The Bible Is Not A Single Book:
It Is A Library of Letters & Journals!

The Universal Love Conundrum!

You have heard that it has been said: 'You shall love your neighbor, and hate your enemy!' But I say unto you: Love your enemies; bless them that curse you; do good to them that hate you; and pray for them that spitefully use you and persecute you: That you may be the children of your Father, which is in Heaven, for He makes His sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sends rain on the just and on the unjust. For if you Love them that love you, what reward have you? Do not even the publicans do the same? And if you salute your brethren only, what do you do more than others? Do not even the publicans do so? Therefore, you be perfect, even as your Father, which is in Heaven is perfect! (Matt 5:43-48)
A new commandment I give unto you; that you Love one another, as I have Loved you; that you also Love one another. By this shall all men know that you are My disciples, if you have Love, one to another. (John 13:34-35)   I have given them Your word, and the world has hated them, because they are not of the world, even as I am not of the world. I pray, not that You should take them out of the world, but that You should keep them from the evil. They are not of the world, even as I am not of the world. Sanctify them through Your truth: Your word is truth!
As You have sent Me into the world, even so have I also sent them into the world, and for their sake I sanctify Myself, that they also might be sanctified through the truth. Now I pray, not for these alone, but for them also which shall believe on Me through their word; that they all may be one, as You, Father, are in Me, and I in You; that they also may be one in Us; that the world may believe that You have sent Me. And the glory which You gave Me, I have given them; that they may be one, even as We are One: I in them, and You in Me; that they may be made perfect in One, and that the world may know that You have sent Me, and have Loved them, as you have Loved Me. (John 17:14-23)

With Men This Is Impossible, But With YHVH All Things Are Possible!

Truly, one must read all of the gospel of John, and in this particular context, all of chapters 13 thru 17. Messiah Yeshua was introducing Love; a Love that was improbable for the human brain to even conceptualize, and thus, impossible to live out on a daily basis: Love is indeed the great mystery! And so is its main lifestyle fruits, peace (John 14:25-27) and mercy. Love must first be understood before the topic of bibliolatry can be deciphered, because bibliolatry is itself, a manifestation of antiChrist Lovelessness.
Most of humanity will live and die, without more than a hint of such a reality; very few people will even understand Love, much less be conquered and driven and shaped by it. The vast majority of humanity are hate-conquered and/or vengeance-seeking, but with the mask of personality cloaking it even from self. This is sad and horrifying, but saying this is not intended to be harsh or disparaging.
With people, these things surely seem impossible, but with the Holy Spirit (the Indwelling Holy Spirit, versus the Spirit in the world); unconditional, unending, unidirectional, universal, uncontrollable Love, is not only possible, but assured, and necessary if you expect to be resurrected and used for eternal Kingdom purposes. No one will be bodily resurrected without it: Love is what makes us Saints.
Humans, like all mammals, experience attachment; procreational as well as romantic: Attachment is necessary (and clearly designed by YHVH) to assure the propagation of all Earth mammals; the mating portion as well as the ongoing security of offspring. But in no way does biological or psychological attachment, equal or even resemble the Love of YHVH; witnessed prominently on the Cross. Love is a verb, and so is mercy; and so is faith; and so is repentance and forgiveness.
But the confusion is logical; attachment (lowercase 'love') works because it elicits strong emotions. All mammals experience sometimes intense emotions. Humans (only) will even commit suicide because of this, and other overwhelming emotions (i.e. feelings of worthlessness), which seem irreversible at the time, but fade in time. However, all negative attributes assigned to the word 'love' (love hurts; love stinks; etc) are the outcome of this oblivion to the true sum of YHVH-Love. To recognize Love as anything but life-giving and fulfilling, is itself a tell.
YHVH-Love is not emotion, and does not even originate in the brain, though when brain-processed, YHVH-Love can and does spark both positive and negative emotions: All human emotion begins and ends, in/with the brain. Conversely, True Love transcends the brain, and indeed, lasts forever (beyond corporeality): True Love is eternal and universal, transcending time/space altogether. True Love only increases over time; whereas, all emotions fade and vanish, in time. If you ever truly Loved someone, you do so more now, than you did on day-1.

True Love Lasts Forever ~ False love Fades In Time!

I Love you, reader, just exactly like I Love my Master, Messiah Yeshua (John 13:34-35; 15:9-14; 17:20-23): I Love you as YHVH Loves you; just the same as I Love my parents; my progeny; my siblings; my friends; my neighbors; my enemies. Unconditional, unending, unidirectional, universal, uncontrollable Love, is the message here; you will either see it; know it; become it; or, you will deny it: Predestination!
YHVH-Love is to fully transcend the inferior 'love' of the mammalian masses. It is to mirror the Love of YHVH: The actual Lord's Prayer is John 17, which centers on this reality; a reality that the masses on Broadway (Matt 7:13-14) cannot and will not live out; hence, the distraction (of the mere christianized) over to the prayer sample instead (Matt 6:5-8,9-13,14-15).
True Love is not necessarily experienced emotionally; that is, we demonstrate Love via our actions; our lifestyle choices: Love is a verb (1Co 13:1-3)! Messiah Yeshua demonstrated the ultimate paradigm of Love, on the Cross; a propitiation act for people not yet born, and for those who had already died. My Master and King died for me long before I was even born. That reality indeed, elicits powerful emotions deep within me. But Love is not the emotion I feel; rather, Love is what He did: Love is a verb! Love is what I now do in His honor as His servant (Matt 10:24-25; Luke 6:38-40).
As Love-conquered individuals, who are daily overwhelmed with/by the Love of YHVH, which comes to us (only) as a consequence of unconditional surrender unto the supreme and eternal Lordship of Messiah Yeshua; we are only then, born-again, from a death to ego and worldly desires; we are now and forever, empowered with the Love of YHVH. I/we will therefore, always make the right choices, not because I/we are perfect humans, but because true Love always leads us in the right direction, even if/when our humanity knocks us off the path now and then. Therefore, anything that I/we can or will do; this (alone) defines freedom in Messiah.
For example, I am free to eat meat; any meat. But do I need to eat the flesh of cows or pigs? No! I can live better on the Messiah diet (pescetarianism). However, if pork meat is all I have to eat, and I am hungry, I will eat it; no sin in doing so, and thus no guilt-shame-condemnation. However, if I'm demonstrating discipleship unto others who are (still) offended by the eating of pork, I will not eat pork, even if I'm hungered; even though I am still free to do so (Matt 6:24-25; Psa 19:14; Rom 14:12-16; 15:1-2; 1Pe 2:11-16).
Another major example: I demonstrate my Love for you (and everyone) daily, by not enabling the car cult; much like a tobacco-using parent (wanting to quit but still trapped in the addiction) will not smoke in the home with children; cars obviously pollute more than tobacco by literal billions to one. It is yet another demonstration of Temple care (yours & mine). Our lifestyle, primarily, is our light unto the world, whether the world cares to see it or not (Matt 5:14-16); after all, everyone is endowed with the superpower of volition.

Out Of Sight But Not Out Of Mind!

If you lived in my immediate (Earth) location, during my lifetime on Earth, I'd share the Love of YHVH with you regularly, as your actual neighbor brother friend, as permitted by you. As a Spiritual extension of Messiah Yeshua (via the Indwelling Holy Spirit) operating with the mind of Messiah (1Co 2:10-13,14-16) from the core of YHVH-Love; I am not limited to my immediate surroundings, nor my timeline; I Love everyone everywhere always. As an ambassador and representative of Messiah Yeshua, it is His doctrine, the one commandment, which I am duty bound to honor (John 15:9-12; Rom 13:9-10; James 2:5-10; 2Jo 1:6-8,9-11).
Consequently, I live this life in a way that ensures your safety and future generations as well (it's called environmental stewardship these days). That is why I/we -- and all Love-conquered individuals globally; the Elect of YHVH; the disciples of Messiah Yeshua -- do not participate in the car cult (and that's just for starters): Why? Because our Maker is keeping score (Rom 2:1-3). We surely cannot earn our salvation, but we must (and will, and do) demonstrate Love (John 17).
All Love-driven people, are purpose-driven to protect those who are near, and afar off, by making lifestyle decisions that I/we know impacts others, such as blindly participating in any/all of the productions of the Industrial Revolution Pollution. We all have a choice of what we will partake in, or not; what we consume or not; what we collaborate in or not. When we read the Messiah Scriptures written to distant fellowships and (today) unrecognizable cultures, those words still ring true concerning our liberty and freedom (Gal 5:13-17).
Without Faith it is impossible to please YHVH (Heb 11:1-4,5-6); without Faith it is impossible for YHVH to yoke with your Soul, via the auspices of the Indwelling Holy Spirit; without the Holy Spirit dwelling within you, it is impossible to become Love; to be Love; to live by Love (Luke 6). Consequently, you will remain as you were; a mammal; a primate, and the emotions you feel will differ very little from any other mammal on Earth.
Attending church services has no impact whatsoever on any of these dynamics; nor do self-beliefs. Not only does religion itself, save no one, it is most often a distraction to eternal Salvation; to a radical Spiritual transformation and metamorphosis; to a lifestyle reversal; a pure life-altering repentance, witnessed only in lifestyle. We can witness this most prominently with bibliolatry; a scientific view or a literal read of the scriptures, is the one and only evidence. The bibliolatrous are no different, mentally, than the atheist scientist; they both need physical proof, and it is that proof they hold onto.
Even the scripture itself, exposes the heart of man, by which portions of it they focus upon the most; think prosperity, mammon service, materialism and economics, versus unconditional surrender and self-sacrifice. In other words, their kingdom is only this world with god the expected provider of their wealth-power and ego masturbation. COP (Catholic-Orthodox-Protestant) theology is summarily the whitewashing of scripture to fit the enculturation and lifestyle narrative of these cut-and-paste pseudo-theologians.
Bibliolatry is not a new concept; older publications date to 1862 (but with such understanding being much older); however, religionists must logically avoid the topic. Bibliolatry has fueled all sorts of cultist mentalities, one plot-twisting consequence was/is (what's now called) Pauline Christianity, which is symptomatic of bibliolatry. My brother Saul wrote notes to his distant brothers, but the YHVH-monetizers perverted them into doctrines and covenants and rules and laws, for personal gain and power: Think Handmaid's Tale fame.
The 1st Century Pharisees were bibliolatrous: Consequently, Messiah came to bring an end to ritual, tradition, legalism, and the businesses of religion (in general) whose proprietors took the 7 Noahide Laws, or the 10-C's, or the 613 Mitzvot, as a profitable, sedentary product-free business. Messiah Yeshua replaced them all with one: The Royal Law! (James 2:8-11; 4:12-17; Rom 13:8-10): The unifying Law of Love!
Unfortunately, the Pharisaic (of all times and places, simply refuse to live by this simple paradigm; they can be recognized by their devotion to the businesses of religion; to sedentary lifestyles of money dependency; to sociocultural hypocrisy; to/by exploiting scripture to 'engrave in stone' their own self-serving versions of law. This is most obvious in their pride driven defense of the bible itself, for it is their god, and they know nothing else. They are driven by pride-ego-emotion, and the bible is a victim of that as well: the bible of ego flouts in sharp contrast to a Messianic discipleship.
A literal reading of scripture is necessary to formulate these culture-relevant 'commandments of men', which are then abused as a mechanism to control others; especially their mind and money. The bible must then be an authority, which they transfer to self and use as their own. They construct doctrine from the letters but cannot live the Gospels. Bibliolatry therefore, is to hold up the bible itself, like one would hold up any religious idol or talisman, as a way to control others, by exploiting their belief that the idol itself is directly connected to the gods. The Museum of the bible is its ultimate monument.

Bibliolatry And The Businesses Of Bible! (2Pe 1:19-21)

Once being an editor for Wikipedia entries, I soon realized the bias that emerges: I had too many evidence-based entries, altered or removed by the pet-project pages of their original authors, bending it to their world-view, and so I gave up editing there: Wikipedia is clearly not objective! As of March 2016, one Wikipedia author defined it like this (quote):
Bibliolatry is the worship of a particular book or worshiping the description of a deity found within a particular book.' And while this is generically true, the fact remains that those who authored this, are not devout disciples of Messiah Yeshua. And since it can be changed anytime, the definitions do too. Everything in the world, must align (therein) to the perspectives and tastes of the ever-changing secular world's paying customer-base.
Bibliolatry is analogous to those rich parents, too caught up in making money and/or their careers, to spend any quality time with their children, and so they throw money at this parenting conundrum. Too absorbed with the power that their money-hoardings bring to them in the economic world, they'll hire caretakers, but them toys galore, and/or send them off to camps and other activities, rather than Love them with all their heart, proven via a quality and quantity time investment.
In like manner, those who cannot (and do not) Love Adonai their Elohim, with all their heart, mind, Soul and strength, and Love their neighbor as themselves (Luke 10:26-28); these christianized masses become bibliolatrous (or enable the bibliolatrous) and likewise try to buy their way in. They invest their lives as the daily servants of mammon ($), and then throw some of that money at the issue, and the many religion-businesses exist exclusively as the recipients, via (yep) services. Religion is a service industry, and making these collections of letters into something much different than they were intended, soon becomes obvious to the truth miners.
Bibliolatry, like idolatry, is the worship of a physical object: An idol is a physical object that represents or imitates a deity. The incorporeal Creator, YHVH (Adonai Elohim), written about in scripture, is not at all the same as a building, or an object that you can hold in your hands (Acts 7:48-51; 17:22-27; 19:23-28; 2Co 5:1-5; Col 2:8-14; Heb 9).
Nevertheless, we must remember not to condemn the blind for stumbling, and realize that these people are unwitting servants of the evil one; they are enablers and collaborators with the enemies of the Cross (Phl 3:13-17,18-21). They expose their true Spiritual status by the things they focus upon in this life (Matt 7:15-20,21-23). If this life is all they have, they must and will live it just that way. In fact, they cannot decode scripture (void of the very Spirit that inspired it) and thus, suffer from enculturation blindness and thus, eisegesis.

Pharisee The Religionist: Not Messiah The Carpenter!

Almost all self-professing Christians -- the christianized; the 'Xians of Religianity' -- they have already decided they are going to be the castle kings; the leaders of men; the dominion; the authority; striving daily to (economically) compete with neighbors, rather than Loving them like kin, progeny and brethren (which of course, they really do not comprehend either). They hunger for hierarchy and leadership, and thus exploit scripture to paint these pictures, and market them to the weakened (the churched).
Like Judas Iscariot, these kind are eternally doomed from birth, for they hunger-lust for money-power, and discover (as with politics) this whole religion production gig, to be a powerful venue for personal gain and ego expression (Mark 14:17-21). They have sold-out to virtually all of the temptations of Satan: Summarized succinctly as dominion, also referred to as the god-complex. This was Satans heart and the cause of his eternal doom (John 8:42-47).
Those who monetize YHVH are among the most evil humans on Earth; it is why Messiah Yeshua was so confrontational with them and showed angered toward them. To adulterate the word of YHVH is simply to take Satans money, only because of the existence of our Father which art in Heaven. These are pimps who prostitute (yes adulterate) the word of YHVH. Because the great I AM, exists, these antiChrists monetize (adulterate; prostitute; pimp) YHVH, via religious temples and synagogues and churches, plus the rituals, rites and traditions, which are all but the byproducts of one's particular enculturation paradigms.
But Messiah Yeshua came to expose all of this, knowing He could not bring an end to it, during His First Advent. Disciples of Messiah Yeshua are people who use the world to prosper YHVH; religious frauds are people who use (the existence of) YHVH to prosper in the world! The unforgivable sin is to monetize YHVH, our Heavenly Father. It is a supreme mockery to play or dress up as christian, but live only to serve Satans money systems and economies, as money dependent consumerists.
All organized religion is from Satan, who hunger-lusts to mock YHVH, by prostituting YHVH via a religion that bears the name of Messiah Yeshua, the Name above all names, but later renamed Jesus Christ by the English, to be the incorporation mascot of Christendom. The irony of these religionists, is that they (as YHVH monetizers) are the most sinister of all humans on Earth, and yet, they like to point their fingers at the sin-acts of others. This is why Messiah Yeshua (and all His disciples, then and now) expose such hypocrisy as the sin-above-all-sins (Eph 5:8-14).

The Bible Says! Battle Of The antiChrists!

Whenever you hear or read from someone who says/writes this: 'The bible Says...' A few things are exposed, though they are likely oblivious to it. First, scripture is not a single book (the bible); it has no person-hood; it is a compilation of vastly different writings. Second: All disciples of Messiah Yeshua, are thus Spiritually enlightened, Love-conquered, Messiah-minded, and live a radically different earthly existence and lifestyle, than what is represented in/with the masses.
'The bible says...' people are unwittingly exposing their own ignorance of scripture; even why scripture exists to begin with. They rarely, if ever, know who said what to whom, or why what was written was written: e.g. its cultural context; its audience; its author/s, and so on. If you do not know the author of any read content, you will not say, John wrote this to Luke; you can only say, the book says this or that.
All this is because they do not know (gnosis) scripture on a personal or intimate level; they only know it as an academic exercise, wherein they remember its words as one remembers cultural slogans. They exploit and adulterate scripture for personal gain agendas, including their Satan-centric pride, but also for money and power. They read and memorize lines so they can regurgitate them during self-justification moments; also in formulating doctrine.
'The bible says...' people are simply parroting those words, as a means of mammon enriching and empowering themselves, which is what makes it evil. It is parroted, just before whatever they are teaching, to add authority, by placing the slogan in front of coming statements.
Since the bible is akin to god, saying 'The bible Says...' means that what they are saying is equivalent to YHVH speaking. It is not! These crafty adulterants are assuredly the mouthpiece of god; the god of this world (2Co 4:1-4 nasb). Look at lifestyle; ignore words! Look for buzzwords like bible-centered or bible-believing; these religion businesses (churches mostly) are verily cults, and of the most deviant kind.
Conversely, the servants of YHVH; the disciples of Messiah Yeshua; we live close to Earth: We are Tekton; we care for our Creator's creation deeply, and demonstrate that through environmental stewardship. But the Judas Iscariot's much prefer the man-made world; they like and look forward to, keeping up with the secular world that lures them in daily; hourly even.
This is why I have been saying (since 1997) that there are zero Christians Messiah centric people on TV; that statement is truer in the 21st (and last) Century, than it was in 97. TV-Land Christianity is a picture of the culture; the suit-and-tie capitalists peddling their wares on a stage or platform for money; it is the summary of capitalistic cartoon christianity.
The consumers of cultural Christianity, the christianized antiChrists (1Jo 2:15-20), prefer to mock YHVH by way of dressing up like a Roman Emperor or even one of the Pharisees -- today it's the suit-n-tie, bling arrayed, and softened hands -- who then unabashedly hold up a bible like a talisman; indeed an Idol, and proclaim the power and authority of it, but do so only exploit that power as their own, so that their 'sheeple' will give them respect and money and power (or worse?).
Hear this clearly, a monumental warning: If you try to play god on Earth; if you seek to lord anything over anyone, ever, you will not be a part of the Kingdom of Heaven: There is only 1 Authority there! The Faithless-Godless-Loveless, hunger-lust to lord power, or lord land, or other needed resources, over others (Matt 20:25-27): Satan is exactly like that and they are exactly like Satan (John 8:44). Messiah Yeshua condemned the Pharisees harshly (woefully) for just this reason; monetizing YHVH for personal earthly gains; this is pure evil.

Discipleship Versus Academics!

People go on mass media, not to evangelize, as they (must and) will claim to be doing (Matt 23:11-15): In fact, these 'Xians of Religianity' will live and die without even a conceptualization of a Messiah centric lifestyle or service. Indeed, bibliolatry exposes those who use the bible as an academic excersize, exactly and explicitly to avoid the lifestyle of a Messianic discipleship!
Sure, there are passages written that mention sharing the work of The Messiah unto others, but this is also a twisted production that they employ for personal empowerment: so be it (Phl 1:15-18). They surely mock YHVH daily, but they are blinded to The Way (Gal 6:6-10); a seared mind indeed.
They are not workmen worthy of their hire; they are sedentary and lazy and fattened (bank and/or body) by the money they serve continuously (Luke 16:13-15). They like to make others do all the labor, while they play the slick salesman; the 'idea men' who con others to grow their food and build their homes; they think it is smart of them to get others to do all the heavy lifting (Matt 23:1-4,5-10,11-15).
The operators of all the dens of thieves (Mark 11:15-18) throughout spacetime, will scam for mammon, and then use that hoarded wealth to live on, instead of laboring with their hands the things that are good, by the sweat of their brows (Eph 4:28). The Master said: You will know them by their fruits! Here is a video list titled: Signs of False Prophets Teachers 🎧 that display these end-time prophesied antiChrists who are oblivious to being the Judas Iscariot's of the end-times.
The christianized 'Xians of Religianity' like to be seen of men; again, egocentric, not Messiah centric; pride-driven, not Love-driven, and so many of them will publicly protest the social or economic injustices of this life (marches, protests, and the like). They hunger to be seen of men (e.g. Televangelism); they will even insist upon praying in public -- which by the way is offensive to YHVH (Matt 6:5-8) -- but this is because they are driven by ego and emotion, not the Love-bringing Indwelling Holy Spirit of YHVH. TV christianity is the closest thing to satanism that anyone will ever witness.
The 'temple made without hands' (Mark 14:57-61) is incorporeal; it is non-physical; not tangible; whereas, all idols are tangible. The 'temple made without hands' is the Indwelling Holy Spirit (1Co 3:16-18; 6:19-20; 2Co 6:14-18): That Indwelling resides, only within those who have surrendered unconditionally unto the supreme and eternal Lordship of Messiah Yeshua, and have subsequently died to this life; dead to our ego and pride; dead are our desires, dreams, goals and aspirations; we have voluntarily and volitionally become slaves of Master Messiah Yeshua (John 3:3-5; Matt 10:37-40; 19:24-30; Gal 2:20; Rom 6:4-6) as reborn and entirely new creations (Gal 6:14-16; 2Co 5:14-20; Eph 2:4-10; 4:20-25; Col 3:1-7,8-14).

Talisman Of Control!

(Matt 6:22-25; Luke 16:13-15): The main reason why the 'Xians of Religianity' like to proclaim the bible as the inerrant word of god, is because they do not ever intend to actually live the part; no dedication to living in the pages 🎧. They have already decided they are going to serve mammon, via money, materialism, consumerism, entertainment distractions, the car-cult, and so on.
The businesses of religion provide employment (trading time for money), and a never-ending academic study (James 1:22-27), and a distracting place of entertainment to attend; indeed, a tithe-giving appeasement; a temple offering to the spirits/gods. All church-businesses are either designed or fueled by Satan, to distract people from living a Messiah centric, daily-dying lifestyle: Discipleship. (See: bible Study Is Not Enough: Avoiding the Ditch of Bibliolatry).
Those working a 40-hour employment to support a money-intensive lifestyle, demonstrate blind enculturation; that they have no clue of a Messiah centric lifestyle. The protestant work ethic was twisted over time, into a cloak for capitalism, colonialism, profiteering and wealth-building via usury, slavery and dehumanization, via the corrupt money systems. But capitalism is also what makes the church-businesses so popular, especially in money-centric cultures, and during economic times of success and want.
Church-businesses provide a quick and easy way to drop-in on the weekends and say 'Hi! And thanks!' to the god/s. Forget living 95% of their waking existence in a Messiah centric lifestyle; they could not even fathom such a state of existence. Bibliolatry and religion are among the main methods of distraction, which Satan had mastered and established, well before Messiah Yeshua was born: Indeed, He criticized them for it until they finally killed Him to shut Him up.
Bibliolatry can be defined as what happens when there is no personal relationship with the incorporeal Father in Heaven, YHVH, who was/is the replacement for all tangible physical things (Heb 11:1-4,5-6; Col 1:27; Eph 2:18-22). The Faithless-Godless-Loveless religionists, are those masses of humans, described by 'YHVH-In-Skin', herein: (Matt 7:13-14,22-23; Luke 13:24-28).
These are the self-professing Christians who are doomed eternally: I call them Matthew Seven 'Christians', which stands in stark contrast to John Seventeen Christians, or the Elect of YHVH (a more accurate definition); the disciples of Messiah Yeshua versus mere Christians .
Without a genuine and absolute faith in The Creator of all (YHVH), the brain is left to its limited capacity, which are tangible things; what the Messiah Scriptures references as idols or idolatry (Col 3:5-7; Gal 5:19-21). Such talismans come in all forms, and they are each, fully justified and validated by those who tout them. Study the Car Cult as just one example; their devotion to destruction is impressive; the car as an idol, brazen; their car as an extension of their ego, unabashed.
If for example, you tell a self-professing 'Christian' that the creation story in Genesis is not literal, they have no other option but to appeal to the consequences of their faithlessness; they must (and thus, will) claim that if the two Genesis accounts of the creation are not literal facts, then what else in scripture might be wrong? What else might be mere fiction or a simple story? This is extremist thinking, and why the rural carpenter told the urban Theologian Pharisees: You do err, not knowing the scriptures, nor the power of YHVH! (Read The Parable of Creation).

Bibliolatry Is Why Messiah Yeshua Came!

Well, a major one of the reasons for a Personal visit to Earth. The Jews beat people with the Law, and to the extreme point that they threw out the proverbial baby with the bathwater. People could easily see the hypocrisy of these social religionists who proclaimed to be associated with god; claimed to be the authorities of YHVH. Their unspoken (and unwritten) message was clear: 'Do as I say and not as I do!'
Humans cannot handle power; they cannot be lords over others; no human is a leader. In every instance, when any human had any level of power over any other person, injustice or imbalance eventually manifests. Understanding Lordship is vital to even comprehending what Messiah Yeshua represents. Most who claim Him as their Lord, do not even understand the concept of Lordship, much less does it define their existence.
The word 'lord' is just a religious word: And so is the word love: And so are the words honor and faithfulness, humility and commitment, duty and loyalty, for all these words are the (metaphorical) branches upon the tree of Love. But the 'monkey-see-monkey-do' human masses, will 'copy-mimic-parrot' words and personalities, but with no Spiritual transformation whatsoever, and will do so even inside the church-businesses, which are all satanic.
There will be many millions of times more people eternally doomed, than will partake in the Kingdom of Heaven: Few there be that find it! This 'math of the Messiah' teaches us of that harsh contrast (that reality) between John 3:16-17 and that of John 3:19-21 and Matt 7:13-14 or Luke 13:24-28 versus John 17. Consequently, there will also be way more people who read scripture, who will be cast into outer darkness, than the sum of those who will partake in the Kingdom of Heaven. In other words, billions of devoutly religious fakers-takers money-makers (Matt 7:22-23).
Reading into the bible, is bibliolatry: To extract a compilation of texts, and reassembled to create a doctrine or an ideal; typically some justification or validation for some earthly desire, such as hoarding money. The bibliolatrous shuffle the inerrant word to fit social, political, or economic paradigms. And just like the rich young ruler, John 3:19-21 also exposes and/or defines those who want to continue to live as they were before; they read scripture from their own Spiritual darkness, and volition to stay put.
In other words, they have no interest in a radical, epochal, lifestyle-altering Spiritual transformation; instead, the 'bible-church-religion show' is one of Christendom's many social productions, which only serves their earthly desires and intentions. They learn scripture so that they can fake Spiritual sight or vision, but they remain as Spiritually blinded as the rest of humanity: Again, Matt 7:15-20.

Freedom; Capitalism; America: The End-Time Formula!

Satan will exploit freedom until the masses become fully insane, which is soon; the car cult and the gun cult are among the many dangerous deprivations, manifest inside the consumer cult that thrives within the even larger, Cult of America.
When you empower people to make decisions, and when those masses are blood-lusting, power-hungry, warmongering, capitalistic, ravenous consumerists, the products of their politics and government will be a mirror of their/that collective depravity. The USA (Sodom 2.0) is now a demonstration of this reality, and the westernization of all creation will be the course of end-times.
The Elect of YHVH are infinitesimal in number; roughly 1 adult per 200 million; that is calculating only from among all accountable adults; all children are innocent, as well as others deemed innocent for mental reasons, by YHVH, and not by human standards. Understanding this numerically, is thus to comprehend the (Matthew Seven) math of the Messiah; knowing all this, helps us to understand why the world is, the way it is, and thus, why the end-times are not only a 100% certainty, but also how we can explain it all, with science and real-world examples.
Humans crave freedom because deep-deep inside, hidden in the very back of (one of) the many dark rooms of the human psyche, they know that this life is all they will have (the predestination paradox indeed). A million millennia in the deepest, darkest abyss of (a hellish) outer space, will not likely transform them either, meaning, they will mercifully be annihilated; indeed, they will beg for it. Time is not eternal; eventually the corporeal universe will cease to exist, at least as it is (postulations).
This corporeal life is the test; to give volitional beings both power and choices, and then to witness what choices their character deems for them. We are created in the likeness of our Creator, which is self-empowerment; volition our superpower; only we control self. There will be no Spiritual robots in Heaven. We, the Elect of YHVH, volition to be slaves of a Master, rather than freemen; bondservants as some even called themselves.
The entire human experience was/is a test (Psa 66:5-9,10-12), but it turned out to be a war (James 4:1-4,5-8). From the beginning, and unto the end, the sheer bulk of humanity, will fight YHVH to the (literal and figurative) death. YHVH created humans to live in the abundance of the Garden of Eden, a parable (indeed a paradigm), intended to describe why we are on Earth, not how we got here.
While a simple and peaceful obedience to YHVH would have allowed humanity to live in simplicity and with a vegetarian leisure (no need to toil the soil or to kill in the hunt, etc.); however, volition plus freedom and choices, meant that we could say 'no thanks' to this original plan, as original sin soon overwhelmed our fate. But that was an integral part of the design.
In all religions, we had mere mortals, trying to represent a Supreme Being, so far beyond them that any attempt to do so, is at best, an embarrassment unto them (had they the integrity to know that). But YHVH attempted to use us tiny-minded humans, and in a variety of ways and places and times, but ultimately, everything that YHVH tried with us failed, and so YHVH became Human: If you want a job done right you have to do it yourself. Thank you YHVH!
YHVH provided a short list (of no no's): the Ten Commandments and/or the 7 Noahide Laws. As time passed however, that imperative ended up looking nothing like it did, at its beginning. YHVH, as an eternally incorporeal Being, was again degraded and thus turned into a religion; an economic, social, and/or political entity, far removed from its origins. And the exact same thing happened, with a newer religion: Christendom.
After 2 millennia, Christianity is now, fully unrecognizable from its origins. Indeed, it was already being infiltrated by the implants of Satan, thus requiring the addendum books of first, second and third John. The average self-professing Christian will live an antiChrist lifestyle, from birth to death, oblivious to this reality all along the way. Nor do they have any interest at all, in learning ultimate truth: They are content being the blind followers of the blind; remaining church-going consumerists and money-dependents, all the way till their earthly end.

Defile The Creation; Defile The Creator!

In denying the proverbial apple tree in the Garden of Eden, we witness a restriction given by YHVH to test us; to see if we will obey for obedience sake, or, if we will defy the restriction (as Eve did) and then rationalize it away as a just act on our part. These little (Job-like) tests, occur for all of us along the path of life. One day does not differ from another, outside of possible weather conditions that might impact our duties and chores (Rom 14:5). So why did YHVH command that we honor Sabbath?
Simple! To test us; to see who will honor Sabbath, versus those who willingly defy it, or ignore it, or otherwise rationalize it away: And the most evil act, possible in the human condition, is to exploit scripture as a way to justify oneself in anything. There are actually people who believe they are Saved; transformed; Heaven-bound, who defy this Commandment (and others) regularly, as a part of their secularized lifestyle. It is not the day of week but the condition of the heart that is at stake here.
And these tests are everywhere; they are necessary for humans to be able to witness our lives, and our lifestyles, from a YHVH level view, so that people will effectively condemn the self, on Judgment Day. On that day we will all be illuminated by the surpassing glory of YHVH; in that place of unfiltered and unadulterated truth, we will know immediately what and who were/are; of evil or of goodness (1Jo 4:17-21; Heb 4:8-12,13-16). The Elect of YHVH look forward to that day, but the bulk of humanity rightfully fear it (and death).
And so the test continues; we are all given a set of life hurdles; we're given a set period of time; a set of physical conditions or even limitations. But no matter where or when we live and die, we can play the hand dealt us, one way or another; that's volition. We may lose the hand but still win the game.
The results of the tests, are best witnessed in enculturation and lifestyle; are we the mere drones of enculturation? Or can we see what YHVH wants for us, in any and all times and places, and then choose to live righteously, regardless of the circumstances we face? Or will we just go along so to fit-in with the masses?
But all the struggles with/in the flesh was cured: YHVH fixed it all. YHVH came onto Earth, in the Person of Messiah Yeshua, and did the only thing that could be done under the conditions or rules of this human experiment. Volition is the most coveted of conditions, and so humanity had to be free agents without any programming that could alter volition. On the one hand, YHVH had to be hands-free, but such freedom was also our undoing (hence, the vital importance of knowing the Tanakh).
But no matter how many times or ways that YHVH fundamentally restart or reset the human condition (think Noah or Lot), we are hopelessly human; we'd always revert back to our primal state. With the introduction of the Ten Commandments, that return to deprivation and predation slowed considerably, but even so, it did not take too many generations for the human condition to revive itself; to attenuate morally, and then ethically, and then socially and politically.
The only solution was/is to eliminate the problem entirely: Religion! Or more perspicuously; humans acting as agents for YHVH; people getting between YHVH and creation. The die was tooled into Law; now, sin was the barrier that had to be breached. But sin was human-centric; it was/is the byproduct of the human condition itself; of power, procreation and survival on a harsh and unforgiving planet. Added to that corporeal dilemma, was an outer force: Satan. However, this worked out, as would be expected of YHVH, who used it as a test object for this experiment.
YHVH is building an eternal family of volitional beings, who get up everyday, and volunteer to be the slaves of a master: our Master Messiah Yeshua. Conversely, the religionists peddle a seemingly theological product, giving the impression that eternal salvation will be given to anyone who will speak magic words or chant a prayer; or who will give the religionists money regularly. But obviously, YHVH cannot staff the Kingdom of Heaven with those who devoted their earthly lives to the slow destruction of Earth; to mammon service.
It's all about understanding the bigger picture: Why humans inhabit Earth, and what this human experiment is designed to do, beyond the experiment. For the Faithless-Godless-Loveless masses; they will remain in their carnal primal state, even while certain of them, entertain themselves emotionally with the many theatrical productions of religion.

Faith In God Bible!

Extremism is just that; an all-or-nothing mentality or way of thinking; how people process thought. In order for any of scripture to be literally true; all of it must be literally true. And this is the problem, because such thinking exposes narrow-mindedness, and that's a symptom of faithlessness, and that is proof of Godlessness. The problem with that of course, is that the simpleton does not have the mental capacity to recognize their own simple state of mind.
This is highlighted at a time when educational credentials become the new paradigm of human intellect, even though such credentials are only products that you buy with mammon (money). The pride that humans take in their own efforts, do not impress YHVH. We are surely to study (2Ti 2:15), but so that we can be rational, not extremist. Literalism leads to bibliolatry, which leads to extremism, which leads to terrorism.
Notwithstanding, a person cannot have the Holy Spirit yoked with their soul, take on the mind of Messiah, and then be or remain ignorant or foolish. Quite the contrary. Part of the reason for such a Spiritual yoke was/is enlightenment, which is true personal empowerment (Matt 13:13-16; John 14:15-18; 14:26-27; 15:26-27; 16:7-8; Eph 1:17-21), which leads to intelligence, which is cloaked in wisdom and tempered by humility.
YHVH cannot direct (or compose) the human creation, and at the same time, keep us autonomous; volitional: we had to be free to choose, but then, to want and to willingly choose our Adonai Elohim, YHVH. There had to be a choice, otherwise all humans would effectively be automatons by design.
The creation plan was rather simple in this understanding: Create a platform (corporeality; Earth) with which to stage this experiment; this test if you will. Most of humanity does not really, truly, emphatically believe that there is an afterlife, a Heavenly Kingdom, and/or any form of accountability (or judgment): Consequently, they will live this life, for this life, and not for life-eternal. Lifestyle (for all of us) will be the primary manifestation of the inner person.

Faith Is To Believe Absolutely In What's Impossible To Prove Empirically! (Heb 11:1)

Faith is to know unconditionally, and without a doubt, that which cannot be proven empirically. If there is any proof, no Faith is needed. Without true faith, we cannot please YHVH (Heb 11:6): Indeed, without a true, living, tangible Faith, we cannot (and do not) serve our Heavenly Father. Bibliolatry is just the natural outcome of time and culture.
Many Ages have passed since the First Century (e.g. the mythical Dark Ages), and with each passing time-period, humans began to raise evermore questions against the idea of a supreme being, and an afterlife. Living in doubt, many religionists (past and present) who were/are not ruled and driven by the Indwelling Holy Spirit, tried to appeal to the same form of reason, which drove the secular world around them (and ours today).
They were/are money-dependents, living from the tithe principle; a penitential pay-off (done consciously or not) exacted to avoid a changed heart and thus a change in lifestyle (Matt 13:15; Luke 22:32), which is thus, an antiChrist lifestyle in itself.
The money-dependent church-professionals must sell the notion that money making is how YHVH wants us to live: Why? Because they want a cut of that mammon; simply put. Our Heavenly Father desires that we (the Elect of YHVH) avoid the Godless systems, with money being at its central core, and to live by Godly principles, which means that we use or need as little money as it is possible (none ideally).

Freed From The Confinement Of Enculturation!

Humans have been battling against the restrictions of YHVH since day-1. All human males (well, 99+% of them) covertly hate YHVH, and thus, fully intend to defy everything that came from YHVH. From the beginning, we males were sentenced to laboring with our hands and daily toil (Gen 3:16-19), but modernity was/is the end-result of that daily-hourly opposition to YHVH.
All of modernity is but a huge piece of evidence, displaying the antiChrist state of existence for just about 100% of humanity, here in these end-times. Humans thrive upon finding new and more creative ways to defy YHVH, evermore and ever better. But those who come into this world and just blindly accept what they are born into, are doomed, and in the most horrifying of ways; and the businesses of religion are the facades of truth.
We, who obey our Master (John 14:15-17,21-24), work by the sweat of our brows; by the labor of our calloused hands, those things which are good (Eph 4:28; 1Th 4:7-12), via the natural renewable world (sustainability): Conversely, the Godless (and the Godless-religious) have their sedentary hands out, taking resources from others who labor; those building their homes and producing their food (and all other goods and services) in exchange for Satan's mammon-$.
This is because they remain the drones of enculturation, not disciples spawn from Transformation, flying freely therein. Bibliolatry itself, is an affront to Faith (Heb 11:1-4,5-6); this desperate attempt to validate it as literal is eroding Faith's potential at breakneck speed: However, this is one of the necessary elements of the end-times.

The Greatest Attenuation To Faith Is Empiricism!

The history of Christianity has exposed the reality that scripture was (and still is) abused to justify just about every evil act possible within the human condition. Today of course, that prostitution has escalated to (yep) biblical proportions. Those who depend upon the presence of religion to extract, via money, the basic resources for survival; the religionists: they live in the greatest state of compromise possible.
Messiah called these kind a brood of (demonic) vipers (Matt 23:29-33) who operate their dens of thieves (Matt 21:12-13; Mark 11:15-18; Luke 19:45-48), which lead to the cleansing of the Temple; a symbolic act of ultimately destroying organized religion altogether; replacing that with deeply relational and non-hierarchical communities of Ekklesia.
Yeshua the Messiah exposed this mentality many times, always confronting the most dangerous of people during His time/culture: the Pharisees (and the scribes they employed), the Sadducees, and those most dangerous of all, the secular lawyers; the attorney-class, who have since conquered the western world, imposing some stunningly corrupt mammon products under the guise of Law or justice: the Law lords.
The Elect of YHVH, via the critical aid of the Indwelling Holy Spirit, are able to discern (decode) scripture, and recognize within the work, a central theme that differs (sometimes widely) from an academic and/or literal perspective. After all, it was the Holy Spirit that inspired the content to begin with. There is great continuity in the Christian bible, and so the problem is not with what was written, but how it is interpreted.
The Godless-religious exploit scripture for personal gain; for personal power; none of them labor with their hands by the sweat of their brows, growing, building, fishing, or otherwise engaging the natural world (of YHVH) in any way: This is no coincidence.

Bibliolatry And The Unrepentant Bible Student!

Because most of our species are not the future resurrected Saints of YHVH, but are merely mammals playing animal games to survive and thrive here on Earth, for as long as they can, they even exploit YHVH and extort scripture in this endeavor. The study the bible so they can manipulate other humans, not so they can die to the self.
(James 1:19-25). The Godless-religious (indeed, all who practice bibliolatry) are typically money-dependent, sedentary urbanites, enculturated since youth, and will remain money-addicted until their death. Money-addiction is rarely cured (Mark 10:21-24) and like all addicts, they will justify it until the end (Luke 16:13-15).
These people cannot be reached, and we are instructed to shake the proverbial dust from our feet (Luke 9:3-5) and share our pearls of wisdom, only unto those who have been mentally and Spiritually prepared by YHVH, within and through the good and the bad aspects of their own life-experiences.
Many must hit the proverbial bottom, before they ever look up. This is why we humans must not be the Saviors or heroes; we must not attempt to fix or save or protect, those, which YHVH might be allowing (or even causing) the suffering thereof. We pray for their eternal Souls, not for their temporal lives or experiences. This life is not about this life! But when this is all there is, religion ids just one tool or weapon to survive in this life; the only one the eternally lost will have.
Modern proselytizers (evangelists) use religion to recruit a tithe-giving audience to finance their Godless lifestyles, and also to expel their ego upon. Conversely, the Elect of YHVH protect the sacred texts from the masses who will only turn to rend us with them (Matt 7:6): The secular world likes to watch the self-professing 'Christians' crash and burn, and then proclaim the inefficacy of scripture by these public models of impropriety.

The Mindset Of Competitivism!

But this is fine, for the Kingdom of Heaven is not the result of some celestial competition; indeed, competitivism itself, is just a manifestation of the primate-state; the carnal hominid masses are driven by these carnal forces and cannot be set free (from them) on their own. We, who can see and hear (Matt 13:14-17; Luke 8:8-10), witness this carnal state within the religion of Christianity as well; those trapped within it, cannot (Rom 11:7-10).
The Godless-religious prefer the epistles over the gospels; they will not openly confess this bias, and indeed, they may not even be consciously aware of it: the Pharisees surely were not aware of their biases. Satan can only use the things of this world, and more specific than that today is money, because money provides the ability to accumulate wealth, which provides power, which should be reserved for YHVH.
The Indwelling Holy Spirit is the conduit through which, YHVH employs power in this world, and that is the power of Love. It is only by Love-centric relationships (human bonds; community) that we know who are The Elect of YHVH, versus those who are merely 'Christian' (John 13:34-35).
Satan offered Messiah Yeshua earthly power and aplenty; it is through these carnal things that humans are manipulated, and why the Elect of YHVH, learn to live content with what YHVH provides from the lakes and oceans, and from the forests and the land. Conversely, The Godless (and the Godless-religious) hunger for human-made things; manifest especially within the urbanized (unnatural) world and the power of machines. Indeed, power of any kind is highly prized by the Godless masses. Personal empowerment and pride are virtues in the Godless world, but the Elect of YHVH are the opposite of that world.

The Exegesis Of The Hermeneutics!

Most people do not surrender their life unto YHVH; instead, they adapt YHVH to their life (or lifestyle): correction; they think they do. In reality, they are being deceived (1Jo 4:1; Col 2:8; 1Co 6:9-10); to be deceived is to be unconscious of it happening, or just indifferent to it, which explains predestination (Rom 8:29-30; Eph 1:3-8). Sadly, the bulk of humanity (are on Broadway and) will never see the Kingdom of Heaven.
This fact will endure because the masses will never surrender unconditionally unto the supreme and eternal Lordship of Messiah Yeshua, die to this life and be radically transformed by the Indwelling Holy Spirit, which installs within us, Love (1Jo 4:8-12; 4:13-16). The human brain (alone) is incapable of Love, as demonstrated on the Cross by Yeshua the Messiah. Without the Indwelling Holy Spirit, humans must assign the word ''love'' to emotions; a component of attachment theory.
Therefore, the Faithless-Godless-Loveless masses, will remain so for life, and as such, their perspectives will always be limited, narrow-minded, extremist, carnal, and compromised via money-dependence (or addiction). It is that analogy of the Master concerning the religious: the blind leading the blind (Matt 15:12-16). Indeed, the Spiritually blind use earthly powers (money, authoritarianism, etc.) to control the actions, resources, thoughts and mentalities of others, who must (then) listen and comply, simply because they cannot see or think for themselves (1Jo 2:27): that's the 'monkey-see-monkey-do' mentality.
Without the light of the Indwelling Holy Spirit, the Godless-religious scour scripture for ways to justify the products of their enculturation (John 5:37-42); they employ sound-bite theology to validate their carnal minds, which are driven by power-hunger. All that we do or think (on Earth), which cannot be taken with us into the Kingdom of Heaven, is verily a waste. It is that 'conundrum of corporeality' that Solomon expelled into the book of Ecclesiastes.

Psychopathy Of Indifference!

Without true Love, humans are pathetic creatures indeed, and even within the midst of human relationships and pair-bonding. Without Love installed by the Indwelling Holy Spirit, humans can only be primates to one another; thus, free human females seek men who are physically endowed and/or wealthy (money & power are synonymous), and/or socially prominent, popular or important.
Of course, most men want sexy young females; arm candy is bling for the ego. Indeed, the Godless (which always includes the Godless-religious) are in continuous upgrade mode in this lifelong endeavor for ever-more and ever-better: They are primal! But humans possess the capacity for malevolence not witnessed in the animal kingdom; this capacity is demonic in nature and source.
The Elect diligently seek to know YHVH better; our mind-heart-Soul are fixed upon our Heavenly Father: We have the mind of Messiah (1Co 2:12-16; Mark 12:28-31). Intelligent people are wise because they extract facts from data availed, but do so wisely, by keeping that data held loosely in the mind (metaphorically speaking), just in case new or other data sources refute the first. It is to remain open-minded, which was initially the goal of critical thinking, but even that concept (within educational circles) was reduced to a 'life-minus-Creator' model.
Wisdom is the ability to be wrong; to unabashedly confess being in error: This is humility, which is the opposite of pride. It is humbling to confess one's sins and faults and shortcomings, which (by the way) is the first step toward repentance. The bulk of humanity will live/die and never truly repent of anything worthy of repentance (Matt 3:8-12; 2Co 7:9-10); the human predilection is self-justification (Luke 16:15; 10:25-29) and the religion-businesses are justification-stations.
Messiah Yeshua exposed this same pride barrier of the chief priests and elders (Matt 21:28-32). Truth can (and does) come from the words of people who will not see the Kingdom of Heaven, because YHVH uses whom He will, as He wills (Job 1:20-21). I call this the Judas Iscariot conundrum (The Iscariot Paradox!).
Precious few humans will seek truth for the sake of truth; the bulk of humanity, and especially among those who claim a religious adherence, will, with itching ears (2Ti 4:1-5), seek that which justifies (or rationalizes or validates) a lifestyle they have already committed their life to living. In other words; today everyone know the harmful effects of buying and operating automobiles: Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for children.
But if you drive a car and intend to do so for the rest of your life, you must (and thus, will) justify it, and you will find lots of people (especially the religionists who need your patronage) who will tell you that it's OK. After all, they drive too. Of course, you could just live, work, and trade within a ten mile circumference, and then just walk or bike, but this requires sacrifice, especially within a society overrun by a Car Cult. There are many lifestyles once considered an abomination unto YHVH, which today are commonplace. Blind enculturation indeed!

Squeezing Scripture!

Those who are honest about knowing their Creator, will consider all knowledge (unless it's just outright foolishness) and not get snared by western concepts of authoritarianism, class, hierarchy, militantism, dominion, and a host of other such secular validation paradigms. There is much to learn and a person can grow Spiritually by being open-minded and attentive, trusting completely in the Holy Spirit to protect us from deception (John 14:26).
The Godless-religious, however, use the concept of scriptural authority as if it is their own authority: they do not have a personal and profound relationship with YHVH, and therefore, all that remains (for them) is their Spiritual blindness. And while an individual who suffers from physical blindness can pretend to be sighted, it does not take much observation from the sighted, to see that they are blind: This is also true with Spiritual blindness (indeed, more so).
This is why the religionists, who must justify all action/inaction, will therefore exploit scripture to squeeze out anything that they can use to justify, or validate, or otherwise rationalize their inherent Spiritual blindness. They must and do, twist and distort scripture, to make people believe that religion is righteous, and that church attendance is an expectation from the Almighty. As the potential audiences (the population) increased, the need to specialize was employed covertly to attract adherents.
There were once only Catholics; now there are Baptists, Pentecostals, and a host of other denominations that serve to curse Christ for a tithe, but exposing their neighbor-hating defiance via their customer-competing religion-businesses, the greatest manifestation of sin on Earth forever, is concentrated in these cesspools of satanic sin called the church!

Hunger For Hierarchy!

Importantly, power and authoritarianism are the primary signs of an evil soul in humans; the power-monger has a pathological need to lord over others; to be the one in-charge; to be executive; to be reverenced; to be at the center; to be the authority. The root of authoritarianism is the evil one, fear is its main weapon, and subjugation its ripened fruit. We are to serve people, not manipulate and control them. Messiah Yeshua demonstrated a brotherhood, but Satan tempted Him with earthly authority (Luke 4:5-8).
The dichotomy between Messiah Yeshua, and the evil one, is centered upon Love, which manifests as/in service, simplicity, unity, and self-sacrifice; whereas, the evil one is all about control, subjugation, authoritarianism, war, bigotry, antisemitism, division, and dominion.
Messiah Yeshua was Loved and followed because of the Love within Him, and not because of any theologically (or politically) manufactured authority, or for creating a new religion (now known as Christendom), which He would have been diametrically opposed to. Such human-centric schisms took place later in time. But the direct link between bibliolatry and Christendom is obvious to those with Spiritual eyes/ears (Matt 13:10-15,16-18).
Pauline Christianity -- a major outcome of bibliolatry -- drove the great divisions among the cults of Christendom (sectarianism or denominations), as represented in antiquity via the Council of Trent who decided canonical inclusion, and who were they? A small group of mostly Italian catholics; authority-hungry, labor-free, lazy old white men (and they're still among us, only hand-soft, scrape-faced, and wearing suits & ties).
They were money-dependent religionists, and as with all such people, exist in a state of perpetual compromise and cannot be trusted. This is why Godless power-mongers, who decide to use religion as their social platform for egoistic expression and power-seeking, will insist that scripture is an authority because psychologically, they are authority-hungry; a sign of demonic possession (indeed, Satan's very downfall).
This is why countless billions throughout time and across all cultures, knew intrinsically that there was a Supreme Creator, but when Godless men who were power and authority hungry, would abuse this human longing to know The Creator (and any related scriptures); they would pose as the official representatives of The Creator. They would build church constructs and/or political constructs; they would exploit the masses by tithing or taxing them, use that collective wealth to buy Godless militants (who were already hungry for spilled blood), and market all of that as noble; heroic; patriotic (sound familiar?).
These are the products of Satan; freedom is a product of Satan: The sin of Sodom bore witness to this paradigm. Let people do as they please, and all hell will break loose. The West is Sodom 3.0. All religious oligarchies are the products of Satan; any time money is involved, corruption is sure to follow: Any time there is hierarchy, evil reigns there.

Satan's Trademark!

We must ask the question: What makes Satan evil? or, What is evil? Satan is evil, and the reason that Satan is evil, is based on Satans desire for godlike power. Satan wants to be god; therefore, all humans who seek power demonstrate the sum of evil; they are the disciples of Satan (unknowingly, of course).
The religionists (who serves the gods, but not YHVH) manifest the greatest form of evil possible, because they do not simply comply with evil desires (as does the murderous or the adulterous); the religionists will use religion as their platform, thus manifesting the greatest evil possible in the human condition, and why Messiah Yeshua was so condemning of the religionists of His time; especially the Pharisees (John 8:44).
The religionists (past, present and future) must exploit the myth of authority that they manufacture from 'the bible', so they can wield it to bully a group of underlings that they internally crave to lord over: This is the god-complex. There is no other act of evil, possible within the human condition, which can rival this act of darkness, and it is of course, done in the name of Jesus Christ: Satan's trademark move.
The incorporeal war between Satan and the Savior manifests on Earth in the form of human against human. As we learn from the Temptation of Christ, Satan uses the human predilection for power as a weapon against us; Satan plants seeds of discord (Pro 6:13-19) among humanity, and then (just like an evil man will plant weeds in his neighbor's fields) he sits back and watches the chaos of human volition.
Satan uses his demon crew to create strife and division among humanity; the proof of that is human history itself. Satan exploits these carnal states of the human condition (primarily fear) to force humans against humans. The reactions to fear? Paranoia, segregation, division, bigotry, antisemitism, militantism, us-against-them-ism, and other reactionary pathologies. These carnal reactions are shared by the bulk of humanity: this is why they are so normalized and fully accepted by the masses.
But Messiah Yeshua taught a counter message: To Love our Heavenly Father with your all (Matt 5:44-45; Luke 6:27-36), and -- with the empowerment of the Indwelling Holy Spirit -- to Love your enemies as you do your children, and your neighbor as yourself. It is the Golden Rule that opposes the rule of gold; the Royal Law that opposes royalty.
This is the core of the Sermon on the Mount. All who will see the Kingdom of Heaven therefore, are pacifists (non-violent), and all warmongers and death-hungry people demonstrate their fear of death by justifying the death of others to prolong temporal life (because it's all they got). Animals operate on brute force and violence, which is fear. Evil people cannot see the Father's lost child in anyone; all they see are enemies.

It Is Not Your Fault!

Well, sort of: The Elect of YHVH fully understand why the masses think and act the way they do: the masses are Spiritually blind and eternally doomed, and this life is all they have, and so they live this life in just that way; their paradigm for living is 'me-here-now!' This is why they strive so hard; this is why they are discontented; why they clamor for the material world; why they fear death so desperately.
Deep-deep down inside (unconsciously), they know they are eternally doomed; they can easily trick themselves into believing that we are soulless beings who will cease to exist at death (i.e. no eternal accountability), but it is in their lifestyles that they reveal their true beliefs. Without the empowerment of the Indwelling Holy Spirit, a person is Spiritually blind, and thus, cannot see Spiritually. Consequently, this life will be their central focus, and their subsequent lifestyle will be the witness against them on Judgment Day.
The Indwelling Holy Spirit enlightens humans to the plight of others: the Elect of YHVH need not 'walk a mile in their shoes' to know suffering; we do not need lessons in empathy; we do not need to experience the same trials as another to understand the trial; we have the Love of YHVH, which is empathetic and beyond: Among the fruits of the Indwelling Holy Spirit is compassion for the Spiritually blind, just as one would have for the physically blind and the plight they must endure.
We know that it is not their fault that they are Loveless beings, for without the Indwelling it is impossible to Love, for YHVH is Love and the Holy Spirit is Adonai. As much as any Loving person would want to see those they Love, make it into the Kingdom of Heaven, the 'math of the Messiah' calculates that as an unlikely outcome (Matt 24:37-41). Just as any personal relationship is personal, so too, must each individual work out their own salvation (Phl 2:12-13; 2Pe 1:5-11).

The Pharisaic And The Cults Of Christendom!

The simple reason why 'god-bible' needs to be all equal to itself, is so that they can make the epistles to be equal to the words of Messiah Yeshua, because He both lived and taught elements that Paul did not. The female disciples of Jesus, for one such example, were among the reasons that we have non-canonical work, which are every bit as inspired as the rest: YHVH preserved them too. The Dead Sea Scrolls unveiled the works of Satan among the catholics who controlled scripture for so long.
Saul of Tarsus was the product of a corrupt hierarchical paradigm (Pharisees): We must remember also, that Saul was a murderer of Christians; a man who, if he were here among us today, would be considered a serial killer and thus a profoundly evil man rotting in jail: No church-business would even consider him to be a pastor there. YHVH converted him, specifically because of that fact, but Saul was never fully healed of the worldly enculturation that clearly affected his views; this is why there was conflict with Saul and others who were close friends (even eye-witnesses) of Messiah Yeshua.
The apostle Paul was a devout Pharisee (Phl 3:3-7); a benefactor of hierarchy; he profited (financially as well as egocentrically) from authoritarianism: That enculturation never fully left him, as we see throughout his notes. This is why we follow the paradigm of Messiah Yeshua, and none other. Saul is my brother, not my Lord. Saul too, lived and died never knowing Messiah Yeshua, as did the apostles that broke bread with Him. Saul experienced the overwhelming light of the Holy Spirit, piercing into the corporeal, but that's nothing like holding Him in your arms, or smelling His sweat while working daily alongside Him.
'the bible' had to be given its own power, just like any religious talisman, and this gross attenuation infected the bulk of those who proclaim the Christian religion. But scripture is not a talisman, it is an instruction book; the book of Life! The word of YHVH will abide forever, but not in the form of a paper or papyrus book; rather, in the eternal reformation of us!
YHVH has always protected the infinitesimal few (the Elect of YHVH), who serves YHVH quietly and relatively unnoticed, from the margins of society. Conversely, the Godless-religious are known by their hell-bent drive for authoritarianism, and especially the ethnocentric, westernized, militant-normalized, hierarchical paradigms that (in part) result from egocentric bias.
The god-complex is one of the primary manifestations of an evil soul. People will endure the lower ranks of hierarchies, so that one day they can move up these human-created ranks; so that they can be the one at the top; so they can lord over others. The power-hungry cannot fathom a world of pure equality, where they have zero power over anyone else. This is exactly why Messiah Yeshua critiqued and even condemned the Pharisees and their justifiers, the attorney-class, because they took the Tanakh and made it a rule-book, which they made themselves the rulers over and of; just like the 'Xians of Religianity' do with scripture today.

The god-Complex!

We recognize these traits with Satan: he could not stand to be average; he wanted to be noticed; he wanted to stand out from the crowd; he hungered for power; this eventually became Satan's hunger-lust to be a god. YHVH pacified him for a season, making Satan the god of this world. But this is the central theme of the god-complex: Evil humans lust to be masters; superiors leaders lords; they hunger-lust to own (or just to possess or control) the property of YHVH (Earth), so they can resell it to others for money: today's real estate industry is the debacle of that reality.
There is earthly power in material things, and evil people lust for such power. Bibliolatry is most often about human control and subjugation, and have nothing at all to do with the paradigms of 'Sola scriptura' or 'Prima scriptura'. The Messiah was tempted by Satan, with the things of this world, but not with eternal things (Matt 4:1-5,6-10); that's the trademark of evil. Satan moves humans, but only with the things of this world. If you need money, Satan will cause you to compromise so that you can get what you want; even what you think you need, even though YHVH provides all that we need without money.
And just as Satan quoted scripture to justify his antiChrist agendas, so does the religionists of today. Bibliolatry is (in part) to try to make scripture a literal product with the express purpose of deception; the end-result of which is some temporal reward or advantage to the seller.
The Godless materialistic capitalists of today, much like their Pharisaic predecessors, have taken a 2000 year-old religion and continue to convert it into a money-making business: Today, they market a god who helps people become successful capitalists. In the past they played upon whatever was successful in their particular enculturation; each generation and each culture adapts its religions to fit their circumstances, with the goal of profit (most often for money, but always for power to rule over others). Without a true conversion, there can only be a conformation to one's enculturation.
Nominal Christians (the Godless-religious) attempt to reform Messiah Yeshua '(Jesus)' to fit their enculturation (or Inculturation): Conversely, the Elect of YHVH transform cultures into the reality of the Master's teachings via (the Indwelling) Holy Spirit directives.
Belief begins and ends inside the individual human brain; however, true Faith manifests only in actions and inactions; in lifestyle. Unlike regenerated Christians (the Elect of YHVH), cultural Christians are the by-products of Christianization; a form of Cultural assimilation.
Godless humans are too discontented to take what YHVH provides naturally; they want human-made things (and stunning piles of them). The Godless, and the Godless-religious, hunger-lust to possess resources so they can dangle them in front of those without; they like tempting those without, and then expect (or force) them to show appreciation for this mock giving: They steal from YHVH continuously (but obliviously), and then arrogantly expect others to be thankful unto them, for their generosity: This is pride-centric; this is pure and unadulterated evil. Messiah Yeshua confronted this fraudulent process as well:
And when they had come to Capernaum, those who received the tribute money came to Peter and said: Does your master not pay tribute {religious tithes}? He said: Yes! And when he had come into the house, Yeshua anticipated him, saying: What do you think, Simon? From whom do the kings of the earth take custom or tribute {taxes or tithes}: From their sons, or from strangers? Peter said to Him: From strangers! Yeshua said to him: Then truly the sons are free. But lest we should offend them, go to the sea and cast a hook, and take up the first fish that comes up. And when you have opened its mouth, you shall find a piece of money; take that, and give it to them for Me and you. (Matt 17:24-27)
Everything belongs to YHVH: Everything! 🎧 We, who are the children of our Heavenly Father, are the direct, close, personal relatives of the Owner of everything (Matt 5:3-5). Thus, we indirectly own everything, because of our personal relationship (our kinship) with our Heavenly Father. The Godless world take the property of YHVH, by force, or coercion, or other legal-looking means, and then tries to get the Elect of YHVH, to pay them for what we own, by virtue of being the children and offspring of our Heavenly Father.
Put another way: The Godless (and the Godless-religious) 'own' land that belongs to YHVH, and then they turn around and rent it as lords (or resell it as profiteers) to the children of YHVH. But unlike the masses, we, the Elect of YHVH, are not on this Earth to live this life, for this life. This life is not about this life.
This naturally upset Messiah Yeshua, and righteously so. Remember, He was also angered when confronting the money-changers in the public prayer temple. This is because money makes all things evil. Evil exists without money, but nothing can produce more evil than a money economy.
Indeed, the meek shall inherit the earth, but in the meantime, we are taught within this parable, to give away what is rightfully ours (as the children of our Heavenly Father), unto the dominion; the warmongers; the hands-out takers; the dominator; the conquerors of this world.
Why? Because they are ultimately doomed; their Souls will be cast into outer darkness; the dark matter abyss, for multiple millions millennia. Hopefully in that time and space, they might figure some of this out (though it's unlikely). The Elect will inherit all the planets in the universe; the Godless (and the Godless-religious) will inherit the free range freedom, represented in the vacant expanse of deep-deep outer space: Darkness! (Matt 8:12; 22:13; 25:30; 2Pe 2:17).

Wisdom From The Margins!

Anabaptists agree on several issues with some of the 'denominators', including Seventh-day Adventists, the protestants proverbial bastard child, within Christendoms massive whorehouse, even though there is still much theological incompatibility. In other words, what they are right about, is still right. But know this; all of Christendom is a cult, and the worst kind, for it is a mockery of Messiah Yeshua.
Nevertheless, the same holds true with catholics, and so on: Truth is truth, no matter the source. However, much of the truth that will be spoken or written throughout time, will come from people who will never see the Kingdom of Heaven, including some of those who contributed to scripture. Understanding truth, versus living by it, are two entirely different things. Indeed, the very presence of a cult named Seventh Day Adventist, says more about the condition of protestantism itself than anything, for those with Spiritual eyes/ears.
Without the transformational, epochal reality of the Indwelling Holy Spirit, the bulk of humanity lives a life centered on vengeance (revenge), but within the confines of social conformity; perhaps to recoup the psychological losses of youth. E.g. Men become militants (soldiers, police, etc.) because they long to hurt others; to force others to the ground; to force submission; to subjugate and to kill.
In other words, our social roles do not determine our character; our character determines our social roles. This is why the Elect of YHVH will likely remain on the margins rather than the mainstream (the christianized religionists will seek that fame).
Thus, the 'mammalian Christians' are naturally territorial; they need to take a side; to be in opposition; to be nationalistic/patriotic; to be at war continuously; like their primate cousins, it is in their nature, which is all they know. This is why conflict ministries (as well as prediction-ministries) abound, waging war on their theological battlefields; the chest-pounding pride made worse by the monetization of their religion-brand. This is the result of millions of non-Spiritually transformed religious people with bibles, competing for followship dollars.
The Godless-religious christianized, cannot see that the blind person navigates this life as a blind person; instead, they expect them to act as those who can see, then condemning their stumbling. Thus, we have the proverbial blind leading the blind; the Godless-religious in competition with the Godless-religious, all of whom are trying to acquire non-religious customers, or the neighboring churched.
We see similar themes running through the many threads of religion; the Confessional was eliminated with the protestants. The ritual of confession does not mean that the human heart has been converted, for it is easy to confess something (anything for the sake of the ritual) but never confess that, which leads to repentance.
For 16th Century protestants however (as new religious businessmen: the new capitalists), it was about more freedom in the church, which attracts more customers. People did not like the Confession; it was too revealing of their internal condition; denial and betrayal is more comfortable in the short-term.
Thus, the ''faith-alone'' product attracted millions to these exciting, new, tithe-dependent, charismatic monologists. But rituals (and traditions) distract people: it is the rituals and the churches (the tangible things) that give people a false sense of eternal security (James 2:17-20). Satan's churches (all organized religions globally and for all times) are the distractions to true daily dying and Messiah centric living.
Confession is to know that an action is evil and the individual is truly and deeply remorseful; repentance is turning away from the action. True repentance radically alters how a person lives upon this planet. With the Indwelling Holy Spirit, yoked eternally with your soul, how you think and thus, behave, is transformational; unique; peculiar (1Pe 2:9). Verily; the parent of a child is thrilled when they gain a new ability; so too, does the Elect of YHVH, when an individual learns a new aspect of their Creator, and moves closer still.
Messiah Yeshua made it clear that His presence was not to destroy the Law, but to fulfill it; indeed, to replace it (Matt 5:17-18). It is impossible for a mere primate to Love, for YHVH is Love (1Jo 4:8); the Indwelling Holy Spirit is YHVH in Spirit, yoked within us (Rom 13:8; Gal 5:14). On Judgment Day, if you do not live Love; if you have not become Love, you will be the opposite of YHVH, who is Love!

Bibliolatry And The Koran Jihad!

It is a simpleton who believes that all religious texts are (by their nature of being religious texts) the same thing: Even the Holy bible (itself) is not 'the same thing.' Even so, secular simpletons will often counter (or react to) the Godless-religious 'Christians' who hypocritically manifest, via an antiChrist existence, anything but a Messiah centric mind, and thus lifestyle: And who can blame them.
Satan owns all who do not 'die-to-this-life' and are thus, born-again (or reborn); transformed from a Spiritual darkness, and into pure Spiritual light or sight, which will then, manifest in this life via lifestyle: The tree is known by the fruit it bears! People can see extremism in others, but rarely can the extremist see their own state of extremism. This is just as true with the Godless-religious Christian, as it is for all other religionists, and why there is (likewise) Quranism and Sharia.
In the protestant bible, the reference to being rich (the wealthy) always refers to the ability to purchase labor. For most of the human experience, people (held under the labor curse: Gen 3:15-20) had to labor with their hands by the sweat of their brows; the rich however, could use accumulated monetary wealth in the form of mammon (economic currency) to buy that sweat labor, and thus remain sedentary.
The property owners were, for much of the human experience, landowners who got mammon-wealthy, because they could landlord over Adonai Elohim's land, over those who needed it for the natural resources that YHVH created us to require for shelter, food, and so on. They lorded land over the masses; this is among the greatest manifestations of evil on Earth.
Nonetheless, all religion is an act of works; that is, it is an attempt at getting on their god's good side (and for those of all other religion-brands, their god-entity). Ritual, routine, and tradition are synonymous with one another: Every pagan religion (and indeed, every religion known of) has some form of ritual involved, and a talisman. The purpose of written symbols or words was to pass down those rituals, and for some religions, the laws of their god-entity.
What makes Messiah Yeshua stand afar from all of it (and them), centers on the fact that Messiah Yeshua put an end to religion (Matt 27:50-53; 1Ti 2:5) once and for all (and, in all its permutations), but only and exclusively for those who surrender unto Him (Gal 5:14-18).
Why? Because the human experiment proved conclusively that the bulk of humanity will remain carnal; depraved; hell-driven: Simply telling people how to behave will not change the human heart: Forcing, guilt-tripping, or coercing people to do this, or not to do that, does not change the human heart at all (Matt 5:27-28).
The single most important capability that our Creator endowed us humans with, is volition; autonomy is critical for that to be real, and why YHVH does not interfere with the creation (Matt 5:45). Humans were created in the image of YHVH, which was not implying a physical semblance, but rather of status; we have volition and eternality. Volition is your superpower that even YHVH cannot alter!

This Is My Father's World!

It is no coincidence that idols were most often (though not always) made of precious metals; mostly gold, for gold was the money of many cultures; it was the way of wealth. It is not the material itself that has any meaning; gold, diamonds and everything else from earth, are just elements unto YHVH; and thus, unto the Elect of YHVH. Idolatry is when humans take any physical thing and make it more important than Spiritual or eternal things. Oh, the nagging discontentment of a Godless existence.
The businesses of church (all of them collectively) will be the single greatest disservice to YHVH, for they distort the character, nature, and intent of the Creator. And yet, YHVH allows them in the same way He allows all things to unfold naturally, and without any interference. This is because of the reason for; the purpose of; the meaning to this life: the final exam.
We, in modern times, can see directly and personally, how damaging a money-centric economy can be; not only to the heart of humans, but also from the health consequences, and last but not least, to the planet of YHVH in general. To give you a body that cannot die and that can endure space, arrive on or leave any of the countless planets in the cosmos; and all of this with your free will intact? You'd better be ready for that eternality.
The test is simple; we are given small things to see if we can be trusted with much bigger things (Luke 16:10): Earth itself, is a part of those small things. Do you protect it, or abuse it? Do you share your excess organic garden produce with your neighbor? We will be judged based upon how we live on this earth, because that is a true reflection of the inner person.

The Great Tempter!

Capitalism will be the great economic weapon for Satan, the great tempter, who is always aroused by those who lust for evermore (Matt 4:3-10); those who seek to 'capitalize' upon others (via economic predation) rather than to labor. Satan is the source of all evil; the love of money is the root of all evil; the power of money is the weapon.
The Godless, as well as the Godless-religious, are driven by the forces of the world, because they 'are' the world. They serve mammon, not YHVH: They are tempted by money; they are pulled along by the ways of the worldly, and as such, they use the same paradigms for living (and seeing, and understanding).
For example, our Savior's trade was the building trades, and He selected fishermen, farmers, and tent-makers for disciples: People who labored by the sweat of the brow, and understood the importance of doing so. Thus, among the Elect of YHVH, carpenters (and farmers and such) are highly esteemed, but in the (Godless) world, it is the politicians; the attorneys; the profiteers (money-changers); the pop-culture class; indeed, it's the wealth-class which is highly esteemed (Luke 16:13-15).
Carpenters and others who labor in obedience to YHVH, are looked down upon and even exploited by the worldly, even by 'Christian' groups such as Habitat for Humanity, which will pay for the materials from the corporate warehouse stores, but will cut expenses, bypassing the tradesmen (who actually build homes) with volunteers.
Of course, their employees get a regular salary for their desk jobs, wherein they locate fornicators-adulterers, who have been impregnated by multiple men, have many kids (and no 1 man in their lives ever); these people get these homes. This is verily, the deep, but unrecognized hatred that all humans have for those who mimic the Master; especially us 'Tektons'.
We live in an upside-down Kingdom indeed. (Read: The Upside-Down Kingdom). We, the Elect of YHVH, are in most ways, the opposite of the rest of humanity (the masses on Broadway). The Indwelling fills us to overflowing (John 7:37-39); we are fully content with simple shelter, work clothes and whole foods; we can live in a natural area and grow, raise, hunt, fish, trade goods, walk, bike, swim, sleep outdoors, sing, read and write, and just thoroughly enjoy Adonai Elohim's natural creation, free from the many trappings of the secular masses.
However, the worldly, religious or not (churched or not), cannot be contented; indeed, they are never content, and this is where (and why) Satan and his money corrupts them. The Elect of YHVH hate money, but the world loves it, spending the bulk of their waking existence (either) earning it, growing or investing it, protecting it, loaning it, serving it, praying for more of it, and of course, spending it (1Ti 6:6-12; Luke 16:13-15). The Godless oppose the labor curse, and spend their lives finding ways to live sedentary; however, the Elect of YHVH honor labor.

Empowered By Bible!

'The bible' needs to be an authority equal to a god, if a person intends to use it to manipulate money from other gullible humans; to use it in theological sound-bites to justify Godless lifestyles. bible worship is really just another manifestation of money-centric mammon worship.
scripture is logically referred to as a sword (two-edged; cuts both ways), exactly because that was the weapon of death (from the Bronze Age until the Early Modern Period) that was used to incite fear into the masses and control them. - ''The evil within is too strong to defeat; the only way to win is to deny it battle.''
The sword, along with money to pay militants, was what made massive armies possible. All military forces that will ever exist on Earth, exist to service the wealth-class. In like manner, the COP church oligarchies, themselves fearing the militants, used 'the bible' as a weapon to further control the masses.
Mass was yet another way to fleece the flock of the Shepherd (the Elect of YHVH), and to indoctrinate a fear that lasted beyond the threat of the sword. The products of fear worked in many ways, but it also failed ultimately. When internalized fear fails to control human behavior, external fear via force and pain is then utilized.

The Red Letter Christology!

Everything that follows the words of Messiah Yeshua; those precious Red Letters, were not included in the Christian bible (or canonized) for the purpose of building doctrine from: The Elect (of course) live 'only' by the doctrine and theology of the Master (Luke 4:30-32). We become the word, not merely exploit it academically for earthly power purposes.
The Epistles exist as lessons of what would happen shortly after Messiah Yeshua Transfigured; He was transformed into another form, both corporeal and incorporeal, but in that resurrected state, He sealed the fate for the 'god of this world', Satan (2Co 4:3-5) and all who follow his ways.
We, the Elect of YHVH, rejoice in 'Christus Victor': Alleluia! From that point forward, everything changed; indeed, this was (and is, and shall be) the epoch of both time and date.
We, the Elect, know that Messiah Yeshua was the physical manifestation of YHVH '(YHVH-in-the-flesh),' and as such, we see those Red Letters, not as the mere inspired words of men, but the very Word of our Heavenly Father, YHVH, which is effectively the same Voice that Moses heard (John 5:39-43,44-47); the same Word that engraved the Ten Commandments. Even so, scripture is not a talisman; it is a collection of works, and though it was inspired by the Indwelling Holy Spirit, that Spirit is the same in all times, and in all Adonai Elohim's people.

Teaching For Doctrines The Commandments Of Men!

The Indwelling Holy Spirit within, is identical, in every possible way, to the Indwelling Holy Spirit that was within Mark, James, Peter, John, Matthew, and so on (John Seventeen). Even so, the Elect of YHVH has no doctrine, which was formulated or constructed from the writings of any mere mortal: We are gospel disciples; indeed, we follow only the doctrine and theology of Messiah Yeshua, and not that of Saul of Tarsus or Peter, nor any other mere disciple, myself included. Saul is my Spiritual brother; Messiah Yeshua is my (One and only) Lord and Master and Teacher.
The reason why so many youth are repelled by or leave the organized religion businesses of their parents or caregivers, is due to the fact that young people are closer to their younger selves; to their childhood. And children are the best poop-detectors, because they are innocent; still encompassed by angels (Matt 18:1-5,6-11). They do not have the intellectual capacity to know the details or to explain what they detect intuitively or intrinsically, but they do know when something stinks. Children (or the Elect few adults who retain or regain that child-likeness: Mark 10:13-15) can sense pride-filled adults: They intuitively know when they are in the presence of deceitful people.
'The bible says...' is a mere punch-line, which is one of the primary manifestations of the bibliolatrous person. All bibliolatrous people will deny that they idolize the bible; this must be expected from them; denial is one of the sure manifestations of all pride-centric people. Indeed, denial is a central fruit of all who cannot repent, change, and then be radically transformed from the core of their soul (to be saved).
Without a death-to-self; without an unconditional surrender; without a certain death to our pride; without a death to our ego; without full control over our emotions (hence, pride-ego-emotion as one thing); people are effectively doomed to their fate on Broadway. The 'man upstairs guy' must not remain a something; YHVH must become a Someone; however, true and living faith must first be present (Matt 17:20). Hence, 'the bible says' is what the religionists parrot, for they heard it and now they mindlessly repeat it.
Most self-professing Christians do not truly believe that Messiah Yeshua was 'YHVH-in-the-flesh', even though they will lie and say they believe He was 'YHVH Corporeal'. Of course, there are many who openly do not believe that He was 'YHVH-in-the-flesh' but was merely the Son of Elohim; not Deity, but human only. They prove that by making the entire bible as if it is one long book of laws and rules, written of Godly inspiration.
'The bible says' becomes the same thing as 'god says' and thus implying all of scripture as Godspeak, until finally, 'the bible' is god. It is this Holy Talisman that they hold up like Moses did the with the granite tablets of the Ten Commandments. But we are not driven to pride by the revelation of YHVH; instead, we are driven to our knees. The pride conquered are doomed to protect their ego, but the Elect of YHVH surrender all unto His Lordship, and become egoless.

''The Bible'' Became A Person!

In the mind of the Godless-religious, 'the bible' can be thought about (or looked upon) as one single thing or entity: 'the bible' has gone through many changes over time; only the last 4 centuries has it become one single thing. It has always been a host of books and letters and other written forms. However, as those many works were glued together into one single book - 'the bible' - it took on its own personhood; hence the term 'Bibliolatry', for it is worshiped as if it were one supreme entity.
Ironically, the capitalist corporation has also become a 'person'; this similarity is not coincidental. People say 'the bible' as if they are referring to one thing, but it is not one thing. It is not the same thing. If you could see every original manuscript that make up the compilation that we know of as 'the bible', you would quickly see that it is hardly one thing.
If today, you looked at a large box filled with video tapes, CDs, magazines, handwritten notes, letters, typed pages, books, a flash drive, and a laptop, would you think that this pile of content was one thing? Of course not! Yet, this pile of works has gone from being a compilation of many resources written by many hundreds of authors, edited and rewritten by many more, long after the original authors had died, and eventually assembled by many more hundreds of other people down through time and generation.
It is analogous to standing in a library and referring to ''the book'': Most people would ask 'which book?' Sure, it is one library; however, it has hundreds or even thousands of books written by hundreds or thousands of authors. For YHVH to inspire any one person (or ten people, or ten billion people) to write something down; this does not make them all one author.

Woeful Is The Blindness Caused By Pride!

The protestants believe their god/s erred for the first 1800 years of Christendom, and so the British and Foreign bible Society corrected those errors by altering the protestant bible to its current corrected state, which now and finally, achieves biblical inerrancy.
In other words; there is the power to control the word, but not the people, even though it was people who wrote the words. This delusion is particle of the same mentality that we see in the hero pathology; the need to have larger-than-life human heroes to look up to. Indeed, if you had met (in person) every person who decided what was to be 'The bible', you might not even be Christian. Even in it was without errors, shuffling the inerrant word to fit social, political, or economic paradigms would still result in scripture twisting extraordinaire; adulteration has always been an issue (2Co 4:1-4 nasb).
For the Elect, however; we have only One to look up to: we believe that 'what' Messiah Yeshua spoke, was not merely equal to all the words communicated in the Hebrew bible; instead, it was YHVH creating a New Covenant with humanity, personally. The entire earthly human experiment changed radically, post-resurrection of Messiah Yeshua. The literalistic read the Christian bible and just assume that every person who wrote, and every person written about, will see the Kingdom of Heaven, when it is all said and done: Not so!
Yet, this is why many will claim that god promotes murder, war, bigotry and hate; this is because 'the bible' is god, and thus, the god-bible says to war; to murder; to hate (mostly within the Hebrew bible, but you get the idea). By making 'the bible' god, this god-bible entity has many bad things to say. Just as people make gods of dead religious leaders, so too, did they with this compilation of writings.

Canonicity Is Not Divinity!

The literalistic clearly do not truly believe that Messiah Yeshua was the earthly manifestation of YHVH: They believe He was a mere mortal. This is proven by their acceptance of the words of Saul, or any mere mortal, to be equal to the words of our Lord, Master and King; this is why they view (and use) scripture as equal to itself. Those Red Letters of the Messiah represent the bulk of all that YHVH elected to share with us: The Elect of YHVH.
The bibliolatrous are not interested in knowing their Creator personally or intimately; god and religion are the means to an end; a money-centric product: They (as lazy human creatures also trying to avoid the labor fields) will abuse 'the bible' and create religion-businesses for personal gain agendas, which include the selling of religious services for mammon, but also to feed their ego with the positions of power and prestige they gain socially, as religious elitists.
The reason why the epistles were included in the biblical canon was to teach us of these things: Indeed, study both epistles to the Thessalonians, as it applies herein. Of course, we the Elect, look upon the Messiah Scriptures far differently than the Godless-religious, who only create a form of authority (scripture itself) so they can extort mammon from the gullible masses, which are needy of leadership.
The Godless-religious promote 'the bible' as the authority of YHVH, as if it is equal to YHVH, for the explicit purpose of wielding that authority, to create a followship for themselves, and to get that followship to finance their Godless lifestyles.

The Corruption Of Compromise!

The money-dependent live in a perpetual state of compromise, and in that state, they abuse god (or the gods) and 'the bible', to extract the very money that YHVH has commanded they hate, reject and (if possible) abandon. They are among the many antiChrists that roam Earth (past, present, and future). Their service unto Satan is to unwittingly pose as 'Christians' and obscure the true heart of the Redeemer.
Nearly all antiChrists these days are self-professing 'Christians'; yes, the christianized antiChrists (1 John 2). There were indeed, people who rejected the Messiah outright, but this was about being identified as a Christian, but still not Saved (1Jo 2:18-20). Without their knowledge, Satan owns them via the material things they are addicted to and hunger for. This is how Satan controls the Godless-religious: They, in turn, exploit the paradigms of this world, to control others.
We, the Elect of YHVH; we are our own leaders; we are led only by the Indwelling Holy Spirit, and not by mortal men. The Godless-religious; the professional religionists; these are the false shepherds that Messiah Yeshua warned us about (Matt 7:15-20; 24:11-13; Jude all); therefore, we avoid them, and then reprove and expose them (Eph 5:8-13). They use truth as the bait to lure in, wherein the deception is embedded deep within.
We, the Elect of YHVH, look upon the Messiah Scriptures as they were intended; the gospels were/are Godspeak; they were/are about the life of YHVH-on-Earth, and the rest of scripture, before and after the gospels, are in no way at the same level. There is a major difference between the written words of mortals that were inspired by the Indwelling Holy Spirit, as opposed to Godspeak directly, which are the Ten Commandments and the words of Messiah Yeshua, period.
The gospels were/are at the center of all YHVH communicated with/to Creation; Messiah Yeshua was/is (for the Elect of YHVH) 'YHVH-in-the-flesh' (YHVH Corporeal); what He said and did is the sum and core of our Faith. Conversely, the Epistles were merely letters from Saul of Tarsus and others, to the (mostly gentile) groups that had initially decided to abandon whatever religion they were following, and to instead follow the teachings of Messiah Yeshua.
Many of those people, however, did not make it, just as predicted by Messiah Yeshua in the Parable of the Sower (the wayside seed). These fellowship letters were intended to help future groups who would also abandon whatever god or lord, talisman or idol they were committed to, as they began that walk in the new direction of YHVH, which was totally foreign to the bulk of humanity that were non-Jewish.

Power By Osmosis?

The Elect of YHVH see those letters, in the same way they see this writer's letter (such as the one you are reading); I have the exact same Holy Spirit ruling within me as did the Apostles. Consequently, the Elect of YHVH do not build any doctrine or have any directives that come from Saul of Tarsus, nor any other living being, except for (the one and only) Messiah Yeshua; our actual Lord. Much of what Paul said and did was actually wrong, but that's OK; it is how he learned, and vicariously, it is how we future readers also learn; hence, their canonization.
However, canonization is not at all the same as indoctrination. Canonization does not convert letters written by sinful men (magically) into Godspeak. We must understand that canonizing was to wrap-up the text selections so that they could be mass published and then used in churches as identical resources (like a classroom textbook). Otherwise, what John said when wrapping up his gospel (John 21:25) was folly.
Saul of Tarsus approached everything from his enculturation as a formally educated, socially elitist, upwardly mobile Pharisee; conversely, Messiah Yeshua was the opposite of those things: This is a key distinction, and there is an important reason for that. Saul of Tarsus was authoritarian; he was highly educated; he was socially revered like pastors are today. We need to keep this background in mind when we read his words. This is one of the main reasons behind bibliolatry: to exploit the authoritative ways of Saul to personally benefit and/or fortify one's own theological constructs.
The infiltration of the many antiChrists that Satan had unleashed upon all things (directly or indirectly) associated with the Resurrected Messiah, which were coming into these fledgling fellowships, was handled far differently by Saul of Tarsus, than would have been by Messiah Yeshua. This is, in part, because Saul of Tarsus was one of the main enemies of the Cross, prior to YHVH cutting him off along the Damascus trade route.
Satan had the blood-lusting Saul, by the hardened heart, but YHVH had other plans for this Christian proxy serial killer. YHVH used Saul to show others the sheer power of such conversion; the hellbound and the 'worst of the worst' could be redeemed and even used for the coming Kingdom.
We learn from the Epistles that YHVH is universal, and not national; that everyone and everything and everywhere are Adonai Elohim's creation. The Word transforms us from mere hominids and into glorious humans being. We are not the drones of enculturation any longer, for we are the recipients of disenculturation via the enlightenment of the Indwelling Holy Spirit.
Thus, the Elect are not patriotic or nationalistic; these are the mental traits (or entrails) of small minds who live in fear, paranoia, and bigotry; those who need to feel superior to the nation next door; which is the opposite mentality taught via the Parable of the Good Samaritan.

The Normalization Sublimation!

The Godless (religious or not) simply cannot see the problems inherent within the system, because they 'are' the system; they are obliviously enculturated and shamelessly ethnocentric.
There are only two groups of humans on Earth: the Elect of YHVH, and the Godless masses, which reflect perhaps 98% of the entire accountable adult human race. (It is important to note the word accountable; YHVH allows those who died innocent to be covered under propitiation's shield; the shed blood of Messiah Yeshua).
The Godless masses think in the same way; they process data from minuscule box-like paradigms; they are extreme lefts or extreme rights, and indeed, even copy such quaint metaphors from one another, to define themselves. They witness behaviors and then copy them, oblivious to this mindless followship that has entranced them.
They are like children who mimic because they have no original material from which to draw from; thus, they remain immature (1Co 13:11-13). Without the illumination of the Indwelling, the human condition is (naturally) that of blindness; of a kind of oblivion state; a foggy existence, as many have described it.
Without the light of the Indwelling, humans live, act, think, speak, dress, and in every other way, copy the culture they were indoctrinated by and within. In the absence of being Messiah centric, all there is left for them is to be culture centric. Lifestyle is that witness and truth.
In the West, you cannot distinguish a so-called 'Christian' from anyone else -- with the rare exceptions of most Amish, some Hutterite and Bruderhof, and other non-labeled groups; rare, simple-living Commune entities -- surviving in westernized cultures. Fake 'Christians' are themselves, the fulfillment of end-time prophecies, and so of course, they cannot see the self as that fulfillment, for if they could, it would not come to pass.
The Godless-religious can read these very words, and fully understand them; however, it will not alter their course, for pride has conquered them; religious pride is all-powerful. Cultures enable their own cultural paradigms; the westernized world is conquered by the themes of self-superiority and self-glorification: Its people only care because the boss is watching; whereas, the Elect care because YHVH is watching.
Though it is the supreme will of YHVH to save all humanity (John 3:16), Messiah Yeshua made sure we understood the grim reality (Matt 7:13-14,22-23; Luke 13:24-28); it reveals that dichotomy between the hope of YHVH, versus the reality that will occur because of volition (or human autonomy). Rather than extracting truth from whatever source the Holy Spirit whims to use (Num 22:28), the Godless-religious see only their brand as legitimate.
Religion is yet another vehicle to perpetuate the 'us-against-them' paranoia indicative of the fear-driven. Unlike the angry extremist, the Elect of YHVH are centered; balanced; peaceful; calm; patient; contemplative; a pendulum at rest.

Carnality Under Cloak!

Food in the Roman Empire reflected this process of expanding secularism and carnality. The Romans, as with most cultures, were predominantly comprised of Godless people, and they (collectively) shaped the future to come. This same fact is true with many of the larger cultures that make up human history.
The Romans were amoral; gluttonous, libidinous, and ostentatious; they were (like the bulk of the accountable human race) driven by carnal forces, which they could not transcend, and indeed, did not want to. Consequently, they settled with this reality and built empires based upon such acquiescence.
Thus, we have road systems which were built to increase regional (and now global) trade, because they wanted more and better food; variety is the spice of life, after all. Wine, women and song, soon became sex, drugs and rock-n-roll, but the root of it all was (and still is) money. Roman coinage was never carried by Messiah Yeshua (Matt 17:24-27; 21:12-13), for He understood its implications.
The betrayal, suffering and death of Messiah Yeshua was directly linked to money; He knew that money cut YHVH out of a designed process. With money, humans can get all they want or need, from other humans, and, they can gain far more than Adonai Elohim's natural world paradigm would otherwise allow. They can hoard things and then force those without to fall under their lordship.
Of course, those who like to justify themselves in the present, always paint the past to appear as bad: We see this with statistics, where the past was all about death and carnality, compared to us today; we are civilized; advanced; much improved (well, those who do not read or believe in the Book of Revelations). They like to use models such as lifespans to justify all sorts of things, especially the money-dependent products of modernity, like drugs (propaganda employed by the drug lord, Dr. Pharmacopoeia).
However, humans are not living longer, quite the opposite. Aside from the fact that scripture suggests that humans lived much longer in the past, it is because of the population condensation of the Godless masses that disease develops and/or spreads faster and injures or kills more people.
Still, if a hundred people live to be a 100 years old, and at the same time, and in the same region, one hundred die on or before the age of 1 (disease), and one hundred die at the age of 19 (war); that averages to an age of 40 years: That's how statistics work, which, standing alone, says little about what the underlying reasons are.
People often like to point backward at inventions or actions that are the forerunners of what they perceive as the good stuff today. They assume that we would not have this or that if it were not for key events of the past, but this train of thought is oblivious to all the possible paths that could have manifest with just minor tweaks to events in the timeline.
Indeed; most of what the Godless masses think of as 'good stuff' is really just the stuff that makes a carnal existence evermore obtainable. Capitalism is an economic construct which allows the amassing of wealth; a dream come true for the wealth-monger, and a (short-lived) victory for Satan. If you are committed to fornication and adultery, then sexual freedoms coupled with leisure time are attractive features to you, male or female.
From urbanization to one of its by-products, the Black Death, humans went from living within the symbiotic life of Earth that YHVH created; an intrinsic connection to the creation, and slowly moved out of Adonai Elohim's natural world and into the human-made world, which led to power, territorialism, landlordism, war, dominion, and disease, by recreating the planet into their own carnal image (I call this the golf course enigma, as compared to the cluttered beauty of the great plains).
Humans went from a deep understanding of the creation, to an ignorance of it, and the scriptures were all that these new 'urbanites' had, and perhaps why they took so much of it, so literally (they were bored from their non-labor lifestyles). Humans became ignorant of the creation itself, and so they took the scriptures literally to explain the created world.
Today, the reverse is happening; we know more about the creation than at any time, but most are increasingly ignorant about YHVH, the very creator of Earth and all corporeality as we know of it. This is why the Godless-religious are critical of those who care about Adonai Elohim's creation, and conversely, why scientists try to explain 'corporeality-minus-Creator.'
There is a deep and necessary connection, between the physical creation of YHVH (the non-human-made world) and the inspired words penned by humans on Adonai Elohim's behalf. Bibliolatry magnifies human-created words above the evidence, even though the physical world is the direct creation of YHVH.

The Evil Paradigm!

Evil is to make anyone subservient to you, and in any possible way. Authoritarianism, dominion and hierarchy are a few mentionable manifestations of the paradigm, with a careful focus upon the authoritarian personality; these are all the product of enculturation, and therefore, we have a choice about them. But this hunger for lordship over other humans, has been portrayed in stories like Oliver Twist in 1838, with similar themes in modern media.
We can witness this gross evil even today, in homeless shelters operated by professing religious groups. The egocentric lust for one person to lord Adonai Elohim's resources over other humans, is evil to the core. Any person who even thinks they own anything; herein, you are witness to satanic activity.
The plight of the human condition is portrayed in these injustices of inequality, where those with more (possessions and/or power) lust to lord what they have, over those with less. Indeed; this is the sum and core of evil; wealth (money-hoarding) is but one manifestation of this darkness. Hoarding resources of any kind is the physical evidence (the ripened fruit) supporting the fact that evil exists in the heart of humans, with their passion and drive to be superior to other humans.
Modern westernized evangelical protestants have prophetically fulfilled a particle of the Laodicean Era; to make evil good, and good evil (Isa 5:20; Luke 16:15; 2Ti 3:1-5; 2Pe 2:1; 2:18-19): They believe in militantism, the military-style, and war in general; these are all manifestations of the antiChrist mind. All war is evil, without exception, just like all murderers will go to hell, without exception.
The god-complex comes with the belief that you can justify taking what YHVH created; to take a human life is to play god, and hell exists exclusively for these kind (Matt 15:19-20; Mark 9:43-48; Luke 12:4-5; John 8:43-45; Gal 6:7-8; Rev 21:6-8): There will not be one who will be able to justify their god-complex on Judgment Day.
Before the time of Charles Dickens novels, the idea of the idle wealth-class as superior to the labor-class was already well-established. The belief that some humans were superior to others was a social construct that had long-permeated the minds of the Godless masses. The idea that a powerful man was the supreme virtue of a man drove the Godless females to them, thus creating a strong motive for wealth, elitism and importance within the human condition.

The Anti-Capitalistic Messiah!

In fact, the sum of our modern world is but an end-consequence of this paradigm; modernity (in all its forms) is the fruit of evil; capitalism (profit-hunger; money-worship; dollar-dependency) is the darkest economic formula that will ever plague humanity, but the end-times require all things to darken unto blackness, as precursor to the triumphant Second Coming of our Lord; our Master; our Beloved.
Messiah Yeshua faced similar issues with the religious (and other secular) professionals of His lifetime: the Pharisees and the Lawyers along with the rich and the famous. The lesson was plain and simple: Anyone can love their own parents or children; our Lord said this was not impressive (Luke 6:30-36; Matt 5:43-48). Loving as your own, the stranger; the Good Samaritan was the parable; the metaphor of this paradigm.
What separates the Godless masses (the bulk of the human race) from the Elect, can be best witnessed in this power paradigm. The Godless (masses) are driven by evil forces that they either do not believe exist at all, or are otherwise oblivious to. This is especially true of the Godless-religious taught about in the parable of Judgment Day (Matt 7:21-23). The masses will look upon whatever social order they were born into, and then proceed to find ways to climb the ladder of success; however that may be defined at the time.
All of life is shaped by the Godless masses, first by the power of their numbers, then coupled by their exponential evil. When we talk about History, we are referencing the actions and events of predominantly Godless people. Whenever we talk about the history of humanity or the chain of events that led to here and now, we must take into account, the fact that the bulk of the participants which make up the final product, were/are Godless beings, hell-bent on the destruction of Earth and all other YHVH-created things.
The powerful drive to be accepted and given credit and praise, by the other Godless masses (i.e. 'Keeping up with the Joneses') overwhelms the Godless-religious, and why they are so compelled to participate in the cultural paradigms set forth, such as its traditions, celebrations, and holidays. It is not that any of them are evil or bad, it's just that people do not realize they are merely copying the actions and themes of former generations, which necessarily have no substance or meaning for them, as new creations.
When it came to compliance with (to enable) the surrounding Godless masses, Messiah Yeshua was more opposing than was the apostle Paul, who was a former Pharisee, which were (themselves) a midst the formally educated attorney-class, as well as those who were politically ambitious.
Pharisees were men who were concerned with their positions in society; they were (verily) Godless men; they were the 'first-to-be-popularized' Godless-religious. They pretended to be servants of YHVH, but were in reality, the servants of Satan: Indeed, all religious professionals are Satan servants.
As aliens living among the Godless masses, Messiah Yeshua had a message, which we do not see embedded quite so perspicuously within any of the other authors of scripture: That message was about the wisdom (the how-to) of living on Adonai Elohim's planet, which was taken over by massive hordes of Godless humans hell-bent on destruction (E.g: study the colonization of the Americas).

Corporeality: Doorway To Eternality!

These parable messages of our Master, were to make us, the Elect of YHVH, aware of the life we would be facing while living on Earth; to enlighten us to the challenges of living as sheep among wolves (Matt 7:15-20); as peaceful pacifists among ravenous predation (predators); as makers-growers-builders, cast among those willing to accept the corruption of money, and in so doing, cause human suffering by trading time-4-money in some unnecessary task, just to get that money, and then use the money to gain what YHVH wants us all to gain manually, and in a sustainable manner; by the labor of our own hands; by the sweat of our own brow (Matt 9:37-38).
The main purpose of this life is to give us a Soul; to initiate eternality. The ultimate destiny of that eternality will be determined by what we volition to do within the temporal: What we become while on Earth, will manifest the sum of our free-will-inspired life (here and eternally). This is because we are what we do, and no more. Your life will be as a silent film; we will only be judged by our actions and inaction, and not by our words, our self-beliefs or our self-assessments.

Practiced At The Art Of Deception!

People learn quickly, what provides them with power over other humans, and a 'bible-god' is one of those weapons. Those that have experience in a church setting will be indoctrinated by (and in) the authoritarianism of the hierarchical religionists. These Pauline Christians are no different than the militants; they like the roles and the games of authority; they like it when others feel and act subservient to them (no matter how subtle that display is): The power-monger likes to be the center of attention; the chief; the main man; the one that everyone must come to.
This is the product of a damaged ego, and a damaged ego is a symptom of evil. People are made whole and complete with the Indwelling Holy Spirit, whereas, the Godless-religious suffer in all the same ways as the Godless world they truly belong to. The only difference is that those who consume the products of (Christian) religion, have that aspect of their life as the only difference from any other religionists, including those among the religion (or cult) of atheism.
We all know about the epochal event of YHVH becoming human for the redemption of humanity, but other than that, most of what we know, and most of what has happened on Earth, are the consequences of the Godless masses. The Elect of YHVH see ALL things from a bird's-eye view, when compared to the bulk of humanity (who lives in a sound-bite, left-right reality).
Many people, most especially the Godless-religious, like to give a 'god credit' for what they want or need (this stuff is called good) and conversely, assign the bad to some evil entity (Satan, the devil, Lucifer, etc.), credited for what they do not want or like (the bad stuff). As simpleton as this may seem, even to a well-educated Atheist, it is true. This is why the Godless-religious will pray to their church ceilings for money or importance, because in their micro-perspective, money is good, and so are power, good looks, and social status.

Pathway To Peace!

Instead however, they are driven by carnal forces that they cannot overcome. The purpose of the propitiation was to make it possible for a Holy Creator to inhabit a human soul, with the more important goal of converting the carnal human animal into a spirit worthy recreation. Just as we learn about in school from Heart of Darkness, most humans can remain civil when well-fed and with all the creature comforts.
But then, even caged animals are reasonably civil under these conditions. However, take away the creature comforts and the security of these comforts, and the animal quickly and violently emerges from just below the surface. Take away the accountability of other humans and see what people do in private; that is the measure of a man (and woman).
The Godless, alongside the Godless-religious, will use the weapons they own (and have trained in the art of death), to take the lives of other humans to protect their own, for this is the mentality of all primates: self-interest and self-survival. This life is all they have, and so they must and will protect and defend it accordingly. Conversely, for the Elect; we live by an eternal clock (Phl 1:21-26). Wide is the path and broad is the way (Matt 7:21-27), which leads into outer darkness (Hell); YHVH is not interested in quantity, but quality; the ultimate fellowship of the King.
The Godless masses are analogous to animals, and why Messiah Yeshua used such an analogy (Matt 7:6) as well as Peters reiteration (2Pe 2:17-22). The theory of evolution (that is: inter-species adaptation and/or mutation, which is mistaken for cross-species evolution) is a seemingly logical perspective; without internal light, or Spiritual enlightenment, all humans are mere animals, and as such, unfit for the Heavenly Kingdom.
This is why the Indwelling Holy Spirit had to be incorporated into the world; tethered to the human soul: Just as the first half of this human experiment demonstrated, we are hopelessly human; a cold reality reflected within both the Sodom and the flood narratives, where evil had to be extinguished via the death of evil people.
YHVH had to become a human (Messiah Yeshua); not just for the experience (Heb 4:12-16) but (also) to become the sin-offering for all humanity; a comprehensive package for all who are willing to go through such a radical transformation, from mere hominids, and into children mirrored of their Maker.
YHVH could not inhabit or dwell in sin-vessels (human beings) and so, a Spiritual cleansing was necessary, retroactively, so that YHVH could yoke with my soul, while I am still a flesh and blood human, via that manifestation we title the Holy Spirit.

Theological Psychopathy!

As time continues to its inevitable end (the end-times), many imaginative and deceptive theological products will come from the minds of the Godless-religious, which are also the Loveless religious. Without the Indwelling Holy Spirit dominating the human soul, the bulk of humanity are effectually psychopaths.
Of course, the secular world only labels those who manifest their indifference (or Lovelessness) in more extreme ways, such as breaking down and going on a shooting spree, or of the spouse who plots to murder for the insurance. Psychological psychopathy is to tag the most extreme versions of the human condition, which is the consequence of having no Love, nor an understanding of what Love is, nor the capacity to Love.
In this state or condition of utter and complete Lovelessness (which is the experience of the bulk of humanity), all sorts of bizarre things will come from this reality. In fact, modernity itself (the Industrial Revolution, Capitalism, etc.), is the end-consequence of the bulk of humanity living (from cradle to grave) in a state of utter Godlessness, which is utter Lovelessness, which means (no matter how civil they behave in the good times), they can only be driven by carnal forces (manifest as self-interest), which Satan easily manipulates.
Hence, the degradation into the end-times and the proverbial 'end of the world' (the end of the human experiment on this planet; Earth will be permanently altered by humans, but will continue without humans in a natural planetary course). Bibliolatry is a necessary step into end-time prophecy; study the concept behind Christian anarchism.

Fornication Population!

The Godless-religious; the self-professing Christians; the culturally christianized; they, alongside all other world religions (including Atheism), will corporately be the very vehicle for all end-time prophecies, and yet, they will all be oblivious to their (direct or indirect) participation in this process. YHVH has/will blind them to it all. They will not even be aware of it all, until deep into their eternality in the Abyss. Once they become aware of it, they will weep and wail and gnash.
The degree to which, Satan is exploiting the masses, has (and will) gradually increase, and at the same time, humanity will move ever-more rapidly into a proverbial brick wall, from which there will be no recovery. The primary forces will be overpopulation from a planet filled with fornicators and adulterers, fully committed to promiscuity, abortion, divorce, and relational abandonment (the perpetual upgrade mentality).
These multiple-billions of Faithless-Godless-Loveless humans, will look upon the creation/s of YHVH, with ever-increasing disdain (most often unconsciously), and will center their earthly existences, upon a consumer existence, wherein they can fill the voids of their perpetual Godless state, with ever-more material things, knowing deep-deep inside that they are participants, collaborators and enablers of the slow and gradual destruction of the created natural world of YHVH.
Obviously, YHVH cannot resurrect them bodily and place them upon any other planet, because they openly displayed to YHVH that they were not faithful stewards of this one (Earth); hence, their eternal Soul must and will be cast into outer darkness, far from any planet. YHVH is faithful to protect the Elect!
The Godless hunger-lust to tear it down, pollute it, kill and steal and destroy Earth; effectively wiping it from the surface, and paving over it, thus destroying the ecosystems that YHVH created delicately for the animal kingdom (including humans), with the infinitesimal Elect of YHVH as its only stewards, and we are greatly outnumbered. We, the Elect of YHVH, know who is who (John 10:8-11). YHVH is in the woods, and they try (with all their might) to get out of the woods; metaphorically and literally. It is an irony that the golf course be in such opposition to the natural course.
This is why the Industrial Revolution sky-rocketed so quickly; by that time in history, the end-times were about to begin. The bulk of humanity were Satan servants, and especially dense among the Europeanized. The naturally lazy human masses were exponentially moving out of Adonai Elohim's natural world and into the human-made urban sprawls, loving the idea that they could manipulate their surroundings so that they could mold it and model it, based upon their inner Godless state. They soon metastasized into all the Earth; their tribal (Jewish, Indian) holocausts, the great and everlasting stain of sin upon Earth.

The Never Ending Reformation!

Humans loved to isolate the words or concepts of 'the bible' (such as subdue) to justify killing other humans in the name of god; to slaughter, cut-down, burn, dig-up, wipe-out, or concrete over, most of the created world; all in the name of god. They liked to be the heroes who acted on god's behalf, to tame the creation and to 'civilize' the indigenous; all in the name of their god. These white Europeans heroically 'saved' all those skin-darkened savage subhumans from their fate. But in fact, these colonizers and conquerors were the preeminent (though perhaps unwitting) Satan servants of all humanity forever.
They manufactured theological principles that were all based upon (and sourced from) the minds of men who never had the Indwelling Holy Spirit dominating their existence; they never once Loved. scripture became nothing more than a justification station where they'd return frequently to validate and/or justify their Godless intents, but, in the name of god. Most of what remains, under the umbrella of religion, is morbidly corrupted by many generations of men, building lies and deceptions upon the lies and deceptions of past generations.
This is why Martin Luther took risks in the first large wave, which exposed the Godless-religious, and why this process will continue unabated, until Messiah Yeshua returns to set all things upright: The Reformation has never really ended; those who twist scripture for money and for power, will remain among us until the end. But religious reformation is not what YHVH is looking for, but rather, the Spiritual transformation of individuals willing to walk away from their former lives and lifestyles (Mark 10:23-27,28-31).

Paul's Letters Are Not Gospel!

The apostle Paul makes a few simple statements, in one letter, to one church-group (probably less than a hundred people), in one region, which is primarily relevant to that time, that culture, and those people. Of course, the canon-makers knew there were embedded principles that were/are applicable to all humans, and thus, the reason for their inclusion into the canon.
However, the bibliolatrous look upon these church notes, as if YHVH Himself spoke supreme commandments from Heaven's throne unto all humanity (e.g. the Ten Commandments): They cannot differentiate between Godspeak (as Red Letter Disciples) and the scribbling on a notepad by a fellow brother; the fellowships of which did not survive even a few generations. It is not a mere note to the bibliolatrous; it (not Messiah) is their foundation, from which they even construct church doctrine from; it is holy; it is their idol.
Of course, the bibliolatrous cannot see themselves as idol (or false-god) worshipers; few ever do. Denial, self-justification, and rationalization, are the psychological weapons employed by those who cannot face their inner demons, for doing so would mean they would have to face their true self; eventually, they would have to radically change how they live. Lifestyle is what defines us; the participants thereof must/will justify the lifestyle they have already decided they are going to live, no matter what that is (e.g. the supreme idolatry of the Car Cult).
It is laziness, sensuality, power, money, and ego, which are the true drivers for the bulk of humanity, wherein the religion of Christianity gets swept into the mix, just like all religions do, as the mere productions of enculturation. Religion is just one of the many products of their enculturation, not that which allows them to transcend it; to catapult them free of it.
YHVH inspired many writers; in fact, far more than what was glued together in today's modernized versions of the Holy Bible. Does this mean that we cannot know the complete message that YHVH wants to convey to us? Of course not! Indeed, with all the texts that survived; most of the people who have studied those texts exhaustively, will live and die, oblivious to what YHVH was/is trying to communicate unto them.
If fact, without scripture of any kind, YHVH has and will communicate unto creation: YHVH is not limited to book publishers, or even humans for that matter. Life (itself) is Adonai Elohim's creation, which we learn about, in the words; but those words do not create life (John 1:1-3; 1Jo 5:11-12): YHVH does!
Only the Indwelling Holy Spirit can communicate succinctly unto Adonai Elohim's creation. The written word has been so misinterpreted that the bloodiest massacre ever, was done within the self-justification extracted from 'the Bible' or 'the Quran'. Satan and his trillion demon army, have invested countless millennia into the art of deception; to kill, to steal, and to destroy (John 10:10). One look at Adonai Elohim's planet (Earth) from space is enough for even a child to comprehend this.
The demon-inspired Godless masses (those possessed or oppressed) must and will, rage against the creation; both the natural world and other humans: they rage with the machines of war; with industry; with consumerism, capitalism, militantism, pollution, and general excess. The masses are empty on the inside, and thus their collective destructiveness is witnessed on the outside. Earth, from outer space, looks like it has cancer; indeed, this human disease has metastasized globally, and only with the return of The King will it end. Thankfully, there will be new Earth's (virgin planets) for the Elect of YHVH (2Pe 3:13; Rev 21:1; 2 Peter all).

Lessons Of Literalism!

The Indwelling Holy Spirit, brings the illumination necessary to see and understand biblical truth; otherwise, scripture will confound, and force the reader to look upon it literally. Messiah Yeshua explained that He taught in parables (Matt 13:10-13), exactly to confound those who were not serious about following Him, no matter what (Matt 16:24).
This is one of the reasons for the interaction with the rich young ruler (Matt 19:20-24); exposing the fact that most people only seek a Supreme Being, for personal benefit in the here and now (or, for more time in this life, as they near their end). They are only interested in profit, money, or power; they are driven by self-interest, and nothing more. The Godless-religious use religion and exploit scripture for personal earthly gain (2Co 2:17; 4:2).
Therefore, Messiah Yeshua teaches figuratively; metaphorically; in parable form, and rarely literally (Mark 4:10-13). Those who look upon 'the bible' in a strictly literal way, expose their true motives; they like the words to be exact (hence, the translation cults) and they spend enormous time in formulating the theological constructs of biblical literalism; to link words together in order to say the things that they want them to say.
I call this sound-bite theology; scriptural cut-n-paste. Linking the Hebrew bible and the Christian bible together expanded this process. scripture, as a compilation of inspired writings, is a combination of literal and mostly allegorical interpretation.
There are places in the Christian bible that do not reflect what YHVH was imparting upon the Elect; however, the way things are was necessary, for this is how we can see the proverbial wheat from the weeds; to know what will feed us (the wheat) versus what is a deceptive or non-nutritive food source (the weeds); the dead calories that may fill our bellies but ultimately starve us (Matt 13:24-30).
The purpose of teaching non-literally, was intended to work similar to code; the Indwelling Holy Spirit is required in order to crack the proverbial codes (John 15:26; 16:13; 1Jo 4:13; 1Co 2:12; 2Co 4:3-4; 2Pe 1:19-21). Of course, these lazy creatures are oblivious to the fact that the evil one uses them to further the mission of darkness; after all, they only want the proverbial free lunch; the labor-free, mammon-provided lifestyles of leisure and conspicuous consumption.
Of course, anyone can read the words, and formulate an academic perspective; however, without the internal code breaker (the Indwelling Holy Spirit), they cannot and will not, fully understand it. Instead, they will twist the words out of their intended context, as would be expected. This is why it appears that the Christian bible (as well as the Tanakh) are filled with myths; technically they are.
Messiah Yeshua (and the Apostles) would employ some of the well-known myths of the time (both Greek and Roman myths) as context for revealing a Spiritual truth. They did not use a myth to create a truth; they taught truth using known-about myths and legends.
If a person does not fully understand what a parable is; the goal a metaphor accomplishes, they cannot go on to study these words with any competence. Furthermore; if a person does not have knowledge of the ancient world, the same problem is compounded evermore. The words alone were not the sum of the truth; the parable was metaphorical; a symbol of the final or real truth, but not the truth itself.
The non-religious (the Godless) will point literally to these Greek myths within biblical passages, and say that the writers were merely copying the ancient myths when making up the fictional bible. The religionists (the Godless-religious) for the most part, do not know about Greek myths, and so they look at the words as if they are a literal rendering of an ideal.

A Calculated Withdraw From The Worldly!

Once a human dies to this life, they are (proverbially) born again; this means that they die, and a new person emerges within them (Rom 6:4-7; Eph 4:19-24; Col 3:9-14; Gal 2:20). Once this is true in the eyes of Adonai our Elohim, the Indwelling Holy Spirit comes into them, and yokes eternally with their (formerly dormant) soul, and the two become as one (John 17:20-24).
In the course of that Spiritual transformation, the ways of the worldly become distasteful for The Elect of YHVH, and in this new marriage relationship, the Elect begin a calculated withdraw from the secular world that they once comfortably inhabited, enabled, and consumed.
During this time of seeking the Elect of YHVH, these new creations are still Spiritually immature; they are honest, sincere and dedicated to following Messiah Yeshua in a real, meaningful and eternal way, but they run into the obstacles (Matt 13:19-23) placed there by the enemies of the cross, both in human and demon form.
There are many things going on behind the scenes, as it were, concerning life, the creation, and Adonai Elohim's ultimate plans, both for my life personally, for humanity, for Earth, and for corporeality in general. It is not some act of evil or sin for me to want to know more than I do; it is just that it is not within the plans of YHVH that I know. Not everything is evil or directly sin; there are many things that we will never understand, but this is often because YHVH must keep some things a secret until an appointed time.
Bibliolatry therefore, is just as important to the larger plan of YHVH, as is every other aspect of humanity, good or bad, because volition is at the center of the paradigm: YHVH will use even bibliolatry advantageously.
We have many elements on this Earth, but they were not all here for us to use or exploit; but rather, to test us. For one example among thousands: Driving your car is carcinogenic to your progeny; indeed, to all life: However, this scientific and medical fact, cannot (and will not) change the lifestyles of the Godless, because they are truly Loveless; they must (and will) justify, rationalize, and deny, rather than confess, repent, and change.
The Godless-religious will read this, and still they must justify themselves, and they will. This is what makes the election (and predestination and foreknowledge) such a reality; truth simply cannot penetrate the egocentric mind; those dedicated to Hell (John 1:14-17; 3:20-21; 4:23-24; 8:32; 8:44-45; 14:6; 14:16-17; 17:17-19). The global events of the end-times will happen, exactly because the bulk of humanity will live destructive lifestyles until Earth-cycles are radically altered in response to it.

Honk If You Love Jesus?!

Every time a person gets behind the wheel of an automobile, they are risking, not only their health, they are knowingly, willingly, and casually prepared, to potentially take the life of someone else (even their own) in a collision: Why? Just to not walk! Isn't that amazing? Terminally lazy, and in desperate need of the 'Christ cure' via the honoring of the Temple of the Holy Spirit, the Godless-religious mindlessly get into their personal automobile and basically pray this (knowingly or not):
'Dear Man upstairs, I understand that I could maim or kill myself or my passengers, or bystanders, but I'm not getting off my two-butts to walk: I will not alter my antiChrist lifestyle to avoid the need for this car: I am willing to sacrifice human life to just not walk! I dedicate my life to an ongoing antiChrist lifestyle; I will copy my neighbors rather than Christ: In Jesus' Name, Amen!'
Thus we witness, what are in reality, oxymoron's: Church buildings surrounded by parking lots. Bumper stickers that proclaim 'Jesus' in some fashion! That's blind enculturation. The Godless-religious will live and die, oblivious to this: they are blind to everything, and like all Godless humans, must and surely will, justify (Luke 16:13-15) all that they do, but far worse than any others; they will do so with scripture, and in Jesus' name: this is the greatest act of evil that will ever occur on this planet (Justification-ism: to use god/bible/religion to justify Godlessness).
The effects of the car on societies is clear (for those with eyes to see). Earth, and all creation, belongs to YHVH (Psa 24:1-2): However, just as they treat their own Temple bodies, the Godless masses have no Love; therefore, they have no respect for any part of the creation, and thus, will work a lifetime to alter it or destroy it (and/or themselves).
Of course, the Godless (and the Godless-religious) cannot help themselves; they are doomed (temporally and eternally): they are blind; they are addicts; they cannot express true Love, which is always (and only) via our action/inaction; what we could do, but do not (1Co 6:11-12; 10:20-24). True Love is a verb; however, emotions (the source of 'animal-love'; attachment) are fickle and temporal; they easily allow for self-justification, validation, and denial; the rationalizing away of anything and everything, which contrasts their current and intentional lifestyles.
The Godless (and the Godless-religious) are ruled and driven by carnal forces, which are chiefly paranoia, hatred, dominion, and vengeance. Parents must abhor progeny in order to justify such industrialized lifestyles of air pollution, and ecological destruction. But YHVH allowed these earthly elements to exist, just like YHVH allowed the proverbial tree of knowledge to exist; they all exist as props in the test. Most will take the path of least resistance, not the more difficult and narrow path: The Way (Matt 7:13-14).
Naturally occurring radioactive materials exist, but we should use wisdom and avoid them. Instead, humans have made this world a very dangerous place for almost all life, created by YHVH (who gave us all we need, via the Garden of Eden paradigm). This same thing is true with fossil fuels: It is deep underground for a reason; we may have learned how to get at it, and then, learned how to chemically cook it into gasoline, but should we? No, of course not. Some fruit was never intended for us, but was placed there anyway, so to expose the snake servants among us.
Science is the study of the unknown; it is to learn more, and then more. In the short-term this seems like a good idea; however, we who are experiencing the 21st Century, watch the slow and gradual collapse of the planet's ecosystems; we have the experience and hindsight that the revolutionary industrialists of times-past, did not have; the (yep) Science that will prove our own undoing.

As For Me And My House; We Will Serve...The Cash?

(Joshua 24:14-15) When we, the Elect, are made aware of our personal (and collective) human impact on the environment, we ask YHVH to forgive us of this ignorance, and He does, if it is a true repentance (Eze 18:20-23; 36:26), and then we quickly correct our path; we change our lifestyle; we repent; we stop; we turn away: This is the physical evidence of Spiritual transformation (2Co 7:8-10).
The tree is known by the fruit it bears! How we think about, and thus, treat Adonai Elohim's planet, is the first-fruit to observe in such an evaluation or estimation. We do not judge people; we view consequences. We understand the implications of the Parable of the Unjust Steward and the Parable of the Talents.
Conversely, the Godless-religious are just like the rest of humanity; they justify their current lifestyles, and continue living as before. This mentality (this pathology) was taught (only) to the Elect, by Messiah Yeshua (Matt 24:35-39): we are witnesses to this manifesting in these end-times (the Laodicean Era). This planet is temporal; YHVH has countless trillions of them, and can easily make new ones.
The purpose of it therefore, is stewardship (Matt 25:29-30); what we do, with what we are given; that is the test. The Godless-religious will say that the bible does not directly (literally) say that it is a sin to drive a car, and thus, it must be acceptable to do so. This is the trap of literalism and the result of bibliolatry.

Ignorance; Intent; Indifference!

Wisdom therefore, is to change, once the logic for change, manifests itself. Indeed, this is the sum definition of repentance; to change directions at the moment of awareness. Most who consumed gasoline (from 1850 - 2000), did so because they/we were oblivious to its dangers to human and planetary health: Now that I know, I no longer consume it. This is the test! Repent, or justify!
Those of us who Love, do not consume all the things that we could: Just because it is available and legal to consume, does not mean that it is a good idea (1Co 10:23). Just because everyone else does it, does not mean I have to. I am not a mindless drone who blindly follows the other humans that surround me, as if I have no options for how I live: In fact, how I live upon this earth (my lifestyle) is a choice: So is yours! It is your true and only testament.
The Amish do not have electricity in their homes because it imposes modernity upon them. Granted, this edict was made back when the electrical grid was new, unfamiliar and expanding, but the logic still applies. My personal convictions are similar, but different: If you cannot make it on the farm (or at home), then do not consume or use it, or at the least, do not be fully dependent upon it. For me, consuming fossil fuels is worse than using electricity from the grid; since it is now easy to generate electricity at home; solar, wind, hydro, caloric; this would be preferred.
This does not make Amish special or more holy than others; it is about respect for the creation of YHVH over those of man; it is about honoring principles, and thus, respecting that honor, even if it is not some law spelled out literally in scripture. That is not what scripture is all about; indeed, that is not what YHVH is all about. But planetary stewardship is a very big part of the test: The parable of the unjust steward summarized.
The Elect of YHVH are to do our best to avoid this world's corrupt ways; Godless human ways (2Co 6:14-18); we are to purpose this life as preparation for life-eternal. If you are looking for some physical thing or action to represent your living Faith, this is it. Churches are not! The reason why YHVH left us with information -- scripture -- was not so that we can exploit those words to justify living ethnocentric; even contrary to the very creation itself, such as the Car Cult represents.
It was to give us insight into how our Heavenly Father works, and why He entered Earth in human form: to make sure and final propitiation. Everything that came before, led to (or all funneled into) one single act: the Cross of Messiah Yeshua; the ultimate sacrifice, and the ultimate victory: Christus Victor.
That Anabaptist inspired version of Atonement was to serve one primary function: To make it possible for a pure and Holy Creator; our Heavenly Father (YHVH), to effectively enter into our Soul; to yoke with YHVH created corporeal beings, who were created in the image of YHVH (volitional), but was then corrupted by the evil one. The Godless-religious have no option but to deny the possibility of a literal Indwelling, and do so without any understanding of the existential meaning of literal.

Disciples Of Messiah Yeshua Versus Disciples Of Bible!

Adonai Elohim yearns for a deep and personal relationship with us; our Heavenly Father wants us and pines for us: Likewise, and with an ancient longing, we disciples yearn for our Master to return 🎧. The Elect of YHVH are the Body of YHVH and the Temple of the Holy Spirit. Thus, we Love our Heavenly Father with the utter sum of our very Soul (Luke 10:27-28). He, who knew no sin, became sin (2Co 5:20-21), so that sinners (people trapped in/by sin situations) can be as if we had no sin, so that the Holy Spirit can yoke, now and forever, within us (the Indwelling), even from our current flawed human state, continuing unabated unto our glorious eternal state, whatever that may present itself as.
It is that Indwelling (that yoke) that Messiah Yeshua was/is all about (John 16:7-13; Acts 1:4-5; 2:33). The religious, who are not led by the Holy Spirit, must (and will) deny a literal Indwelling: without unconditional surrender; without a death to self (Gal 2:20), it is impossible to be Holy Spirit Indwelled, even though anyone can still be religious; an adherent; bibliolatrous; a believer: Everyone believes in something. How we live, tells the true tale. (Ecc 12:8-14)
There is therefore now, no condemnation to them that are in Messiah Yeshua, who walk not after the flesh but after the Spirit. For the Torah of the Spirit, of life in Messiah Yeshua, has made me free from the law of sin and death. For what the Torah could not do, in that it was weak through the flesh, Elohim, sending His own Son in the likeness of sinful flesh, and for sin, condemned sin in the flesh, that the righteousness of Torah might be fulfilled in us, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit. For they that are after the flesh, do mind the things of the flesh; but they that are after the Spirit the things of the Spirit. For to be carnally minded is death, but to be Spiritually minded is life and peace. Because the carnal mind is enmity against Elohim, for it is not subject to the Torah of Elohim, neither indeed can be.
So then, they that are in the flesh cannot please Elohim. But you are not in the flesh, but in the Spirit, if so be that the Spirit of Elohim dwells in you. Now, if any man have not the Spirit of Messiah, he is none of His. And if Messiah be in you, the body is dead because of sin, but the Spirit is life because of righteousness. But if the Spirit of Him that raised up Yeshua from the dead dwells in you, He that raised up Messiah from the dead shall also quicken your mortal bodies, by His Spirit that dwells in you. Therefore brethren, we are debtors, not to the flesh, to live after the flesh. For if you live after the flesh, you shall die, but if you, through the Spirit, do mortify the deeds of the body, you shall live. For as many as are led by the Spirit of Elohim, they are the sons of Elohim. For you have not received the spirit of bondage again to fear; but you have received the Spirit of adoption, whereby we cry: Abba, Father!
The Spirit itself bears witness with our spirit that we are the children of Elohim: And if children, then heirs; heirs of Elohim and joint-heirs with Messiah; if so be that we suffer with Him, that we may be also glorified together. For I reckon that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory that shall be revealed in us. For the earnest expectation of the creature, waits for the manifestation of the sons of Elohim. For the creature was made subject to vanity, not willingly, but by reason of him who has subjected the same in hope, because the creature itself also shall be delivered from the bondage of corruption into the glorious liberty of the children of Elohim. For we know that the whole creation groans and travails in pain together until now. And not only they, but ourselves also, which have the first fruits of the Spirit, even we ourselves groan within ourselves, waiting for the adoption, to wit, the redemption of our body. (Rom 8:1-23) {cf. Gal 2:20; John 17}

Studies of Christianity (by James Martineau) ~ The Natural History of Christianity (by TH Huxley) ~ The Naked Truth of Jesusism from Oriental Manuscripts (by Lyman Fairbanks George) ~ Project Gutenberg Books About Christianity

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