious rituals and all the other religious accessories of man. They prostitute the scriptures to justify the taking of resources from other humans, rather than laboring and supporting their ministries with the excesses of their labors: They do not pay for their ministries, they get paid from their ministries!
The religionists pimp god (or the gods); they adulterate the word; they monetize YHVH, which by itself is decrepit and mortifying! They are the religionists, and they are either the most confused, or the most depraved, humans on Earth. There are those sincere about finding YHVH, no matter the cost to them personally: However, most people see religion as a way to feed their egos; to avoid manual labor; to avoid having to compete with others in the markets of the world (and engage the cruel worldly people). But our life is our ministry.

There Is No Romans Road, Only Narrow Way!

Messiah Yeshua taught us about this multitude in the last half of Matthew Seven (i.e. Matthew Seven Christians); those who will not learn that they are doomed, until Judgment Day. They believe that because they pretend to believe, and then fortify that self-belief with their involvement in religion, that this is how humans end up in Heaven. They never die-to-this-life; they are not born-again; they will not surrender unconditionally, pick up their daily cross and walk away from everything to follow Messiah Yeshua.
Instead, they do the opposite; they use YHVH and religion to go deeper into the world; to become more successful in the eyes on men. Their religion-services are sold to the simpletons trying to find meaning in this life, and as Messiah Yeshua said would happen, the seeds are thrown out there, and most are picked off or burned up and die (Matt 13).
Prayer then, for the religionists, becomes just another service to sell to others. When someone is facing great loss, disease or death, they suddenly seek out the prayers of the (professional) religionists, as if YHVH hears them just a little clearer than the rest of us unpaid. This is why (especially among the Protestants) that there are prayer groups/chains, prayer call centers, prayer meetings, prayer warriors, praying in tongues, and even praying about praying.
Prayer has become the panacea; the veritable catch-all, but, primarily to help avoid a literal Transformation of one's mind, body and Spirit. Prayer has attenuated over time and circumstance, to be a 'thing to do', rather than a thing to become. It is just like Love: Humans do not offer and/or withdraw Love (it is not an emotion that we assign the word love to), we become Love - or Not. YHVH IS Love; the Holy Spirit IS YHVH; the Holy Spirit Inhabits us -- or not!

Prayer As A Religious Marketable Product!

All religion-businesses market their services, but in differing or branded packages, and prayer is among a long list of such rites, rituals, traditions and indulgences. But Messiah Yeshua did not use prayer to sell anything; to gain anything earthly; to appease emotions or alleviate distress. People usually suffer as a consequence of living in polar opposition to the will of YHVH, and then, when the consequences of that disobedience finally surfaces, they suddenly seek out prayer to fix what is broken (as a consequence of their Godless lifestyle/s).
Humans will ignore YHVH until in need, and then in fear of death or loss of some kind, they suddenly seek out 'The Man Upstairs!' YHVH is like an emergency room physician; the Godless (and the Godless-religious) will live and serve the flesh, and then when that eventually backfires, they will rush to the gods in prayer to fix it all; however, they can only fall back on their church attendance or some other form of fickle faith act, as validation of their 'beliefs'. But Messiah Yeshua knows who are His, and who are not, for we live like Him: doing so is what keeps us safe.
Those who have not been born again (Saved) find prayer uncomfortable, ritualistic, and even hypocritical. Without the Indwelling Holy Spirit, prayer is nothing more than self-talk, and eventually, that becomes monotonous and routine. Even though the effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much, this statement (too) becomes a slogan, and the ideals of living righteously, gets lost in the excuse that we all have a fallen nature and are sinners saved by grace. But the 'works' that scripture refers to, is not good deeds (works of mercy and service), but religious works: Scheduled praying, church attendance, tithing, Bible study, liturgy, rites and rituals, etc. But real prayer avails truth, wisdom, direction, and empowerment, thus freeing us from all those other things.
Thus, the idea of perfection and righteousness -- in the here and now -- is impossible, if a person is not Love-conquered via the Indwelling Holy Spirit: Messiah-in-us! But we, the disciples of Messiah Yeshua, already know the times and the culture that we live in; we know that we are deep into the end times (the Laodicean era), and that the bulk of humans who claim to be Christian, are in fact, Matthew Seven Christians; they harbor self-beliefs that lead to more pride, secularism, adversarialism, hierarchy, and competitivism; not unconditional surrender, self-sacrifice and self-discipline.
The ideals of walking away from the things of this life: the material world, riches, careers, or on any other way, to follow the pathways of the unregenerate world, has been replaced with the businesses of religion, and the services they provide as replacement. The religionists train its observers how to mimic the Christian walk, but to do so within the operations of the Godless world around them.
With church-businesses filled with actors (hypocrites), the only one's they recruit are others who are not really seeking to be like YHVH, but rather, to see what they can gain from the effort; the participation. The productions within the church walls mimic those of the time/culture they inhabit. But the underlying theme for many is emotionalism and sensationalism, as the recruitment tool to hold the minds of the masses: Peek emotionalism replaces YHVH Love. This is why Marx called religion the opiate of the masses: Indeed!

Prayer Appointments? Prayer Preaching? Prayer Speeches?

'How come YHVH only hears our prayers when our eyes are closed'? The child asks! I answered her and said: because YHVH appears before us, but YHVH cannot let Himself be seen, and so He appears while our eyes are closed, and hides when they are open. The child wisely replied: So YHVH is there while I sleep? Well, I knew I could no longer fool this child, because I knew this is where the human mind picks up on the Santa-Claus-is-god phenomenon that Hollywood exploits; indeed, the Petri dish where the modern socio-pathology of YHVH is cultured. I told her that YHVH is not seen by any of us humans, until after we die. First; Train up a child in the way you want that child to go, for they will. Honesty is the best policy, even if they do not fully comprehend it at the time.
Secondly; most adults fully under-estimate the intellect of children, and actually dumb-down children by not allowing them to think for themselves; to meditate on what we tell them. We expect them to get it right away, but they often need to ponder (heard or read) words first (most adults should do this too, but they don't; too hurried). Messiah Yeshua both taught with words, and demonstrated to us, what true prayer is. Prayer is our daily and hourly communication with YHVH, but that can only be real and lasting if that relationship is real.
Prayer is first and foremost, private; not as the Godless-religious who clang their cymbals publicly to allow prayer in schools or public offices; to what? To be seen of men. To make prayer a public show of piety. There is no prayer time; we (are to) pray without ceasing (Acts 12:1-5; Rom 1:8-12; 1Th 1:2-5; 2:13; 5:14-18; 2Ti 1:1-5). Do you stop everything you are doing for 20 minutes daily, to communicate with your spouse, and then basically ignore that spouse for every other minute of the day? Hopefully not. You communicate with those you truly Love, continuously, not in isolated appointments. If you truly Love the Lord, the proof of that Love is manifest in continual communication, called prayer.
Does this mean that we should be allowed to not work while at work, so that we may pray all the time? You see how silly this all can get? The difference is between those who live as Messiah Yeshua, as opposed to those who see religion as a way to make money; to get attention; or to take sides against other humans. This is why there are no Saved, Spiritually transformed, Heaven-bound individuals, who are employees, and especially the employees of Godless employers. We, the Elect of YHVH, are called out of such a world. But christianization teaches that you make mammon so that you can share a cut of it with them (them being the professional sedentary religionist hands-out tithe-takers).
Prayer is an intimate time, communing with Adonai our Elohim. We do not schedule prayer, we live prayerfully, moment to moment, day by day. The Elect of YHVH pray for the tools and the empowerment to keep the flock of YHVH unified and together; the Godless-religious use religion to brand-name the service they sell; to separate people like customers: The one church tries to offer more of what that cultures customers want in the ritual act of religion (the service and its message), thus bringing in more people, and thus more moneys and more ears to tickle. The Godless-religious are just that; Godless humans who participate in (the businesses of) religion for personal gain; they monetize YHVH to avoid labor, and/or to have an audience to listen to them; to be seen of men. and the adherents attend as an attempt to fix some psychological woe.
In some religious-business services, their leaders even expect you to write down all that exits their mouth; is that not just anti-humble? It's called the god-complex (also called the Messiah-complex, or the hero complex), and the Pharisaic are actually sickened with it (Pharisees of the past, present and future). The Pharisees, to this day, have prayer hour; that is, they pray at an appointed time (collectively), no matter if YHVH has placed something or someone on their hearts to pray for, or not. It is mindless and repetitive; more accurately, Soul-less, to pray by the clock and/or calendar, rather than to be open to the Indwelling Holy Spirit at all times; praying only when the Spirit leads. This is exactly because they do not have the Indwelling, which moves us as the Holy Spirit wishes.

Praying For YHVH To Alter Another's Volition!

YHVH owns everything; YHVH created all things, and is in all things. YHVH is in the past, the present, the future; all at once if He volition's: YHVH is not subject to time or space or matter; YHVH can be corporeal or incorporeal. The limited human brain cannot fathom YHVH; cannot understand this, right now. But the Indwelling Holy Spirit brings into us, something extraordinary. We (can) have YHVH-in-us; the Creator of all, residing with us. Now, does this mean that we are gods? No, of course not, but the simpleton mind probably thinks that way, because for one, the simpleton does not have the mind of Messiah, and two; because of that state of Godlessness, they seek power and self-importance, in any way it presents itself (in the course of this life): Religious superiority will do just fine.
In religion -- as a widespread sociocultural influence; in these examples, the christianized -- superiority is gained by being more Spiritual than another, or more successful, more blessed or more gifted. In the business of religion, it is how powerful you are in the church hierarchy. But these are all traits of the Godless-religious; these are the fruits of Godlessness. If YHVH is in everything, is YHVH not in us already? Indeed, in some respects, YHVH is in everything; the air, water, our body, trees, animals; everything. Satan is pride! The pride conquered will even get prideful about their selections concerning bible translation or their church or denomination, and so on: Evil!
This is why early humans intrinsically worshiped (and feared) nature, because they had a sense that it was Holy and Sacred; indeed, it was the supplier of all their Earthly needs. But YHVH wanted us bipedal hominids to understand a bigger picture of corporeality, and thus, YHVH gave us words: The Messiah Scriptures! It was designed and inspired to enlighten us mere bipedal hominids; to help us to understand the nature of YHVH, and to transcend the simpleton or primal mind, and come to know YHVH, deeply and personally. With this understanding comes the revelation that all YHVH created is Sacred; yes even you. We are to be saints.
Remember, the same Indwelling Holy Spirit that inspired the human writers of the Bible, is in me and you (if it be so, that the Spirit of YHVH dwells in you). Why would we need to pray to our Heavenly Father, if YHVH is in us? The Indwelling Holy Spirit installs the power of YHVH into us (YHVH-Love); however, that yoke can be severed, by us humans, anytime we volition: What YHVH wills, and what we will, can segregate anytime we volition it to be so.
You and I have a superpower; the power over self, because we were created in the image of YHVH in that we have eternal Souls; therefore, it requires me (and you) to volitionally surrender that power daily (Luke 9:23-26; 1Co 15:27-31); surrender my superpower of volition, over to the Holy Spirit. This is why we do not need to pray to YHVH to alter or defy another person's will, because YHVH cannot do that; it would violate such self-imposed restrictions: Free-will would not be free, if YHVH could alter it.
I can pray to YHVH (and I have) that this other person Love me, as I Love them, but YHVH cannot participate in that process, even though it's the will of The Lord, and my will, that this other person Love. That other person has the superpower of free-will; volition, and YHVH will not interfere with it. Each individual person must make the decision to follow Messiah Yeshua, and to lay down their life; their will, unto the foot of the Cross; once they do that sincerely and unconditionally, the Indwelling will occur, and they will have the Love of YHVH in them always (no conjuring needed), and then they will Love me automatically; unconditionally; eternally, just as YHVH Loves me and I Love them.
But without that Indwelling (Rom 8), they will live and die in a state of utter Lovelessness: In this state, it is impossible for them to Love at all. Love, therefore, becomes a mere word that is assigned to one brain-specific emotion or another, which all fade over time (as do the commitments made within them). This is why I must pick up my cross daily; each day I still possess my will; each day I surrender -- or not! It is my superpower called volition.

Understanding The Heart Of Messiah Yeshua: The Lord's Prayer!

The longest prayer recorded in scripture is John 17; it is Messiah Yeshua interceding unto the Father on our behalf: The Elect of YHVH. This is Messiah Yeshua making His last (and most important) prayer before He was to leave Earth as a mortal. And what was it all about? It centered on unity and oneness within the Elect of YHVH; it centered on us humans, being toward one another, relationally, just like the Father and the Son; for they are One.
In other words, denomination and segregation are impossibilities; they cannot happen, and indeed, they do not happen. Therefore, how we relate to one another, in the here and now, is a mere reflection of how we will relate in eternity; in the Kingdom of Heaven. We are not Christians who strive for unity (but fail); it is our unity that proves we are Christian: It is Community that becomes fruit-evidence; it is our relationship, one to another, which is the fruit on the tree for all to see.
These words, Messiah Yeshua spoke, and lifted up His {opened} eyes unto Heaven and said:
Father, the hour is come; glorify Your Son; that Your Son also may glorify You: As You have given Him power over all flesh, that He should give eternal life to as many as You have given Him. And this is life eternal; that they might know You, the only true Elohim, and I {Messiah}, whom You have sent. I have glorified You on Earth; I have finished the work that You gave Me to do. Now O Father; glorify Me with Your own self, with the glory that I had with You before the world was.
I have manifested Your name unto the men that You gave Me out of the world: Yours they were, and You gave them Me; and they have kept Your word. Now, they have known that all things whatsoever You have given Me, are of You: For I have given unto them the words which You gave Me, and they have received them, and have known surely that I came out from You, and they have believed that You did send Me. I pray for them: I pray not for the world, but for them that You have given Me, for they are Yours; and all Mine are Yours, and Yours are Mine; and I am glorified in them.
And now, I am no longer in the world, but these are in the world, and I come to You. Holy Father, keep through Your own Name
{YHVH}, those whom You have given Me; that they may be one, as We are One. While I was with them in the world, I kept them in Your Name; those that You gave Me, I have kept, and none of them is lost, except the son of perdition; that the scripture might be fulfilled.
Now I come to You, and these things I speak in the world; that they might have My joy fulfilled in themselves. I have given them Your word, and the world has hated them because they are not of the world, even as I am not of the world. I pray not, that You should take them out of the world, but that You should keep them from the evil. They are not of the world, even as I am not of the world. Sanctify them through Your truth: Your word is truth!
As You have sent Me into the world, even so have I also sent them into the world, and for their sake I sanctify Myself, that they also might be sanctified through the truth. Now I pray, not for these alone, but for them also, which shall believe on Me through their word;
{us}; that they all may be one, as You Father, are in Me, and I in You; that they also may be one in Us; that the world may believe that You have sent Me. And the glory which You gave Me, I have given them; that they may be one, even as We are One: I in them, and You in Me; that they may be made perfect in One; that the world may know that You have sent Me, and have Loved them, as you have Loved Me.
Father, I will that they also, whom you have given Me, be with Me where I am; that they may behold My glory, which You have given Me, for you Loved Me before the foundation of the world. O righteous Father, the world has not known You, but I have known You, and these have known that You have sent Me: And I have declared unto them Your Name, and will declare it; that the Love wherewith You have Loved Me, may be in them, and I in them.
(John Seventeen)
Powerful indeed! Every individual, who has the Indwelling Holy Spirit, ruling within them, must and does, read this prayer weekly (if not more often), simply because it is the very core and the substance of our Lord; we are as a Bride who are so completely dedicated and committed to our Master, that we want to spend 30 to 60 hours, each and every week of our existence on this planet, to serving Messiah Yeshua, primarily by fulfilling this prayer; the heart of Messiah Yeshua.
If this is not the sum totality of your waking existence, then let me say candidly, and with warning; you are not Saved, and if you think that you are, you are deceived and unless and until you die, and let the Holy Spirit revive you and restore and transform you, your eternal fate is predestined. Being a disciple of Messiah Yeshua will be your full-time job, and you will quit doing whatever takes you from this duty, purpose, and life. The last barometer or benchmark you should use is money, the true god of the Monetizers.
Messiah Yeshua was praying for future followers: Us! All who did follow, or will follow, after Him. What Messiah Yeshua is saying to us clearly, is this; the proof that we are His, is that we are One, even as Messiah Yeshua and the Father were/are One. The evidence that we are Saved is in our unity; our Community; the evidence that we are perfected is in our oneness; the witness is the light that is in the world. The worldly are fragmented; divided; denominated; segregated: The Elect of YHVH are those who live as One.
In other words, the Elect of YHVH are those who are One; those who are unified; those who are that witness unto the world. In the world, those who label self Christian, but are not One, are the servants of the enemy (antiChrists); they are the christianized pimps and the prostitutes of The Holy Name, and word. But this is not about mere togetherness by proximity or geography; this is about genuine oneness with any/all creations of YHVH globally.
We are one in Messiah Yeshua; via YHVH-Love, we have the same mind; the same goals; the same directives; the same lifestyle; we live communally and simply. We are not patriotic, for that is territorial; a primal symptom of Spiritual blindness; a manifestation of satanic us-against-them-ism. As such, we pray daily for humility, unity, forgiveness and relational restoration, and a simple life.
We, the Elect of YHVH, are disconnected from the world, and as such, will be just like all Saved and transformed humans have lived in the past: Ridiculed and persecuted. We are not merely christianized people who just struggle to Love one another or live in Community with one another. Instead, it is true Love that creates Oneness, which is what determines if we are the Elect of YHVH, or not. Professing to be Christian does not make it so.
Beloved, if Elohim so Loved us, we ought also to Love one another. No one has seen Elohim at any time. If we Love one another, Elohim dwells in us, and His Love is perfected in us. By this we know; that we dwell in Him, and He in us, because He has given us of His Spirit. And we have seen and testify that the Father sent the Son to be the Savior of the world. Whoever shall confess that Yeshua is the Son of Elohim, Elohim dwells in him and he in Elohim. And we have known and believed the Love that Elohim has in us. Elohim is Love, and he who abides in Love abides in Elohim, and Elohim in him.
In this is our Love made perfect, that we may have boldness in the Day of Judgment, that as He is, so also we are in this world. There is no fear in Love, but perfect Love casts out fear, because fear has torment. He who fears has not been perfected in Love. We Love Him because He first Loved us. If anyone says, I Love Elohim, and hates his brother, he is a liar. For if he does not Love his brother whom he has seen, how can he Love Elohim whom he has not seen? And we have this commandment from Him, that he who Loves Elohim should Love his brother also. (1Jo 4:11-21) {cf. Rom 8:6-11}
Thus, we (collectively and individually) share in His sufferings; we relate to His life, through our own, which is lived in His perfect will. His perfect will is for us to live together, labor together, worship together and die together. And where do we witness this unity; this uniqueness; this togetherness? In North America, the Amish and other old-world Anabaptist groups, as well as other small communal groups, all of which receive negative reviews from the pew salesmen.
Notice too, that there was no religious posturing: Messiah Yeshua was standing, looking upward and with eyes wide open. How do you pray? What's the content of your prayers? What is the content of your lifestyle? We are not the sum of our prayers; our prayers are the sum of us.
We pray for failure, not success; our earnest hope, in prayer, is for the economy to struggle and people suffer: Why? Because we only care about humans dying to this life (not dying in this life, for no one gets out alive). We, the Elect of YHVH, pray that humans lose their trust in other humans; in all human-made entities. We hope that suffering, hunger and material loss, will drive people to their knees.
We, the Elect of YHVH, do not focus on life on this Earth, in the way the Godless care; we only care about life-eternal. In other words; I want to see you in the Kingdom of Heaven: If you have to suffer miserably all your life; if it be one long horror story, and this beats you down to nothing, and you finally surrender unconditionally? I rejoice in your suffering. I thank YHVH for answering my prayers for you.
Now; do I prefer you just surrender unconditionally to the supreme Lordship of Messiah Yeshua willingly, and without suffering? Absolutely! But that only rarely happens (it did not happen for me either). Many get involved in the religions that bear The Holy Name, but no church exists to win Souls; rather, to win tithe payers to their mammon-centric religion-businesses. The tax-exempt business entity exists solely to provide a steady payroll for those involved. Thus, we pray for these entities to utterly fail; he who falls on this Stone shall be broken. Amen.
Prayer life is not about appealing to YHVH for more and more; it is almost just the opposite. Living now, in the end-times, the average person has become a Godless Consumerist: Takers who never replace what they take from this planet, owned only by YHVH. YHVH Transforms us from such a mindless Loveless robot, into a deeply Spiritual, Love centric Disciple: No longer are we trapped in the microscopic world of the superficial drone.

Prayer Does Not Make YHVH Change Things For Us: Prayer Empowers Us To Change For YHVH!

'Father god (or, dear Man upstairs), I pray that you protect me as I intend to live and act, in contradiction to Your will for my life, and the design of our bodies. Lord, I want to do whatever I want; to feed my flesh and my ego and my emotions. I expect you to bless me in this pursuit. I'm going to partake in worldliness, and continue to participate in the slow destruction of Your planet. As I live in danger of harm or death from living my sin lifestyle that opposes Your will for me, I call upon you now, and expect you to keep me alive and safe, wealthy and healthy. Serve me by giving me all I want and then I'll praise You. In Jesus' name, Amen!' (Prayer of the Godless-religious).
This may seem ludicrous, but that's because I wrote it as content; without the religious overtones that often sugar-coat it. Most Catholics (and their reformulated version) Protestants, believe that the Holy Spirit is outside of the self, and thus, pray to YHVH to get the Holy Spirit to intervene; this is witnessed in the source and content of many of their prayers; indeed their ideals and theologies.
However, once a person understands YHVH, and then will surrender this life, totally to the will and the service of YHVH (as a bondservant), the Holy Spirit of YHVH dwells in us, and then, the light goes on within: Enlightenment (was blind but now I see), and then everything changes.
The Bible itself takes on new meaning, and indeed, that's the idea. Messiah Yeshua knew that the greatest challenge to living in His will would be the attack of the enemy upon the Elect of YHVH; upon the Fellowship of the Father; upon the discipleship of Yeshua Messiah, and as such, He knew that division and relational abandonment would result, and be the greatest pain that the Saved-transformed people would have to endure in this life.
Messiah Yeshua said on the Cross: Father forgive them for they don't know what they are doing! Of course we all pray in this way, for those we Love and want to see in the Kingdom of Heaven (even our enemies). No one wants to lose someone they Love and would die for as well.
I lost the fellowship of my wife, and with many others whom I thought and hoped were my brothers and sisters in Messiah Yeshua, but as it turned out, they do not belong to the Family of YHVH. The evidence is in their refusal to be one with me; in their indifference (or Lovelessness), and though this occurred as a consequence of the absence of Love on their part, the loss to me is still severe (even debilitating for periods of time), and this is because of the Love I hold for them; then, now and forever.
But what can I do? A shallow part of me wants them to hurt like I hurt, but the deeper part of me can only parrot Messiah Yeshua, who said while dying on the Cross: 'Father, forgive them!' After all, they have no more capacity to Love, than anyone else, void of the Indwelling Holy Spirit. I cannot un-Love them, and conversely, they never Loved me at all, because they do not have the Indwelling Holy Spirit within, which brings the Love of YHVH into us to begin with.
In other words, without the Indwelling Holy Spirit utterly conquering the human Soul, Love is a veritable impossibility. Indeed, my Love for them is only/exactly, the Love of YHVH that comes with the download of the Holy Spirit; it is not of my own capacity. No humans without 'YHVH-in-them' have the capacity to Love (or even comprehend Love); that is, a Love that is far beyond the attachment emotions that all nurturing animals possess, which are also designed creations of YHVH.
Attachment emotions aid in pairing, procreating and parenting, but are not to be compared with the Love of YHVH, witnessed in the life, the death and the resurrection of my Lord and Master, Messiah Yeshua. But without the Indwelling Holy Spirit bringing that Love within, us bipedal hominids are left to the brain alone, to understand and experience emotions. This is why relational abandonment and division is certain among them, and why Messiah Yeshua made this the topic of His longest and most passionate prayer: John 17.

The Effectual Fervent Prayer Of The Righteous Avails Much!

We, the Elect of YHVH, are One with the Father, just as Messiah Yeshua was One with the Father. Messiah Yeshua was YHVH-Corporeal; He was YHVH-in-the-flesh. Father Adonai could not leave the throne of Heaven and be disconnected from the universe, so that He could occupy Messiah Yeshua. Since YHVH is the creator of time and space and matter itself, YHVH can do whatever YHVH wants to do. If that means taking on a hundred different manifestations at once, so be it. But humans like to tell YHVH, what YHVH can and cannot do. Nevertheless, Messiah Yeshua had to harbor the Holy Spirit, to be empowered to be and to do, what He was and did.
Humans are created in the flesh, with the potential of Salvation. Humans have dormant Souls; it requires the Indwelling Holy Spirit to effectively turn it on; to respire Life into it; to Enlighten the human Soul via the mind of Messiah (1Co 2:10-16). But my Soul is my own; your Soul is your own. Messiah Yeshua did not have a Soul of His own; His Soul was that of the Father; they are One in the same entity. His Father was actually our Heavenly Father. Messiah Yeshua is not an individual, as you (and I) are individuals; as angels (and demons) are individuals. Messiah Yeshua is Adonai. But YHVH (through the Personhood called Messiah Yeshua) came to Earth for three reasons:
1: To be the propitiation for human sin; to make us righteous while we yet live on Earth (already existing in corrupted vessels). 2: To demonstrate to humanity, the nature and character of YHVH; to reveal YHVH-in-the-flesh. Messiah Yeshua was YHVH-Corporeal, no longer do we have to speculate, based on words alone, what/who YHVH was/is. Messiah Yeshua became a physical, tangible sample of YHVH, so that humans could see with their own eyes.
Messiah Yeshua became the final model of YHVH; the Paradigm of Corporeality! 3: To make the way for the Holy Spirit to dwell within (or yoke with still sin-capable) humans, who surrender their earthly lives unto His Lordship; unto those who place their lives at the foot of the Cross of Messiah Yeshua (Mark 10:23-25). The Holy Spirit Indwelling humans also made the word of YHVH possible. The word became flesh, and dwelt among us: The Spirit Indwells flesh, and works within us; hence the inspired words of life.
Prior to the Day of Pentecost (recorded in Acts), the human being was/is not able to harbor the Holy Spirit, because He is indeed, Holy; we are not (in and of ourselves). But Messiah Yeshua paid the sin-debt for everyone, and so, anyone who believes that with their very being; with their very lives, and surrenders this life over to the Lordship of YHVH, he/she will receive that Indwelling Holy Spirit. It is not an automatic install once we confess to be Christian; once we attend a church or read a bible or join a club. It is not free; it requires surrender on our part. It is freely given, but it is not freely received: for many are called, but few are chosen; few there be that traverse Narrow Way.

Prayer Is Not A Negotiation!

The Holy Spirit is the gift, and Messiah Yeshua died on the Cross to make that gift possible: Himself! Thus, it is now possible for anyone, to be One with our Heavenly Father, as we accept the propitiation of our Lord, and give up our carnal ways, here on Earth. But without a sincere commitment; without a death-to-this-life, the hominid lives absent of the Indwelling, and it is the Indwelling Holy Spirit (alone) that provides the internal empowerment to live righteously.
Propitiation overcame sin, but it cannot overcome pride. Personal volition will always trump the will of YHVH for us. It must be true Faith, not a mere self-belief; we must die to our will, in order to be in the will of Father Adonai. What most often happens is (what I call) the Protestant Gospel; the evangelicals sell the notion that; since Salvation is free, all one has to do is to accept the gift: And everyone likes free, right? But the gift is given, not taken. We must first demonstrate to YHVH, that we are done with this world, and YHVH knows our hearts (Luke 16:13-15).
The evidence of the (subsequent) Indwelling Holy Spirit is phenomenal; it is metamorphic; it is transformational; it is epochal; it is irreversible, and why Messiah Yeshua describes it as being born-again: A death and rebirth; He wipes the hard drive and reloads all the new and updated software we need. We no longer look to YHVH to make our lives better in the here and now, we look to YHVH for our instructions; our prime directives; for our marching orders (as a soldier), and what it costs us in the here and now, is inconsequential. We battle, not in the flesh, but in the Spirit; not with weapons of steel, but with prayer and fasting.
Prayer therefore, takes on a whole new meaning, for as Messiah Yeshua demonstrates to us, we pray to the Father for the power to fulfill those orders, no matter the personal cost to us. We pray daily, for YHVH to empower us daily, to pick up our own Cross daily; to follow Him; to imitate Him; to live for Him; to die for Him. We need not pray for guidance, when we already have scripture; we get off the path, only when we do not follow Him.
Messiah Yeshua is our hope, so we need not pray for that. YHVH is only grace; we need not pray for that either. Indeed, what humans pray about, is not a reflection of their Spirituality, but rather, a reflection of their Spiritual condition. Those who know YHVH do not bother praying for YHVH to give; only to thank Him for what YHVH does give. We are contented and at peace, with food, clothing and shelter.
As Messiah Yeshua demonstrated in The Lord's Prayer (John Seventeen), we pray for unity among one another; we pray for our will to be surrendered unto YHVH, in order to make that happen. As for the Godless-religious, prayer is all about the image being presented to the humans watching; that they may be seen of men. But prayer is not a production that we perform for outside observers; it is not a thing that exists outside of the self.
Prayer itself, becomes a reflection of the non-Transformed life for the worldly, because without the Indwelling Holy Spirit, the individual is not the sum of YHVH, but instead, remains on the outside (separated); they are not One with YHVH, via that Indwelling. If we have YHVH-in-us, why then, would we pray outside of our self? This is why Messiah Yeshua instructed His own, to go into their closets in private, before praying. We know what the Pharisees taught us.

Pray Not For What YHVH Can Do For You: Pray For What You Can Do For YHVH!

Prayer bears fruit; our life and lifestyle is radically different than the rest of humanity, churched or not. Messiah Yeshua demonstrated the power of the Indwelling, on the Cross. Actual Saved humans are transformed, and that metamorphic transformation is radical; profound; life-altering; misunderstood. We, the Elect of YHVH, are strange and extreme to the carnally acculturated. We will die before we ever do or live the way the rest of humanity looks forward to repeating tomorrow: We live entirely different existences upon Earth. The Godless respond to threat; they are reactive, rather than proactive.
This is why prayer has been so prostituted by the religionists and their cronies. We, the Elect of YHVH, pray for the power to die to the flesh; we pray for the wisdom to live with as little money as it is possible, to avoid satan's many compromises therein.
Conversely, the christianized pray to fulfill their fleshly needs and enrich them: They live in contradiction to all YHVH directs, and then when life (consequently) gets hard, they pray for easiness. The Godless-religious react with anger, because they are not prepared for pain. Prayer prepares and empowers us for the suffering to come (Isa 53:7-9; 1Pe 2:18-20,21-25; all Heb 5 and 6).
We, the Elect of YHVH, will turn the other cheek; the Godless (the christianized; the Godless-religious) retaliate. We suffer; the Godless protest. We serve and give; the Godless take; the Godless and the Godless-religious, fear death (knowing their eternal doom) and thus pray from fear for more life-time; we, the Elect of YHVH, die with honor.
Again and yet again: The tree is known by the fruit it bears! And that fruit is but the result of true prayer. Suffering rarely comes just because we are religious; we suffer because we are beyond counterculture; we suffer because we will not be or live or think like the worldly masses that surround us, and who have money-power over us, hunger-lusting to lord that power daily.
We, the Elect of YHVH, do not fit into the Godless world. We do not measure all things in money increments; we do not worship at the Altar of mammon; we do not participate in the neighbor-hating acts of us-against-them-ism and all the suffering it has brought to the human race. We do not participate in the geographical delusions of superiority; we do not believe that we live in the greatest country in the world: i.e. nationalistic narcissism; the cult of patriotism; geographic neighbor-hating (Matt 5:43-48). Verily, we all live on a planet created by YHVH; where we were born is incidental, our bodily colors irrelevant.
But there are plenty of people who will agree with you, or side with you, if you decide to keep on serving the god of mammon (Matt 6:19-24,25-30,31-34; Luke 16:13-15), via the money-dependency and money-centricity that so curses humanity, especially herein the destined end-times. Money was/is usury; capitalism; the methodology of monetization, and the pathway to personal empowerment. But this is sinful unto YHVH. But to those who have already sold their Soul to the devil, there is no repentance and thus no deliverance: Only self-justification. The brain of the damned will rationalize it until the end, and using religion to validate such sin, is the pinnacle of evil; yea, demonic.

Prayer Is Not A Weapon Of Competition!

We, the Elect of YHVH, do not see our skin color as a measure of value, as do the nationalistic, patriotic us-against-them people do. We do not see other humans who happen to be separated from us by geographic features, such as oceans, to be any different from us. We do not participate or enable the paranoia, fueled by the wealth-class who prosper from a militarized world; who must perpetuate a fear of others who are not like us. We cannot enable the warmongers among us, in any generation or location on this one blue ball: Earth.
Thus, we do not partake in the social production myths of victims and villains. But we are also fully aware that we are deep into the end-times (Luke 17:20-25,26-30,31-33); that all we see and are threatened by, are not other humans who happen to live geographically elsewhere, but rather, any humans anywhere on Earth that are now in the grasp of the evil one; those who have sold their Soul to satan for a better life in the here-and-now; even the churched. We are bodily threatened by the car cultists and gun cultists.
The christianized unwittingly pray to the gods of this world, with themes designed to make them feel better, due to the guilt and shame that results from living an antiChrist lifestyle and existence daily. Ironically, it is the Spirit in the world (John 14:15-18, 25-27; 16:7-11,12-15), and not the Indwelling Holy Spirit (Rom 8:1-4,5-6), which works relentlessly to expose the darkness within people; this in turn, imparts the guilt and shame, conviction and condemnation upon them, for living contrary to the will of YHVH for their life (Rom 8:1-2).
The purpose of prayer, is that YHVH will allow life-circumstances to drive people away from self, and force them to bend a knee; to surrender the whole self unto the Cross, before biological death. We, the Elect of YHVH, Love everyone so much that we pray, not for material prosperity, but for a pride-destroying brokenness, but one which (hopefully) will not have to come at the expense or loss of another; but such that you genuinely seek your Maker, come what may.
No one had to die (save my Master) for me to see the Light and die unto self; to see the Cross clearly for myself. Please, do not allow another to pay a steep price for your Spiritual sight. Pray to be one with your Creator: pray that you die so that the Holy Spirit can rule a reign within you.
We (the Elect of YHVH) pray that you die to pride-ego-emotion (satans primary weapons of human manipulation), and give up your current path, and surrender your self-importance; forget about social class, or mammon or materialism; abandon the cultures productions of heroism and competitivism and victory; indeed, any/all the psychological clamoring, to be over or above or superior to others; to be the victor at the expense of losers in your midst. Love everyone just like a caring parent loves their own children; just like our Loving Father Loves all creation. How? Transcend your enculturation!
Animals compete; what takes us from being hopelessly human, to be transformed from mere bipedal hominid primates, and carrying us upward to a better state of existence; this is witnessed in the capacity for lifelong unity in peace, contentment, and equality in every possible way. People become broken and they do evil things, but my Master Loves them anyway, and died to Save them. He then instructed me (indeed, all His disciples) to Love them like that too. I am not your boss, your leader, your police, or your conscience. I can only be your brother and friend, and only in a pure and genuine communal setting. 'Kibbutzim' indeed (Matt 12:46-50)!
For most of human-time, all religion-businesses on Earth were/are mere copies of their culture, and satan created or perpetuated them all, without exception; religions have always been intended to be a distraction from YHVH (and YHVH-truth). Today most of them are Europeanized (just like most cultures are); that is, hierarchical; patriarchal; dominating; money-dependent; authoritative; rule-driven; yes, evil!
The lifestyles of egalitarian sister-brotherhood, unity and full equality (esp. witnessed in economic equality these days); or to summarize, unconditional Love: these are mysteries to them, and not their living testimony. Our primary duty as His disciples is to expose and reprove them (Eph 5:8-13).
The Elect of YHVH pray for an end of all organized religion; we would consider all church closings a supreme blessing from (and a move of) YHVH. Convert all church buildings into homeless shelters; we carpenters are ready to go. Obviously, those who profit and benefit (directly or indirectly) from the mammon riches of this massive church-business enterprise (i.e. Christendom), must and will disagree: that is understood and expected.
If I were a money-dependent, or lover of mammon (Matt 6:19-24; Luke 16:13-15), my very survival would hinge on that money; my survival instinct would compel me to compromise and in any way necessary; to believe or do or say anything to assure that steady flow of money. Living an antiChrist lifestyle daily, churches become a weekly distraction from YHVH-truth; the opiate of the masses indeed! Church-businesses exist solely to serve those destined unto eternal darkness.
The conflict about prayer is systemic; if you were brought up to witness and then to believe that Love (actually, love) was connected with gift-giving; that people demonstrate love via the material ($ mammon) world, it is thus natural to conclude that our Father which art in Heaven must likewise express Love with earthly gifts; with giving to you, via the physical (or corporeal) world.
Far too many people exploit prayer for things that have no eternal value; things that will not endure eternity. They do not pray to be genuinely impoverished so that they can experience supernatural provisions; they seek ever more money, which is the single greatest obstacle between them and their Creator (John 6).
As a disciple of Messiah Yeshua, I (and all Saved or Heaven-bound people) live via the natural world; the only place and the only way that YHVH provides for or blesses humans. Anyone who thinks that YHVH provides money as a solution for anything, are Godless (esp. the Godless-religious), plus deluded, and demon oppressed and possibly possessed. By labor, the natural world provides all needs, unto those already filled to overflowing with Living Water--Bread of Life!
The garden of Eden is all we need; you do not need manna from the heavens when you are faithful in the garden. People who (past; present; future) monetize YHVH, or the planet, or other people, cannot and will not be resurrected bodily, and placed upon any other planet. Instead, their Soul-consciousness will be parked in deep empty space, far-far beyond all star matter. Otherwise, with their exposed characters in tact, they'd repeat their exploitative, predatory, taker lifestyles elsewhere. YHVH will not allow that.
Disciples of Messiah Yeshua live communal or ascetically; unified and unspotted from the world (James 1:22-27); and, must do so on a planet that is overrun by Godless human predators; a planet which we are trapped upon; overrun by antiChrists (the christianized), in addition to those of other religion-brands including atheism; we are indeed sheep (pacifists) among predators, and the risk of predation is increasing exponentially as we move deeper into the end-times. But we are ready (Matt 10:16-20,21-24; Luke 10:2-3; John 15:17-22,23-27): The christianized are not (i.e. parable of the Ten Virgins); their time is consumed with money-making; their lifestyles are consumerism and materialism (Luke 17:20-25,26-30): The World.

My Master and King; my Heavenly Father; my eternal Love and Maker and Mate: I come to You in prayer, seeking only Your will for my life; I pray you provide for me, only what would be necessary to serve You daily; to take me out of Your way, and to keep me focused on serving You only. I am deeply thankful for this life, and if you want or need me here until I am very old, I will endure it, if only to continue to serve You my Master. But know this, I long to be with You, so please Lord, do not leave me here languishing, for I long be near to You, to finally come Home, to be One with You, Elohim my precious Adonai. You are more than my Salvation, for You are my reason for living. I Love You with my life. My heart aches to see You in the flesh; I long for Your intimate presence: Please Lord, return for us today. We, Your bride and kin, thank You for this life, truly, but we hunger to be next to You! I am ready to return to You today; in the meantime, use this servant as You see fit. Amen Lord! (Pro 30:7-9)

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