The Car Cult!

Conscious Awareness And The Car Culture!

Car ownership, in and of itself, is an outward expression of self-superiority, dominionship, controlism, and self-centered esteem; it is an exhibition of indifference (Lovelessness); indeed, an extension of antisocial personality disorder (APD). We witness this, not just in road rage or the using of a car to kill; we can see this deeper, within a greater social fragmentation in general. (e.g. Why Amish Drive Buggies)
A planetary car cult will be the ultimate demise of our species as we now know it. The automobile and its owner/user, is analogous to one cancer cell among billions that collectively make-up the invasion of a body. One cell on its own, hardly poses a threat, but cancer multiplies because it is a disease. The cells are not consciously aware that their collective sum will ultimately kill the very host that they rely upon for survival; once the host dies they all die, the good and bad cells. And so it is with the car cult on Earth.
The drones of humanity (the bulk of our species) are unconscious of their collective impacts; they individually justify, why they must follow the other drone automatons, but that is because drones do not have a higher consciousness; a conscientiousness that far transcends being a good employee or capitalistic success; indeed a Spiritual awareness: Enlightenment in the scriptural sense.
In the case of the car culture (or car cult); not only is the collective drones slowly but surely killing their host planet, they are also unwittingly killing each other as well. The parents are harming their children, not always directly, but always indirectly, as they slowly but surely (collectively) alter the very nature of Earth, as the car cult metastasizes throughout. Sacrificing kids at the altar of the Car Cult is an evil unrivaled, even in these end times. It is as amoral as abortion itself. But those willing to justify themselves will not see it this way; not in this life anyway (John 3:19-21; Luke 16:13-15).

The Soul Crushing Car Culture: Desecration Of The YHVH Creation!

Such conscious conscientiousness is not the mentality or mindset of the masses. And what you are now reading will be radical to those, still not touched by the eternal enlightenment of the Indwelling Holy Spirit; the Godless and the Godless-religious; the churched and the unchurched. The bulk of humanity, including the culturally christianized, do not actually truly believe in an afterlife (the Resurrection), or Judgment Day; not really.
Hence, they must and will, justify (Luke 10:25-29), validate and rationalize the lifestyle they have already committed to living: Everyone else is doing it and so that makes it OK: 'monkey-see-monkey-do--copy-mimic-parrot!' A simpleton (or a distracted) mind is evidence of an absence of Love, and thus compassion, humility, and wisdom, all of which come intrinsically, to all who harbor the Indwelling Holy Spirit, Creator of all (1Co 2:1-6,7-11,12-16): The Saints; the (infinitesimal & inconspicuous) Elect of YHVH.
One sign (or symptom) of demonic influence, is that of the mind instantly justifying what an individual (or group of drones, or 'sheeple') are already hell-bent on doing. But know this; the collaborators of earth pollution will be held accountable by YHVH. And while the self-justifications for the car cult are unending (e.g. you benefit from vehicles too, by getting your goods from their use); we who actually live under a Lordship, still cannot live outside of the world we inherited, and so, we can only avoid as much of it as we can, while here (2Co 6:14-16,17-18; 1Jo 2:15-17; 4:4-6; 2Pe 2:18-20,21-22; James 4:1-4; Col 2:18-19,20-23; John 17 all).
After understanding the war-like devastation of the car culture, one must be a Loveless being to continue therein. But the bulk of humanity suffer from fake caring; without the Indwelling Holy Spirit, humans remain Loveless and in that state they can only truly care about themselves. Hence their investment in this, the world. They may preach environmental stewardship, but still, they cannot be the change they expect to see in this world. All car owners and users are collaborators with Satan in the wanton destruction of Earth; they covertly hate Earth and its health.
Conversely, the (infinitesimal & inconspicuous) Elect of YHVH, live simple lives, planting and building and growing; making the natural world increase and thrive around us; being coworkers within the Creator's creation. With all that time not chasing the dollar, we study to show ourselves approved unto our Creator; to learn and know about the YHVH-created world and how to live peacefully, responsibly and symbiotically with that world (2Ti 2:10-16).

Modernity Seen Thru Scripture; Not Scripture Thru Modernity!

The money commitment to the car-cult (alone) is just an extension of the overall culture-copying commitment to mammon service in general (Luke 16:13-15). But know this; there is not one single act, by any being of the human species, for all of time, that is more destructive to the environment, than to own a car and/or use the car cult system. If you participate in the car cult in any way, you demonstrate to enlightened humans, and to your Maker, of your complete indifference to the local and global environment, and if you are in any way, trying to pretend to care about the environment, while a car cultist, you are a hypocrite extraordinaire: A car-owning environmentalist is oxymoronic!
One person participating wantonly in the car cult for 50 years, will do more harm to Earth, than did the entire global population of hominids (the sum of the entire human race) for the first 90% of the human species, did collectively: all of history, and every science known of, declares this fact. There is simply not one other thing (not any other lifestyle) that any human could do, to demonstrate their disdain and indifference for the YHVH creation (we call Earth), than to participate in or enable the car cult. By 2000 AD, the global transportation industry had already done more (short and long-term) damage to Earth, than all wars fought on this planet, collectively. We need homes; we always have, but we do not need cars; indeed they are bad for us all.
Among the Elect of YHVH -- the one accountable adult per multiple-million adults (children excluded) -- we painfully know of this cold reality, and so we live our daily lives with that understanding. We purpose to avoid needing money and all the subsequent trappings within Satan's mammon cult, which of course, must include the car cult today. We avoid the need and use of depleting (especially non-renewable) natural resources, as a living testimony; a lifestyle witness of/to our Master, Messiah Yeshua (Matt 5:14-16).
We, the Elect of YHVH, care 100% what YHVH thinks of us always, and 0% what any other living entity, thinks of us, ever, because we know that we have only One Judge (Rom 2:5-11). Conversely, the Godless and the Godless-religious (including the culturally christianized churched), are conquered continuously by what other humans think of them (even at church no less); indeed, their lifestyles are the eyewitness against them (Matt 7:16-20). Those who went out from us, but were not of us (1Jo 2:18-22,23-25,26-29), are the christianized churched, who live as Satan guides them, all the while mocking YHVH via their antiChrist lifestyles, by pretending to belong to Christ.

Temptation Nation!

The Judge (Messiah Yeshua) on Judgment Day, will cast the vast majority of human Souls into the blackness of darkness; the empty expanses of deep-deep outer space (all of Matt 25) until the final annihilation (the Big Crunch perhaps?), millions millennia from now. There, the incorporeal Souls of the masses will eventually discover, via their never-ending repeated and clear memories (Matt 13:36-40,41-46,47-50), how many times they experienced YHVH truth (like now); how many times they were ministered to by a disciple of Messiah Yeshua; how many times (unaware) an angel was in their midst (Heb 13:1-3); but declared and reinforced the superpower of volition and personal pride instead.
Those willing to cause such suffering, within their own families and upon other families, are desperate to keep up with the Joneses just so they will be accepted by the human masses; the worldly that they are fully embedded with, and invested in (1Jo 2:15-17). They cannot (and thus will not) live a lifestyle that reflects Messiah Yeshua: They remain trapped in the shoebox of blind enculturation. The local church-business theaters will provide assurances, via their entertaining '(psychological and emotional masturbation for a tithe)' production monologues, thus securing their eternal doom (Matt 7:13-15,21-23; Luke 13:24-28).
The hunger-lust of the Spiritually lost, to 'monkey-see-monkey-do--copy-mimic-parrot' those around them, just so they can fit-in and belong and be accepted by them, is so overwhelmingly powerful, that one must question if this is even possible within the human brain alone, or, if we are witness to how demons infect, affect, and effect, the actions (and inaction's) within unsuspecting people. I'd be mortified if I spent one second (cradle to grave), caring one dot what any mere mortal thought of me in that regard. My only duty is to mirror Messiah Yeshua, even if I am diametrically opposing (or rejected by) every other human being in existence.
Nevertheless, the self-justification is always the same (from kids as well as immature adults): Everyone else is doing it! Such blind followship is hard for me to process, and difficult to watch. But self-justification always involves a redirect; a diversion; any exposure received is instantaneously reflected onto another '(well, you do this and that, too)'. When the proverbial light is shined upon them, they are quick to avoid it (John 3:19-21). There is never acceptance, confession or repentance; after all, a man does not need to seek forgiveness if he has done no wrong, right?
Blessed are you, when men shall revile you and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for My sake. Rejoice, and be exceeding glad, for great is your reward in Heaven; for so they persecuted the prophets that were before you. You are the salt of the earth, but if the salt has lost his savor, wherewith shall it be salted? It is henceforth good for nothing, but to be cast out, and trodden under the foot of men. You are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hid. Neither do men light a candle, and put it under a bushel, but on a candlestick, so it gives light unto all that are in the house. Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father, which is in Heaven. (Matt 5:11-16)

Why Disciples Of Messiah Do Not Own Cars!

But the christianized do! Conscious Awareness may sound simple; even natural: But precious few ever achieve it (though every person that will be resurrected, will be masters of it). Of course, the very nature of the Messiah Scriptures revolves around awareness, or enlightenment, for it is (among others) a central feature of ultimate wisdom and eternal destiny, which is why the propitiation was needed; to make the Indwelling Holy Spirit possible to begin with; to move us from mere primates and into glorious humans being, via the power of YHVH-Love within us.
The Indwelling Holy Spirit serves primarily to disenculturate us; from there we begin the radical change in our lifestyle (John 18:33-37): We are no longer a part of this world and its Satan inspired human drama. The disciples of Messiah Yeshua (as opposed to the mere christianized), do not live like most of the worldly; this, as a lifestyle witness, as well as an act of Love for others. We do not expect to make disciples from this (i.e. evangelical proselytization); however, those who are being called by YHVH, independent of us, will thus be attracted to those living a Messiah centric discipleship; hence, the concept of lifestyle evangelism (Matt 5:13-16): Be the change you want to see in the world!
This life was/is a testing ground to allow superpower endowed, volitional, free-will beings, choice (volition + options = character, for good or for evil): Either to volitionally live as servants of an Eternal Master, or, to be lords themselves, here on Earth. There will only be One Lord in Heaven! Therefore, the Cross was about making Messiah-in-us, a possibility, and that was/is necessary to take us from Spiritual blindness, and into the glorious light of YHVH: Was blind but now I see! That propitiation made it possible for sin-capable beings to be filled with the all-empowering Holy Spirit; Messiah-in-us (John 14:1-4; 14:15-21; 15:26-27; Rom 8:9-11).
Messiah Yeshua said that 'the tree is known by the fruit it bears!' Put another way: We are what we do, and no more! We are the sum of our actions and inaction's; a compilation which is our lifestyle. How we live is the only true testimony (or test-of-money) of our Spiritual status, because religious affiliation, like personality, is but a mask of the true self; a distraction from actual Messiah centric living. Therefore, we the (infinitesimal & inconspicuous) Elect of YHVH, live as unto Christ and not as unto culture. Consequently, and like the temple money-changers, a 'church parking lot' is an oxymoron to all who live by daily dying, within Kingdom living, which manifests in planetary stewardship.

The Hydrocarbon People: Destroyers of Worlds!

History will refer to a specific, dozen-generation group of humans, by the title, Destroyers of Worlds! They will be the indifferent who created and maintained the car-cult, which obviously includes the hydrocarbon industry, with all its collective planet-destroying infrastructure, its stunning toxicity, and its everlasting junk-heap that will infect all future generations. Obviously, YHVH cannot resurrect these people into everlasting corporeal bodies, and then park them on yet another planet. No, they must and will, be cast into outer darkness, so that they can no longer infect other worlds, or be participants in the wanton annihilation of entire species that YHVH created to be there.
But future generations of Earthlings is still questionable, due to the fact that humans are draining Earth of hydrocarbons at an alarming rate, and, Earth was designed to hold those countless quintillion barrels of 'black gold' (Earth blood) as an integral part of its geophysical structure. Replacing some of it with seawater will not work long-term; we will one day know this and will not like the results (study end time prophecies). Nevertheless, YHVH allowed it to be found and exploited, as part of the greater ''do not touch that Eve'' test.
Life on Earth has moved deep into the end-times, with a summary of life itself, being little more than a power-show of the egocentric power-monger hierarchical wealth-class, playing their own personal 'Game of Thrones'; those power-trip games, with the rest of us merely the collateral damage; the masses being nothing more than their audience. After all, you cannot be a lord without subjects to lord over. The rich-powerful live only to serve the rich-powerful, and wealth-hoarding is itself, symptomatic of Spiritual depravity, which is a moral decay that must and will lead to extreme ethical compromises.
These inherited traditions of westernization, summed up in Satan's prized paradigm of social stratification, and possible, only with a global monetary system; all of it has been 'copy-mimic-parroted' by the 'monkey-see-monkey-do' masses (i.e. enculturation drones), which continue to support morbidly corrupted power systems, built from the backs of the masses, via tithes-taxes-cuts.
But wanton these injustices -- most all of them by the attorney-class; the law lords, in concert with their bedfellows the politicians -- will be destroyed, but only upon the return of The King, Messiah Yeshua, and not one day before Him. However, if YHVH decides that earthlings are not worth the effort, we will assuredly implode and become extinct in a blink of geological time; sounds almost prophetic, doesn't it? Just know this: Everything that a person learns does not have to be everything believed: The wise learn much that may not be agreeable, but knowing what others learn, helps to reason with them on eternally relevant matters.

Tithing To Satan! Investors In The End Times!

The christianized are not those who are aware of the end-times; they are in fact, the participants of/in the end-times; they are collaborators with Satan to bring about the end-times. Under the spells of temptation, participation in the car cult, is but one (but one major) outward manifestation (Matt 7:16-20) of the Faithless-Godless-Loveless masses, surrendering unto the will of their lord Satan; drenched in the many and creative temptation products that they swim in continuously.
For these capitalistic consumerist, mammon-serving masses (the christianized most assuredly included), they could not even imagine, not being conquered by the demon hoards that hourly infect their every thought and action; they cannot fathom, not swimming in the pool of Satan's never-ending temptations: They abhor the Disciples prayer of Matt 6:9-13.
Therefore, they have no other option but to rationalize the daily lifestyle of consumerism and debt, as well as other 'monkey-see-monkey-do--copy-mimic-parrot' manifestations of their devout worldliness. They do have one other option: Surrender unconditionally and completely unto the supreme and eternal Lordship of Messiah Yeshua, die to this life -- die to ego, pride, emotion, earthly dreams and pursuits -- and be born again (reborn) as a radically different entity, freed from blind enculturation and mindless followship. They can; they should; but they won't! That's predestination! Judas Iscariot knew that those 30 pieces of silver would ruin him, but he could not say no; well he could, but he did not.
It is sad indeed, and heartbreaking, to be eyewitness to the brutal lifestyles of the money-dependent Satan serving masses that surround me; all the Loveless materialistic consumer drones, living here in the USA (Sodom 2.0). My life is complete to overflowing (John 4:10-14; 7:37-39), but the masses around me, grope in their Spiritual Darkness, trying to keep up with (and compete for) the products of their blind enculturation.
The Satan inspired, know not what they do (Luke 23:33-34): They actually believe they need cars (and literal tons of other things); they are willing daily, to put so many people at risk, just to not walk; just to roll around all over the now-asphalt-surfaced, face of Earth, trying desperately (but clearly failing) to fill the Spiritual voids that is the root cause of their peace-less state of (eternally meaningless) ambitions. This explains why this world is now economic, political, and militant; why there are few makers and so very many takers, and a plethora of meaningless jobs.
The worldly masses, actually believe they must go into debt to live; to make never-enough money to fuel this madness. They look upon all other people as a potential resource; everyone they look upon is calculated and scanned for what they can bring to them monetarily (or sexually). Humans have long ago, forgotten that YHVH provides 100% of all that we need, from the renewable natural world; plants and trees, lakes and streams, provide an abundance to all who labor with their hands (Eph 4:28).
We can obtain all our own organic food sources, and build our own homes, mortgage-free and debt-free, and live a simple and contented life, without the curse of mammon. We, the (infinitesimal & inconspicuous) Elect of YHVH, do not look upon people as a potential sale, or any type of a personal potential resource: We are freed from this bondage. We get all from YHVH. We labor with our hands the good things, leaving behind the unnecessary. Other people can then be, to me, what the truly are; people that my Master died for, and who harbor eternal Souls of incalculable worth.
But the masses have no other choice but to kill the metaphorical messenger, and justify themselves, for example, by thinking or saying that I must be on a computer and the Internet, which all costs money, and that part is true. It is the end-times after all, and, it is the 21st (and last) Century, and so things will not be anything like it was, for the bulk of human-time. I live in Sodom 2.0, where money is god, and the barometer of all things; where the monetization of everything sacred, including people, cannot happen fast enough. I live the life I'd like to see in the world, but I am only one. And 99.75% of the rest of humanity are drones of their enculturation; hence, the global car cult, plus mass consumerism and materialism.

Prophetic Climate Change Denial: The Noah Paradox!

Twisted logic sounds something like this inside the minds of madness (the self-justification loops, which become more pronounced in schizophrenics):
If climate change is really human-induced, that means that I am personally and economically responsible for this, as a purchaser of fossil fuel products that I personally burn into the atmosphere, to avoid walking. I know that my lifestyle actions pollute the air, which my family and all other life on Earth, needs; but hey, everyone else is doing it, right? Therefore, I choose not to believe that my actions affect the local or global climate; that my commitment to my daily (antiChrist) lifestyle, does no harm, because that would make me feel guilty, and that's a negative; after all, I'm a good religious person, right? Right! Therefore, climate change is a hoax; or, it's naturally occurring and god is in control. It has to be anything but my personal responsibility!
But these end-times -- most notably the Anthropocene -- was all seen by ancient prophets, who had visions of our time, even though they had no way (at the time) to describe it accurately, based upon their ancient and simple experiences. But just as these prophecies were expounded upon by Messiah (Luke 17:20-25,26-29,30-33), the end-times cannot be complete without the masses denying (till the end) that we humans are doing anything wrong; that anything bad is coming: 'The Sodom Paradox!'
The bulk of the human race declared war on the planet and the One who created it for us. The bold defiance against YHVH by the car culture is both profound and haunting, especially the stark oblivion to the defiance itself. A thousand generations of humans, lived the bulk of their waking lives, dedicated to bringing down Earth, and all that it represents, and as fast as it is possible to do. Now of course, the car cult has become the single greatest lifestyle choice that ever existed in the human race, wherein one person over a lifetime, can cause as much devastation as anyone could in past generations. Earth itself, has become a giant tumor in the solar system, standing as evidence to this onslaught.
In fact, the entire human race globally, was not as destructive to Earth, as will one westernized modern family with a big home and two cars in the driveway: You people do more damage per day than most humans did per lifetime, prior to the IR. Fascinating! Horrifying! But the planetary cataclysms and apocalyptic events could not happen without these very people, numbering in the billions, to be here, living as they do, and continuing to do so via denial until the end. The very end times will be brought about, by the westernized-monetized-christianized-industrialized people, who will live-die, without so much as a conceptualization of Messiah Yeshua (Christ-crucified).
I envision YHVH will one day transport other beings from other parts of the universe, here to our solar system, to marvel as they look upon Earth. Not subject to time, they will get to see the majesty of Earth from the time just before the first humans, all the way through the Last Century of the human infestation, to see the stark and grievous contrast, between what YHVH had originally created and intended, and then what happens when demon-driven billions of sentient, volition super-powered beings, are allowed the time and freedom to kill, to steal, and to destroy (John 10:10); thus revealing the mercy behind why YHVH placed the eternal Souls of these masses into the Abyss; the extreme outer darkness of empty space.

Replacing Animal Kingdom With Car Kingdom!

The Godless human masses literally invest their lifetime on Earth, dedicated to the wanton destruction of their only home in the solar system, hurriedly paving the surface of Earth, and creating mayhem globally. Already, they have destroyed most of the animal kingdom to make way for the now-massive car culture, complete with parking lots where trees and animals of all sorts, as well as the sum natural world, once thrived naturally for countless millennia; and roadways that now scar the planet have cut-off natural migrations. The environmental impact of roads is well documented, and concrete is a massive CO2 emitter.
Roadkill in the US alone is a million daily! That's right, daily. (See also: One could extrapolate that number to a global level, given that the US is only 4.27% of the total world population and only 6% of global landmass. Needless to say, by their action/inaction, or lifestyle choices, the car cultists demonstrate a deep abhorrence for animals, just as they do an open indifference for all life in general.
But the open denial and the self-justifications and rationalizations for such blind followship, is exactly why they are eternally doomed. They cannot repent and stop, and so they justify themselves (Luke 16:13-15). There are people who own cars and who actually think they are good or caring or Loving people, even though there's little more one could do, to demonstrate their indifference (or Lovelessness) so conclusively, here in modern times. To be a willing participant in the single greatest war and bloodbath ever perpetrated by the human species: the car cult, and then see ones self as anything but evil, explains why Broadway is wide and Narrow Way is so narrow!
Indeed the Faithless-Godless-Loveless human masses -- the westernized-monetized-christianized-industrialized; the 'Xians of Religianity' -- long ago declared war on YHVH and the natural world that YHVH created. And every following generation says: Hell yes, let's keep tearing it up! We are now on a human-centric planet, redesigned for humans only. Even National Parks have become little more than giant Zoos, looked upon by children as some foreign or forgotten ancient world that should be kept isolated; animals admired but caged or fenced to keep them separated from the ever-expanding Godless human infestation that has cursed this planet of YHVH.
Thankfully for us (infinitesimal few) faithful stewards of all YHVH creations, there are many more virgin planets to serve out our eternality in the service of our only King, Lord and Master. Earth will be rendered uninhabitable for the lifeforms, YHVH created from it and for it; however, its existence as a dead planet in the universe, will be a living testimony of how Satan and evil beings (corporeal and incorporeal) can destroy entire worlds: Earth may not be the first such planetary casualty.
(Matt 8:19-20; Luke 9:57-58): Like my Master, I lived free (unhoused) for a time, utilizing urban area homeless shelters in the dead of winter, and otherwise sleeping outside; camping and walking miles into an urban area to coffee shops early in the mornings to warm up, and to get online with my old laptop to write for my Master. But then I got too old for living without shelter in winter. Besides, it was a trial to live among Godless people who look down upon those Messiah Yeshua actually sought out.
Furthermore, it is illegal, not to bow to the commandments of lord Mammon, as written by Satan's attorney-class, here in the capitalist plutocracy of the end-times. But I wanted to try to live without any money, and I never begged or borrowed or took money from anyone. It is illegal to homestead in the capitalist plutocracy; illegal to grow food on this planet that's owned only by YHVH, without first giving money to the sedentary hands-out taker parasites among us.
The last truly free humans on North America were the Natives (the Americans), prior to their Holocaust at the hands of the antiChrist Europeans, roaming Earth seeking whom they may devour (1Pe 5:8), as they set out to monetize the entire planet, and they are still on that warpath, with a bible in one hand and a gun in the other, and driven passionately by satanic pride-ego-emotion.
The Faithless-Godless-Loveless human masses, despise Adonai our Elohim, and so they live antiChrist lives and lifestyles, one of which is to lay a monetary claim to land, even though (in fact) no man owns this earth we're on 🎧. But this is how men play gods on Earth, and why they are eternally doomed, but being utterly conquered by pride-ego-emotion, they will not know that they are eternally doomed during this life. Spiritual blindness means an oblivion to self, with the superpower of volition to justify it all away, because there is far too much pride to swallow, for YHVH to ever draw men even near the Messianic Cross, much less under it.
Owning a car and/or partaking in the car-cult, is by itself, a brazen act of indifference unto all life on Earth. The single greatest short and long-term health risk to your progeny, is the overwhelming car-cult that is also a major player in the end-times and its ultimate destruction of life on Earth. Air pollution is now the world's largest single environmental health risk! But there is really only two options in this life; justify the lifestyle you are already dedicated to living, or, surrender unconditionally unto the supreme and eternal Lordship of Messiah Yeshua, and die completely to the self that currently reigns over you.

Armageddon: Financed At The Pump!

The car-culture is really the car-cult: It fits this description best. People knowingly and willingly put self and others in extreme danger by hurdling down paved roads inside of a ton of metal and glass, at speeds the human body (the Temple of YHVH) was not created to experience; hence, the millions of deaths by blunt force trauma. When the Godless-religious suffer or die in this way, they always try to extrapolate some deeper or Spiritual meaning from it, due to the emotional suffering of such losses. But if there's a Spiritual lesson here, it is to not partake in such brazen sin-acts to begin with.
Like the (now known) dangers of tobacco consumption, all Love-driven people are also fully (and fearfully) aware that motor vehicle injuries are a leading cause of death among children in the USA; that cars are the biggest source of air pollution; that the oil wars will be key to Armageddon, and to enable it all (at the pump), makes one a collaborator; guilty by association, and thus righteously judged accordingly.
Anyone knowing these facts (and more), would have to be indifferent (or Loveless), even to contemplate placing a child in a motor vehicle; even to own one or associate self with the car-cult. But this is the central theme here; without light -- the Spiritual enlightenment of the Indwelling Holy Spirit -- the bulk of humanity live in Spiritual Darkness (churched or not), and thus, they cannot see what's being communicated. Anyone can read and comprehend these words, but only YHVH can change the heart-mind-Soul, which in turn, always radically changes lifestyles.
It is analogous to describing a mountain-scape to one who has seen nothing but blackness (those born eye-blind); they can understand the words but they will never actually see it: Blind enculturation will determine the eternal fate of the masses. Even reading these words; I'm sure that all of this seems alien to the bulk of humanity (1Pe 2:9-12; 2Co 6:14-18); even unto the churched (the Godless-religious; the counterfeits). The local churches are nothing more than justification-stations; the adherents pull in weekly to fill up on validation for the antiChrist lifestyle that they, and their church professionals, all share in.
Apart from unconditional surrender unto the supreme and eternal Lordship of Messiah Yeshua -- a subsequent death to this life, followed by a metaphorical defibrillation back to Life by the Indwelling Holy Spirit -- the Spiritually blind have no other choice, but to follow those in front of them (Matt 15:13-14; Luke 6:39-42); they live 'monkey-see-monkey-do--copy-mimic-parrot' and 'us-against-them' lives and mentalities and lifestyles, remaining oblivious or indifferent to how that impacts others.
The ideals of Love neighbor as self; to Love your enemies like you do your own children; these are not only impossible for them to do, it is improbable for them to even comprehend YHVH Love: Even among the churched; the westernized-monetized-christianized-industrialized 'Xians of Religianity.'
Love is the great mystery. For the bulk of humanity, they live in darkness continuously. It is that state of 'out-of-sight-out-of-mind' that shapes and drives the Spiritually blinded masses. Therefore, if they do not see suffering, they cannot empathize with it; if they do not personally suffer a loss, they cannot (do not) relate to others who do. They live in the shoebox of blind enculturation: There, life is only what they see and experience. It is not their kids suffering from the consequences of the car cult, and so they will continue in it, unabated.
Even parents who have lost children to the car cult, will continue in it themselves: A typical sign of any cult is gullibility to surrounding influences; to justify actions no matter how obvious, how devastating, or how harmful they present. All cultists are convinced that the cult they are in, is not a cult at all, but is a good and righteous thing, and it's everyone else that cannot see it.

Machine Of Empowerment!

The bulk of humanity thrives (in primal mode) on competitivism, adversarialism, territorialism, capitalization, dominion, and self-superiority; hence the class systems, the bigotry, patriotism, war, and indeed, any and all manifestations of neighbor-hating 'us-against-them-ism' that perpetuates the victim-class, and thus justifies all evil in the minds of men. They must believe that they are superior to all others; that they're the good guys and those others are the bad guys, but then mask that reality in superficial socialization ideals (patriotism for one).
Almost everything that humans have done, or are doing on Earth, is but a compilation of utter Godlessness (which is Lovelessness). The incurable insanity of the global car-cult (and the money-dependent in general) is only one manifestation among hundreds, supporting this end-time fact. Cars make people feel empowered; important; superior; entitled; egotistic; car commercials overwhelmingly display this reality.
People actually gain a self-identity from these purchased machines, even contending over which one is superior to the next. As horrifyingly pathetic as all this competition is to me -- and to anyone who is even in the same galaxy as the 'Christ-Cross' -- for the 'bipedal hominid' masses, it is all they know or experience: 'monkey-see-monkey-do--copy-mimic-parrot' and 'us-against-them', indeed. Horrifying to me; normal to them; fate worse than death for me; they'll get up tomorrow and obliviously repeat. Again, the (infinitesimal & inconspicuous) Elect of YHVH, live entirely different existences on Earth.

Tailpipes: Personal Smokestacks Of The Toxic People!

As a non-participant in the car-cult myself, I experience how dangerous it is to share spacetime, surrounded by the Godless masses, who exist utterly indifferent to how their actions put others in harm or danger (a primary manifestation of the Loveless). The most dangerous situations in my life were not waking through bad neighborhoods; it was crossing roads (or even in parking lots no less); it's when I'm around the car-cultists, who are among the most dangerous beings on Earth: The car-cultists kill or debilitate more people yearly, than all acts of terrorism and war combined, has globally: And their self-justifications more horrifying than the militants and terrorists.
The dangers increase exponentially (esp. for children and the elderly) with the airborne particles created near roadways from brake-pads, rust, and a host of other ways that cars deteriorate and expel onto the paved road systems (e.g. leaking fluids such as oils, grease, antifreeze and gas, washed into fresh water systems). All that dust is airborne when cars fly by, creating a concentrated zone of PM (or particulate matter). This is not even calculating (and in stunning numbers) the atmospheric gases that are harming all life on this YHVH created and owned planet.
Owning and using a car is a routine demonstration unto YHVH that you openly and daily do not care if this action (participation in the car-cult) might very well result in the death of another person: 'Because, by the gods, I've got shopping to do; mama needs new shoes!' In other words, it is your witness unto YHVH (and the infinitesimal Elect) of your indifference (or Loveless state) and the subsequent self-serving lifestyle.
This is what this life is all about; it is for YHVH to watch and record what you do, and that collected data will be used, both for and against you on Judgment Day. Can you be trusted on a virgin planet for a trillion years? That will be determined by the time/life you demonstrated here, and not by any religious works such as church attendance or the productions therein, and certainly not be self-beliefs, which are always distortions of one's true self: We are what we do, and no more! Or, the parable of the talents.

Ego Of Car!

A car is just an inanimate object; in itself, it's just another human-made machine; parked, it is just a thing, like a nuke in a silo. However, for most it is also an idol; it is an extension of their very identity; a source of personal empowerment. Cars make people feel bold; brave; superior; invincible; and the carnal mind loves those feelings, which Satan loves to masturbate.
But this is exactly how benign, sin always seems, to the unrepentant. Once the pride-filled individual decides they are going to do a thing (in this example; participate in the car-cult), the brain automatically and instantly produces an array of thought packages; self-justifications, rationalizations, and explanations, which serve to justify the act or lifestyle. That very mentality is a sign and symptom of demonic influence; the main cause of cognitive dissonance.
Conversely, the few, the humbled, the redeemed; we carefully and prayerfully consider each and every action and lifestyle choice, holding everything (without exception) against the weight of scripture. This does not mean that one is to read the bible seeking words that say: 'Thou shalt not drive cars!' In fact, it is a misnomer that scripture was written like that at all; as a Law book. There are hundreds of reasons why the bulk of humanity will not be resurrected, and almost none of them are listed quite so perspicuously.
In fact, there is only one Law for the Elect of YHVH: The Royal Law (James 2:5-10) and all of Matthew five, six & seven. Once you become Love, your lifestyle will be a mirror of Messiah, not of your enculturation; you will have the mind of Messiah (1Co 2:1-6,7-11,12-16), not any of the self-justifications of men (Luke 16:13-15).
Without the Indwelling Holy Spirit, a person exists in a Loveless state, and not only are they Loveless, without 'Messiah-in-you' a person cannot fathom what Love even is! YHVH is Love and Satan is pride: yet, Loveless people say the words 'I love you' to others often: Why? Emotions! Because they have them. But Love is a verb; therefore, not an emotion. What harm is there in saying it? Because it is a mockery of YHVH, and doing so will only serve to further cement and secure your eternal doom.
The culturally christianized 'Xians of Religianity' will unwittingly pray to their 'god-of-this-world' (2Co 4:1-5) to protect them as they embark in their death-trap on wheels; conversely, the Spiritually transformed, Kingdom-living, daily-dying, Saved person, never gets into the thing to begin with. It is a mockery to play weekend Christian while living an antiChrist lifestyle daily: Indeed, it is evil, thus explaining the reactive panic (Matt 7:21-23).
But the Faithless-Godless-Loveless are oblivious to what the Saved person sees plainly. The Godless live exactly like the culture tells them to live; conversely, the Saved person lives a 'Messiah-centric' life and lifestyle, considering nothing whatsoever that everyone else is doing. The Saved look to the Cross; the rest to the culture. The barometer of the westernized-monetized-christianized-industrialized, is the world itself, and the mammon lord they serve devoutly; whatever is acceptable in the larger society is replicated by the christianized with ease.
What separates the (infinitesimal & inconspicuous) Elect of YHVH, from the sheer bulk of humanity, is rather simple to comprehend, but nearly impossible to accept, and then live by. The Elect of YHVH live purpose-driven lifestyles (lives), and that manifests primarily in our dedication to Love-centric ways of thinking and living: We put others before self (Matt 5:43-48; 22:35-40; Rom 13:8-10); we steward Earth as a creation of our Lord; we live separated from the worldly ways, especially the ways and paradigms of the monetizers.
In that process (within the lifestyle of Love), we daily study life itself, and then dedicate our very existence to living as safely and as simply as it is possible for us. The entire car-culture is an abject failure, and on so many levels that one would have to literally be indifferent (or Loveless) to continue to participate in it. But that's just how self-justification works; it is an intentional blindness to self; it is to ignore or to rationalize away, this message and any others like it. This is why people deny climate change, because they're going to continue to live as they have been, with no intentions of changing for anyone. And those who suffer are not their problem.

Real Estate Of Car!

More cars means more paved surfaces to accommodate them, moving or parked; more gas to power them; way too much natural resources to build them, to begin with (and again and again, what, forever?): And more pollution will equate to an increase in related health issues, especially when coupled with urban heat traps, which are mostly caused by the car-cult. People are small compared to cars; vehicles take up a lot of space, and having millions of cars all about, creates spatial problems too. If I could have 10% of the real estate dedicated to the car-cult, I could end homelessness globally inside a month, and for the rest of this century.
Humans have already destroyed (too many) millions of acres, in that dogged pursuit of monetizing all of Earth; everything in it or on it, for ever-more money: Coal, oil, ore, steel and precious metals, you name it; it's a long list. The car-cult alone, has been more devastating (in the long run) to Earth, than every construct built upon Earth since the beginning (excluding power plants and its grid). And all this, just to not walk: Fascinating! Terrifying!
But the effects of the car on societies is far too obvious to logically debate any longer; the harmful effects of vehicle exhaust are conclusive; diabesity only one of many health signals of the antiChrist lifestyle dedicated, car-cultists.
Car owner-operators are far worse than devout tobacco smokers are about the carcinogenic air pollution they create around them. They are too lazy to walk (or bike), and too self-superior to utilize public transportation, as well as being emotionally (psychologically) addicted to cars; therefore, they use the same psychological justification products and models, as do the suckling tobacco smokers. They make it dangerous to cycle and walk in urban areas
Their life would likewise, have to reach terminal, before they'd even question their action-lifestyle's (the main marker of being pride-conquered); the history of tobacco itself the evidence. There are only two things that motivate all human action and inaction: Love and Law! It took a century for everyone to finally accept the dangers of tobacco smoking, and yet the prevalence of tobacco consumption is still nearly a billion people. All the tobacco incinerated on Earth forever, will not equal what the global car cult produces daily.

Living Within The Carcinogen Zones Of The Car Cultists!

For the (infinitesimal & inconspicuous) Elect of YHVH, we honor the temple of YHVH, as well as the planet of YHVH; however, we also must live on a planet virtually overrun by Satan's human masses. The same self-self-justifications going through your mind right now, as a person already dedicated to the car-culture your entire life; that is the exact same mentality that goes through the minds of the billionaires that profit from the slow death of Earth (past, present, and future), and that is why we are effectively doomed as a species; at least at the numbers (of people) and to the lifestyle we are all currently enculturated by (within the 19th & 20th Century's now spilling over into the 21st).
Without the mind of Messiah (1Co 2:1-6,7-11,12-16), all human brains will remain much the same; education and experience adding only small amounts of data that will hold no eternal uses: All that people learn during this life will be useless beyond this planet and this life. Today's society operates inside of very, small-by-comparison, paradigm; one example among many dozens is the male centric society: the very concept of leadership centers on this small-thinking model. Proposing an entirely different structure will cause everyone (99.75%+) still trapped in the mentality-box, to claim that it will not work, because everyone is already too set in their ways to accept or even understand the change.
Very few humans can even imagine life on Earth without governments or leadership or authority; a life without people having power over other humans. Obviously, the Kingdom of Heaven will be void of any such form of hierarchy, or gender, or power, or ethnicity, or money, or economics, or politics, or elitism, or class (etc). The only way for that to be possible if for you to prove you have consciously understood that, and have changed how you live (here & now) as an empirical reflection of that Spiritual enlightenment. Obviously therefore, those of the dominion, cannot and will not be allowed in the Kingdom of Heaven; will not be resurrected, regardless of the level of their religious consumerism or self beliefs.
Humans need structures to live in: shelter from the elements and from predation. But as History teaches us, we do not need cars, and humans never should have made processed hydrocarbons, mostly gasoline, available to the general public: That was a major mistake, and scientists now spend life-long careers, measuring the consequences of that mistake. Human impact on the environment is overwhelming; the empirical evidence too voluminous to debate; the psychology of modernity too obvious to deny or ignore.
Once exposed to the truth (which I'm open to, always), I quickly gave up my car (in 2005) and have not personally purchased any hydrocarbons since. Was blind but now I see! I live in an all-electric residence with a monthly electric bill averaging $30: I buy renewable energy credits as well. If the lords of land I rent from allowed it, I'd go all solar/wind.
But acceptable risk is the only tune that reruns through the brains of those, needing to justify and rationalize and validate the slaughter and mayhem, represented in the greater car-cult. Repentance is just a word for the bulk of the churched; it is not the defining moment of their eternality.

Ye Cannot 'Follow Jesus' In A Car!

Designing a self-powered tiny-house for a lakefront, I currently live in a modest urban apartment. I walk or bike everywhere, and PT for long-range travel. No death by car for me, nor will I ever be responsible for disabling or killing you or your kids with my car (Matt 5:13-16). Roadways have become the killing fields for multitudes, both in auto accidents, and in the health effects imposed upon everyone. The car cultists like to choke and gag the disciples of Messiah Yeshua, daily, with their tailpipe emissions, as they carelessly speed by us on the pathways of Earth.
Road rage (itself) is just the evidence of how much Loveless ego-pride-emotion is found lurking within the metal rolling boxes of the car cultists. They thrive on conquest, territorialism, adversarialism, and dominion. Their ego is stroked when behind the wheel of this powerful machine. And road rage is scary to read about, but understood in the wake of the bitter anger and resentment that oozes from the car cultists. Participating in the car cult is a clear sign of indifference, or Lovelessness, which in turn, expresses itself in the hunger-lust for domination, control and rule.
Rather than simply giving up the auto addiction; instead, acceptable risk will likely be the mindset, at this juncture, for the bulk of the blindly enculturated masses (Luke 16:13-15). Justification says: 'Well, you take buses and trains, and they use gas. We cannot return to the stone age!' But such parroted rhetoric will salve the consciousness, but only for a season. Self-justification is a wall that cannot be breached: Hence, the certain doom of humans on this planet, and explains why the bulk of humanity are doomed unto the spacial Abyss; the blackness of darkness forever (Jude 1:12-13). They will need that time to finally surrender to these realities, because the pride that assures their eternal doom, will not relent, even in the eternal Abyss of empty space.
Remember that it takes staggering amounts of natural resources, just to construct, and then operate, a large plant that builds (even) all-electric cars: See the environmental impact of mining just for starters. The reason why we are doomed as a species, has little to do with being on or off-grid, which I'm all for, by the way. The electric grid needs to go; abandoned and recycled: 'Mr. President, Tear Down That Grid!' But a radical paradigm-shift in how we exist as humans, will not occur by choice; indeed, it will not occur at all, not on Earth anyway.

Earth: The Car Scared Planet!

In cities, where the bulk of humanity now resides, it cannot (and will not) be magically unplugged from networks or centralized water systems: Study for yourself the archaic ways humans used to urbanize; e.g. the history of water supply and sanitation. But if I had my way I'd end the car-cult, and the massive infrastructure it needs, and return us back to a sustainable way of living, which would be and look more like the Garden of Eden model than the urbanization that now scars this planet owned exclusively by YHVH, but loaned out to humans.
But the Godless and the Godless-religious -- especially the westernized-monetized-christianized-industrialized; the churched -- live in a state of Spiritual blindness, which in turn, blinds them to their own life, lifestyle, and ultimately their eternal fate. They remain blinded followers of the blind; they 'monkey-see-monkey-do--copy-mimic-parrot' those who came before them, or those now surrounding them, without any sightedness; without the ability to see the past, the present and the future, as one thing happening. They indeed, care nothing about becoming a disciple of Messiah Yeshua; in fact they never even think about it. They are (and will remain) 100% worldly, and their love and devotion, to and for the world (1Jo 2:15-17) is brazen and unabashed.
The very planet they/we live on today, is highly offensive to YHVH, and every individual in a deeply personal, intimate, daily-dying relationship with YHVH, already knows this intuitively; intrinsically. But the masses (churched or not) are oblivious to all of this; they have been fully assimilated; they are compliant drones of the economic-monetary and infrastructure systems that existed when they arrived on Earth; all these things are their true lords and gods. Thus, they blindly accept the horrific infrastructure that now scars Earth, as if it is normal, but it is not normal; it is offensive. Satan's normalization of 'death-by-car' is equally horrific.
The very language and word-choices are a symptom and a sign; specifically, a sign of the (end) times! The words and language -- 'developed nations' or the continuing Americanization of the 'developing world' -- these are word-phrases that describe places that have been fully humanized, urbanized, and denatured. Remember that the Americas (and Australia) were the locations that the antiChrists plaguing Europe, were allowed to go to, thus ridding much of the European world of their cultural rejects and undesirables.
But the humans doing all this humanizing and urbanizing, are not the Elect of YHVH; the guilty parties are the sheer masses of all humanity, who are hellbent (and thus destined) to utterly destroy the very creation of YHVH; the artwork of YHVH; to kill off all the animals and plant life of the occupied ecosystem, with what they've unabashedly titled 'development.' But the environmental impact of transport is well-studied and documented. Such development is just stripping the world of its Godly traits, thus fully humanizing it.
Nevertheless, this mentality is a sign (of the end times), and the blindly enculturated masses will live/die oblivious to their involvement; their participation, collaboration and enablement. They believe they are victims; by going with the flow, they show forth their victim mentality, all the way until Judgment Day, believing they had no choice but to comply with worldliness (Matt 7:22-27).
But YHVH will not be mocked; anyone who is merely christianized will remain Godless, and in that Spiritual blindness and darkness, will stumble about in this life, and thus grab a hold of those around them, hence the 'monkey-see-monkey-do--copy-mimic-parrot' lifestyle of cultural and economic assimilation (or blind enculturation). In capitalistic nation-states, money is the compass, barometer and benchmark of virtually all things.

The Same Mind!

But that's the core of the problem: People learn, but only to make mammon; to earn ever-more money, and then, to spend it on things that further degrade Earth (the consumerism addiction). Very few people seek knowledge, only to grow in wisdom; instead, the bulk of humanity seek data that can be monetized; that validates the lifestyle they've already committed themselves to living, in spite of evidence (climate change denial, as one example among dozens). The Education Industry unabashedly peddles itself as a pathway to capitalistic success; it is codependent indeed, and thus, as compromised by the same 'money-as-barometer' paradigm as the rest of the culture it inhabits.
But humans have been trashing Earth, almost since the beginning; that part is not a new phenomenon. When we study Earth from the past to the present, we can see this occurring, both scientifically as well as peppered throughout scripture. The planet itself is already groaning from the human infestation who possess the freedom to live as they please. But we are still here, only because a (very) few individuals learned how dangerous it was to allow the general public to do things their own way: e.g. selling uranium pellets to the public. Open access to hydrocarbons will prove equally catastrophic, in the near future, with overpopulation out of control.
Earth is incapable of supporting 7 billion people, but you might now be thinking: 'But there's that many now!' However, this was/is only possible, because profit-lusting humans learned to exploit deeply buried hydrocarbons, and now most people consume vast pockets of hydrocarbons, which in turn, made it possible to produce food at the levels humans have only recently experienced (See the graph on human population). Wait until earthquakes in divers places (Matt 24:6-8) shift the upper continental layers, and those massive pockets of sludge, now emptied and replaced with water, experience hydrological forces. We call this the end-times.
The Loveless cannot think in terms of sharing planetary resources with others, including future progeny. They view all things with the capitalist mentality, a major fruit of Lovelessness. Instead of acknowledging that all non renewable earth resources are finite and thus, volition to live very carefully to conserve those resources for their grandchildren, the Faithless-Godless-Loveless will see gasoline in its dollar worth; that is, how much it costs them to buy. Everything and everyone is valued only in dollar increments. Satan's gasoline people differ little from the same mind that drove all human atrocities, justified at the time of the act.
If it is cheap, then by all means let's burn it up fast, by say, going around in circles; lets squander it, just to entertain ourselves in the here-&-now: Screw all future inhabitants of Earth! Screw God! I got money, and money means I own whatever I buy with it: I got mine so screw you, future progeny! Not only do they simply not care, they simply cannot care: Faithless-Godless-Loveless, Soulless and empty. These kind cannot and thankfully will not be resurrected and placed in eternal bodies upon yet another planet: Their destructive ways would be multiplied a trillion-fold in the Resurrection.

Squandering Progeny's Access To Earth's Resources!

Fossil fuels would have lasted for many thousands of years, if consumed wisely and sparingly; over much longer periods of time (thousands of centuries), it would not have been damaging to the biosphere or the lungs. However, we will instead consume most of it in a mere 6 or 7 centuries. Fracking and tar sands, themselves, are analogous to that sucking sound made by your straw at the end of your drink: Peak oil. There cannot (and will not) be 7 billion humans on Earth, when the proverbial hydrocarbon tap comes to a (financially viable) end: And that rapid reduction will be a bloodbath unrivaled (at first a culling). We, the Elect of YHVH, call this time the end-times, and we are already in it; that calm before the storm part.
Earth cycles are necessary to grow enough food to begin with; these are already shifting too fast for us ever to recover from it, on a large-scale, or in the long-term: And the construction of 100 billion solar panels and 20 billion all-electric cars (for some fictional sci-fi future) would also be destructive. The Industrial Revolution centered on personal money-making, not planetary stewardship. It was the unlimited conversion of Earth (itself) into dollar increments, which can then be hoarded and lorded by the power-driven, Satan-inspired wealth-mongers; this is the reason for social ecology, which is just YHVH stewardship wrapped in another package.
We are still trying to solve problems from the same mentality that created them to begin with! Huge homes off-grid are still more wasteful (all things considered) than a self-contained tiny-home, or even apartments, on-grid. But ego, not data, is what drives the masses as a species; Satan's trinity is ego-pride-emotion; this creates and maintains narrow-minded nearsightedness. Most people would rather die (and have; and will) than to adopt the lifestyle of simple living; die eternally rather than surrendering during this short life.
This is why these masses of people cannot (and will not) be allowed onto any other planets; why they must remain unresurrected; their incorporeal Soul will be parked in the outer darkness of deep empty space, until the end of time; they will finally have the complete and untethered freedom they so longed for in this life. But it is analogous to why pedophiles cannot work at daycare centers: The pedophile may assure parents that their presence there is no danger to the children; they may be fully convinced of this, themselves; however, knowing they are pedophiles means that we must protect children from them, just in case.
Our Father in Heaven must do the same to protect the children of YHVH (the Elect; the Body): YHVH must/will park those who demonstrate their potential danger to others, in the now, because of our superpower of free-will (volition), which will remain an everlasting ability or power; we are not automatons, now or ever. We were given God-like power, in that we decide our course now, and from it, our fate forever. The very purpose of this life is to demonstrate our faithfulness to follow the teaching of Messiah Yeshua, via our lifestyle choices, now (or not). Your character will be zero different after you die; what/who you become now is what/who you will always be.

There's Only A Few Certain Earthly Solutions!

Abandon grow-or-die economics, especially capitalism and its stepchild, overconsumption; eliminate money or monetary systems all together (they allow wealth-hoarding, class-systems, concentrated power, the monetization of everything and everyone, and so on); reduce the human population slowly down to under 2 billion (and keep it there); abandon the car-cult, and most of the road networks, and return most of the urban blight back to nature; return the planet back to the way it came to us: The Garden of Eden paradigm.
We must increase the wild animal populations globally tenfold; use only elevated mag-lift light-rail for long-distance travel, and Food Energy for walking-hiking-biking, plus horse-n-buggy transport for the mobility impaired. We must criminalize the plethora of myths generated by the money-dependent, money-hungry masses; here's one example among thousands, still widely circulated to justify the many boastful productions of modernity: The life expectancy myth, and why many ancient humans lived long healthy lives.
These myths are promoted and embellished over generations, by the Monetizers, as they clamor to make evermore money in a culture that has become money-desperate and now overpopulated by inhumans; dollar machines that cannot live for the sake of people first, but now can only exist for the almighty dollar: Mammon servants who are terrifyingly impressive in the depth of their devotion to Satan and all his sociocultural productions (Luke 16 summarized).
These acts would take humanity from a certain doom, to a place where we can start hoping for a long-term future as a species. I know-I know; it won't happen: Not even close! Instead, what will happen (and is happening) is the primate masses will continue to overpopulate and over-consume; fights over resources and land will escalate dramatically (James 4:1-4), and the drama addiction that plagues the bulk of humanity, will hunger-lust for war as a solution. What humans now possess for war will be our final undoing. Science will not solve the problem; it was/is the problem.
People will even react to this blog post with self-justifications, rationalizations, and validations, for the lifestyle they currently live, and fully intend to live, here forward (John 3:19-21). It is this very mentality (this emotional juggling) that secures our doom as a species. If you will not radically change how you live, starting now and for the rest of your life, neither will the other 7 billion.
And so you might then think; why bother, right? Hence the certain doom. People can change, but they won't. Most people must change how they live on Earth, but still won't. We can learn truth, but then choose to rationalize it away, blame-shift, remain indifferent, or just ignore it altogether. For us TheoLogical thinkers, this is called Predestination: You can, you should, but you won't; you will know how, and have the freedom to change, but you will justify it away, and continue onward, safe inside the shoebox of your blind enculturation (as opposed to a radical and epochal lifestyle change).

Oil Industry; Auto Industry; Car-Cultists!

This is a 'trinity of destruction'; these three collaborators are one single problem, because obviously, the oil industry cannot sell a drop of oil to those (myself included) who do not participate in the car-culture. Addiction, blind enculturation, and indifference, are a collective pandemic, here in these end times: They are one in the same. Just bringing 1 car into existence is devastating to Earth, which is exponential as you add up all the other components that make the car cult possible.
But the damage to Earth does not stop, just with the people who drive or otherwise enable the car cult (though it is truly, a demand-drives-supply, global economic paradigm). In order to support the car-cult, there must be roads; an infrastructure that mercilessly scars the landscape, costing in ways that few consider; study the effects of roads on biodiversity for starters, and that just scrapes the surface (pardon the pun), because asphalt also requires staggering amounts of raw materials for road building application, plus the energy it takes to make it and then to place it there (which is everywhere).
Earth is symbiotic; that is, the planet itself is based upon what YHVH placed here long ago. Like a spider web, it is a network, and like a web, once you destroy too many strands, it will collapse. The animal kingdom impacts the plant kingdom; one animal type impacts an entire ecosystem; and on and on I could go here: the movie 'Avatar' is a great example.
The interconnectedness and symbiosis of Earth has been radically and now irreversibly altered. The stewardship test of humans on Earth, is a miserable failure, and those who participated knowingly and willing in its destruction (Rev 11:18), cannot and thankfully will not be resurrected and placed upon yet another still-virgin planet of YHVH. The metaphorical many mansions (John 14:1-4) are just other planets, and YHVH has trillions of them, reserved only for the (infinitesimal & inconspicuous) Elect of YHVH.

Pandemic Of Psychopathy!

But the psychology underneath it all, is equally destructive, for humans are masters of self-justification; of validation; of rationalizing away personal actions by redirection; turning the attention to others like big oil. I will believe that you are beginning to care, just a bit, about Earth, after you have abandoned the car-culture and no longer give any money to the sellers of hydrocarbons. Buy local; grow a garden; raise goats; that would be a small but positive start. It can happen, but it won't. The false economy keeps the masses, blindly enculturated drones: 'Sheeple!'
Effects of global warming on oceans expose to us all, just how far and how global, the addiction to cars can affect everyone around the user addicts. As with all addicts, all redirection is just diversion: E.g. the photo's of the smokestacks billowing on the horizon, are used by individuals (psychologically) to minimize the effects of their own car addiction, and its (personal) smokestack tailpipe.
Modernity itself, is but the concluding expression of the (mass) human hatred for the creation, due to the (often hidden) hatred for the Creator, YHVH. The Loveless indifference (or psychopathy) necessary for anyone to continue participating in the car-culture (alone), is stunning to observe, but only for the Elect of YHVH. And even though the science behind the madness is conclusive and massive, the business-as-usual oblivion to it all, was predicted long ago (Luke 17:26-29,30-33). It's not that driving a car will 'send anyone to hell'; it's that those destined unto eternal darkness, merely expose their indifference, via the casual participation in the car-culture: Fruit!
I'm an old man now, so I will likely be spared the tragedy of a certain future that the young will witness and experience; and most certainly what progeny will endure. Therefore, it is my duty to inform; to expose; to say what few others will; to provide revelation as an oracle of Adonai Elohim; a speaker for YHVH, via the inspiration of the Indwelling Holy Spirit, which reigns within. Scripture can only then, be understood for its intentions and to guide consequently, unto The Way.
To be clear, I know it is not possible for me to convince anyone of anything: Only the Indwelling Holy Spirit can enlighten anyone. I simply say/write what the Holy Spirit enlightens within me, knowing in advance that I have no power or authority to change the human mind. But reading (or hearing) and knowing this data will be totally relevant to you on Judgment Day, which will happen for all who reject or ignore or dismiss The Creator; knowing therefore, is an important step when YHVH judges most of humanity. Now, you cannot say to the Judge 'I did not know, or understand.' You do now!
YHVH uses the Elect -- from generation to generation -- for just this purpose and reason (among others, of course); to expose truth to all. The worst part of all this (for the Elect of YHVH) is knowing that billions of people will (in the hellishness of outer darkness) rehearse these very words, and relive their earthly life, millions of times over; hence, the metaphorical weeping and wailing and gnashing (Matt 8:12; 13:40-43,49-51), which was symbolic language representing uninterrupted suffering, such as burn victims once commonly experienced: Hence, the verbal symbolism of fire and brimstone (Matt 22:13-14; 25:29-31).
Hell is actually not a place; hell is an experiential condition; a state that is the utter absence of everything; the vacuum of lifeless, stunningly cold, extreme outer space, or literal darkness, where the Soul-consciousness of the human masses, without form and void of physicality (the unresurrected), will have until the end of time, within the Earth-human experiment of a thousand years, post Advent, to bend the proverbial knee unto the One who created all.
However, such unconditional surrender is far-far easier, while here on Earth, than it will be there, where the evil-driven human masses will join Satan (their true god) and his current trillion-demon army of followers; the fallen YHVH haters from perhaps other, now-destitute planets, which YHVH ran a similar experiment upon, many-many millennia ago.

Trauma Of Indifference & The End Times!

The planet trashers of Earth cannot (and will not) be Resurrected; given a physical body and placed upon another still-virgin planet elsewhere, regardless of how much religion-product they purchase or consume or attend or enable. YHVH will protect the Elect of YHVH, from those who demonstrate their indifference (or Lovelessness) in the here-&-now; indeed, that's what this life is all about; at least, it is to the precious few (humans) with even a small amount of living Faith in the resurrection; in an afterlife (Heb 11:1; Rom 5:1-5; Eph 3:14-19,20-21).
What we do know is that the bulk of humanity ignored the warnings of Noah, until it was too late; so too, will it be in these destined end-times (Matt 24:32-39; Heb 11:6-7; 1Pe 3:15-22). Pride is the eternal doom of the masses, and they will take Earth down with them.
Thankfully for us purposed stewards of all YHVH created, there's plenty of planets to serve out our eternality (Isa 65:17; Rev 21:1-5). The vacuum of empty space, far beyond all star matter, will be the unfortunate destiny for the Souls of the masses on Broadway (Matt 6:22-24; 7:13-15; 22:13; Jude 1:5-7,12-13). We have been warned about the end-times; we know that 2nd Timothy states:
Know this also, that in the last days perilous times shall come. For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, without natural affection, truce breakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good, traitors, heady, high-minded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of Elohim; having a form of Godliness, but denying the power thereof: From such turn away! (2Ti 3:1-5)

More People Die From Cars Than Wars!

Or summarily: People who just do not care about how their lifestyle actions impact other earth-life, even their own progeny; they actually buy them cars too! The bulk of humanity seems, not to be consciously aware of being this way; it is the 'new normal' of the (now end) times; a character trait, exhibited by the masses among all societies, as the end draws near, just like the anecdotal boiling frog.
If everyone else is participating in the car-cult, then it must be approved by YHVH, right? Wrong! Everyone in Sodom was destroyed: Everyone (adults; kids; animals): You left or you died! So too is it for us, only, not a physical departure (we cannot leave the planet) but rather, a separation or disengagement from the Godless world, as much as that is in our power. We are stuck in this world for now, but we must not become a part of it; we must not allow it to shape our mentality nor our lifestyle.
Like the world they consume and promote, the culturally christianized 'Xians of Religianity' will beguile you with temptation; that you can be worldly, so long as you believe in Jesus and attend church services (or some other tangible ritual). This is a dangerous form of Spiritual bondage, from which few escape. Freedom is to see our sin and repent from it; to repent does not mean to feel an emotion, and then continue the lifestyle; repent is to turn away from it; to leave it; to be freed from the blind enculturation that drives the mindless masses, who thus drive, because they are indifferent to it.
The cost of a polluted environment? 1.7 million child deaths a year. Stack on top of that horrifying data, the fact that more people die from the car cult annually on Earth, than all the terrorism deaths over the last century planet-wide.
Put yet another way: More people died from the car-cult between 1970 and 2020, alone, than from virtually all pandemics, globally and throughout all human history, combined. Simply put: One cannot be anywhere near the Cross of Messiah Yeshua (much less be His disciple), and then continue in, collaborate with, or enable, any of this senseless slaughter anymore (Matt 18:7-10). To do so is proof that something great is missing within you; a Soul.

Weapon On Wheels! Coffin On Wheels!

The daily news reports of violence and destruction and death, occurring daily on these roadway war-zones of the money-centric materialist capitalists, still does not impact the hearts of the Godless or the Godless-religious. They must/will continue to justify, rationalize, and validate, the necessity of this war.
Like any terrorist, the car cultists must/will make their Satan inspired, antiChrist lifestyles, not only warranted; not only necessary for life; they will convert this brazen evil fruit, into a righteous act or lifestyle. That is why heroism and the narcissism of its victimship (and its companion, victorship), as social productions, are so promulgated in the West; why human stardom and worship is so pervasive here in these end-times.
Even after watching millions of hours of live news, plus dash-cam videos of the carnage, the Loveless (the indifferent; the psychopath) masses, cannot and will not, be moved by the Holy Spirit, to at least hurt enough in their hearts, to just give up their dangerous addictions.
This is how humans will justify themselves; if they are doing whatever everyone else doing, it must be good; but this is only because they are the ones doing it, and that makes it OK; everything is innocent when you are a participant in it: 'I'm a good person; therefore, all that I do is good! It's those other people, not like me, that are bad!'
We, the (infinitesimal & inconspicuous) Elect of YHVH; the rare few Heaven-bound, Love-conquered, neighbor-serving, future resurrected disciples; we recognize and acknowledge the car culture as a war; as a manifestation of scriptural messages pointing to (and exposing) these end-times: We see the madness of crowds, and the blood-bath on the streets, as a war, and those who participate in it and/or enable it, as collaborators with Satan the god of this world, here in these destined end-times. But we also know that the blindness to it is also a major part of that message.
People justify themselves by pointing the proverbial fingers at others; the 'murderers and rapists' is a current popular, politically parroted stage slogan. Some Muslims even believe they are serving their god; that they are the only righteous-living people on Earth, and will even give up their lives (Jihad) as a witness to their dedication.
And so too, are the car cultists willing to die or kill for their cult lifestyles. It is the exact same mentality; the same justification-juggling (Luke 10:25-29; 16:13-15); for the Godless masses, the deaths and risks are simply the collateral damage of living a volitional lifestyle they must somehow believe is sanctioned by YHVH. It is not!
The Indwelling Holy Spirit convicts all predestined people, away from the car-cult, as well as other dangerous sin-lifestyles; other unabashed demonstrations of indifference toward this planet (and all life upon it), owned exclusively by YHVH. The Spiritually Saved are Love centric, and as such, are remorseful and grieved when learning about a lifestyle choice that so negatively impacts others.
But the Godless and the Godless-religious, they instantly justify their choices: Volition in action! Repentance is not a slogan-word that we merely parrot when caught, it is a verb; it is to see a wrong and then quit it. The unregenerate will justify it away; thus, they will not be resurrected, but will remain incorporeal and cast into outer darkness, far-far from all planets.
Satan and his money-loving, mammon-dependent, demon centric, church-business professionals, continue to promote Godlessness, even participating therein, and then committing the unpardonable sin: To monetize YHVH, live an antiChrist lifestyle, and then justify it all with scripture; this is the supreme mockery (Gal 6:7-8).
But until YHVH convicts a person powerfully enough to elicit (at least) an awareness, no lifestyle changes will occur; no new creation will emerge (2Co 5:17; Rom 6:5-11; Col 3:8-11; Eph 4:20-24), and that is because they are not predestined to surrender unto His (now-&-eternal) Lordship: They are churched; pharisaic; westernized-monetized-christianized-industrialized; the drones of enculturation, and not the metamorphosis of Messiah.

Atrophy Of Muscle & Soul!

The culturally christianized are the prophetic Matthew Seven Christians. There is no Romans Road, only Narrow Way and Broadway (Matt 7:13-14), with the car-cult itself, merely being symptomatic of Spiritual bankruptcy, en masse. The car culture exists only to service the monetizers and the mammon servants of these end-times, who are conquered by consumerism, not Christ. You're an enabler and a collaborator in many or all of Satan's war productions prophesied about concerning these end times. But you have a choice as to how you live out your life on Earth.
But if you even care at all (or want to begin), you will live without a car, that is for sure; it is the proverbial watermelon of all fruits (Matt 7:15-20; Luke 6:43-45), but additionally, you will speak up and be heard, alongside the Love conquered; the (infinitesimal & inconspicuous) Elect of YHVH, as we demonstrate Love in lifestyle, which includes social justice groups such as the American Lung Association's, and dozens others likened to it.
This life is the test to see what character you will develop: will it be one that can be trusted in another, Spiritually Resurrected and indestructible (corporeal) body, and placed upon one or even a multitude of other planets, over the next few trillion years? Or, are you a person who has demonstrated via indifference that you are so dangerous to all corporeal life (while here on Earth for a handful of decades) that Elohim our Adonai, cannot (and will not) resurrect you?
Heaven is not a reward for those who 'trust in Jesus'; that's a religious theological product marketed by the money-serving money-seeking money-dependent mammon servant religionists of carton christianity. We are forever volitional; it is our superpower. Free will, will freely overrule the very will of YHVH, Creator of all (John 3:19-21 vs Matt 7:21-23). You must prove in lifestyle and action/inaction that you can be entrusted with an eternal body, to partake in the (one and only) Resurrection of the Just (Luke 14 | 1Co 15); to be a trustworthy disciple and faithful servant of YHVH, forever and unmonitored, and anywhere in the cosmos.
Money dependents will assuredly justify themselves before other people (Luke 16:13-15); it is when they prostitute or adulterate the scriptures to do so, which takes it from common daily evil, to a raging manifestation of malevolence, in the eyes of YHVH. All the evidence in the world -- found in abundance throughout these inspired writings, by this one oracle of Adonai Elohim -- cannot and will not sway the pride conquered; those churched or not, religious or not, believers or not, educated or not! No, and not even if someone they once knew well, was raised from the dead to also tell them so (Luke 16:19-23,24-26,27-31).

Now I used to think that it was cool, running around on fossil fuel,
until I saw what I was doing, was driving down the road to ruin!*

A Tiny Fraction of Empirical Data:
Effects of the Car on Societies (Wikipedia) ~ Car-free Movement (Wikipedia) ~ Children Suffer Most From Our Fossil Fuel Addiction ( ~ Thousands Killed in California! ~ America's Boulevards of Death ~ Standing on Sacred Ground ~ 50 Million Gallons of Polluted Water Pours Daily From US Mine Sites ~ Two Billion Cars By 2040 ~ Air Pollution Caused 1 Of 5 Deaths In 2018 ~ Air Pollution Linked To Brain Cancer ~ 15 Before-&-After Images That Show How We're Transforming The Planet ~ There's No Such Thing As Truly Pristine Nature Anymore ~ What's Become of the Arctic? ~ The Melting Arctic Is A Real-Time Horror Story: Why Doesn't Anyone Care? ~ Long-Term Exposure to Fine Particles of Traffic Pollution Increases Risk of Heart Disease ~ Both Air & Noise Pollution Increase Cardiovascular Risk ~ Traffic Pollution Not Only Worsens Asthma But May Cause It ~ New Evidence Shows That Air Pollution Causes Alzheimer's & Dementia ~ Air Pollution Raises Risk for Dementia, Even At Safe Levels, Study Shows ~ Polluted Air Might Cause More Than Twice as Many Deaths as Previously Thought ~ Environmental Impacts of Transportation ~ Invisible Killer: Fossil Fuels Caused 8.7 Million Deaths Globally in 2018, Research Finds ~ Where Climate Change Is Threatening The Health of Americans ~ U.S. Crop Harvests Could Suffer with Climate Change ~ Watch the Pacific Northwest Change Before Your Eyes ~ Cold Winters Don't Mean Global Warming Isn't Happening ~ Map Shows Human Footprint Covers Most Of The Earth ~ The Uninhabitable Earth ~ Can We Escape Urban Pollution? ~ Air Pollution Particles in Young Brains Linked to Alzheimer's & Parkinson's ~ There's Now a Mathematical Equation Showing How Fast Humans Are Wrecking Earth ~ How Big Oil Misled The Public Into Believing Plastic Would Be Recycled ~ The Case for Making Low-Tech Dumb Cities Instead of Smart Ones ~ Wildlife Services Killed a Million Native Animals in 2017 ~ Humans Exploiting & Destroying Nature On Unprecedented Scale ~ Short Term Exposure to Low Levels of Air Pollution Linked with Premature Death Among U.S. Seniors ~ WHO Reveals Shocking Figures On Air Pollution Deaths ~ Health Effects Institute ~ National Climate Assessment US ~ Multiple Threats to Child Health from Fossil Fuel Combustion (NCBI) ~ UN Climate Panel Sees A Dire Future ~ 10 Most Toxic Ingredients Used In Coal, Oil & Gas Production ~ The Most Important Scientist You've Never Heard Of ~ Age of Extinction Series ~ How Carcinogenic is Your Car? ~ State of Global Air ~ How SUVs Conquered the World & Ruined the Environment ~ Research on Health Effects, Exposure & Risk from Mobile Source Pollution (EPA) ~ NOVA: Wild Ways ~ 1 Million Species Under Threat of Extinction Because of Humans ~ Human-Made Stuff Outweighs Earth's Biomass ~ Can Civilization Survive What's Coming? ~ The Curse Of White Oil: Electric Vehicles' Dirty Secret ~ Concrete Is A Massive CO2 Emitter ~ Summers Could Become Too Hot For Humans ~ This Is How Human Extinction Could Play Out
This is exactly how and why the end-times will come about!

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