A Blind Man Cannot Benefit From a Flashlight!

Thy word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path!

(Psa 119:102-105) Dave the songwriter was (by this time) already a man attuned unto the heart of YHVH; already devoted to the Tanakh as more than mere words on a scroll. But words are meaningless if we do not use them, as one would with a lamp on a dark path (Matt 5:13-16). The Tanakh summarily was the illumination of (the future coming) Messiah Yeshua; He was/is the light of the world (John 8:12; 9:1-5). His propitiation made the Indwelling Holy Spirit possible, so that now, all disciples of Messiah Yeshua, everywhere and in every generation, forward of Him, are the light; the proverbial replacement bulb to enlighten an otherwise darkened world; and, there are thousands of us (John 14:12).

Unless or until the Holy Spirit in the world can thoroughly convict the mind-heart-Soul of an individual, even the lamplight (indeed, the Son-light) of scripture, plus us disciples present among them, cannot (and will not) produce any eternal results. Evangelism alone is fruitless (Matt 23:15); everyone had heard about Messiah Yeshua (then later, Jesus Christ) long-long ago. The call to go into all the world, was made by my Master, Messiah Yeshua (Mark 16), at a time when only a few hundred people, out of all humanity, knew He even existed. For the most part, this commission was fulfilled by the apostles (Jude, John, Philip, Andrew, Luke, Simon, Mark, James, Bartholomew, Tom, Peter, Tim, Barnabas, Saul, and so on), and codified with the 4th Century canon of scripture.

A direct disciple of Messiah and dear friend, Judas Iscariot, hugged and kissed my Master (something I long for), and yet in the end, he preferred the mammon (1Jo 2:15-17), betraying Him with the false love act of feigned affection; a kiss on the cheek. People to this day, will air-kiss another, which is a replication of this unparalleled and defiant act of betrayal.

Spiritual Gifts Are Not Proof of Anything Holy!

Most people alive in the modern era, assume that any talk of the Holy Spirit must be of the Pentecostals; however, this newest major edition of/to satan's protestantism's division titled Pentecostal; roughly 140 years young, is almost exclusively practiced by westernized, christianized, americanized religion adherents. No disciples of Messiah has ever participated in any religions of this nature or form; indeed, all Messiah disciples are anti-religious. The closest people to live like the disciples of Messiah Yeshua, on the North American continent, are the Amish (or any non-modernized Anabaptists), as well as some Native American tribes.

Without the Indwelling Holy Spirit, mortal men seek physical or tangible things to justify, validate or confirm a Spiritual world that they are otherwise oblivious to (disconnected from); they remain Spiritually blinded and in darkness; in that darkness, they naturally reach out to grab a hold of some outward or physical thing, in order to feel secure, just like a physically blinded person does as they navigate their optical darkness (Luke 6:39-40).

Disciples of Messiah are mortals; we do not know where each individual is (at what point on the path they are), with respect to their status in the internal workings of our Master. Every calling differs (2Peter). Since we are limited to our corporeality, and to our limited brains, our only sure duty therefore, is to Love, unconditionally and completely; everyone, everywhere, all the time, and without reservation. If you Love the Loveless, they will hate you for it: They must (John 15:12-16, 17-22, 23-27). If you copy the lifestyle of Messiah, the masses will find little to no use for you (2Co 6:14-18). We are not capitalists; we hate money and avoid consumerism; we prefer the unwanted.

The Godless and the Godless-religious; they all look upon other humans as a resource or for some earthly advantage (predation). Conversely, (we) the disciples of Messiah (the Elect of YHVH), care nothing about this world. Thus, we live for completely different reasons and thus, motives. Still, each time I see or hear of an injustice or any senseless act of evil, I too initially want to see justice, not mercy. Then the Indwelling Holy Spirit sparks a memory (John 14:26); that of my Lord hanging desperately on the Cross, looking down at His abusers and murderers, and saying: Father forgive them, for they know not, what they are doing! And Love quickly returns.

Racial bigotry is yet another manifestation of blind enculturation in effect. White christianized (antiChrist) men in US history, owned African black slaves; they actually thought they were superior to these people, simply because of the differences between them; skin color being the outward superficial part, but then, also the differences in education level and enculturation. The rich African cultural diversity, which these antiChrist Xians of Religianity lived and died oblivious to, did not matter to them because they were not building eternal relationships as disciples of Messiah; they were exploiting everything and everyone, for their me-here-now agendas, and justifying it all with scripture, via their christianization enculturation.

We (disciples of Messiah) adopt our Heavenly Father's view and perspective of each individual. We look at the terrorist and the murderer as if they were still just children in their mother's care. Love, and its byproduct compassion and mercy, help us to understand that something went wrong in the course of their lives; that satan and his massive army of deceivers, have twisted their minds into thinking and doing Godless and even heinous things. They have an eternal Soul that verily a Father can Love.

Our duty as disciples of Messiah, is to look upon those who hurt us and others, and attempt to Love them back to our Heavenly Father. With every heinous act we learn about, our heart says to our brains: There go I, but by the mercy and grace of our precious Messiah: He looked upon His abusers with Love and forgiveness, even as they had literally just tortured Him and was in the process of killing Him. Get it yet?

Conversely, the Godless and the Godless-religious, all live in the same blindness and Spiritual darkness as do those others (murderers; terrorists; crucifiers); they see monsters lurking everywhere; the Godless brain swims in paranoia, fear, anger and vengeance, and thus, all thoughts and actions and reactions are all governed by those primal-carnal forces; but they cannot transcend them on their own.

Therefore – and in order to justify the absence of unconditional Love – they must enemize anyone who does anything that opposes them or costs them resources or status. People exploit other people for resources or positions in society, but are often oblivious to the depth of evil present to do such things (again, the Iscariot paradox).

One example among thousands would be a woman who will marry a man of another nation, only so that she can gain citizenship there. The man is seeking a wife; she a green-card. Among the worldly, you cannot expect an attractive woman, to want a plain and common man; not for long anyway. The man is captivated (fooled) by her beauty; he may not understand why such a woman would be interested in him, since no local women pay him any mind, but, the desire for a wife is powerful (Pro 18:22).

Those who Love, do not care about one's social status (or class): But only the Elect of YHVH are empowered with YHVH-Love. Whereas, the bulk of humanity will live and die, utterly oblivious to what Love is or manifests. They live a very superficial existence, and so, other humans are mere resources to monetize; to take from; to exploit in any way possible, such as an attractive woman preying on the hopes of a plain man seeking a wife. Even being in the presence of Love; it is not learned by osmosis.

The Iscariot Paradox!

Judas Iscariot was in daily fellowship with the sum totality of Love: Messiah Yeshua, and yet, lived all his life oblivious to the massive wealth that reality represented; he was in the midst of Love Personified, and traded Him in for a pocket full of coins (analogous to walking away from a trillion dollars, for a penny). In the last hour of Judas’ earthly life, he realized this massive mistake, and the truth of it drove him to suicide. But most humans live/die oblivious to it.

For the 5 seconds on their day of Judgment, freed of the limitations of the human brain, all conscious beings will know the sum of everything; in the preceding seconds, they will also know, on their own, the huge mistake they made, and thus, their destiny into the vacuum of empty space will not come as a complete surprise to them. It will only be the Xians of Religianity who will be shocked by their eternal destiny (Matt 7:13-17, 21-27) on Broadway unto the Abyss.

I do not know all the plans my Master has for me, once I am freed from this corporeal shell, but I can look out deep into space (thanks to telescopes) and see that there are countless quintilian's planets that are presumed empty of sentient intelligent life. Earth is just one: It is expendable. The purpose of this Earth experiment is to witness and record what volition-superpowered intelligent beings will do, with the proverbial cards they are dealt in this life. Like testing kids in play; will they share the ball or toys, or will they dominate them? Or lord them over others?

The Theological Christ Versus the Living Messiah!

The messages of my Master were sweetly simple and yet, He shrouded them in metaphor, which often frustrated His disciples. This was due to the timing of it all (John 16:25-30, 31-33). Sincere men, among all generations since Messiah Yeshua, who ended up the head of a group of people identifying as Christian, often posthumously became the box-title for that group: Jake Ammann was reduced to the box called Amish; Menno Simmons the Mennonites; and so on.

What begins with good intentions, is always taken over by the great tempter, once any of his ingredients (those that satan is the god of) such as money, ego/pride, power (etc.), are allowed into that group. It is that not-from-Love—leaven-in-the-lump, which can taint the next generation; they either disband, or morph into a ministry: YHVH-Monetizers Inc. These dark-side pretenders will capitalize ($) upon the good name of these posthumous founders, like any Godless materialistic exploitative capitalist would do, and, who are actually proud of such an act.

The deprivation that morphed into Christendom, was confronted with yet another addendum; the Johannine epistles. The purpose of it was a warning to all future seekers of ultimate truth. It is ironic, and yet also like my Master, to have preserved the words that lead us to life, while still in the midst of satan's many prostitutions of YHVH: Church-businesses. YHVH used only a small number of true disciples of Messiah, working within these dens of thieves, to keep the word (at least) in a sound enough condition, for the Indwelling Holy Spirit to illuminate truth from it.

The words themselves are not truth at face value (like granite tablets of Law); indeed the value of metaphor and parable was initiated by Messiah precisely to confound the fakes and frauds; to (proverbially) give them enough rope to hang themselves; even those who had power over the written texts of scripture! Every time the word ministries appears (nowadays) that entity is directly from satan. The Elect of YHVH; the Body of Christ; the disciples of Messiah; we are egalitarian and communal, not secular and worldly.

But this does not mean that all people who live egalitarian and/or communal, are Saved. For example, all Saved women dress modestly, but not all modestly dressed women are Saved. No Saved person participates in worldly systems such as the car cult, however, not everyone who avoids such cults, are Saved. The Indwelling Holy Spirit works the same in all who have been called, though we are all at differing stages of personal development, in time. One cannot be conquered by unconditional eternal Love, and then begin or continue to live an evil lifestyle (that would be anything that might harm another).

The single most evil thing in this solar system is money; mans mammon (1Ti 6 all): there will be nothing else for light years around this planet, which will have such an effect on an entire solar system. How is that? Read on! To summarize; for the bulk of human-time; from the very first humans, all the way until we enter the 19th Century, people had very little impact on Earth; we simply were too small, even numbering in the millions. But with those numbers came the popularization of money; a portable way to wealth, without producing anything. It was impossible to build such massive wealth by any former means.

The Johannine epistle warnings were this: Love demonstrated via lifestyle, and also individual personal life-choices, are the one and only evidence of a person's true Spiritual status with Messiah Yeshua. It even hints at the curses of Bibliolatry (and sola Scriptura ista prava), which permeate these end-times. Taking all the John-named texts together, the core of Messiah shines through: He is now the Holy Spirit dwelling within His disciples (Rom 8).

Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world: If any man loves the world, the Love of the Father is not in him. For all that is in the world; the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the Father, but is of the world. And the world passes away, and the lust thereof; but he that does the will of God abides forever! Little children, it is the last time, and as you have heard that Anti-Christ shall come, even now are there many antiChrist's; where by we know that it is the last time! They went out from us, but were not of us; for if they had been of us, they would no doubt have continued with us. But they went out, that they might be made manifest that they were not all of us: But you have unction from the Holy One, and you know all things. I have not written unto you because you do not know the truth, but because you know it, and that no lie is of the truth. (1Jo 2:15-21)

They went out from us, but were not of us: Those who originated from the disciples of Messiah in the First Century, who left their first love, which was/is a lifestyle that imitates Messiah Yeshua; a Love-is-a-verb lifestyle: True Love is unconditional, universal, and eternal. Those unwilling to surrender, but who recognized the profitability of a religion (new or old); these are the people who eventually became the catholics, and from them came the orthodox, and later the protestants, the worse of the bunch (the COP Conglomerate).

In fact, anyone who monetizes YHVH, or who enables such cults; those who use scriptures and refer to themselves as Christs; Christians; Christendom; but, who live antiChrist lives and lifestyles; these are the frauds and the most dangerous humans in existence (all money-dependent people are compromised and dangerous at some level). The Elect of YHVH know all that the Indwelling Holy Spirit, wills that we know, and at any level, revealed to us anytime in time: Eternal wisdom is need-to-know!

Conversely, the pharisaic religionists (of all times and cultures) commit the unpardonable sin of monetizing YHVH; all organized religion-businesses are antiChrist; any money-dependent entity that swaps satan's mammon, represents the evil of all evils. The platter that gets passed among religious adherents in a church with the name of Christ within it; this act is more sinister than the sum of the Third Reich; they did not hold a candle to the depth of evil and depravity represented in the COP Conglomerate.

Messiah Yeshua went into their synagogues (Matt 4:23; 9:35; 10:16-18; Mark 1:37-39; Luke 4:14-16): Note that it is never referred to as His or our or My synagogue: Why? This is a critical nugget; however, as you must come to know; those who are not of us, must therefore, read into the Scriptures, whatever justifies or validates or vindicated the acts and lifestyles of darkness (John 3:18-21) they are already devoted to remaining within, even exploiting Jesus in the process: That is demonic indeed, but the demons do not care, and actually enjoy it.

The math is rather simple to those (Matthew 13) with Spiritual eyes/ears; For all that is in the world; the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the Father, but is of the world. Our Master, Messiah Yeshua, gave us the math; we simply calculate Matthew Seven (Narrow Way that very-very few find) with John Three (that Messiah died for all humanity) versus Seventeen (how the Elect of YHVH live now and forever).

Therefore, what the vast majority of humans are doing and living and thinking; these masses represent those on Broadway; the superhighway directly unto the Abyss; whereas, the Elect of YHVH represent the infinitesimal few on Narrow Way. Do the calculation: If you live like the masses of humans around you; that means that you are the world (1John 2). It means that you have acquiesced to satan's many and multifold temptation products, and, that are you are likely, not only a satan-servant daily, you are actually addicted to temptation itself (e.g. if you stare at a smartphone; partake in the car-cult; etc.). Even if you were forced to live, sort-of Christ-like, for even one day, you would fight and protest until you were allowed back into your antiChrist world and lifestyle. Then you would perhaps go to church and they would tell you that you are OK (cling-cling in the till).

In other words, you are not only a follower of satan, you are actually an earthly servant of satan, and thus an instrument of satanic torment; again, the car cult as just one terrifying manifestation out of thousands, represented herein. In the guilt and condemnation of such an antiChrist lifestyle, humans try to overcompensate for their sinister lifestyles, by attending and enabling the church-businesses that Messiah Yeshua condemned at a higher level than He condemned any sin-act in the human condition.

But humans measure evil and sin, not from scripture so much as how it affects people in the now. These are considered among the worst of humans; a terrorist or a thief; a pedophile or a rapist; a murderer or manslayer; these are the words that the fakers exploit to create a fake bubble of righteousness around themselves. But the law-abiding employed tax-paying religious adherent is looked upon by YHVH as the most sinister of evil beings, not only on Earth, but anywhere; and the reason is as plain as day: They use outward things to justify the divide they self-create to elevate themselves; they like to be superior to others, even moral superiority (Rev 3:13-18, 19-22).

Conversely, disciples of Messiah imitate Him (Matthew 9): We Love the lost; the unwanted; the rejected; the ugly; the homeless; the disenfranchised; the poor; the lowly; the sick and dying; the imprisoned; the outcast; we befriend sinners. We come to understand that people are broken; that we are broken.

For the one per multiple-million who – in true humility and as a dedicated truth-seeker – will surrender unconditionally unto the supreme and eternal Lordship of Messiah Yeshua, die to this life, and are subsequently renewed and redeemed; these Elect few, live an entirely different lifestyle, while on Earth. The subsequent Indwelling Holy Spirit takes us on another path entirely; we are freed of blind enculturation and meaningless followship; we are humbled all the more, by the awesome gift of eternal life awarded us by our only Master, Messiah Yeshua. That enlightenment exposes the true self unto us, and in horror, we abandon any/all signs of self-righteousness, self-centrism, and egocentrism.

It takes genuine and complete humility, to even get near the Cross; once we have truly bowed the knee unto the Lordship of Messiah Yeshua, in such a way that YHVH knows it is real and eternal; only then does the Holy Spirit yoke with our Soul in an eternal marriage-level personal and intimate relationship: The kingdom of YHVH now (Luke 17:20-21), merely transfers into the Kingdom of Heaven eternal. In that intimate state of existence, we would never pray in public (Matt 6:5), like the protestant showmen fakers.

Religion represents the opposite of this supreme humbling state; the religious are proud people. Patriotism is touted by these people, who are oblivious to the depth of evil that patriotism itself represents. But the very presence of the church-businesses are necessary evils, for YHVH will use them mightily, by allowing satan to play with those who enable them; ultimately however, those who are far more interested in knowing YHVH personally, will eventually (and always) flee from them, but only when they have died utterly and completely to self.

Satan will win the numbers game; this is biblical (Matt 7:13-17, 21-27): Precious few there be that find Narrow Way. But YHVH will gain highly qualified servants that have endured the fire, now tempered and strong; proving here on Earth, our ability to steward other still virgin planets that await us. We are well-trained by the Holy Spirit now, so that in life-eternal, we will remain good stewards over everything, which is the property of our King, Lord, and Master, Messiah Yeshua. This life cannot compare to the true riches; eternal life in the Kingdom of Heaven.

He that is faithful in that which is least is faithful also in much, and he that is unjust in the least is unjust also in much. If you therefore, have not been faithful in the unrighteous mammon, who will commit to your trust the true riches? And if you have not been faithful in that which is another man's, who shall give you that which is your own? No servant can serve two masters: For either he will hate the one and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. You cannot serve God and mammon! And the Pharisees also, who were covetous, heard all these things, and they derided Him. But He said unto them: You are they which justify yourselves before men, but God knows your hearts; for that which is highly esteemed among men is abomination in the sight of God!. (Luke 16:10-15)

The bibliolatrous exploit the physical presence of the bible itself, as a tangible thing; a talisman exploited to justify the darkness truly served daily. It is the Pharisees all over again; they take written words, and use them as a list of sins or rules or laws, for which they appoint themselves as judge, jury and executioner, and then proceed to first bark these (now) commandments to violators, which serves first to take the focus from them.

Once the Messiah Scriptures were compiled and canonized (the new testament locked), this gave the Godless-religious power-mongers a religious weapon to beat down others, and eventually in time, to justify all sorts of antiChrist and satanic acts in the name of the Jesus church. This is exactly what the Pharisees did with the Tanakh, and why Messiah Yeshua came at that point in time and place; to expose them for this sin above all sins.

If anyone is led by the Holy Spirit to speak a word of wisdom unto them, but they have already made up their mind about their antiChrist lifestyle, they can appeal to their well-established cut-and-paste theology, to rearrange and collect bible passages, which they can then claim is of god, to justify or rationalize their antiChrist lifestyle (any portion of, or all of it). No amount of prophesy or reason or council can win them: a man convinced against his will, is of the same opinion still.

Outward displays of morality by the Christian Reality Show participants, can be seen in their finger-pointing of others: Pornography (coitus versus mere nudity) will be used in this example (it is not the only example; there's hundreds). They like to condemn others, but in doing so, they expose their own evil roots. They need to create a diversion (a smokescreen), and so, they point to the acts or lifestyles of others, in order to deflect the light of truth away from themselves. And this may work among humans, but YHVH knows our hearts, and, what we do and think in private, away from all human eyes and ears.

Once a person is Redeemed; Transformed; Saved; Heaven-bound: from that epoch forward, they/we realize that everything that happens (or ever will happen) on Earth, was designed and created by YHVH Sovereign, even before time was. There will not be one thought nor one action that will occur within the human race, ever, that YHVH did not make possible and/or bring into existence, even before time was.

To call anyone evil for having sex, or watching sex, or engaging in sex, or to even think of sex itself as evil; this is a mentality (itself) that exposes an internal corruption, far more evil than the most depraved sex acts that has ever occurred since the beginning. Humans judge all things based upon human emotion and/or legal precedence; YHVH does not. And by no stretch of human imagination does the Judicial Industry of the capitalist plutocracy base its legal system on anything even resembling Scripture; in fact it is a corruption, complex and hard to fathom.

Self-righteousness stands among the most indefensible traits possible within the human condition; self-righteousness is the greatest sin possible within the human condition, tenfold that of the entire porn industry. It is verily the act of straining out a gnat but swallowing a camel; the woes of the Pharisees indeed.

The titanic act of propitiation is beyond my comprehension, and I am a devout disciple of Messiah. When I try to imagine my Love and King, dying on that Cross, and doing so for me, and for you, and for Hitler and Zedong and Stalin: I just cannot get that. But I Love Him for doing so, nonetheless: It's all I can do. Once you are His; truly and completely His; never again will you so much as utter a self-righteous rant against the sorrowful states of lost men. Instead, you will mimic your Master and expose the fake religionists; the Pharisaic who pretend to be ambassadors of YHVH, but who are in fact, hypocrites who covertly serve satan for profit and power.

Remember who our glorious Master spend His time with: the sinners! Messiah Yeshua sought out simple men, and opposed the (elitist-type) organized religionist hypocrites operating their den of thieves, as well as the politically minded and motivated. Now of course, I am not an advocate for pornography; I am a monk and a disciple, herein trying to pull others out of the proverbial flames (Jude).

Notwithstanding, I know that being able to video record what people do and are capable of (sexual or otherwise), is something that YHVH has been watching since the beginning. It is surely an invasion of privacy for people to watch sexual acts that others were not meant to see, but it is hardly the most sinister of things humans do. Owning a car is worse than watching strangers copulate, but if you cannot get that then more words cannot (and will not) enlighten you.

During the very first day, when the Indwelling Holy Spirit takes up residence alongside your Soul, the overwhelming light of reality (which comes to all who have bent the proverbial knee unto the One and only King); that sudden horror will make you realize that you are the most sinister human that you will ever come into contact with, cradle to grave. The notion of looking upon anyone else as a speck worse than you, will vanish. You will indeed, unavoidably behold the log in your own eye (Matt 6:22-24; 7:1-5). The very moment you even think about the evil of another, the Spirit will show you yet another act of darkness that you committed, and silence will overwhelm you.

Sin Packets of the Self Righteous!

The entire humanized world (and Earth alone) is predicated upon men protecting the egos of other men. People will actually honor the madness of those who came before them, never once even questioning the madness itself, because they too, wanted to one day partake in the same madness, and then, pass it along to the next generation. The darkness-loving Christianized churched, lust to continue living in Sodom 2.0, wherein they cherry-pick the sins that they do not do, as the topics of condemnation they sling against those who do them: homosexuality; porn; abortion; all the current culture's big-name sins-of-the-day. It is hypocrisy at its best; the First Century Pharisees would surely be proud!

The entire humanized world is a gigantic manifestation and demonstration of utter satanic-level madness, and yet, only the Love-conquered disciples of Messiah can see this. But if anyone wants a visible (clearer) sample of the madness of the human condition; the very nature of the human being, plaguing nearly all humanity forever, just watch all of Game of Thrones. Any warnings? Yep! There's nudity and sex, but far worse than those parts, is the dominion; the pandemic of indifference; the wanton warring and violence, killing and death; the hunger-lust for power and rulership that drives all the rest.

Shame Salvation?

Condemning (shaming; exposing) others outwardly for sin-acts or sin-lifestyles; this is not the calling of the disciples of Messiah; the Elect of YHVH. But the arrogant churched lust to condemnation. Those who operate the sin-naming ministries, expose in themselves, their true Spiritual nature; a sin that is tenfold any other sin that will occur on Earth forever. By labeling sinners, they show forth their true Spiritual status; they are the lost among the lost; the seared; the only people that are 100% certain to be cast into outer darkness. The willful sinners have at least a little chance; think of that poor wretched lowlife thief on the Cross next to Messiah Yeshua, every time your brain so much as goes there.

They are seared (effectively sentenced to the Abyss while they yet live) because they will appeal to the bible as the justification for their righteous indignation. But verily, they will never have that; they are as unrighteous as it is humanly possible. They just hate, and that hate gets redirected by satan and his demons, who work inside these Christianized religionists, to subvert the Gospels. Satan loves to have people claiming to be Christians standing on street-corners or on TV, condemning those that Messiah Yeshua died on the Cross for. These hate-driven religionists, hate people of a different skin color than them (racial bigots), or of homosexuality, which is unsavory (a turnoff) to most heterosexuals.

However, the Elect of YHVH; the disciples of Messiah; we do understand those all-too-human predilections. I am a man who could not (and especially during my sexually active youth) fathom why or how another male could not see the beauty and sex-appeal of females, and not be drawn to them powerfully. I cannot see any sex-appeal in another man. I can tell why people might think of one man as more attractive than another, but I never felt toward any man, like I did toward women (never will). But I did not let that part of me, define my mentality toward homosexuals. What they think or do is between them and their Maker.

However, I do understand why people would be disgusted and emotional with the thought of it all, and want to rebel against it. Of course, the Indwelling Holy Spirit prevents that from happening: We, the Redeemed servants of a Master, Yeshua the Messiah; we Love all that YHVH created, and do not (indeed, cannot) judge their actions through the course of time. But that is just it; the Christianized Godless-religious, do not have the Indwelling Holy Spirit, which installs the unconditional and unidirectional and eternal Love of YHVH. They are churched; destined to the Abyss; individuals that satan exploits to do his earthly bidding.

There will not be one individual in the Kingdom of Heaven, who got there because of the condemnation-guilt-shame applied to them by other humans, who are themselves, hellbent on sin, only of another kind; religious sin; hypocrisy, which is tenfold worse than every other possible sin that will ever occur on Earth forever. All Saved people know this, and tremble in fear when their brain so much as considers exposing a particular sinner. We are not here to do any of that; we are servants of a Master and nothing more: We are not leaders or officials or lords. We serve in and with and from the Love of YHVH, and absolutely nothing else. I am the servant of my Master and Commander; I issue no commandments. I must decrease (John 3:27-30, 31-34).

Ironically, brother Saul said this upfront: Imitate me as I imitate Christ (1Co 11:1). Does that mean that Saul imitated Messiah Yeshua always? No, and in fact, it is saying something completely different than that, and we know this because (among other reasons) Saul exposes how he thought of himself as the chief of all sinners, the least of the apostles, and so on. Saul did not hold himself in high regard. What Saul is saying, is not to imitate him at all, but rather; only when his actions mirror those of the Master, Messiah Yeshua. YHVH used Saul, but Saul was not our example.

We disciples of Messiah, like Saul and others then, are to study the lifestyle of our Messiah; His life; His teachings; His directives; His rules and laws and precepts, and none other, period. If Saul teaches or does anything else (and he surely did), we do not follow those acts or thoughts or directives. Like Saul, we must learn how to listen to, and to obey, the promptings and inspirations of the Indwelling Holy Spirit. We no longer have our precious Messiah on Earth, walking with and dining among us. He replaced His physical Self with His Spiritual Self (John 16): My Master and Comforter.

The protesters many ministries-against-ministries productions, are yet another religious sin-lifestyle, which we can be eyewitnesses to, openly, here in these end-times, especially with the advantage of TV and now the Internet-of-all-things. Now, this particular display takes place most often within the protestant cults. A word I have grown to dislike is the word ministry or ministries: The protestant cults have so prostituted it for their mammon service products that it is tainted beyond any semblance of/to its origins in Scripture.

There are actual ministries (I will not name them), spun by the most embarrassing of all protestant cults, even among other protestants; their retarded stepchild oddly named pentecostal. This cultic religion-business corporation has sets its sights on reaching the Amish for Christ!. Are we deep into the end-times, or what? The Pentecostals are demonic in every possible way; conversely, the Amish are as close to a Messiah-like lifestyle, expressed from any of the popular americanized denominations on Earth.

This of course, explains partly why satan uses these particular (pentecostal) cultists; to smear Amish grace, by merely implying that they are the heroes, sacrificially going into enemy (Amish) territory, armed with the love of Jesus, to rescue these poor backwoods Amish people. Amazing! Horrifying!

The Amish are making the average americanized christianized religionists, look bad; that is a fact exposed by the very lucrative travel industry called Amish Country. The average secularized antiChrist living person, is fascinated by anyone who lives even close to a lifestyle that Messiah Yeshua did, and would be now if He were here. Of course, the cultists are blindly enculturated drones of Americanization, and one of its byproducts; westernized Christendom.

These pentecostal cultists will likely live and die, utterly oblivious to what it would even look like, to be a disciple of Messiah; they are 100% worldly and fully invested therein, and with those very mammon investments, they are trying to damage the image of Messiah, which the Amish as a whole, are trying to simulate while on Earth.

Why do this? Well, aside from the more obvious moves of satan, which we have the advantage of time to look back upon, the real motive is more personal; more egocentric; more emotional. To clarify upfront; the bulk of the human race are doomed to the Abyss; the people who are trapped in the religion-products of satan, from the First Century to the Last Century, cannot see this, and this is why they too, will be cast into outer darkness; parked (as it were) for a million millennia, in empty space; a time-out (if you will) for them to ponder all of this.

The westernized-americanized women involved in this pentecostal cult, cannot stand the idea that Amish men are in charge: I do not agree with that part either. Since they were blindly enculturated (by the Godless world) to believe that women should live like men, they are offended by these Amish women who dress conservatively, rather than the westernized themes of dress to impress (or pride on display); or in the case of women, the freedom to be openly outwardly sexual, and that be accepted by all. It is (of course) the fault of the men in western culture; they should not be attracted sexually to the temptations of women, unless of course, you are the guy they are trying to lure.

Now of course, I'd bet you a house that they will deny this; they must; I would if I were them! And if it is not about dress codes, it is surely about some other secular cultural directive they are trying to impose upon the Amish; likely some other manifestation of their own blind enculturation that the Amish expose by their Christ-likeness, which sets the Pentecostals off against the Amish, inspiring this rescue ministry (and any others likened to it). They will figure all this out, somewhere between their first and ten millionth year in the Abyss; in the meantime however, satan will keep them in their Spiritual darkness until death, via these antiChrist notions of ministry.

They will come to be horrified (and will metaphorically wail and gnash and weep) at the very notion of being yoked with satan, via his money systems, which Messiah Yeshua adamantly spoke against. A person cannot be anywhere near the Cross of Messiah, and then sign legal documents with some of the most sinister of political or judicial entities on Earth forever; the IRS and the 501C3: One must be fully in the grasp of satan to even contemplate such a heinous act of evil.

But the blindly enculturated are Spiritually blind; they will not see anything during this life. They can read this and understand it from an academic viewpoint, however, since they are hell bent on living the way they are told to live in order to be accepted by the masses around them (i.e. enculturation); they remain obsessed with the approval of other humans, and will live/die without a clue, what it would be like to live for Messiah Yeshua alone. They will comply with whatever the greater culture instructs them to do: They are the world (1John) and love it! The Amish may not all be full-on disciples of Messiah Yeshua, but they are a thousand miles closer to the Cross of Messiah, than any Pentecostal ever was, or ever will be.

The Godless and the Godless-religious, all stew in a vat of demons, which fuels the hate generator. For one example (among thousands); they will see someone entering into their self-assigned territory (all primates are territorial), and they are primed to blow; the demons that drive them hourly, will quickly ignite the anger that is always on the surface, hiding just under a thin crust of personality.

These human-created territories can best be seen in property (land, homes, jobs, etc.). Employees of large rental properties who do not even legally own the land that the lord of that land has taken from YHVH, and claim as their own; even these employees will get possessive of that land, as they (too) hunger to lord that resource over those in need of housing. Landlordism is one of those (many) fruits that Messiah Yeshua warned us disciples of; those among us with a god-complex, who live on Earth as if it is their own.

This is that same generic mind or mentality that gives these Godless individuals the self-imposed right to kill humans and animals; to abuse anyone that the human-written laws-rules-directives, grant them permission to do; for many males, the right to claim women as their property, and if not outright ownership, they (in the modern West) think they have permission to be inappropriate with any female, simply because of gender. These same people also believe in property rights, slavery, classism, racial bigotry, and so on; a pattern.

Without the Indwelling Holy Spirit, humans remain, well, hopelessly human; they remain little more than animals; primates if you will (2Peter 2 / Jude).

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