We Are What We Do And No More!

We Are The Sum Of What We Do, Not What We Imagine Of Ourselves!

When I was a young man -- born 1958 in the US Midwest and reared latchkey by a single mother and 2 older sisters (and a baby brother) -- the feminist movement was gaining speed, due in large part to the literal beatings and/or the psychological abuses that wives had endured for generations previously. However, once women had the ability to gain their own money resources, independent of men, the need for marriage relationships (specifically) within mammon serving economic models, was already dwindling.
But for most of human time, all resources were gained by sweat labor. For females holding resources, and living among stronger males who could (and often would) physically overwhelm them; this meant that they needed a male around just to protect them from material losses, or rape or even death. But as time passed, and expanded employment options, coupled with stronger laws against such aggressive behavior, is what fueled the eventual feminist movement, which shaped my mother and sisters, and by osmosis, us boys as well. (p.s: I am egalitarian, not a feminist).
I heard a metaphorical life-lesson that was a telling and chilling reality in my time: 'the beaten wife analogy.' You see a housewife out in public, and each time, she (either) has a black eye, or a broken bone, or some other physical sign of injury. However, when the husband is asked about it, if he did it, he assures everyone that he loves his wife and would never harm her; that her visible injuries are due to her clumsiness. After way too many times, witnessing her injuries, and even though she too, assures everyone that it's her fault, which do you believe? What you hear? Or what you see?

It Is Not What Comes Out Your Mouth; It Is Only What Comes Out Of Your Life!

All women (with very rare exception), will believe that the husband is lying, and must lie, really, knowing that he could go to jail, be criminalized, or lose child custody (if there are kids) if he confessed to the beatings. The wife too, knows of this outcome, and thus for all intents, exposure would end her marriage, at least as it once was. Perhaps the wife comes from a poor family; or is uneducated; or is not able to support herself and offspring: She is in a conundrum and compromises because of it.
Notwithstanding, the moral of the ditty is simple: Do you believe the words? Or the physical signs of the beatings? You see, there are many reasons that people lie outright, or bend truth to fit the narrative they believe is necessary to survive, or, just to get their way in life. But a truth is not a truth, simply because a person says it and believes it; truth has evidence.
We are summarized, not in what we say or think or believe: We are what we do, and no more! Everything else is tainted with delusion, to a lesser or greater degree. Our action, and as importantly, our inaction (e.g. not beating your spouse); that is the sum of truth, and not what we say or even believe is true: Words are mere noise, void of action (1Co 13:1). Talk ain't cheap, it's free! Character shows itself in action, whereas personality is a character mask used to fool others.
It does not even matter if that beaten wife believes that her husband loves her, and that his temper-anger, and all the subsequent acts of violence against her, are the result of his own abusive childhood (or whatever). She too, can justify or rationalize it, all she wants, but in fact, she is a victim of spousal abuse.
Any human male who truly Loves -- and thus Loves his wife (Eph 5:25-30) and everyone else, just as Messiah Yeshua Loves all humanity (John 3:16) -- that man would die on the very day that he thought it acceptable to beat his wife, thus avoiding the first such act of violence against her, or anyone else, to begin with (Matt 18). That is what Love is; that is what Love does! Love is a verb!
Human emotions have no connection whatsoever to Love. But Greco-Western culture has always been in opposition to Messianic culture, explaining the Greeks confusion of (or a complete oblivion to) YHVH Love, which led them to create a list of Greek words for love. But there is just one Love, and to think or say otherwise, is to unwittingly remove the camouflage; to expose the unconsciousness to what Love was and is.
The Satan driven masses (the Faithless-Godless-Loveless), live this life, unabashedly or unknowingly, as an exhibition of their faithlessness, which expresses itself in how invested they become, in this life itself. Satan and the demon hoards, have much to offer those, willing to follow their guidance; their mentality; those who will exchange eternality for a better temporal earthly life.
The Faithless-Godless-Loveless, crave followship and blind enculturation; they enjoy being drones; to 'monkey-see-monkey-do--copy-mimic-parrot' everyone and everything around them. Without the mind of Messiah Yeshua (1Co 2:9-12,13-16), they have very little in the way of original thoughts or critical thinking, and are thus greatly limited by (and to) their enculturation shoebox, and its microsociology.

Money-Power IS Satanism!

Hence, they struggle with a hunger lust for money power, social power, sexual power, control and dominion (Matt 20:25-28; John 8:44); it is even speculated that power causes brain damage. Thus, the primal carnal (primate-level) manifestations of territorialism, and the warmongering bullies, have been terrorizing humanity for centuries, with their never-ending Game of Thrones. Therein, they create lines on maps (as well as within their hearts), and then threaten those 'others' not like them who attempt to cross them. But these are really just excuses to bully others, and all bullying, rage-anger and violence is demonic.
Christianized Colonialism was never only about exploration or freedom: Colonialism was about resource exploitation; Colonialism was about exotic women; Colonialism was about genocide and roughshod murderousness; Colonialism was about (western) empire building; Colonialism was about evangelistic proselytizing; Colonialism was about cultural assimilation. But what Colonialism was never about? Replicating the Love commanded lifestyle of Messiah Yeshua, as His devout servant ambassadors! WWJD indeed!
The Godless and the Godless-religious, are drunk with power and high on pride: Satan anesthetizes his devotees with power hunger, and uses pride-ego-emotion predominantly; and Satan particularly targets the christianized. Life on Earth, therein, centers on self-justification as the centerpiece of ego protection: Pride is the greatest obstacle to wisdom and intellect!
These colonizing militant conqueror types, not only have no Love in them, they will live and die, oblivious to what Love even means, all the while parroting the 'love' words and believing them (1Co 13:1), simply because they have human emotions: But all mammals have complex emotions. There is no connection whatsoever with human emotions, and the Love of YHVH, as exhibited prominently upon the Messianic Cross.
The evidence of Lovelessness exposes itself in a 'comradery of sin'; that is, sin lifestyles acceptable to one group, but not to another. Throughout most recorded history (which was not destroyed), we know that males used the power script of their day, to take women sexually, regardless if a woman desired coitus with him or not: Rape to put it simply! But rape is not always a woman kicking and screaming to avoid the encounter, knowing that if they physically fought back, it would only instill justification for more physical abuse, without stopping the sexual act at all.
This type of male power over women has changed with the times; it used to be brute force alone; then later it was positional, like being royalty; nowadays in 'civilized' societies, most rape is financial in nature, or a combination thereof, such as with rich and/or positioned males who can greatly improve a females career (acting, modeling, etc.), if they willingly put-out! Even not so willingly.
It is still a form of rape, because on an equal playing field, such as (say) a dating venue where everyone there is relatively equal on all levels; economically, socially, politically, business status (etc). In that scenario, would she willingly seek or accept coitus with a particular male? Would she desire him that way, regardless of any features other than his appearance, personality and character? What money power does to the heart of a man (and to women as well) is ultimately devastating to the Soul (Mark 7:18-23).

Whitewashed Tombs: The Euro-American White Christianists!

If you wonder what the obsession is, with White American christianists, needing North America to be an exclusively White person's global sanctuary, you are not alone. We White disciples of Messiah Yeshua also ponder this obsession. But unlike the bulk of the human species, we know full well what it is. To put it simply, it is the fulfillment of prophesy, which is Satan, working through the antiChrists, who are clearly identified here in these prophesied end-times, as the (Catholic; Orthodox; Protestant) COP Cultists!
From the 16th Century unto today, the COP Cultists are predominantly White people of European descent who were/are those who did not follow Messiah Yeshua, but instead created an offshoot of an offshoot of it, which eventually became the sum of what is Christendom, after which, the irreversible sin-evil of Colonialism metastasized globally.
Satan works through people exclusively, for he cannot make or create or move things in the corporeal. And we know by the great temptation lesson of our Master, Messiah Yeshua (Matt 4), the modus operandi of Satan; to offer earthly power and resources and glory. Of course, Satan does not have that power to give as such, and so he places within the hearts of men, a discontentment; an ambition that causes those men to seek out power, in and of this world, in whatever form it takes, at the time and place they live.
The World of predominantly Godless humans, are driven by Satan and his trillion demon army, who work exclusively through humans via temptation. The demon hoards will use the things of this world and the mind-heart of the masses, to do all their bidding. The incorporeal realm, both good and evil, uses humans to create all they do; even YHVH, who, as the Indwelling Holy Spirit, operates within the infinitesimal & inconspicuous Elect of YHVH, to do the work of YHVH on Earth; these writings are one example among many of this.
Over the last century, there has been a growing list of various women's empowerment movements, as well as race or ethnic movements, which were necessary, only because of the antiChrists who exploited bibles & bullets, to justify their unjust, Satan fueled, 'comradery of sin' that degraded until it made pride a virtue and defiance heroic; that is what metastasized globally.

The Ego Beating Of Losing White Male Privilege!

White Male Privilege (WMP) made it onto 20th Century global news platforms. But they are all the ago-old byproducts of Satan's daily ego masturbation; it is pride-ego-emotion, versus the Love-wisdom-humility represented in/by the (infinitesimal & inconspicuous) Elect of YHVH. The very fact of social movements (of any kind or reason) that must fight for full equality of our species, are in and of themselves, shameful to have to exist in the first place. Satan hungers to enslave people, but can only do so by using other humans.
But as modern societies have made things relatively more even for females, the incidences of women having to compromise themselves, at least sexually, to advance in things like acting, modeling, and elite corporate hierarchies, has been greatly diminished, though certainly not eliminated: I call it the Epstein-Weinstein Effect (which some time after publishing, someone made it into a Wiki page; awesome)! It is a (White) man's world indeed. But that too is prophesied to change.
Nevertheless, the many compromises made by any and all humans, for the sake of money, will not end until money economies themselves, come to an end: The curse of mammon economics must die, everywhere and forever. The very idea of money, and its economics, will be accursed in the many realms of the Kingdom of Heaven, and thus will not exist on any other planets with sentient life upon them, anywhere in the sum cosmos, forever. Amen!
But for now, females are still being exploited sexually to survive, like a landlord who takes advantage of a single mother who cannot pay rent, or the unwanted touches from an employer, and so on. Or even by religionists, exploiting the opportunity to translate scripture into English, which are translated only by money privileged and money dependent (mostly) White males, in the service of a human king and coins. The very idea of a king financed bible is sheer anathema to any truly Spiritually Saved person. That is why Bibliolatry is most prevalent among Europeanized White colonists, which metastasized outwardly and globally, infecting virtually everything and thus everyone.
Even prostitution itself (of either gender) is a form of rape (1Ti 5:5-8; Matt 23:14). And so, perhaps it is time to create a new English word that specifically means 'coitus that is not desired but required' or 'obligatory copulation transaction'. Rape is a harsh word and should be limited to physically forced coitus, with the new word employed when seemingly obligatory coitus occurs. But it is money dependency that drives it all (1Ti 6:9-11).

The Sin Evil of The Money Changer Paradigm!

The 'economic family' is what replaced Messianic Koinonia in a monetized economic model such as consumerist capitalism, where the elderly, and other non moneymakers (the unemployable) are becoming irrelevant economic burdens. This very end-time convolution of the Creation plan, is why we experienced our Master's cleansing of the temple. Today, in the complete absence of Love and thus genuine caring, words are necessary to compensate for the lack of action; why the bible is so magnified by those who will otherwise, never live a Messianic lifestyle.
Today, businesses that parrot the slogan, 'we'll treat you like family', are really saying, bring money into my business and patronize us, and then we will treat you like family! It is conditional. All the while, the loitering homeless man has police called on him; those on public assistance should suffer without government handouts; that is, unless it is me hurting during an economic collapse; unless it is a corporate or bank or business bailout, then it is OK! Now, all this may be normalized today, but it is all shameful unto YHVH, and thus by connection, unto (us) the Elect of YHVH as well.
The christianized -- like the World they truly belong to -- attempt to justify away, an assuredly distinct wisdom that the Indwelling Holy Spirit installs within everyone, everywhere and in every time, upon genuine transformation Salvation. All future resurrected Saints of YHVH; the disciples of Messiah Yeshua; we are fully and painfully aware of the sin of money, and the economic systems it created. These economic systems helped shape the political systems, which in turn, shaped the society at large. And all of these will be the very mechanisms of Satan and his trillion demon army to bring about the end-times and its apocalypse of humanity.
The christianized are not any part of the Kingdom of YHVH; not while on Earth, and not in any future paradigm. Christendom does not represent Messiah Yeshua; Christendom is not for or from YHVH our Adonai Elohim. This fact can be seen easily by all who have Spiritual sight, even those not yet in the Kingdom, but are near to it (Mark 12:28-31,32-34), based on an understanding expressed in their lifestyles and words. And while much of Christendom is a den of morality dictators, they themselves lead some of the most morally offensive lives on Earth. But they cannot see it, and according to prophetic sources they will never see it.
The christianized masses have not been radically transformed by the Indwelling Holy Spirit, as a consequence of unconditional surrender unto the supreme and eternal Lordship of Messiah Yeshua, and died utterly to pride-ego-emotion, and all earthly dreams, and have become a completely different individual, in and under the Lordship of Messiah Yeshua. But some are near to the Kingdom of YHVH; some are nibbling around the edges of a (possible) genuine lifestyle of discipleship.
What we disciples of Messiah Yeshua, know all to well about this topic, centers on the fact that christendom itself was the false or fake version of a Messianic discipleship, which leads to a future resurrected state, alongside our King in Kingdom living (via lifestyle), both now and forever. We see in the later written Johannine epistles, how the Koinonia split into two groups (1Jo 2:18-21); those who monetized YHVH for personal gain and became the christianized christianists, the COP Cultists, versus the (infinitesimal & inconspicuous) Elect of YHVH, always on the margins of society everywhere.

Do Unto Others What The Bottom Line Dictates To Do?!

Abuse is surely not limited to men exploiting women sexually. People prostitute themselves, and others, for the sake of money, by willingly participating in the consumer culture and the economy (e.g. the car cult), and Law and politics. Any and all things that humans do that harm others humans, or harm animals, or damage the planet; it is all rooted in, and is of the same form of generic abuse; it is all self-justified exploitation, via the numericizing or digitizing of people (and everything else), by the inhuman monetizers, via mammon economics.
All profiteer economic models are sin-evil. Humans were sentenced to a life of toil and labor; left to live by the sweat of our brows (Gen 3:17-19; 5:29) via the labor curse. But the profiteers defied YHVH (still do); these 'cut-takers-money-makers', created money economies to exploit those who labor in obedience. Then they created economics, and later the shareholder, the stock markets, and any and all such 'hands-in-the-pie' cut-taker roles, which are all evil and sin soaked unto YHVH, but normalized in modernity.
Nevertheless, the sedentary (mostly) white males are, in large part, to blame for this capitalization of the YHVH creation, via colonial expansion, though that once dominant White Privilege demographic is changing as we get ever deeper into the (decades-long) end-times. But this explains empirically why all injustices exist, everywhere and for everyone; even with topics like animal cruelty.
The subsequent 'us-against-them' mentality, is itself, an expression of exploitation, because it pits one group against another, be it gender or race, social or economic, political or national stature: All inequalities are just manifestations of abuse, and thus Satan led: It violates the law of Love. We know this by the facts; if it were fully realized that all women could advance their careers, whatever that was/is, without ever having to have sex with any man, this then, would not even be a topic of conversation.
But all 'us-against-them' expressions of bigotry, are dragged from one generation to another, buy the Satan led masses, who are thus anger filled and bitter against anyone who are, quite simply, not them, or a facsimile of them. There are countless millions of christianized people (again, mostly white males in this context) who covertly or openly oppose Jews, Blacks or Hispanics, or women; again, anyone that is not like them. They operate a Satan led 'comradery of sin' of some form or another: a business; a social platform; a cause. But the root of their bitterness at 'other' is palpable.

Satan Will Oppress; Elohim Will Impress!

Satan and his demon hoards, oppress humans in a similar way to how the Indwelling Holy Spirit will impress upon us; this is called an anointing, Divine inspiration, and so on. The (infinitesimal & inconspicuous) Elect of YHVH does not need physical proof, or even theological proof, of the existence of Adonai our Elohim; there is something (rather, Someone) within us, which gives us a peace that transcends all understanding (John 14:23-27; Phl 4:6-7). We know, as sure as we are here right now, that our Redeemer lives as the Indwelling Holy Spirit functioning within us. We do not need to speak gibberish and call it 'speaking in tongues,' as do the COP Cultists.
The sorcery of the COP Cults is terrifyingly obvious to all the Saints of Elohim, but also, it is sometimes noticed even by the unregenerate who are not foolish simpletons. This is why it is called fictional christianity or cartoon christianity; the ridiculous claims of the supernatural. Even though YHVH created all natural laws, and obviously navigates within them, those among the faithless need some kind of tangible proof that YHVH (or a god) exists; but this is nothing new (Mark 8:11-12; Luke 11:29-30).
Satan and his trillion demon army (via possession or oppression), will embolden the Godless-religious christianized, as well as the Godless who are socioculturally influenced by the christianism of the christianists. We see this by how pride drives them to oppose wise council. For example, during (past & present) pandemics, or within an ecological crisis, the pride driven satanists (churched or not, religious or not) publicly snub their noses at the wise council of those who spend their lives and educations on such relevant topics.
But this attitude (this lifestyle) is usually because of rules (or just ideals) that oppose what they want to do (e.g. the car cult), or, it simply provides them with yet another excuse to flex their -- I'm a White American and so I am superior and thus free to do as I please -- social or economic muscles. But such defiance and rebellion is that fruit-on-the-tree; it is, in and of itself, an exhibition of satanic influences; where pride-ego-emotion reign, but where Love-wisdom-humility are absent.

This Life Is Not Even About This Life!

What separates the Godless and the Godless-religious (the christianized), from the disciples of Messiah Yeshua as the Elect of YHVH, is servitude; it nearly summarizes the word Gospel! Our Master taught us in word and in deed, to be the servant in all situations; to waive our rights and privileges and freedoms, so that we can be that Light unto a society, darkened by predominantly Godless humans (2Th 2; Rom 1; 2Ti 4).
But money economics, or numericizing people, means that some can (and do) have more numbers than others, and therein, be superior to those others with lower {$} numbers. This is why we have the sinister sin-evil called social stratification (Satan's crowning glory), and thus a working class and a wealth-class, who believe based on their higher number score, that they are exempt from manual labor, and entitled to being served by those with lower {$} numbers. In that Godless Loveless world, servants are necessary, and so, a lower class will be maintained by the wealth-class, via the sin-evil of numbers economics, until the return of The King.
The idea of a wealth-class cabal, is no more conspiratorial than human history itself. Our history is predominated with those with money-power, ruling or lording over those without it; it is indeed, the very summary of the human condition. It is also the root of Messianic theology, as we come to acknowledge just how the enemies of the Cross operate, first via the great temptation of our Lord & Master, Messiah Yeshua, as well as other similar examples of earthly power temptations, throughout the written word, and then in our own personal lives.
The most dangerous of positions to be in, is to be a religious or churched person (a believer), still in Spiritual blindness or darkness. Pride and ego, will prevent an acceptance that an individual is Spiritually lost, because the theology of their religion posits that a confession and/or a belief system, is the end-all of actual Spiritual metamorphosis. But that's not the barometer at all; every human from our species has beliefs. Even to confess a belief in something or someone, is in no way at all, the same thing as being radically transformed, and forever altered in a epochal way, by some One!
This is why my Master used the fruit on the tree parable (the open observable evidence paradigm), within the same conversation as the prophesy of the religious lost; the Matthew Seven Christians. They are 'believers' in the psychological sense; however, they are never actually transformed from humans being in our carnal primal natural self on Earth. They merely add a religion-product to their otherwise untransformed life, and the evidence of that exposes itself sooner or later; just await the fruit if it is not first there! No matter how convinced one is of their salvation state, eventually the powerful influences of the World will reassert itself, primarily in their lifestyles.
The church businesses, and the adherents (or those stuck) within them, becomes the only proof of their salvation; that is why the organized religions (churches; synagogues; temples) have always been popular, even when (or after) they are exposed as fraudulent, time and time again. The church businesses are merely talismans, just like the bible itself, which has spawn the popular notions of bible-believing, bible-centered, and so no. They are a sales pitch to draw in the still pride driven, gullible follower types; the lost! Hence, the Matthew Seven Christians.
Money power is exactly what the disciples of Messiah Yeshua, avoid like a plague or pandemic, and even expose as the sinister weapon of the evil one. Therefore, the rich are exclusively, the Spiritually lost; the Faithless-Godless-Loveless. They are the puppet on a string for Satan and his celestial army to pull the proverbial strings thereon, here on Earth, and they enact all evil, exclusively through other humans. All evil on Earth, has always been, and will continue to be, via the hands of humans. The fruit-evidence of this is the mentality of 'us-against-them-ism' and social stratification.

If You Do Not Care About Everybody, You Really Do Not Care About Anybody!

The fruit-light (Matt 5:13-16; 7:17-20; 13:3-9) that is exhibited by the (infinitesimal & inconspicuous) Elect of YHVH, is that of first throwing wide open the doors of exposition and revelation, unto any and all who openly claim any level of connection with the Creator of all, YHVH (1Pe 4:16-19); especially herein, those of christendom, here in these destined end-times. Secondly, we must expose the injustices all around us, perpetrated by the Godless, as well as the Godless-religious, everywhere (Eph 5:6-11,12-17; 2Co 6:14-18).
We who Love, because of YHVH in us, share in (and bask in) the only Love that is: YHVH Love! Humans are incapable of even comprehending YHVH Love, much less becoming YHVH Love: The Indwelling (of the) Holy Spirit is the only way to become Love. Once an individual comprehends Love, the paradigm of friendship changes and universal Love literally overwhelms them. It is an entirely different existence on Earth. We were created to be free, united and equal; anything or anyone that alters that design are of and for the evil one.
All that is in the World created by humans, is corrupted: Earth is Gomorrah 2.0! From colonialism and slavery, to nation-building and map lines, to global natural resources now monetized by a few and held by military force, to the sinister manifestations of politics and economics, the planet-sucking bean-counters now outnumber the producers and builders, by multiple millions to one; this is assuredly unsustainable. What existed from the Garden of Eden timeline, unto these predestined end-times; the human species have been on a rampage against their Creator, via their onslaught against the YHVH creation.
This onslaught extends into how humans see and treat other humans, locally as well as elsewhere on Earth. All map lines are fictional; they are determined more by oceans than by ethos; they are about colonialism these days. But the proof is in slavery and other forms of human exploitation, with the results being, well, the USA! White men conquered Mexico from the Hispanics -- what is now the SW US -- and then their decedents must migrate here to work 'illegally' to harvest the food that 'Americans' are too superior to do; those very Americans live idle, obese, self-superior lifestyles.
When a person is asked what they would do in any situation, people like to fictionalize themselves as doing the right or the noble thing. E.g. What would you do if you won a billion lottery dollars? Now, everyone will list all the materialistic things to buy, but they would also, altruistically list all the good things they would do with that monetary fortune. But it is what we do, with the dollars we have now, which is the true measure of what we would do with more of them: What you did yesterday would be what you will do tomorrow, be it with one dollar or a billion of them (Mark 4 & Luke 16 thru 18).
And the opposite is true; removing the hypothetical from the equation, what you would do inside a sociocultural meltdown, where the money economy dies, politics and its institutions (including a national military and local police forces) collapse, and all you have left is how humans lived and survived before mammon economics defined us as a species. You would have to grow or fish or hunt for every bite of food; you'd have to build all your shelter units and make all your clothes, only with the labors of your own hands and not someone else.
What you would actually do in those conditions; who you would actually be; how you would actually live and interact with other life-forms (human and animal); this is in raw truth, who and what you are, right now, only, that person is (currently) cloaked behind the mask of easy living, brought about by Satan's Mammon Systems, and the colonialist's wage slavery paradigms it/that created, by and for the ultimate benefit of the wealth-class; the numbers hoarders: Beware the Monetizers!

Lifestyle Is An Exhibition Of What Is Truly Believed In Faith!

How people live on Earth, is a staged show of what they truly believe, in spite of what they may think and say. My Master, Messiah Yeshua, offered a metaphor: The tree is known by the fruit it bears! (Matt 7:15-20). In other words, when it is winter and the tree or bush is hibernating, having only sticks to display, it might be easy to trick someone into believing it is another plant altogether. But if you just patiently wait and watch, and ignore the words of those telling you what it is, or is not, the fruit it bears will reveal the truth of what plant it truly is. This is not Judging, it is observing.
For the infinitesimal few on Narrow Way (Matt 7:13-14), we know that this life is only a trial to test us; a stage to bring us into existence; a place to train and prepare us for life-eternal, as the coworkers with/for The Creator, Adonai our Elohim (YHVH). We have true and living faith (Heb 11), and prove that by how we live, now; how we navigate in this life. For the bulk of the human species, they may consume the productions of religion, but that is fruit in and of itself, displaying their disobedience unto The King, who died (in part) to expose the sin of religion.
Earth is ultimately doomed. Only those who live out Faith in lifestyle, will be resurrected into eternal bodies; forged workers useful to Elohim as servants upon the billions other inhabitable planets that span the cosmos. But the vast majority of all accountable adults will not be resurrected (Matt 7:21-23), but cast into the empty vacuum of deep outer space; far-far beyond all star matter and its light: Outer Darkness! This seems unfair while on Earth, but ultimately, it is justice as fairness, at its apex. Why?
Because it is not our memories or our past that define us; it is not our traditions or rituals that define us; it is not our self-beliefs or self-assessments that define us; it is not our heritage or ancestry or ethnicity that define us: No, it is only who we are, what we become, and from there, what we do, that defines us: We are what we do, and no more!
When the Son of Man shall come in His glory, and all the holy angels with Him, then He shall sit upon the throne of His glory. Before Him shall be gathered all nations, and He shall separate them one from another, as a shepherd divides the sheep from the goats. And He shall set the sheep on His right hand, but the goats on the left. Then shall the King say unto them on His right hand: Come, you blessed of My Father, inherit the Kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world. For I was hungry, and you gave Me meat; I was thirsty and you gave Me drink; I was a stranger and you took Me in; naked and you clothed Me; I was sick and you visited Me; I was in prison and you came unto Me! Then shall the righteous answer Him, saying: Lord, when did we see You hungry and fed You? Or thirsty and gave You drink? When did we see You a stranger and took You in? Or naked and clothed You? Or when did we see You sick, or in prison, and came unto You? And the King shall answer and say unto them: Verily I say unto you: Inasmuch as you have done it unto one of the least of these, My brethren, you have done it unto Me! Then shall He say also unto them on the left hand: Depart from Me, you cursed, into everlasting fire, prepared for the devil and his angels! For I was hungry and you gave Me no meat; I was thirsty and you gave Me no drink; I was a stranger and you took Me not in; naked and you clothed Me not; sick, and in prison, and you visited Me not. Then shall they also answer Him, saying: Lord, when did we see You hungry, or athirst, or a stranger, or naked, or sick, or in prison, and did not minister unto You? Then shall He answer them, saying: Verily I say unto you: Inasmuch as you did it not, to one of the least of these, you did it not unto Me! And these shall go away into everlasting punishment, but the righteous into life eternal. (Matt 25:31-46)

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