Monastery of Messiah!

Intentional Messianic Community:
Neo-Amish; Tribe; Colony; Communitarian

Hear therefore, the parable of the sower: When anyone hears the word of the Kingdom, and understands it not, then comes the wicked one, and catches away that which was sown in his heart: This is he, which received seed by the wayside! But he that received the seed into stony places; the same is he that hears the word, and anon with joy receives it, yet he has not root in himself, but endures for a while: For when tribulation or persecution arises because of the word, by and by he is offended. He also that received seed among the thorns is he that hears the word, but the cares of this world and the deceitfulness of riches, choke the word and he becomes unfruitful. But he that received seed into the good ground is he that hears the word and understands it, which also bears fruit, and brings forth; some a hundredfold, some sixty, some thirty. (Matt 13:18-23)
Behold, one came and said unto Him: Good Master, what good thing shall I do, that I may have eternal life? And He said unto him: Why do you call Me good? There is none good but One; that is, Elohim! But if you will enter into life, keep the commandments. He said unto him: Which? Yeshua said: You shall do no murder. You shall not commit adultery. You shall not steal. You shall not bear false witness. Honor your father and your mother. You shall Love your neighbor as yourself! The young man said unto Him: All these things have I kept from my youth up, what do I yet lack? Yeshua said unto him: If you will be perfect, go and sell all that you have, and give to the poor, and you shall have treasure in Heaven; then, come and follow Me! But when the young man heard that saying, he went away sorrowful, for he had great possessions.
Then said Yeshua unto His Disciples: Verily I say unto you that a rich man shall hardly enter into the Kingdom of Heaven. And again I say unto you; it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the Kingdom of Elohim! When His disciples heard it, they were exceedingly amazed, saying: Who then can be saved? But Yeshua beheld them, and said unto them: With men this is impossible; but with Elohim all things are possible!
Then Peter answered and said unto Him: Behold, we forsook all and followed You; what shall we have therefore? And Yeshua said unto them: Verily I say unto you who have followed Me; in the regeneration, when the Son of man shall sit in the throne of His glory, you also shall sit upon twelve thrones, judging the twelve tribes of Israel. And everyone that has forsaken houses, or brethren, or sisters, or father, or mother, or wife, or children, or lands, for My name's sake, shall receive a hundredfold, and shall inherit everlasting life. But many that are first shall be last; and the last shall be first! (Matt 19:16-30) – (Cf. all of John Seventeen)

1st Century Koinonia Seeking 21st Century Ekklesia!

Aloha; Saludos; Namaste; Bonjour; Ahoj; Shalom; Hallo! I'm a disciple of Messiah Yeshua; a monk of YHVH; a Tekton; an oracle of Adonai (1Pe 4:11) my Elohim. I am nobody special; I do not suffer from a savior complex (i.e. evangelism; proselytism), nor a god-complex or a messiah-complex; I do not want to be a leader; I do not want a stage or platform to be the center of attention, or to expel my ego upon. I have no unique revelation from Heaven, and have never audibly heard from the incorporeal realm.
However, I am a devout student of scripture (since the late 1980s), especially of the Red Letters of my Master, Messiah Yeshua, and like my Master, I am a radical pacifist and counter-cultural. I'm not a leader seeking a followship, nor a follower seeking a leader; I seek only friends (John 15:5-9,10-15,16-20) and collective unity as sisters and brothers of Adonai our Elohim. Any form of hierarchy or class is evil.
We are all equal in the eyes of YHVH; male or female, young or old, black or brown or white (Acts 17:22-25,26-29,30-31); humans simply being. Those who exploit religion to gain power or usurp authority over others, are demon possessed and in dire need of an exorcism! Social stratification is satanic and evil, and in every possible way and in all its permutations: E.g. christianized Europe and all its dominionist colonizers, and their land conquered colonies, the worst of them being the Ungodly Satanist Annexed land.
Still here? Good! To continue, those of The World will use brute force to impose their will upon others, but still others do so by including god-religion-bible; that is evil. Men have been exploiting scripture since the Second Century, to justify their dominion over women, and then, even other men, once the culture-at-large permitted money to be the barometer of power and benchmark of life.
This is why Community (or any real form of collective collaborative unity) must be avoided by the power-hungry, because in a true Messianic Community, everyone has the same power, and those with the dominion pathology, cannot share power. They want to be the lords of land, not equal shareholders in its stewardship. They are like their master, satan, who was rejected by YHVH for his power hungering ways.
Men love to exploit scripture to validate their corporeal needs and wants and secret desires. So did the Pharisees of the 1st Century. In fact, the highly educated, socially respected, upwardly mobile, politically empowered, money loving, power hungry, atheistic Sadducees, challenged Tekton Messiah Yeshua: But He replied:
You do err, not knowing the scriptures, or the power of Elohim. For in the resurrection, they neither marry nor are given in marriage, but are as the angels of Elohim in Heaven! (Matt 22:23-28,29-32).
I avoid "Christianese" terms such as "ministries, pastor, leader," or any other such level-creating christianized mentalities that plague the end-time Godless-religious, who blindly "monkey-see-monkey-do—copy-mimic-parrot" their entire culture, but not their professed Christ! In fact, these are keywords to look for, because they are outward fruit (a tell), exposing individual or group motives. The word "ministries" is especially disturbing, here in these end-times, and when you see it, take a few steps back from it.
As a disciple of Messiah Yeshua, I am non-political, just like my Master, Yeshua the Messiah, whom I Love, adore, worship, and live for, because I have died for (Gal 2:20). For decades I have studied passionately and intently, His words and teachings, as well as His demonstrated lifestyle, in order to simulate, to the best of my abilities and within the timeline and culture I inhabit, Messiah Yeshua, my Master, Lord, King, Boss, President, Judge, and only Leader. I am not ashamed (Luke 9:23-26) to call myself a disciple of Messiah Yeshua, over any other title or designation (Rom 1:16-17; 5:1-5; 10:11) found comfortable by most people, still trapped within the shoebox of blind enculturation.

Purchased Fellowship; Monetized Unity; Imitation Family!

As such, I discourage people from participating in, or being yoked with, the Godless world in general, especially within the new religion-like cult plaguing Earth: Politics, and its spouse, mammon economics! This is primarily because (and why) my Master avoided these worldly paradigms (John 18:36), opting instead to congregate with the poor, the lost, the blind, the sick, the ugly, the unpopular, the homeless, the unwanted, the untalented, the widows and orphans, the disenfranchised, or summarily; the lower "classes" of society (James 2:1-5,6-10). In like manner, I seek unity with those of a like-mind (Phl 2:1-4,19-21).
Messiah Yeshua was invited by Pharisees (Luke 7 & 14); in other words, He was not intentionally avoiding others, it is just that the Godless masses are driven by evil desires (John 3:19-21) and until they want to know The Creator of all, YHVH, above all else, they will not have any true or lasting interest in following unto death, this below average, brown-skinned Nazarene carpenter.
To a visually sighted person, a stick is just a stick, tossed aside and forgotten. But to the blind person, that walking stick is how they navigate through space; it is vital to those born eye blind. In the same way, materialism is vital to those who are Spiritually blind; it is their only way of navigating in this life. But to the Spiritually sighted, it's just a stick (John 12:35-38,39-43; 1Jo 2:8-11).
All Saved, radically transformed, Spiritually endowed, Heaven-bound individuals, will live lifestyles much like the American Amish do, except of course, without the authoritarian, hierarchical, patriarchal, or bibliolatrous portions. Amish are continuing in some traditions that Messiah Yeshua actually did not teach; however, their lifestyles of rejecting everything modern, and remaining simple, conservative, humble, hardworking and modest, are verily the traits of all who are disciples of Messiah Yeshua, male or female and of any ethnic background.
The designation of "Father" when referring to Elohim, has nothing to do with human gender (beyond correlation). "Father" was once used as a term of endearment; we all have biological fathers, and in the past – before the ravages of the end-times prostituted and distorted everything – people associated their earthly father with positive characteristics; hence the association with our Father which art in Heaven.
But the bibliolatrous were prophesied to be among us (1Jo 2:15-17,18-21; 4:1-4); they were becoming rampant in 90 AD when the Johannine epistles were necessarily written addendum's, and, they are even more so now; the agents of satan posing as "Christians," now outnumber the Elect of YHVH, by millions to one (Matt 10:16). The disciples of Messiah will be persecuted by the "Xians of Religianity" during (these) the end-times.
Messiah Yeshua made it clear that gender is only an earthly trait; a way of procreation, not domination; not a weapon to lord over someone (Matt 19; Matt 22:28-30). I am not patriarchal, considering biblical patriarchy to be a convolution of satanic proportions, by prostituting scripture to justify lording over other humans (a symptom of demon possession).

The Messiah Culture Within The Secular Culture!

All Spiritually metamorphosized, radically transformed, Saved, Redeemed, Heaven-bound, future resurrected, daily-dying servants of our Master and Lord, Messiah Yeshua (the Elect of YHVH); we have all, and each, been so profoundly and thoroughly humbled by this calling; by this honor; by this duty; the very idea of lording anything, anywhere, anytime, over anyone, is simply not in our "Messiah-mind" (1Co 2:11-13,14-16); no longer in our (now) Messianic DNA.
The Indwelling Holy Spirit virtually overwhelms us; what remained our ego at the moment of our Salvation, was dealt a final blow: We become egoless (not to be confused with Carl Jung's ego death concept). Nevertheless, we still live on a planet that is overrun with the Faithless-Godless-Loveless masses of humans being, and their numbers are reaching (yep) apocalyptic proportions. Agrarianism is being replaced with urbanism by the Monetizers.
We disciples of Messiah Yeshua as the only future resurrected Saints of Adonai Elohim, live in the natural world, naturally; we can potentially live without money. Conversely, the World live as dependents of other humans via money economics, and thus, suffer from the manifold stresses of mammon economics, and all the ills that befall such a lifestyle.
The (infinitesimal & inconspicuous) Elect of YHVH are all equal partakers in, and the blessed benefactors of, a Holy and royal Priesthood (1Pe 2), with only 1 Lord, Leader and Authority. If you need to be a leader or a follower, you are still nowhere near the Cross, and we are surely on different paths. Narrow Way is difficult, but it's worth it.
Some fundamental differences should be presented upfront, so that the vast majority of people reading this can be offended and exit. All organized religions are operated by the antiChrists: Messiah Yeshua died on the Cross to destroy all organized religion and to expose these "dens of thieves" as satanic at their root.
Every religion (and religion-business) on Earth forever, are satanic. Anyone who considers an eternally enduring fellowship of Love-bonded egalitarian believers in Messiah Yeshua, to be anything remotely like Sunday church "services" at a tax-exempt religion-business, may be in need of a hands-on exorcism.
Still reading? Good! This is a lot to absorb in one read. To continue, this is a single-page outreach; a notice on a virtual pin-board, intended to locate others, fully dedicated to discipleship, and for the purpose of pure fellowship foremost: But this will also be an attempt at a Messiah-centric Intentional Community.
This has previously been attempted; posting at and building a web presence, determined to locate other devout disciples of Messiah Yeshua here in the USA, ultimately nothing happened. It may never happen, but trying is going the second mile; it is a success in itself. Like my Master (John 13:13-17), I extend a hand of genuine fellowship, but only the Holy Spirit can inspire and move another to take it.
Email correspondence grew to a few hundred people between 2004 to 2012, but most of them were perhaps (and don't like saying it, but) too Americanized; too monetized; too worldly indoctrinated; too indebted to mammon; too long in the Gomorrah bath-house (Gen 19:23-26; Luke 17). I could tell they (metaphorically) wanted to flee to Zoar, knowing of the sociocultural darkness they were already deep within, but ultimately, they could not escape, because our geography does not alter our psychology.
They initially were attracted to perhaps a romanticized ideal of living like the original disciples; living a true and genuine Messiah-centric existence; a 1st Century modeled lifestyle; an Intentional Community indeed (Acts 4:32-35). Eventually however, worldliness pulled them back into business-as-usual, and I never heard from them again; the parable of the sower all over again (Matt 13).
The Internet was probably not going to yield, what many of us at the time, were hoping to yoke with; eternal family. But this is not to be critical of anyone; it is just that verily, we earthlings are well into the end-times (the calm before the storm part), and also; that those driven deeper into a coma, just by living in the "drip-bag-anesthesia" of the UnGodly States of Adversarialism, which makes it too compromised, and probably too late and for too long already.
Simply put, there are not too many "Heaven-dedicated" people left here, aside from the Amish or other more conservative Anabaptist-inspired groups, as well as some who attend the Peace churches, as well as many other individuals and familial groups, sparsely spread out among the world, myself among them. They (and I) are already living in some form of Messiah-centric lifestyle fellowship, but perhaps seek a more perfect union. All chosen ones will seek Community, whether they/we find it or not.
Many Amish are still a bit too legalistic for me, though I Love them anyway; I have friends among them; the same with Mennonites, tribal Natives, and certain Messianic groups as well. The now-pandemic, sin of religion, grants far too much space for such things as bigotry, hierarchy, dominion, authoritarianism, legalism, money-centrality, and social class; why Messiah exposed the religionists as frauds; why the veil was rent in twain.
Religion-businesses are the breeding-ground for satan, who control and drive men by ego-pride-emotion, dragging god/bible along with them. Indeed, for anyone to abuse scripture, simply to lord anything over anyone; this is patently antiChrist. People mock YHVH (Gal 6:7-8) by pretending to have a personal relationship that is verily non-existent, with most merely displaying an award-winning facade (Matt 24:22-25). Today there is little interest in such, because no one is searching for such; everyone here is consumed with the worldly consumerist mammon-centrist lifestyle (1Jo 2:15-20).
Notwithstanding, I thought I would keep the door of fellowship open at all times (online), primarily because of the encouragement of some (here and abroad), years back and again recently, who was not able to do this because of living too far away, but still thought it was a great idea anyway.
In other words, soon after I let it go – the idea of a US-based Messianic Intentional Community – I was contacted by some who encouraged me to keep the former website going. But it was closed, and now this one lone page, remains as summary, because frankly, we are too deep into the end times to (metaphorically) assemble "Ekklesia in Koinonia", here in Gomorrah Metro; it is closing in on the time to flee the region (Luke 21), not build anew: But hope springs eternal!

Living In Satan's Culture!

Over the last decade, I made over 200 attempts to make meaningful contacts with others all over the Internet, who claim to be (either) disciples of Messiah, or even the generic term christian, but virtually all of them (with 1 exception) just ignored or rejected my open hand of friendship. This is no coincidence; in fact it is prophetic.
To begin with, there is not 1 Heaven-bound Love-conquered disciple (on Earth forever) who would even consider (theoretically) ignoring any other human being, trying to communicate with them, in any way or for any reason, much less demonstrate the Loveless indifference necessary to look upon that communication, directed personally at them, and then just ignore it or dismiss it. And especially from a devout disciple of Messiah Yeshua. But you see, they do not really believe in YHVH or the Resurrection.
Personally (as a disciple), I would not sleep well if I knew that someone, anyone, was trying to communicate with me (in any venue), and I just ignored them, as if that has no meaning at all: It is simply not in my (now) Messianic DNA. Candidly, a person would not only have to be Spiritually bankrupt, they would also have to be hardhearted, to do so. The opposite of Love is indifference.
The question then becomes: How is that possible? How can someone that you supposedly will be spending every second of eternity with, and, in a Love bond relationship that rivals the Father and the Son (John 17), but who today, acts as if that person does not even exist? Simple! Such people are not the chosen; the called-out ones; they are not the predestined; they are not disciples of Messiah Yeshua, destined for bodily resurrection and Kingdom service. They are Matthew Seven Christians; self-deluded, lip-serviced; Spiritually lost; Loveless.
When an individual truly believes in the Resurrection; when such a one knows by genuine Faith that this life is not all there is; that this life is but a millisecond when considering our eternality; those (us) individuals, live this life for the next. But for the Godless, and the Godless-religious; this life is all there is or will be, and so for them, there is no immediate benefit for responding to an honest hand of "Koinonia". Even if that contact initially seems negative to them.
Therefore, they casually ignore me: And that is OK by me. But the Holy Spirit brings to us, the Love of YHVH. And thus I say: True Love is demonstrated through the 3-C's: Compassion; Commitment; Communication. In fact, YHVH inspired people will write to all, as a demonstration of communication, because it is so vital to expressing Love, and why we have scripture. Communication is a major manifestation of Love.
Am I just being emotionally impacted by being ignored? Well, no more than anyone would be if they attempted to communicate with their children or parent or spouse, and they simply ignored their very existence. Yes, it is disappointing for sure; however, I am not impacted psychologically. I am complete in Him; because of the overflowing of the Indwelling Holy Spirit, my proverbial cup runneth over. I could live completely alone for decades without any human contact, and be quite fulfilled. But my Master, via the Indwelling Holy Spirit, compels me to reach out and make genuine human contacts with other seekers and disciples. Here I am!
It is a rather easy thing to see, once you know how and where to look. For just one example, if you look throughout my website, you will notice that I link to well over 200 other websites, and most of them know that I link their sites at mine. Now, go to any of their sites, and what you will never see, is mine linked at theirs. Now, do I feel hurt? No, otherwise I would not keep their link at my sites or pages. So why do they not reciprocate and link mine? Simple! They may very well teach truths, and I want to make sure that the truth they teach is spread, but evidently, they are not in it for the same motives as I am; Love in unity, as summarized in John 17: or, Community (come unity come)!
Also, excessive self-promoting is a sign; and so is humbleness in personality; these are a mask of pride (true humility is a character trait, not a personality trait). This typically comes from those who think of themselves as the gifted teachers of all things YHVH (or God) from among all of us lesser gifted (mere) carpenters and fishermen (Matt 23:1-7,8-12; James 3:1); yet again, pride-ego-emotion.
I serve Messiah Yeshua, not my bank account nor my pride-ego-emotions. What other people do, or not do, I have zero control over, and, I do not want such control. Therefore, I will not tell them to reciprocate; I want the Holy Spirit to move them to do so, not me. The fruit of the Indwelling Holy Spirit is Love; from Love comes all other Messiah-copying traits and lifestyles and actions. And to be honest, most people are motivated by either money or ego, and thus, such reciprocation will not feed either.

ISO Living Disciples of Messiah Yeshua!

I am not seeking a followship; I am not a leader and I am not seeking one! If you are struggling with authoritarianism, or hierarchy, landlordism or dominion (i.e. human lordship), I will lay hands on you (Mark 16:17-18), or counsel you, disciple you and pray for you, but I cannot yoke with you. I am a brother and friend (John 15:10-15), and do not believe in hierarchy in any form, not even nominally. I serve only 1 Master: Messiah Yeshua (1Co 1:10-13,14-18).
Consequently, I do not like money, and consider money economics, and the Mammon Mentality in general, to be too exploitative; too culturally corrosive, and (candidly), Spiritually evil (Matt 6:19-24; Luke 16:13-15; John 3:19-21). I've taken vows of poverty, obedience and fidelity, but only unto YHVH (Gal 1:1-5). Read the page titled Monetizers for more details.
Like my Master, I am non-religious and non-patriarchal, believing that Messiah Yeshua considered women as equals in every way. In other words, I'm not a Pauline Christian, nor am I bibliolatrous. I am a New Covenant disciple of Messiah Yeshua, with the Sermon on the Mount as the core for life and paradigm of lifestyle; thus, I aspire to no human-created church Creed.
Most humans are driven by the fear of death, not the Love of Messiah: We, as the Elect of YHVH, understand this reality, and we pray compassionately for, and attempt to demonstrate the Way via our lifestyles, hoping that the Holy Spirit in the world, can drive them closer to YHVH, via our witness or lifestyle evangelism (Matt 5:13-16). But the Master warned us also, about the inherent dangers of lingering too long among the Godless, and especially among the Godless-religious (Matt 10:16; Acts 20:25-30).
But the fear of death is what drives the masses, thus explaining why the messages of a rapture rescue, or the prepper paranoia (and so on), are so pervasive in mostly western cultures. This is because most of the westernized-monetized-christianized-industrialized masses, are money-dependents, who could not survive without satan's monetary systems, which clearly, obviously, and measurably, represent the root of all evil, of all kinds.
And while all actual Saved people could live a lifetime without any money (we'd build, garden, farm, fish, grow, raise, etc., just like most of humanity did for most of human-time), the mammon servants cannot and will not; therefore, they will prefer to kill and/or steal and take the fruits of their labor, just to extend their earthly lives for a few more years, even though ultimately, we all die anyway. This life is not even about this life, but to the eternally lost, this life is all they will have, and deep-deep down inside, they know it. That cold reality exposes itself in their lifestyle choices: The tree is indeed, known by its fruit.

Cult of Coercion!

There will not be one person (from Earth) in the Kingdom of Heaven, who arrived by human-imposed guilt or shame, condemnation or coercion (Romans 8). Trying to impose religious rules, as righteous as they may be, upon a volition-created person, will bear no fruit, and could even backfire. The masses are dedicated to the darkness they were in, before (John 3:16-21), and no amount of coercion can/will deliver them from it.
The Gospels (and Acts) are first because they are the core and the sum; everything thereafter, was merely what happened because of it, and thus, no doctrines or directives should be spun from them. The Tanakh was a preface and prequel of things to come: Messiah Yeshua! Propitiation! The Indwelling (of the) Holy Spirit!
If you arrived here, and you are in a hurry to take a step in another direction in this life, I doubt you will see this through; that's been my experience so far anyway. I commend your initiative; however, I assume this is a major step for you, worthy of much research time, reading, and some prayer time, before proceeding. People can email anytime; I/we seek a unity with those we truly believe we will be spending eternity with (John 17), and so there is little that could occur here on Earth that would be a barrier to that reality. Oneness does not require proximity, and networking is better than nothing, but communal living is best (2Co 6:14-18; Rom 12:1-2).
You always hear Americans say: "I know my rights!" But you almost never hear an American say: "I know my responsibilities and obligations!" Morris Fiorina, Stanford University

A Q & A was written, posted way back when, since most emails about any Messianic Intentional Community in the USA, were mostly questions pertaining to theology and lifestyle models: such questions only exposed the Americanization that deeply impacts almost the entire population here. If you are already a disciple of Messiah Yeshua, then there is not much I could say or teach that the Holy Spirit will not expose you to, and, if you are not a disciple of Messiah Yeshua, then the Indwelling Holy Spirit (through me) probably could not teach you anything at all. Nevertheless, posted here are only six of the repeated query themes:
Why do you think a commune is better than living separate with {church-business} weekend services?
The sum of westernization, from which today's Christendom was invented, thrives from the domination of man over animals and nature, which led to a dominion of man over man. First, one must abandon worldly lifestyles of mass-consumerism and debt and employment, build your own small shelter (mortgage free) and grow all your own food, give up the violence of the car cult and begin to live as Messiah Yeshua, and all His disciples of every generation: Then you will have the free time to study to show yourself approved (2Ti 2:10-15) and thus able to better rationalize eternal things (Luke 12:22-26,27-32; John 6:27). Then you can study social ecology, and the vastly differing worldviews of indigenous versus western ▶️.
Westernization itself (and thus, christendom as its cultural byproduct) is the fulfillment of prophecy concerning satan, the god of this world, and his power over the masses on Broadway, via the primal states of paranoia and propaganda; of "us-against-them-ism!" We, the Elect of YHVH, feel uncomfortable on a planet filled with neighbor-hating people who actually believe they own land (only YHVH owns Earth), who then use $ mammon to finance their hireling militants who support by force, their attorney-class drones, who write corrosive laws designed to benefit those who get rich from such an exploitation paradigm, to begin with.
And though the assumption of a commune denotes a bunch of stoned hippies shacking up together, the literal official definition does not: Commune is a French word appearing in the 12th Century from Medieval Latin "communia", meaning a large gathering of people sharing a common life; from Latin "communis", things held in common. These exact words are found in the book of Acts (Acts 2:41-47; 4:31-35). From a purely communal standpoint, I like what some American protestant groups are doing, like the Bruderhof: But they too, have demonstrated a bibliolatrous theme that I do not share: And like the Amish, they too did not begin that way.
The goal (here) is not a survivalist camp: Like the Amish, this is more about self-sustainability, and possessing firearms designed only to kill humans, should speak for itself; if it does not, you are not Messiah-centric (sorry). Holding all possessions in common is not the best model either, especially here in these end-times, because there will be those who will only come around for a season; perhaps from cognitive dissonance; perhaps they are escaping something that ends up only being a temporary setback in their (otherwise lifelong) worldly pursuits. And everyone in one huge house or building is also not good; in fact, spread out self-contained tiny homes are a better option; a modern-day teepee or hut or yurt.
What would prevent this from becoming another cult-like commune?
To be frank, I see all organized religion as cultic, in that they put a human and/or an idol, on a stage or a pedestal; a place where only my Master belongs. Thus, I never say: "my pastor says this or does that!" Instead, I say: "my Master said or did this and that!" We do not attend church services, for we know that we (our own bodies) are the church! We are the Temple.
We, the Elect of YHVH, are our own minister or pastor or priest (Rev 1:5-6); we neither follow nor lead other humans: Messiah lives in us, and does so because of us, and for us. We follow only His voice daily; we disciples die daily (Luke 9:23-25); not for a few weekend hours and "how-u-do's", then right back to business-as-usual (Luke 17:26-30): We surrender all that!
All cults have human leaders (one person or a small group): popes, pastors, priests, reverends, bishops, ministers, bosses, employers, Boards, and the like. And because this is to take place in the US, it is not wise to have one large location owned by one (or a few), and then a bunch of other "followers" joining some "leader" (that's just creepy).
Also, like my Master, I am a Pescetarian who will occasionally eat wild fowl, so I think it wise to be within decent walking distance to a (public) fishing source: oceans or big lakes, as well as the opportunity to grow all organic plant-based foods, and raise chickens for eggs and perhaps goats for cheese. I am for the Messiah Diet, in honor of the Temple.
But to negate any cult status – which will assuredly be assigned by the headhunting "Xians of Religianity" during their competition for tithe-givers and supporters – logic dictates that each individual or familial group hold the land title to their own property, and we all, buy property that is connected or nearby, just as the American Amish do. We build Community, agreeing (contractually) that if anyone, along the path of time, decide to re-enter the worldly realm, they agree to sell whatever they leave behind, to others purpose-driven to live within this uniquely Messianic Community.
One idea mentioned years ago was to buy a cluster of lake lots somewhere; that makes sense. Even living among the Amish is a great idea, as they have established buggie routes. But regardless of where, the Community would surely help one another; again, this is to be modeled after the American Amish, but without any official joining of any church; to be neo-Amish; to be a Spiritual family; it is to be grafted into the Elect of YHVH from among all generations (Romans 11).
Why do you use uncommon or unfamiliar words?
This typically means Christianese, which I do not "monkey-see-monkey-do—copy-mimic-parrot", because I have been disenculturated by the overwhelming force of the Indwelling Holy Spirit, via Love. Out of respect for my Master, and from all my time invested in getting to know Him, and the truth that He promised to those who diligently seek Him, I came to see that blindly following my enculturation was not the will of YHVH, for anyone, anywhere, anytime. And I believe wise men still seek Him!
The (infinitesimal & inconspicuous) Elect of YHVH are called out ones (1Pe 2:9-12; 2Co 6:14-18); we, who are destined to the Kingdom of Heaven, abandon the average lifestyle, and trade everything in, to become bond-servants; pilgrims; aliens living among the masses on Earth; we are devout disciples of Messiah! We labor by the sweat of our brows daily; we build and grow and make; we live (or hope to live) a simple lifestyle, without money debt, greatly reducing or eliminating the need for man's mammon, and then spend all our free time, in and for Messiah Yeshua (John 6).
In that new role, we spend much time, not in employment or consumerism or secular entertainment; instead, we are new creations, and thus abandon (most or) all of the former life. With this time freed up, we seek and knock daily for YHVH-truth, and those who do that soon learn that blind enculturation is but the byproducts of a satan driven race of humans being; those on Broadway (Matthew Seven Christians).
We do not copy our culture any longer; we become Messiah-centric, not culture-centric; Messiah-like in every possible way: Was blind but now I see! Life slows down considerably, and the peace that was once unknown, will now define your existence (Phl 4:4-7; John 14:25-27). Even the physical body benefits from such real peace, and how we treat the Temple is a reflection (and an extension) of our devotion unto YHVH.
We, the Elect of YHVH (Matt 24), eventually learn all about our single, homeless, brown-skinned, Jewish Tekton, and virgin-born Savior, and also how the 1st Century Koinonia fellowships lived, via the Messiah Scriptures. The closest we can get (today) to being accurate in our word-choices, is (first) to read from our Messianic Jewish brethren, mostly in Israel but also in other parts of the Middle East.
Why do some spell YHVH as g*d (or G-d)?
This is an outward imitation of reverence of/for our Heavenly Father, who, among all Messiah-centric individuals ruled by the mind of Messiah (1Co 2:10-16); we acknowledge YHVH as "Abba Father"; we have a personal relationship with our Adonai Elohim, via the Indwelling Holy Spirit (the "Ruach HaKodesh"): YHVH was Yeshua and The Holy Spirit is Adonai: Monotheism summarized.
But some do think that "The Name" is too Holy to even say out-loud: However, that is only an exhibition of the distant god idea, which serves only to expose, though unintentionally, the absence of a daily-dying, intimate personal relationship; indeed a marriage-level relationship. (See: Names of GOD for more details). Hopefully you do not refer to your human spouse as lord or master or savior.
Messiah Yeshua was "YHVH-in-the-flesh," which means that my Lord and Master was the corporeal manifestation of YHVH in Person, and yet, He (Yeshua) calls me friend (Matt 23:8-12; Luke 12:1-5; John 15:12-17). That is still hard for me because I'm a mere servant of my Master (and the disciple is not above his Master); I still feel uneasy referring to Him as friend. We humans were created with a YHVH-shaped place within us; the innate drive to worship YHVH.
However, satan uses the things of this world (Matt 4:1-5,6-11) to distract the masses from worshiping YHVH, and so they redirect that energy toward earthly temporal things and with cult-like fervor; things such as the cult of politics, the cult of sports, the many consumer cults, and indeed, the cults of (all) religion. Rather than Messiah Yeshua being the center of one's corporeality, He is relegated to a few hours weekly, at best. Of course, the single most destructive of all human cults collectively and globally and forever, is the Car Cult.
Nevertheless, this is what it means to have a personal relationship, if it be that such a relationship actually exists beyond the imagination (Rom 8:5-11); the Indwelling Holy Spirit is the only way to such a relationship. Religion is what happens in the absence of the Indwelling Holy Spirit; it is the replacement to a marriage-level, daily personal relationship with YHVH. The Pharisees were the fake religionists of His time; they too, presented an outward show of humility and reverence, even though most of them lived-died, with no conceptualization of YHVH, and thus, of the prophetic Messiah who stood before them (John 8:13-19).
I never see the word "Him" when referring to our Heavenly Father: Why?
Because YHVH is not a physical being, and gender is only about procreation on Earth (Matt 22:24-30; Gal 3:22-28; John 1:18; 1Jo 4:12). Trying to be accurate about this, therefore, has nothing to do with attempting to "de-gender" scripture, which seems an issue among the pope protesters, of the which, I (as a disciple of Messiah) am not privy to, nor interested in learning about. I all but mastered the productions of the americanized protestant theological themes (in the 1990s), and I still stand at: No thank you!
Gender is irrelevant in all things for the disciples of Messiah (and for Messiah Himself), but it has been magnified by the bibliolatrous; the "Xians of Religianity" since the Second Century. This, typically because there's one or more Godless people (mostly men) exploiting god-religion-bible to increase their lordship over others. My response to them and this? Get thee hence, satan! I will attempt to expel the demons that conquer their Soul, but I cannot and will not enable them further. They need to be deprogrammed; disenculturated; un-westernized and un-americanized first. Only then can they even begin to learn about Messiah Yeshua.
Appealing to, accepting, or enabling in any way positively, machismo, is simpleton and (dare I say) satanic. This is because doing so, almost always leads (boys-to-men) to patriarchal pathologies, and that too often leads to hierarchy, emasculation, gender bigotry, abuses of females or outright misogyny, violence and militarism.
The sickness of machismo and the mental illness expressed in its latter stages of dominionship and controlism, must be exposed and treated as an illness socially, not normalized and allowed to continue to fester in the public arena. But the opposite of all of this, is the perpetual victim paradigm; or, I am victim! But having a vagina does not automatically make one a victim; that is a choice, because bad things happen to all of us. The shame of machismo posturing occurs soon after any/every male is actually Saved.
Pauline Christianity, as opposed to a Messiah discipleship, dominated and shaped Christendom; that is why the Way is a course that diverges from the more culturally popular productions of Christendom, via a mere christianization that is void of Spiritual transformation and radical metamorphosis, witnessed mostly in lifestyle. A disciple of Messiah Yeshua can be male or female; no gender distinctions exist among the disciples of Messiah Yeshua (Matt 22:29-30; Gal 3:27-29).
Will rules be written and imposed? What about shunning (or discipline)?
We, as disciples of Messiah, live by only one rule: The Golden Rule! I have sayings that go back 2 decades for me, but will share them again, here: All Saved women dress modestly, but not all modestly dressed women are Saved. All Saved men labor with their hands, but not all sweat-of-the-brow laborers are Saved. All Saved people live simple, but not all simple-living people are Saved. And there is no "cult of spouse" going on among the Elect of YHVH.
There are characteristics and lifestyles that all Saved people share and follow (sooner or later), and without anyone coercing them to do so. All who hear and follow the voice of Messiah Yeshua (John 10), end up in the same place or way, when living the sermon on the Mount; indeed, by living by all such parables, with YHVH-Love driving them. But the outward alone, does not define us (James 2:14-20): that's most often the stage show, commonly labeled religion, with the mask of personality obscuring one's true character.
If a person copies some certain way of living, just to be accepted by other local humans; they are not in a personal relationship with YHVH (not yet anyway). No one will enter the Kingdom of Heaven because they were shamed or guilted (outwardly pressured) into dressing or working or worshiping or living a certain way. We will be judged by YHVH, not by what we were coerced to do, but by what we voluntarily wanted to do, and wanted not to do: We will be judged as individuals based upon our character, and not as parts of a collective, like simply being born Amish or Jewish or Christian or Indian or American or whatever (Rom 3:1-6,7-12; Acts 17:24-28).
The intent of the Amish "Ordnung" was analogous to any law-lord production or ordinance, rule or creed; to control actions by guilt, obligation or coercion. The intent was/is that by pressuring young family members to live a righteous lifestyle, this will eventually drive them to the Cross volitionally; to create and live a Messiah-centric lifestyle that the young can be influenced by, as opposed to the treacherously Godless world around them (and us): Hence "Rumspringa".
This original good intention may have (partially) worked, up to the 1950s or so, but as we have moved deeper into the end-times, the effects and the impact of the Godless world is now overwhelming; experienced by almost everyone everywhere (Luke 17:20-25,26-29,30-33) in these last days. The Way is quite unique here in these destined end-times, but do not look unto any of the productions of Christendom for any truth about Messiah Yeshua and eternal life.

In Closing!

As a FOSS techie, I recommend using web hosts like Neocities and/or Blogger and/or Wordpress; the search engines Duckduckgo and Startpage, and avoid the most security intrusive and narcissistic site on the entire Web globally, Facebook, which verily, only exposes the "monkey-see-monkey-do—copy-mimic-parrot" manifestation of blind followship; that sure "mark of the beast" kind of readiness to follow the evil one, straightway into The Great Lake!
While "keeping up with the Joneses" is utterly horrifying to all truly Saved, Heaven-bound, future resurrected disciples of Messiah Yeshua, it is the very mentality and daily lifestyle choice of the masses, fast-tracking the superhighway called Broadway (Matt 7:13-14), rushing into the darkness, and they look forward to repeating this drone lifestyle, again tomorrow. Fascinating! Horrifying! Prophesied!
A new book-page currently being considered, would be titled something like this: What a Commune (Community) of disciples of Messiah Yeshua Would Be Like. Or: A Hypothetical Messianic USA Commune. There are no Messianic Communes on North America, and there may never be due to the end-times, and due to the fact that the mammon serving (satan serving) capitalist antiChrists were the only Europeanized people to ever come here, and since very few people born in the Americas over the past 2-dozen decades even conceptualize such an existence, it is fitting for a living disciple of Messiah Yeshua, familiar with living here, to describe it for the curious. It is analogous to an Essene teaching an American what it is like to be a disciple of Messiah Yeshua!

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