Mammon Service

No servant can serve two masters; for either he will hate the one and love the other, or else he will be loyal to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve Elohim and mammon! But the Pharisees, who were lovers of money, also heard all these things, and they derided Him. But He said to them: You are those who justify yourselves before men, but Elohim knows your hearts: For what is highly esteemed among men is abomination in the sight of Elohim! (Luke 16:13-15; Matt 6:24)
The money-loving, money-serving, money-dependent, justification seeking masses (churched or not), will rush through this page, hoping that the word 'mammon' (ממון) is defined as anything but money. After all, in a capitalist culture where almost everyone has sold their Souls to Satan (daily) for their never-big-enough, slice of the mammon pie; they need that word to mean something else: I get it! However, it only means money: Sorry! You might as well turn from this right now. This will be incomprehensible; unbelievable; for those with too many justification one-liners preloaded, this will not be helpful.
Mammon servants (the bulk of the westernized adult human race) not only serve mammon faithfully, they expect and even demand that everyone else do so as well. They believe they have to. Yet, they know deep-deep within them (subconsciously) that they are the slaves of the evil one. They are not the chosen; the Elect of YHVH; they are instead, the monetizers, and so they serve Satan daily (hourly), and thus for life. Their anger toward all who evade such Satan service is palpable, especially in money-centrist cultures such as the West, which has metastasized globally, as we find ourselves now deep within the end times.
Unfortunately, as humans become more and more dependent upon money -- man's mammon versus heavenly manna -- the compromises for it, also become more acute. Today, as the capitalizers (or economic opportunists) seek more market products to solicit, Messiah Yeshua gets prostituted by these money-serving pimps as well. The growing 21st Century Messianic Market is but a byproduct of Satan's christendom of the West. Messianic themes have merged with evangelical protestantism, due to the omnipresence of the multi-billion dollar christian industry of the West, which is now an integral part of the global economy.

It Is Not Freedom With Money; It Is Freedom From Money!

Among the most deceptive words of Satan is: 'Money is not evil; it's the love of money that is evil!' Satan the satanic devil, is the master of scripture twisting and adulteration; this line is often spoken or written via the human mouthpieces that are counted among Satan's masses of money dependent followers and servants of every generation. What we disciples (and indeed all truth miners) dig deeper for, is to know what the sum of the Messianic message is, rather than to be automatons and mindlessly swallow the cut-and-paste theology of the bibliolatrous.
Bibliolatry itself is another viscous theological production of Satan and his demonic and inhuman crew. The heroin addict both loves and hates heroin; they hate the addiction but love the high; they hate themselves for being weak via the addiction, yet they seek out their drug with reckless abandon. Money (as the drug) is the same way, producing all kinds of hatred, but masked in socioeconomic obscurities. Internally, they hate being a money dependent, and yet they love the power and easy living that comes with/from money, and thus, they abhor those who will not (likewise) sacrifice their Soul in its acquisition.
We are deep into the end times now, but such times are not possible without certain Godless things to be present and predominant, and money itself is indeed, the root of all evil; therefore, it is the prime mechanism of Satan in/for the end times. Just because religions, ministries and church-businesses abound, does not mean that any of them have any association whatsoever with the Creator of all, Adonai Elohim (YHVH): Because they do not! We are now deep into the end times, where scripture says that the vast majority of the human species will be extremely money devoted; utterly compromised to it and for it (2Ti 3:1-5); cold and hardhearted toward the poor or unemployed, and so on.
Having self-beliefs also has no connection whatsoever with our Father which art in Heaven: YHVH. Lifestyle choices are the only tree fruit, or observable evidence (Matt 7:15-20; 12:33; Luke 6:43-44), since self-beliefs are most often delusional, with the pandemic of cognitive dissonance the empiricism. Such dissonance is the result of the Holy Spirit in the world, allowing guilt-shame-condemnation (Rom 8:1-4) to turn people toward the Cross; to mercifully break them: Or not! That's predestination!
It is no coincidence that there is a correlation between those who opposed religious accountability -- those who left Europe and risked an ocean trip to come to the Americas for 'freedom' -- being predominantly White christianized males, who were more interested in freedom from accountability, and freedom to do as they pleased, without the Catholic Church or the Church of England being their moral police. Satan's defiant christianized colonialist Europeans, wanted to commit genocide against the (indigenous) Americans, and enslave Africans, with impunity. They hunger-lusted to monetize everything and everyone around them, which they could justify (Luke 16:13-15): And they did! Beware the Monetizers!
That is why White privilege thrives into the 21st Century (esp.) in the USA. It is why these White ancestors are Satan's most outspoken freedom cheerleaders; patriotic Americanism and White power are one in the same. But even that stereotype is finally beginning to wear thin; even the unchurched are beginning to see what Messiah Yeshua warned (us) His disciples about, two millennia ago. Power corrupts indeed! This same mentality of 'I will do as I please' as their definition of freedom, is why they act almost entirely with self-interest as their only compass. They serve money and all it represents, and do so, unconscious of the sell-all Love of Messiah Yeshua.

Of Mammon & Men!

The money-serving masses, must and will, justify their addiction and dependency upon human created resources such as money (and esp. money, here in these end-times), because they will never surrender unconditionally unto the supreme and eternal Lordship of Messiah Yeshua, die to this life; die utterly to their ego-pride-emotions, and allow the (metaphorical) defibrillation back to Life (born-again), and be Spiritually enlightened by the subsequent Indwelling Holy Spirit, who will humble them even more than whatever took place in their lives to drive them to (and under) the Cross to begin with.
The bulk of humanity will never see beyond their primal ways; beyond their enculturation; to realize an entirely different existence, than the one handed to them. But the proof of this topic being so important, lies in the number of criticisms to it, coming (almost exclusively) from the westernized-monetized-christianized-industrialized: No opposing correspondence has ever come from any others. Why? Because Christendom itself is a production of Satan; indeed, every religion-business that will ever exist on Earth forever, is a byproduct of Satan, and as such, the (proverbial) heat that arises from this topic reflects that reality.
The addict has a long list of self-justifications and rationalizations (loaded in their pocket) to recall, whenever anyone gets between them and the products of that addiction or dependency. But since no one can reason away logic, the only other avenue is to 'shoot the messenger' or ad hominem. This is why all the authors (my fellow disciples and monks) of the canon (and non-canon) works, did/do not reveal real names or identities; self-protection through anonymity is wise (Matt 10:16). Our/my Master was hunted and murdered for exposing religious frauds, and so were many apostles, and many other disciples throughout time-culture.
Messiah Yeshua was YHVH-in-the-flesh, and that physical presence was necessary because the inspired words collected in the Tanakh was already so far from its original intent that a Personal visit became necessary; if you want something done right you gotta do it yourself! That visit served primarily to expose the sin of religion; hence, it was the professional religionists (of that time-culture) who sought to assassinate Messiah Yeshua, and they did, via their manipulation of the political construct, in force at that time: Sound familiar?

The Evils Of Economics; The Amorality Of Money!

Since most are enculturated into economic (or mammon-centrist) systems, they cannot see this on their own; still in Spiritual darkness (or blindness); they can only see what is in front of them and/or what came before them. They cannot even imagine entirely different sociocultural outcomes, with just a few tweaks made in times-past; for them, all that is, is all there can be. They are small-minded; simpleton; no original thoughts or critical thinking abilities. Horrifyingly, the bulk of our species will live and die, as slaves to their pride-ego-emotions and being 'monkey-see-monkey-do--copy-mimic-parrot' drones of all that is before them.
We, the (infinitesimal & inconspicuous) Elect of YHVH, do not blame or criticize or condemn them for their Spiritual blindness. Instead, we (the Elect of YHVH; the disciples of Messiah Yeshua) shine the proverbial light upon them via our lifestyle choices (Matt 5:14-16). Unfortunately, most people ignore or even flee from that light (John 3:19-21), and even YHVH cannot violate the power that YHVH gave us all; the human superpower of volition.
'Mammon' refers to money specifically: We know this because logic dictates that humans have always traded or swapped (or stole) things. The history of money is not specific as to when it began, but a general understanding comes from the logic that a full monetary system (a regional economy) would not be necessary in small populations of people, living simply from the earth alone, as YHVH originally intended.
For example, there was never a complex monetary system anywhere in the Americas until the White European antiChrists, came here for the precious metals and other natural resources, and land to lord, and thus the people to enslave and/or monetize in other ways; any/all of which so they (the monetizers) could monetize, hoard that mass of money, and become (or remain) powerful.
Understanding the history of religion (in general) is the passion of all disciples of Messiah Yeshua; the history of the catholic church would thus be near the beginning of such research. Skipping ahead in time: By the 13th Century, Europeans had been many-many generations, corrupted by the monetizers of former generations, via Spiritual blindness and thus gullibility to enculturation (Matt 9:35-37).

Create A Problem; Then Be The $olution Provider!

That corruption began with the first Soul-endowed humans (Gen 3:1-7), and degraded over time, with the sin of religion masking its evil in godly themes: YHVH became Messiah Yeshua to expose them! By the Second Century (AD), the religion of christianity was the greatest manifestation spun by Satan to date, and declined further over time.
Bibliolatry is to exploit the written words, inspired by the Holy Spirit, to make gains in the now; to pacify their ego-pride-emotion; but also, to gain power over others; to be lords among men, or any form of adulteration (2Co 4:1-5 nasb) that has benefits for them personally in this life. Primates with bibles!
Religions or its professionals (another money centric word), do not call their followship unto any form of genuine repentance; instead, they validate their sin-lifestyles by living them too, and do so for the money it brings in. This is how/why they justify war. Conversely, truth miners seek YHVH always, and study scripture so they/we can change how they/we live and think and act; conversely, the monetizers and mammon servants, mine the scriptures only so they can manipulate others.
For as long as humans have profited monetarily from weaponry, the rumors and the gossips of war, or the threat of a war, has made men wealthy beyond measure, relative to their culture. War is a booming business (pun intended); just get the society at large to fear 'those others' (who 'they' are is irrelevant), and everyone will take up donations (today it is taxation) to finance the war efforts. Of course, the weapons manufacturers (like fireworks makers), supply all sides!
But fear is a natural response; we were created with a fear drive, like all primates. The goal of YHVH is to see who will use the superpower of volition to die to all of that, and be transformed by the Indwelling Holy Spirit, into a Spiritual being. But for the rest of the masses? Pretend or fake caring (as only one symptom), is the natural outcome of most people, dependent upon the money of others; pretend-fake caring is now a major integral part of western enculturation.
Conversely, we disciples of Messiah Yeshua get all we need from the land and soil alone: e.g. plant-based food; water; trees; fish; etc: the renewables. Fortunately and for identity purposes, there are no future resurrected, Heaven bound individuals from among the human species, who today (knowing all that we know), consume non-renewable resources; that is isolated to the domain of the demonic; the indifferent.

Money Is The Benchmark & Compass & Barometer of the Godless Masses!

If I were to spin a tale in the form of a parable (a metaphor), hopefully you would know, not to isolate one sentence from it, to make an entirely different point from the tale (Matt 13); you would understand the general idea behind the tale. The bibliolatrous are that way, because they cannot see the greater meaning; that is because Satan has blinded them from knowing YHVH truth (2Co 4:1-5 nasb). Hence, they can only read into it (eisegesis), or isolate from it (pericope), what is verily a summary of their (otherwise) Godless character. They are law lords, not humble servants of The Lord!
Therefore, they cannot comprehend the spirit of the law, and so they can only see it as a prescription, or a rule book, and thus, they can only see the letter of the Law. This was a major issue confronted repeatedly by my brother, Saul of Tarsus, a former Pharisee himself. This is because people like the idea of being issued authority over other humans; in any amount, but the more the better: It's called the god-complex, which was Satan's downfall, and thus, there sheer masses of the human species who mimic him in this, daily.
They are blinded by demons; trapped in the demonic blindness that Satan exploits within them daily, via their ego-pride-emotions (ego-pride-emotion plus christianization equals assured damnation: Matt 7:13-17,21-23). In that Spiritual darkness they remain deep in the pocket of Satan, just like the bulk of the human race.
They are, of course, far more evil than any other humans, in that they claim to be associated with the Holy Spirit, through the Propitiation: Messiah Yeshua, which the English antiChrists renamed Jesus Christ about 4 Centuries ago. This was due in part to their bigotry, which of course, no Saved person experiences on any level; the 2 most prominent forms of bigotry are gender and race or ethnicity.
Within that Spiritual darkness, they stumble about blindly in this life, trapped in their tiny enculturation shoe-boxes, and in there, they can only 'monkey-see-monkey-do--copy-mimic-parrot' from everyone around them. Therefore, they are of/in the world, for the world, and shaped by the world (1Jo 2:15-20); and, they cannot do, or know, anything else (that is, until a radical Spiritual metamorphosis).
This Spiritual blindness can be observed by the (infinitesimal & inconspicuous) Elect of YHVH, the only humans with Spiritual sight; however, the sheer masses of humans are Spiritually blinded, and churched or religious, or not, they remain in Spiritual darkness. In that darkness, they simply float along with all enculturation directives.
Therefore, they can be detected by their blind compliance to the cultural directives and prescriptions they are born and raised into, and, they never even question any of it, but rather, act as if they are blind people, going about merely following all those who are in front of them or those who came before them. They are as sheep without a Shepherd (Matt 9:35-37): 'Sheeple!'
One of the more obvious clues, is an acquiescence to the money trap; e.g. that if I pay for a thing it is mine to do with as I please, such as the buying of gasoline justifies the squandering of it as a nonrenewable natural global resource, which truly belongs to all humanity forever, as well as the air pollution it causes being the inevitable collateral damage, and thus not my fault and thus not my responsibility. The opposite of Love is indifference!
The masses are like zombies who cannot see past their enculturation; they do not just live a 'monkey-see-monkey-do--copy-mimic-parrot' lifestyle taken from everyone around them, eventually, they become that which they spend their entire lives, being impacted by and with; their very minds and mentalities are shaped by experiences. They are continually stuffed deeper into Satan's pockets, until they finally become unreachable: Romans 1 summarized.

Wealth-Hoarding; Consumerism-Materialism; Ecology-Environment!

The connections between these, literally shape Earth today. Imagine if this planet never had humans on it (a garden of Eden indeed), or, imagine that humanity never had Satan the great tempter, so deeply influencing so very many people. All that black gold we call hydrocarbons, would have never been extracted, refined (cooked and blended with a veritable list of chemical additives), sold and burnt in combustion engines now numbering in the billions planet-wide, earth and sky. The very crust of the earth is massive, no doubt; however, when you drain out countless trillions of barrels of thick liquids that have always been there, the net result cannot and will not be good.
The natural world alone cannot do unto those stored hydrocarbons, what humans have done to/with them; that would be an impossibility. There is nothing in the natural world on Earth that could combine to produce the gasoline you buy and burn. The air we all rely on to breathe is heavily impacted by this process, and everyone knows it; even those who anesthetize themselves to avoid its eventual pain, if only for a few decades. Eventually, it will be all they ponder, during their millions millennia floating aimlessly in empty vacuum of space; the abyss of extreme outer darkness.
But the connection between the Oil Industry (indeed, all industries), and consumerism, and wealth building, are all one manifestation of only one thing: Desperation! The Indwelling Holy Spirit supplies Love (to otherwise Loveless human animals), and then, from (YHVH) Love comes all other traits, such as humility, satisfaction, completeness and fulfillment: the Living Water and Bread of Life is overabundant.
But the Spiritually blind live in a state of panic and stress continuously; yea, desperation. It is what produces money's mass-materialism malaise. And the over-consumerism and dedication to materialism; the commitment to buying way too much, never satisfies for long, and so, it must continue and increase, just like an addict of any substance is never satisfied for long (where more is never enough): I.e. Darkness.

Money Hoarding Is Spiritual Depravity!

People with way more money than would be needed to live a comfortable and simple life, cannot live a simple life. Well, technically they could, but they do not. What else is a person to do, with tons of money and no need to labor for food or shelter, but to shop; to spend it. And the capitalistic cut-takers (economic predators & parasites) that have been pounding their drums for a millennia now, are worshiped by the money-lovers. But this excess of money damages the Soul, and thus the heart, and eventually the mind.
What need of YHVH do they have? Oh sure, they can hold self-beliefs and attend church services and play 'Religianity' on the stages of this life, but the hollowed out place within them that only the Indwelling Holy Spirit can fit-in, and fulfill, cannot be purchased with money, and indeed, the money itself, is their main obstacle to Spiritual metamorphosis (Luke 18:18-22,23-27).
When money came into common use by the vast majority of humanity, economies were created. But money economies, though they make wealth-power possible, are bad for the planet. Consumerism is bad for the planet, and all the weapons and tools of the economy, such as the car cult, are devastating to Earth. But humans are clearly driven by demons; the evidence to support that fact is just too voluminous to argue. Even secularists have the ability to see that the economy is rigged: Spiritually blind, even they can recognize (by smell alone) what all disciples of Messiah Yeshua know intrinsically: For the Elect of YHVH, that wisdom is based upon the doctrine of Messiah Yeshua.
We, the (infinitesimal & inconspicuous) Elect of YHVH; we have a front row seat to the prophecies of the end times. However, it will not turn out, quite like it is peddled by the money-generating productions of the westernized-monetized-christianized-industrialized, religionists. Once natural resources are depleted below global demand, the nukes will soon fly! All that radiation will fill an atmosphere that will already be greatly compromised by decades of mass pollution.

The Rush To Monetize Earth And The End Of The Human Species!

The denaturing, deforestation, and resource extraction, imposed by the (demand-drives-supply consumerist) masses of 'monkey-see-monkey-do--copy-mimic-parrot', mammon serving money-dependents, globally, is becoming exponentially ravenous, as the (end-time) time-frame moves closer to its inevitable end. To watch those who want desperately to monetize every salable object, and on every location on Earth, is both captivating and terrifying, to the Spiritually sighted. There is no money profit in saving animal species that YHVH placed us humans as the stewards thereof: The dedication to destructive lifestyles is terrifying.
Planned obsolescence; the Great Pacific garbage patch; the fact that Wildlife services killed a million native animals in 2017; indeed, that is three examples from a very long list of other manifestations of indifference and insanity, plaguing Earth, via its Faithless-Godless-Loveless human infestation; the living testaments to the fulfillment of end-time prophecies, of which the masses are oblivious to. But the greater horror centers on the fact that the westernized-monetized-christianized-industrialized, antiChrists among us (the christianized), are fully invested therein; among the most dedicated to satanic directives.
How are secular world leaders (political or religious) responding now to obvious ecological crisis? They are easing any control over the causes of pollution, and adding more military spending. In other words, this is Satan winning the battle on Earth, which will lead to Armageddon: And Satan will win the battle here on Earth, but not the greater celestial war. Dread not, ye who are the devout servants and disciples of Messiah Yeshua, for there are new planets in new solar systems (aplenty) for we the future resurrected, to inhabit. Earth will be as a sunken battleship floating in space battered and beaten; left as an everlasting memorial to the collective consequences of sin-evil.
It must be understood that when you die to this life, and become the product of a radical, epochal, metamorphic, Spiritual transformation, life takes a u-turn or an otherwise sudden alteration from the former primate state: Disciples of Messiah Yeshua become far more like John the Baptist than like the average Joe Urban Buyer! We become odd to the masses. We are not drones of queens, we become Children of The King!
This earthly life attenuates and fades the farther we ascend Spiritually. And like our brother Saul of Tarsus (or king Solomon, or Job), we grow tired of this life; we are readied, and ready always, to go and be with our precious Lord and Master; our eternal Spouse; our Heavenly Father: However you affectionately think of YHVH, being in our glorious eternal state, is our ultimate destiny. This life is a nuisance; yet, our purpose here is not to live for this life, but to be light (Matt 5:14-16) for the select few earnestly seeking it.

The Patriotism Monetization!

Patriotism is just us-against-them-ism; the antiChrist trait of neighbor hating. Whenever the wealth-class (of any place-time) would hire militants to fight for them so they could remain in power, the motives for getting so many men to risk violence and death, had to be varied. Most militant hirelings (just like today) were blood-lusting men who enjoyed being bullies; playing gods among men by submission or even ending life: They enjoyed it! That is why Patriotism Is Like Racism!
But still others were less motivated by blood-lust, and did it more for the pay, than for the bullying, dominion, and killing alone. They needed added incentives, like the threat of harm coming to wives or children or siblings. But what about the unmarried? Thus, the wealth-class needed something that would appeal to male ego: Nationalism! Fighting for territory (territorialism & landlordism)! Fighting to defend map lines: Patriotism was born. With enemizing normalized, and savior-heroism connected to it, the pride-ego-emotions were satisfactorily masturbated. But it is all deeply demonic, and thus subtly terrorizing and bullying.
The wealth-class productions of kingdom-building, thrived under the carnal-primal process (or mentality) of 'us-against-them-ism'. The (bored, sedentary, elitist) wealth-class consolidated power, gaining ever larger followers or subjects (citizens) to worship them, via service and taxation. These citizens would even host plays on ancient arena stages in their honor, often portraying these kings and queens (and other nobles) as saviors; god-like people, which of course, would appeal to their ego. And though the social roles have been renamed (from culture to culture), as has the terminology overall, the essential process of kingdom-building remains to this day: Human ego is why!
Today we use different terminology; nation or country rather than kingdom, and president (etc.) rather than king-queen, but the underlying theme (and mentality) is exact; the rich rule, and the subordinate drones follow! But they follow with a bizarre devotion that is beyond mere human fascination; it is assuredly, influential of/from some greater force than the human brain alone would manifest.
We disciples of Messiah Yeshua believe that overwhelming force to be Satan and his trillion-demon army of influencers. Based on all the surviving written works concerning the demonic realm, connecting with the human realm, demons can only appeal to (human) ego-pride-emotion (Matt 4).
This is why people are blind followers of the blind (Matt 15:12-15,16-20); that strange devotion to people and places, manifests in all the many fake productions that account for the human condition. Nationalism and patriotism make people feel noble and important; the standing, the bowing, the saluting, and all the other bodily posturing that elicit emotions toward the devotion of whatever or whoever one is following.
The Elect of YHVH are devoted only to our One and only King; Messiah Yeshua, and our devotion manifests in discipleship. But the Faith-Godless-Loveless masses are not, and so they find their devotion in the things and places and the humans of/in this world.
Patriotism and nationalism are themselves, proof of people who have no loyalty to YHVH, our Father which art in Heaven. All the biblical justifications for human carnality will surely work among the churched drones (as well as among those of the cult of politics) here on Earth, but after Messiah Yeshua brings truth and justice, for the very first time, to this planet, such neighbor-hating divisiveness and paranoia, will not be any part of the Kingdom of Heaven, and neither will there be any monetary or economic, military or political systems.
These are all the productions of Satan's puppets; the bulk of humanity indeed, but the christianists are observantly Satan's favorite puppets to play with. Conversely, we as the (infinitesimal & inconspicuous) Elect of YHVH; we will live our eternality much like we live now; in our Masters eye; in Love, peace and equality.

Doctrine Of Messiah: Theology Of Disciples!

Most people, even the christianized, will live and die without so much as a conceptualization of what lordship is, nor what it represents in this life. There are no church-going people who have a clue of the ideals espoused in Lordship, and therefore, they cannot live under the supreme and eternal Lordship of Messiah Yeshua, nor could they (or do they) even recognize someone who is.
Consequently, their lords are from among men (and women) and from among the works of men. They remain in Spiritual blindness, and the proof of that is their devotion to their micro-experiences (their enculturation) and all that is going on inside their tiny shoebox of immediate and proximal experiences. They cannot follow the Lord in His Lordship and so they remain the puppets of Satan and live for this life alone, following those other humans that came before them, and religiously sometimes.
North America was conquered by the greater military power of White colonizing invaders with firearms, military tactics, and diseases, and with the exact same egocentric, false sense of self-righteousness that compel all Satan-led humans of every generation, who metastasize most prominently from among the christianized. What made the conquest and colonization of the Americas more heinous than any other such recorded conquest event, is that its militants pretended to be associated with Christ; the christianized; the COP's (COP = Catholic; Orthodox; Protestant). Today, the direct connection between the end-times and evangelicalism is palpable.
The inability to live a mammon-free life and lifestyle, begins with an oblivion to a Messiah-centric life; they cannot have a money-free consciousness or mentality, because all things center around and upon mammon. Money dependency is the greatest addiction to plague the human species. Money is the greatest weapon of mass destruction; its systems exploited to control populations on every continent.
We, the Elect of YHVH, are fully conscientious of this happening here, on the planet owned exclusively by YHVH, and knowing that YHVH is sacrificing the planet, just as Messiah Yeshua was also sacrificed for us. YHVH gave Satan and his trillion-demon army of tempters, a limited power over us volitionally super-powered humans here, to test us; this was/is done to observe and then to extract an infinitesimal few (proverbial) wheat from among an overgrowth of weeds (Matt 13:24-30).
The theology of the COP's has morphed from small errors in the monetization process, into outright fraud by the 3rd and 4th Centuries: The leaven did its anticipated work (Matt 16:6-11; Mark 8:15-21; Luke 12:1-3; 1Co 5 all). Here in these end-times (the 21st and last human Century), the most distorted of all theological productions, comes from those the farthest away from the Cross of Messiah Yeshua, in every possible aspect; ethnically, culturally, socially, geographically, and by generations (time): Evangelical Americans.
There are almost no signs of The Way that developed in 1st Century, remaining or to be found anywhere in North America, with a few rare exceptions, such as the Amish, though even they have been too protestantized to be considered living disciples of Messiah Yeshua.
History records that the money changers have used every form of abuse, intrigue, deceit, and violent means possible to maintain their control over governments by controlling the money and its issuance. (Olive Cushing Dwinell: The Story of Our Money)
The history of interpretation and reception history exposes the bias of enculturation, the truth of which is unveiled by the Indwelling Holy Spirit, only unto the disciples of Messiah Yeshua. The Holy Spirit inspired the original writers to write what they did; in like manner, that same Spirit must be actively in you, in order for you to decode those inspired words, as works of publication.
Any merely academic attempt at such cognition will fall woefully short. In primate studies, chimps seem to learn that two plus two equals four, but are they calculating based upon a deeper understanding of mathematics? Or are they merely regurgitating a learned response to illicit the prize of food?

Wealth & Money Hoarding: A Manifestation Of Exploitation!

The Attorney-class run the US; a manifestation of the monetization or mammon mentality itself (expounded on in Law lords). Every armed militant to ever live on Earth, are the strongmen of the wealth-class; they impose the will of these monetizers. The worldly masses are primal-carnal in all their ways and thus mentalities, even after decades in church services, which often makes things even worse. The Faithless-Godless-Loveless; the unregenerate; the churched; they still remain primal-carnal, and thus remain competitive, adversarial, fearful, hierarchical, territorial, patriotic, and self-centered; always thinking that someone is opposing them in some way; always on the defensive or the offensive.
These antiChrists among us, suffer always from 'us-against-them-ism' and enemizing (also a mentality), and as such, they cannot Love nor even comprehend what YHVH Love is. As such, they cannot comprehend all the subsequent attributes (or subsets) of YHVH-Love: compassion, mercy, forgiveness (or forgotten-ness), Sainthood, discipleship, or unity via community. Love is a verb! Christianity clearly does not represent Messiah Yeshua, nor is it connected in any way with the Creator of all: In fact, all religion (without exception) is of satanic origin.
The pathological need to monetize YHVH -- or the creation, or other humans -- is its visible fruit. Like the Garden of Eden and the manna from the heavens, YHVH only provides (or blesses) via the natural world; hence the vital importance of our intimate engagement with it, and wise stewardship of it (that's the test). From our genesis, humans were given intellectual power, so that we can manage the natural world, and indeed, that is the central purpose of this Earth experiment. YHVH will separate the metaphorical wheat from the weeds; the useless weeds will be cast aside and the wheat will be used, into time-future: the resurrection! In other words, the Car Cult is a horrifyingly devastating creation of human monetizers and profit seekers; however, Earth is the Personal property of YHVH (alone).
Christendom itself, is an open manifestation of Godless enculturation: this is witnessed in a bizarre devotion to mammon service; to unabashed us-against-them-ism; to an entire planet being monetized to literal death; a time when billions claim to be 'little Christs' but (as sheeple) live in stark oblivion to the 'who-what-why' of His very existence and His reason for visiting Earth to begin with.
It is the rampant manifestation of blind followship (trapped in one's micro-experiences, such as consumerism), and enculturation, and the general drone state of existence that defines almost everyone; this is the biggest tell that we are verily into the end times: People who actually believe they are christians, but who live patently antiChrist lifestyles; living as opposite of the paradigm of Messiah Yeshua as it is humanly possible. It is both fascinating and horrifying, having a front-row seat to end-time prophecies.
The Way has remained on the sidelines (the margins), as it was usurped by Christendom in pop-culture, via those who were mammon servants, posing as Saints (this is still going on, only times millions more). The Johannine epistles were written (in the 1st Century) in response to these very people (1Jo 2:15-20) already plaguing Messianic Koinonia by 0097AD: And this is why you cannot trust any of the scriptural interpretations (Matt 16:6,9-12), coming from the westernized-monetized-christianized-industrialized. They are equally victimized by 'mammonism', where all things and people are monetized units; where the barometer of worth is determined in dollar increments. We are indeed, deep into the end times.
But the mammon mentality degraded over many generations, until it morphed into the capitalist mentality by the 16th Century in Europe; hence, the complete inability to think outside of the monetization paradigm: Unless of course, you harbor the mind of Messiah (1Co 2:9-12,13-16). Self-belief does not change the Soul and thus the heart-mind; only real and living faith can do that; only a death to self and thus a death to this life, can/will yield eternal fruit. But YHVH came to bring about Salvation, and Salvation was His name: Yeshua!
There was a certain man called Simon, which before time in the same city, used sorcery, and bewitched the people of Samaria, giving out that he was some great one, to whom they all gave heed, from the least to the greatest, saying: This man is the great power of Elohim! And to him they had regard, because he had long bewitched them with sorceries. But when they believed Philip preaching the things concerning the Kingdom of Elohim, and the name of Yeshua the Messiah, they were baptized, both men and women. Then Simon himself believed also, and when he was baptized, he continued with Philip, and wondered, beholding the miracles and signs that were done. Now, when the apostles in Jerusalem heard that Samaria had received the word of Messiah, they sent unto them Peter and John, who, when they came down, prayed for them that they might receive the Holy Spirit, for as yet He was fallen upon none of them; they were only baptized in the name of the Lord, Messiah Yeshua. Then they laid their hands on them, and they received the Holy Spirit.
And when Simon saw that through laying on of the apostles' hands, the Holy Spirit was given, he offered them money, saying: Give me also this power, that on whomsoever I lay hands; he may receive the Holy Spirit. But Peter said unto him: Your money perishes with you, because you have thought the gift of Elohim may be purchased with money! You have neither part nor lot in this matter, for your heart is not right in the sight of Elohim. Repent therefore of this, your wickedness, and pray if perhaps the thought of your heart may be forgiven you. For I perceive that you are in the gall of bitterness, and in the bond of iniquity! Then Simon answered and said: You pray to the Lord for me that none of these things that you have spoken comes upon me. (Acts 8:9-24) (Matt 7:21-23 kjv)

Relinquishing Earthly Power!

They very notion of monetizing Elohim, in any way or form, is repulsive to all disciples of Messiah Yeshua (Saints); however, to the westernized-monetized-christianized-industrialized, it is their normal. The bulk of humanity are driven by the god of this world (Satan) via one or more of his trillion demon army. They are either possessed, or heavily oppressed, by one or more demons; a Spiritual reality that is best witnessed in how they live on Earth; by how easily they appeal to the monetary value of things. Like Simon, they are unconscious of being the devout servants of mammon, even as religionists.
Consequently, they are pulled along by these massive demonic forces, which is evidenced by their mentality; they are ego-driven, not Messiah-driven. They are dominated by what other humans think of them, but oblivious or unconcerned to what their Creator thinks of them. Like the wealthy young man, they like the good news portion of gospel discipleship, but they cannot and will not, surrender any of their earthly power (much less all of it), and instead live under His Lordship, forward in Faith. Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely! And money is power! Well, for now.
When Messiah Yeshua crossed paths with that wealthy young man, who had evidently kept the Law (Luke 18:18-23,24-30); he had possessed wealth-power; the power that comes to people when they have huge $ mammon holdings. The message behind this (short but powerful) exchange, was more about earthly power, than money itself, even though money itself is the very weapon involved here. Other forms of power exist apart from money, such as brute strength, weaponized force, and (generically) the fear of bodily harm or death, or the loss of resources of any kind. But those willing to kill for another, are doing it for the money, and for the adrenaline thrill of playing god by ending life.
This wealthy young man was not a bad guy, when calculating the word bad guy from a secular perspective. In fact, the secularized world, including the Godless churched, will use the barometers on Godless men (the paper laws of the Judicial Industry) to define what is good and evil, but YHVH does not use nor care about secular barometers of good and evil. To YHVH, a person who plants false witness is every bit as evil as a mass murderer (Matt 15:16-20; 19:16-19,20-24). Self worth (ego) that is built upon the defamation of others is both evil and sad.
We, the (infinitesimal & inconspicuous) Elect of YHVH; we never use dollars as a barometer of anything whatsoever; however, to the mammon servants, money is their lord god and thus their only barometer, infiltrating all thoughts, used in all calculations, and representing the purpose and foundation of their very existence. They can lie to self and to others like them, but YHVH is not mocked or fooled, nor are the children of YHVH.

The Horrifyingly Pathetic Life Of Money Hoarding!

By not having worldly power, such as large money hoardings (mammon wealth) availed to all who possess them; we disciples of Messiah Yeshua, must seek other ways and means to service our mission (and calling and lifestyle), while here on Earth: The lesson in that alone, is priceless. Money makes too many things too easy, and yet, ease is the very lifestyle and mentality of the slothful (e.g. the Car Cult). For the Elect of YHVH, it is called living Faith, and thus, the capitalized word 'Faith' in this context: Faith (too) is a verb (e.g. Messiah walking on water and Noah the inland boat-builder: Heb 11:7).
For most of Christendom, and the adherents therein, life is still carnal, primal and base. In other words, everything is still processed exclusively and only through the mammalian brain, which is our biological computer (and necessary). But there is another 'brain' of sorts, which is exclusive to the children of YHVH (the disciples of Messiah Yeshua); those that live as Messiah Yeshua lived (lifestyle), and, who obey His commandments and live by His doctrine (Matt 22).
The mere churched will use the bible as a document for these paradigms, but of course, scripture was never intended to be a 10-Commandments-type, book of laws and rules. Scripture either alters your very consciousness and mind, or not. The Indwelling Holy Spirit actually rewires the human brain over time (1Co 2:10-13,14-16; 1Jo 2:15-17,18-20).
I will often (metaphorically) sample the soil to see if an individual is good soil (Mark 4); testing to see if that person has been sifted, turned and pulverized, so that the soil can now receive the wisdom-seed, and grow, be it thirty or a hundred-fold.
It is surprisingly easy to test that soil, because most of humanity are Spiritually blind, and so, it is analogous to putting something out of its place, within the home of the eye-blinded; they now cannot find it. The same thing with the Spiritually blinded; since they do not see anything that the Indwelling Holy Spirit reveals openly to all disciples of Messiah Yeshua (the Elect of YHVH), a few well-placed questions will expose that blindness, which they are oblivious to. I've done so many times and these christianists all walked away unaware that even happened.

Satan's Favorite Puppets Are The Control Freaks Among Us!

(John 8:42-47). The control freaks among us, operate much like a dog and his trainer. Successful canine training facilities work on the hunger principle, not the pain principle. In other words, they begin the day with hungry (but not starving) dogs, eager to get those single bites of food from the trainers, and will thus do anything for them, knowing they will not get a morsel without completing the trick, on time and in the correct way: If they jump when ordered, they get a morsel, and if not, they are deprived the resource.
Satan enjoys making others follow his lead (Matt 4:1-5,6-10). Likewise, Satan's human-led control freaks, treat everyone (or think about others), in just this way; only, it is not food hunger they utilize to exploit others with the most; they use money predominantly, or sexuality, or social or political power, or psychological manipulation, or just raw fear and brute force (brute beasts indeed: 2Pe 2:12-14,15-17; Jude 1:10).
Living under the Lordship of Messiah Yeshua is a mystery, even unto the christianized masses, who will not so much as comprehend the concept, much less will the Lordship of Messiah Yeshua, impact their daily lives and subsequent lifestyles. They remain the lords of self and then subsequently attempt to be the lords among those around them, even as many of them will attend church services and play the social games of Christendom, via christianization, christianism, and christianese, but without Spiritual transformation or Soulful metamorphoses (Rom 12:1-2; 2Co 11:10-15).
People use all kinds of tricks to divert attention away from them; the justification paradigm actually defines many people (Luke 16:13-15). Often women, when confronted with a truth, hidden behind their personality mask, will respond with emotions like crying (even fake tears), as a way to divert the focus from self. Such diversion (and also ad hominem), are among the many ways that the Godless (and the Godless-religious) keep their pride in tact, and avoid personal change, which comes only from self-awareness, and then confession, and then repentance.
To admit that they are wrong about anything, is just not a part of their character, unless of course, they are caught or exposed, in which case they will concede to it, but doing so does not (and will not) alter their Soul-consciousness (Psa 51:17) or their heart. They are far more concerned about being right, than they are about being righteous (1Co 8:1-3). Thus, even their wrongs are really alright.
This is where false witness comes into play. The role involves them always being cast as the rescuer or hero, with the narrative being manipulated to fit that frame. This means that anyone who can see through them, must be spoken negatively of, or portrayed in a bad light, especially when the narrative is being altered by that person. Hence, gossip and backbiting serves to divide, and it is in the divisions that Satan wins the battle. The ego is protected at the expense of relational unity. The us-against-them pathology is well-rehearsed by many, but refined over many generations by the westernized-monetized-christianized-industrialized people.

The Psychopathy Of Capitalism!

Money and shame are the outward things, which drives and motivates the masses: More specifically, it is money-power-control, and then, shame-guilt-condemnation (Rom 8). The internal sources are ego, pride and emotions, and since they are all interconnected, I group them as ego-pride-emotion. All egocentric people are narcissistic, and psychopathic (to a greater or lesser degree); however, the level or the degree of those traits varies, and so it is often not noticed right away; well-masked psychopathy is well-known among the pros, but most are easily deceived.
These people create most of the problems they face in this life, due to the fact that they live antiChrist lifestyles, which are shaped by the satanic influences they surrender to daily and hourly. Then, they play the victim roles which then become the victor roles. But being among these people is a stress-filled venture, for the Elect of YHVH, and why we are not to yoke with unbelievers (2Co 6:14). These people cannot be in Community, for that would expose their true characters, which always rears its ugly head sooner or later. This is why one-hour weekly church is so successful for the frauds of Faith; they can manage their social masks for such short blocks of time.
(2Co 5 & 6): Whenever I am out in public, I overhear conversations that all involve an obsession with the world; the drama and the trauma that plagues the Godless masses often. When someone engages me in conversation, it never lasts long because I eventually interject the perspective unique to us disciples of Messiah Yeshua. I cannot and do not enable their delusions in this life. It is my calling and duty to teach truth at all times to all people; indeed, it is the only way that YHVH can and does use us humans. It is that supreme act of compassion to firmly force people in front of their Creator: That is Love manifest!
My Master (Messiah Yeshua) withheld no truth, and, He angered many in the process. But first He often demonstrated Love, via action; the miracles of faith healing, exorcism, the resurrection of the dead, control over nature, and the feeding of the multitudes, as the paradigm of lifestyle for us (His) future disciples. Of course, we cannot cure eye blindness or raise the dead or make baskets of food out of thin air, but the model is still relevant today. We are not like the worldly, who are more interested in (yep) yoking with the worldly masses than they are being living disciples of Messiah Yeshua. As such, they will instead, masturbate peoples pride-ego-emotion, rather than sharing YHVH-truth with them, come what may.
Most people whine and complain about the manifold injustices (or unfairness) in this life (indeed, this defines the content of most socialization in the World), most all of which are the consequences of their own lifestyle choices. E.g. For some of us; our heart hurts for those suffering and dying of lung disease, from a lifetime of heavy smoking, but it is more difficult to really feel sorry for someone who literally spent a lifetime, and lots of money and devotion, just to smoke, knowing the potential consequences.
In other words, they worked hard to bring this fate upon themselves, and no one else is to blame for it, and yet, many smokers will still try to blame the tobacco industry, or the stresses of life as a perpetual victim of all those mean people out there; anyone else but self, for their condition: That is pride manifest (and Satan is pride).

Unequally Yoked!

Because all disciples of Messiah Yeshua are driven and compelled by the Indwelling Holy Spirit, which installed YHVH-Love within us; that Love compels us daily to think about others before self (I do think about myself too). Therefore, I do not participate in the car culture; I know too much about it and even wrote a book on the subject: The Car Cult! When I hear all the tragic stories of loved ones killed or permanently disabled for/from their participation in the car-cult, I never hear anyone repent of the lifestyle choice. The Godless and the Godless-religious, all point to other causes for their losses; blame-shifting is the term, a subset of the false witness paradigm (Matt 15:16-20).
When I expose such a reality, people are done talking to me; they want to have someone validate their pain, via this standardized blame-shifting so culturally normalized, here in these end-times. They do not want to accept any of the blame, much less all of it. They daily make this dangerous lifestyle choice, and then when it costs them dearly, they are quick to blame others; oblivious to the fact that they chose it volitionally.
Now, the worldly will surely comfort them inside their denial, but that is not Love, because doing so will not move them any closer to their Creator: Self-justification obscures the Voice of Truth! I cannot pass by that golden opportunity to insert a YHVH seed into their consciousness, just to (instead) say words that will only appease their temporal emotions for an hour; we disciples are designing a much-much longer play (John 18:36-37).
Being unequally yoked can surely mean that we should not marry or go into business with worldly people; this makes sense. But it makes sense for the reasons taught herein, and not as the YHVH-monetizers (the COP's) teach it. Ironically, I council other disciples of Messiah Yeshua, not to marry anyone that is devoted to church attendance itself, nor those devoted to any of the Godless worldly systems that plague the Spiritually blinded masses; the money-servants being the most evil humans on Earth, and thus a clear sign of an unbeliever. Of course, churches are worldly because they oppose and mock YHVH, who died on the Cross to expose the fraudulent nature of all religion-businesses; it is what got Him killed!
The Godless, and the Godless-religious, want to live in the world and be of the world (John 3:19-21), especially its economic systems: They have no intention of surrendering all of that over and unto the supreme and eternal Lordship of Messiah Yeshua. And the church-businesses will respond and say: 'No problem! Give us money weekly and we will assure you of Heaven in the end!'

Theology Of Ego!

The very world we live in, is but a manifestation of this reality; the proof supporting this fact is virtually everything! For one example among thousands: A democracy would be non-hierarchical and thus would exclude a presidency, or kings and queens, lords, and so on: Hierarchy. What separates a democracy from all other forms of government, is in its design that intentionally eliminates one individual having any level of power over any other individual. Any government entity where one person has any more power than another, is by definition, not democratic. North America is not a Democratic Republic, it is obviously a Capitalist Plutocracy (See: The Cult of the Presidency: America's Dangerous Devotion to Executive Power)
Not one day on Earth during the human experiment, will there be a true democratic society, nor can there be among Godless humans. Those (precious few) of us who serve under the Lordship of Messiah Yeshua, have zero interest in any of the social or religious or political products of the Faithless-Godless-Loveless masses that we are unfortunate enough to share this planet with. We, the (infinitesimal & inconspicuous) Elect of YHVH; we like (and prefer) being the servants of a Master: Our only Master, Messiah Yeshua. However, the freedom-seeking masses, want to be free to live antiChrist lives and lifestyles, even among the westernized-monetized-christianized-industrialized people.
Humans are (as) a species, fully deceived by innuendo and misnomer. Yet another example? No human on Earth, forever, will 'fight for their country.' This is one of the monetizers many misnomers; a parroted slogan that the Godless simpleton masses easily buy into. Why? Because they want to live in the World created and sustained by antiChrist living dominators and control freaks. But in fact, we are one species created by One Lord, on one planet that is owned exclusively and forever, by that Creator.
Not one human forever, will own one square foot of Earth, for even one second. But the unregenerate primates will fearfully establish their territories (small and large), which YHVH never recognizes or accepts. Therefore, the Godless-religious will actually promote the idea that YHVH was/is on their side (e.g. Satan's Manifest Destiny), as they wantonly conquered-colonized-controlled other locations, all of which are the Personal property of YHVH alone. They are evil people who divide up the YHVH Creation among themselves, and then build corrupt (political, military, judicial, economic, religious) systems to maintain their territorialism; their dominion; but everything that is done by them, is evil continuously, and only; even their hero productions.
We are not unlike the rest of the animal kingdom, in that we are, where and when we are, by the grace of YHVH alone, and for no other cause. Anyone therefore, who claims anything on this planet as their own, are not only evil and lost, but if they do not repent and stop it, they will be cast into outer Darkness; there, it will be only wailing and weeping and gnashing (Matt 22 & 25; Jude). They cannot and will not, be bodily resurrected (their eternal Soul placed into a corporeal body that cannot die), and then placed upon another still-virgin planet. You either live on this planet (Earth), totally and completely respecting that YHVH Ownership, or, you are doomed to the abyss, just as it should be: righteousness and justice demands it.
When men are driven by Satan, via their ego-pride-emotions, and these same men -- still not transformed; a radical and epochal transformation, which comes to all, only by the Indwelling Holy Spirit -- these men must and will therefore, read into and shape their understanding of the scriptures, from that tiny shoebox of Enculturation. A major tell embedded within the epistles, exposes this reality to all Saved-transformed people of all times and cultures that had the scriptures to read for themselves.
The epistles were never written for, nor intended to be doctrinal; they exist to reveal how the world was going to be after the propitiation made it possible for still-sin-capable humans, to harbor the Indwelling Holy Spirit (for the first time in history). The very first human to harbor the Holy Spirit, in Person, was Messiah Yeshua; once He left Earth, His departure made it possible for the first time, for me and you to potentially be the vessel of the Holy Spirit, or, the very Soul of Messiah Yeshua. The Holy Spirit abiding in me (and possibly you) right now, is the exact same Spirit that was in Messiah Yeshua, for that Holy Spirit (versus unholy spirits) was the very Soul of Messiah Yeshua (John 14 thru 17).

Widows Houses: Monetizing The Dying! (Mark 12:38-40)

YHVH created the universe and all the planets within it. Satan and his trillion-demon army of tempters, tempted humans until they created a monetary system, so they could better enrich (and empower) themselves; a weapon to enslave others, by exploiting them to also monetize the YHVH creation, we humans call Earth: The westernized-monetized-christianized-industrialized people are the latest installment in the ongoing saga. Humans are hell-bent on avoiding labor and a simple life; hence, they cannot be placed in everlasting bodies and placed on yet another still-virgin planet: What they did here (Earth) would be multifold worse there. Capitalism itself is nothing more than one very large monetization orgy.
The worldly, westernized-monetized-christianized-industrialized people, must/will side with the rest of the Godless world, in validating their antiChrist actions, cultural products, and social stages, because they too, are part and parcel of the Godless world that they truly belong to (1Jo 2:15-20). They only pretend to be Christ-associated; they fake love and fake caring, and only to make gains of some kind, in (and for) this life. This is why they so desperately monetize everything and everyone: Beware the Monetizers!
Thus, they will find many like-minded people (from among the human masses) to agree with them or side with them (e.g. justifying their participation in the Car Cult). After all, earth-life could not have gone, any other way but the way it went. The YHVH monetizing religionists will appeal to scripture, not for ultimate, epochal, life-altering truth and wisdom, but rather, to justify their antiChrist life and lifestyles (Luke 16:13-15). For example, they will magnify the following scriptures to justify their devout yoke with the Godless world, as if blind compliance (or enculturation) is somehow godly:
The Lord knows how to deliver the Godly out of temptations, and to reserve the unjust unto the Day of Judgment to be punished: But chiefly them that walk after the flesh, in the lust of uncleanness, and despise being governed. Presumptuous are they; self-willed, they are not afraid to speak evil of dignities. (2Pe 2:9-10). Let as many servants as are under the yoke count their own masters worthy of all honor; that the name of Elohim and His doctrine be not blasphemed. And they that have believing masters, let them not despise them, because they are brethren; but rather do them service, because they are faithful and beloved; partakers of the benefit. These things teach and exhort. (1Ti 6:1-2) {Best expressed in modern vernacular from reading 2 Peter 2 NIV version}
They will exploit these verses, or others similar to it, as a way to justify their devout yoke with the Godless world (2Co 6:14); their hunger for earthly power over others (and the many abuses that come from that); critical of anyone who does not swallow (hook-line-sinker) everything that comes from the Satan-serving, domination-seeking, land-lording people; those who are government employee hirelings, or in other human-imposed social hierarchical roles. Indeed, the relationship between the Nazi Party and the Catholic Church is well known. (See also: Jews and the Roman Empire). And the protestants are worse than the catholics and the orthodox combined; the darkest of them all being westernized evangelicals, who are unwitting major players in end-time events.

Game Of Resources!

Ironically, it is the representatives of YHVH that these verses are referring to; first and foremost, those who reject the authority of Messiah Yeshua, the only human that was 'YHVH-in-the-flesh', and then secondarily, the disciples of Messiah Yeshua as the only living oracles of YHVH, and of/in every generation, from Pentecost Day until the Second Advent. The messages are clear: we humans are stuck on Earth together; however, we the (infinitesimal & inconspicuous) Elect of YHVH, are not on Earth to play gods or lords among men; that's what the eternally doomed are doing here. We are not here to buy-buy-buy-die; our purpose transcends the here and now.
Just turning 60, this disciple (and writer and webmaster) had a knife flashed in my face by a young man aiming to rob me of my laptop, in a case over my shoulder, while I was walking in an urban area (I do not own/use cars; I would not do that to you, my friends). The suddenness of such an unexpected thing startled me, and so the first thing I did was pull out and drop my wallet.
When the (taller but much thinner) young man, bent over to pick it up, I kicked him in the head; he dropped the knife as he went down. I felt so bad that I apologized; he wailed and cursed and ran off, clearly still dazed and bleeding. I wanted to go help him; I wish I could have caught-up with him; I wanted to hug him; to teach him and to show him who I really am. I wish I would have just given him all my stuff.
I hope that one day I can tell him all this; you see, I Love him too. He reminded me of so many other young people, who are so conquered by their culture; so deep into the pocket of Satan; so committed to mammon and monetization that he was about to possibly (but unknowingly) kill a disciple of Messiah Yeshua. And for what? I own nothing expensive: And he lost a really nice knife in the exchange!
I am ashamed, but when telling the story, Godless worldly people (christians too) act as if I did some good; that I am an inspiration to all older Americans. But I repented of it unto my Master and King, because that is not what He (Messiah Yeshua) would have done in that situation; that's the part I like to share, but few find as interesting as the brutishness (the machismo) that I loathe.
YHVH -- via the Indwelling Holy Spirit for the disciples of Messiah Yeshua -- teaches all disciples of all generations, the inherent dangers of money, how sinful money makes men, and of a desperate dependency upon it. But Satan is only able to manipulate what we humans grant Satan, because he cannot create anything, nor do anything in the corporeal realm, because Satan and his demon army are incorporeal beings; and, was placed on an even shorter leash by the Resurrection of Messiah Yeshua.
Therefore, the demons rely upon willing humans to do all their bidding here on Earth. 'The devil made me do it' is quite accurate therefore, as that is the case the vast majority of the time (Eph 6:10-13). E.g. for you to even consider participating in the car cult; that is a sure sign that you have allowed and followed the promptings of demons, and for a very long time, even prior to that one act: It is premeditated sin.
We know that Satan did not push Messiah Yeshua off the cliff, but tempted Him to jump willingly, so that the results (Elohim preventing His death at that time), would be seen by other humans as a miracle that Messiah Yeshua could benefit from. Of course as we know, it was not for the benefit of Messiah but would have ultimately benefited Satan. In exactly the same way, once we mortals become dependents of the very power weapon that rules Earth -- $-mammon-$ -- Satan can manipulate us therein. Consequently, YHVH wants us to learn how to live without it; the very reason for the encounter with the rich young ruler (Luke 18:18-23,24-30). When we are dependents of anything, we become its slave; money, tobacco, drugs, alcohol, even power (i.e. to be drunk with power).
Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world: If any man loves the world, the Love of the Father is not in him. For all that is in the world; the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the Father, but is of the world. And the world passes away, and the lust thereof; but he that does the will of Elohim abides forever! My teknion, it is the last time, and as you have heard that the Anti-Messiah shall come, even now there are many anti-Messiah's, where by we know that it is the last time. They went out from us, but were not of us; for if they had been of us, they would no doubt have continued with us. But they went out, that they might be made manifest that they were not all of us. But you have unction from the Holy One, and you know all things! (1Jo 2:15-20)
Love not the world; that refers to Satan's army of human disciples that account for the bulk of all humanity, requiring Broadway to be wide to accommodate all of them (Matt 7:13-15). Likewise, the things of this world would then be all the things that those people (Satan's disciples) produce; enculturation in general, with emphasis on human character: the lust of the eyes and the pride of life. In all New Covenant (Testament) instances, the world refers to the masses of Godless humans, not the actual planet, which is the very creation of our Father in Heaven. You mess with that and you must/will be Soul parked in the spacial abyss of empty space.
The coin in the fish's mouth (Matt 17:24-27) was a miraculous provision for all disciples of Messiah Yeshua (then & now), and yet, only to appease the demands for it by the Faithless-Godless-Loveless masses that surround us; to be as wise as serpents, indeed. YHVH would never curse someone with the very prime weapon of Satan: Money! We know that one disciple (Judas) carried a money bag with coins in it to pay the temple taxes; they did not accept fish or labor! But my Master would not so much as soil His hands with it.
We disciples today are likewise forced to partake in Satan's money system, just to navigate our way around Earth; a planet that is evermore (or end-times-level) decimated by money-dependency, populated by money-lovers who are deeply infected with/by money addiction, unable to even comprehend a non-monetary economy. Yet, even those who are not disciples of Messiah Yeshua can recognize the inherent flaws of the current monetization system (e.g:

The Un-Economy!

YHVH does not use or get involved in the human centric world; indeed, much of the New Covenant doctrine was about Spiritual enlightenment that came into this world via the propitiation on the Cross of my Master, Messiah Yeshua: The Indwelling Holy Spirit being a necessity, because we mere mortals were/are incapable of Love on our own, or even comprehending YHVH-Love beyond fickle human (mammalian) emotions.
The Logos had to become flesh (John 1:1-5); YHVH had to take on human form and set the record straight, in Person, once and for all: It is finished indeed! The Logos became flesh and dwelt among us, so that His sacrificial death would make it possible for that same Word -- the Indwelling (or the) Holy Spirit -- to now dwell within us (Rom 8). I do not merely study scripture, I am scripture! Thy word have I hid in my heart (Psa 119:11), not in my head! We either become the Logos (John 17), or we spend a lifetime trying in vain to comprehend (this) the otherwise incomprehensible.
But YHVH does not interfere with human events, otherwise this Earth-experiment would be tainted and thus, unjust, and we serve a fully just Creator. We were endowed with an eternal Soul; that Soul gave us a unique intellect that transcended the very animal kingdom that we share our earthly DNA with. All life on Earth was created from the elemental soup bowl unique to Earth (from the dust; to the dust, indeed). When YHVH 'breathed' a Soul into us bipedal hominids, we became eternally living creations; we became sentient: aware of spacetime; aware of mortality; aware of our place in the cosmos: we are Soul-aware. But such awareness does not alter our greatest superpower: Volition!
Since the beginning, this earth experiment has run a course that YHVH has had very little to do with. Now of course, the snake oil salesmen of religion; the YHVH monetizers (the COP's); even the culturally christianized anti-church groups; they have all been (creatively) creating some very disturbing interpretations of Holy Logos; fortunately however, the (infinitesimal & inconspicuous) Elect of YHVH are not limited to the productions of other humans: Was blind but now we see, and indeed everything (1Jo 2:15-20): The Parable of the Wicked Mammon.
Therefore, we no longer see scripture through the filters of our enculturation; instead, we see our current enculturation through the filter (or Light) of scripture. Consequently, we do not blindly go through this life as the blind followers of the blinded generations that came before us, or the masses currently around us. We are completely new creations; radically different than the masses on Broadway. Consequently, we do not merely follow like mindless drones, all that is about us today. We see all things through the eyes of our Maker; we have the mind of Messiah (1Co 2:9-12,13-16).
With this new and stunningly immense vision or perspective, we no longer feel the need to go along with everyone else. We are no longer cultural slogan absorbents who merely regurgitate our enculturation. We disciples have our own original thoughts and actual (life-altering) critical thinking skills; neither of which can be taught via mere academics. No one can learn common sense, because it is what intellect and wisdom are built upon. The bulk of humanity can only 'monkey-see-monkey-do--copy-mimic-parrot' from everyone and everything around them: E.g. the Car Cult.

Trusting In Uncertain Riche$! (1Ti 6:17)

Rather than Narrow Way, they instead follow the darkness destined masses, down the primrose path, with a devotion that is both impressive and eternally fatal: the Parable of the Unjust Steward indeed! And the economy itself is just one manifestation of that collective blind followship; a demonstrated indifference to walking away from the world (1Jo 2:15-17; 4:4-8,9-13). Everyone without the mind of Messiah (and thus Spiritually blinded) must hold tight to and follow behind those of their culture. But Broadway is a doomed path; a dead-end; an eternal separation from Adonai Elohim.
The only part of this world that YHVH interacts with -- think garden of Eden -- is the same world that existed before the human infestation metastasized into the entire world, which is now impacting the very planet itself. The economy is the very mechanism making this destruction possible, with unholy mammon $ as the fuel. And the 'Xians of Religianity' are as blinded as anyone: They actually pray to their god -- whom they call 'Jesus' but is really Satan the satanic god of this world/age -- to provide for them from among the things in/of this Godless, human-centrist world; they actually believe that YHVH has anything whatsoever to do with any of it (Acts 7:48-53).
The freedom in Messiah Yeshua, is itself, the realization of this prison world, created and sustained by the predominantly Godless human masses of every generation: But they too, want to be in the world, and of the world, and for the world (John 3:19-21), and so they merely christianized it: They (metaphorically) build churches in Sodom! YHVH calls us away from it entirely! We know that YHVH engages humans only through the natural world; the YHVH-created world, and not the human-centrist new world, ordered and built by the masses on Broadway (Matt 7:13-17,21-23).
We must be as wise as serpents (snakes are deceptive, stealthy, venomous, cannibalistic, carnivorous predators), but harmless as doves (Matt 10:16). We learn and understand predation, and then prepare ourselves, as pacifist foreigners trapped on a planet filled with human predators, so that we live harmless; we are the light of the world (Matt 5:14-16). Those who consume and survive from their own (dog-eat-dog), are the parasites and predators (e.g. economic cannibalism); especially from among the monetizers (Isa 11:1-5,6-9), for their days are numbered.
Conversely, we the (infinitesimal & inconspicuous) Elect of YHVH; we strive to get our 'heavenly manna' directly from the very place it grows; the Earth of our Heavenly Father, our Adonai Elohim. We purpose our lives, to be as free of money-dependency as it is possible for us. You see, the 'snake' that we must be wise about, is not in the actual woods! The woods (a preference for the natural) is where you will find the disciples, abiding as pacifistic and humble Saints, occupying peacefully with our Master, Messiah Yeshua, via the (Living Water--Bread of Life) Indwelling Holy Spirit (1Th 4:7-12; 2Th 3:7-12; Eph 4:28-30).

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