The Blind Cannot Benefit From A Flashlight!

Ruach HaKodesh Versus The Holy Spirit In The World!


Thy word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path! (Psa 119:101-105)

Dave the songwriter was already a man attuned unto the heart of Adonai Elohim; already devoted to the Tanakh as more than mere symbols or letters or words on a scroll. But words are meaningless if we do not use them, as one would with a lamp on a dark path.
The Tanakh summarized was the exposition of the many outward failures to cure the human condition (Luke 17:26-30), followed by the illumination of the future coming cure: Messiah Yeshua as the Propitiation and the Atonement; as the light of the world, as are His disciples, the (infinitesimal and inconspicuous) Elect of YHVH (John 8:12 & 9:1-5 & 14:12).
His propitiation made the Indwelling Holy Spirit possible, so that now, all Messianic disciples, everywhere and in every generation, forward of Him, are the light (Matt 5:14-16); the UriYah; the proverbial "temporary replacement bulb" to enlighten an otherwise Spiritually darkened world.
There are about a half-million such people, mostly individuals, scattered globally. We (as) Messianic disciples, exist primarily to perpetually cast the proverbial light unto those in deep Spiritual Darkness; not personally, but as with scripture, wherein it deals with people-types, rather than calling out individuals. The response to that is always anger, and/or fear, and/or resentment, and/or rejection.
The "Holy Spirit in the world" works among the species, pushing guilt and shame and condemnation, in order to drive the human mammal toward the direction of the Messianic Cross; we are all Loved just that much. However, as we Messianic disciples know painfully well, the bulk of the species will reject it all. Messiah Yeshua warned about what the world will think of those who imitate Him (John 15).
However, the Holy Spirit cannot (does not; will not) yoke with or enter an unwilling vessel; doing so would likely result in their own suicide. Hence, The Iscariot Paradox! Or: The Judas Conundrum! The (metaphorical) seed thrown on the rock, slowly burns into an empty husk in the light of day (John 3:19-21; Matt 13:3-6).

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