TLCR | Monk of YHVH


A 7 Minute Read! TLCR!

Once we as individual humans, come to the "gnosis" or deeper knowledge of the Spiritual realm, we begin to see eternal truth, and then we seek it all, come what may. On my particular path, I choose to follow the teachings, doctrines and the lifestyle paradigms of Messiah Yeshua. To clarify upfront, I am not a Christian; I see all organized religion as the same one thing.
To be "born again" is not a pet slogan, or used in the name of an LLC or a division (denomination); that would be anathema! To be born again first requires death; a death to self: That death is primarily to ones pride, ego, and emotion, as they each serve to control and define the self. We must die so Yeshua can live in/through us.
It is no longer I, but Messiah that lives within me. The former me is no more; my freedoms, my rights, wants, expectations, hopes and dreams; they all died, and must. To follow the ways of the world is mortifying to me now. All hail YHVH!
But I am still on this planet, owned exclusively by YHVH, Creator of all; this planet is overwhelmed by those, still absent of a Spiritual metamorphosis; still void of YHVH Love. This short timeline of events that we call humanity, has a purpose that will transcend time and place and space; Earth itself. Those who truly believe this, will live this life accordingly. That is the fruit to look for.
Some of those directives are perspicuous at the service works titled: Car Cult & Temple & Labor, just to name a few. Those not willing to consume these, will not be interested in all the rest. That is fine by me; I have nothing invested in these writings but time; indeed a lifetime, but my time is not mine at all.
It is not my place to decide anything for anyone; I plant the proverbial seeds I am given by Inspiration, and let The Lord do all the rest: I am not involved thereafter. We are all, individually responsible for all we are given. Life may play out randomly, but how we respond to whatever comes our way, is not random.
How do I serve daily under the Messianic Cross? That has been published for decades globally; one only need read. In short; first I learned what my Master did, and then extrapolate that into what I must do, at this time and place in this life. I do not focus on what the masses are doing, and surely do not seek to copy them in any way unless doing so emulates The Lord. But I am also aware that my Master died on the Cross in the hopeful intent of them seeking and coming unto and under the Messianic Cross as well.
As such, it is not my place to judge them, or to tell them how to live, but only to Love them, just as He did and still does. I may not like how or why they live on Earth, but my calling is to mirror the Master, as best as I can. It is the Eschaton; a special timeline in the corporeal course, and so I must adapt to that reality as well. I live (I pray), as Messiah Yeshua would live in this time/place, but within the limited powers I possess. I am in the world but not of it.
Satan is very real, but Satan and the other fallen angels (demons) are not physical beings, and so, whenever we read in Scripture about Satan, we know it is referring to humans doing the handy work of Satan. E.g. Satan comes but to kill, to steal, to destroy, to lie, to deceive, to take, to control, to possess, to dominate, to lord over; indeed, to be the god that Satan so desperately wanted to be! Satan is the god of this world; this species; this epoch or dispensation.
Satans (earthly) Trinity is economics, religion, and politics! Satan uses humans exclusively, and within these Enculturation mediums. Satan uses the religious to imply that the demon hoards are not real, or, have no powers over humans. But they have the most power over humans, and everyone even near the Messianic Cross, cannot avoid this, as it manifests all around us, always: The World!