The Blind Cannot Benefit From A Flashlight!

Ruach HaKodesh & The Holy Spirit In The World!


Thy word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path! (Psa 119:101–105)

Dave the songwriter was already a man attuned unto the heart of Adonai, Elohim of all creation; he was already devoted to the Tanakh, as more than mere symbols or letters or words on a scroll. But words are meaningless if we do not use them, as one would with a lamp on a dark path.
The Tanakh summarized, was the exposition of the many YHVH employed failures, meant to cure the human condition (Luke 17:26–30). But it was followed by the illumination of/by the future coming cure: Messiah Yeshua as the Propitiation and the Atonement; Yeshua as the light of the world. And as His disciples, we are for our generation, as He was/is for the cosmos, immemorial; we are the (infinitesimal and inconspicuous) Elect of YHVH (John 8:12 & 9:1–5 & 14:12). Spiritual enlightenment; it is "woke" to the nth degree! Conversely, Satan is the great deceiver; the illusionist; the denial maker!
The propitiation upon the Messianic Cross, made the Indwelling (of the) Holy Spirit possible, so that now, sin capable humans being can be vessels of Ruach HaKodesh. All Messianic disciples, everywhere and in every generation forward of Him, are the UriYah; the proverbial "temporary replacement bulbs" used by YHVH to enlighten an otherwise Spiritually darkened world (Matt 5:14–16; 2Sam 12). In Spiritual darkness, one cannot see the moral criminality of legalized actions by humans.
There are about a million Messianic disciples, mostly individuals, scattered globally. As Messianic disciples, we exist primarily, to perpetually cast the proverbial light unto those in deep Spiritual Darkness; not on a personal level (no names are mentioned), but rather, as with scripture, wherein it deals with people-types and/or lifestyles, rather than calling out individuals. This is because the response to such finger-pointing, is anger, and/or fear, and/or resentment, and/or rejection.
The "Holy Spirit in the world" works among the sum species, pushing guilt and shame and condemnation, in order to drive the human mammal toward the direction of the Messianic Cross; we are all Loved just that much. If suffering works, so be it! However, as (we) Messianic disciples know painfully well, the bulk of the human species will reject it all. Messiah Yeshua warned about what the world will think of those who imitate Him and/or teach/live His doctrine (John 15).
However, the Holy Spirit cannot (does not; will not) yoke with or enter into an unwilling vessel; doing so would likely result in suicide. Hence, The Iscariot Paradox! Or: The Judas Conundrum! The (metaphorical) seed thrown on the rock, slowly burns into an empty husk in the glaring light of the sun day (John 3:19–21; Matt 13:3–6).
At the beginning of The True Spiritual Experience, wherein Ruach HaKodesh (as the Indwelling Spirit Holy) yokes with our Soul; Ruach HaKodesh brings unto us, the Love of YHVH, as was exhibited prominently upon the Messianic Cross, but also the mind of Messiah Yeshua; the literal wisdom of YHVH. This is always problematic for mere mortals. Saul the Paul (and others) elaborated upon it; writing about how the Holy Spirit had to leave him in his physical distress, whatever that was for him, or is for us (2Co 12), to humble him; to keep him from becoming intellectually puffed up.
It is overwhelming to be shown things, no mere mortal can see otherwise. At first we are nurtured; Ruach HaKodesh (bottle/breast) feeds us new information in small bits over time, so that we can absorb it, otherwise we would be mentally overwhelmed; driven insane most likely. Our Soul can take it, but the human brain has to keep up. We have us in there (too) to contend with; we have immediate physical and mental needs that distract us.
So (we/all) Messianic disciples are given simple things at first, and that increases, but only in proportion; only as our trust in the process maturates, and thus our ability to handle it. But along the way, we can surely become inflated; after all, we have a direct connection with YHVH! That is indescribably powerful; it also is supremely humbling. But it's also a power nonetheless.
But as humbling as it is, once one can see far far more, than what the sum of the human species can see, still being Spiritually blinded; still in darkness just as we once were; it is so easy to forget how blinded we once were. It is analogous to the human condition itself; we go from being children to teens to adults to elders. As adults and elders, we easily forget what it was like being in the former states. But this is far more of a disconnect; referring to that in the Spiritual realm.
And if we keep forgetting our Spiritual station or status; if we chose to ignore, or justify away, our supreme gift of wisdom, after some patient time, Ruach HaKodesh will be forced (by us) to serve us some humble pie, and we must eat all of it, or we suffer even more. And it should be this way; it must be this way! We are given an enormous gift; way way more than any power we could be offered while on Earth (Matt 4).
Therefore, we must remember from whence we came! There go I but by grace! And when we do, we see ourselves, very clearly, as we were before our Spiritual transformation and metamorphosis. And because we can see into ourselves, far better than we can see into other humans, the very notion of judging them, in any/all the things they are doing, still operating in darkness; this brings a certain fear unto us.
It is not that we fear for ourselves; not for our eternal fate, for that is assured. But there is a certain fear for the state of others; and, that we could be them, right now, because we were them, not that long ago! By no means does this make us judgmental or self righteous; it has just the opposite effect. Self righteousness is a sign of Satan!
Oh Lord, there go I but for Your grace! That is all we can think and feel! It is all! The result? Love! YHVH Love! Messianic Cross Love! Supernatural Love! A mercy saturated Love! A longsuffering Love! We do not simply acknowledge the Cross or profess beliefs, we live daily under the Cross; we do not merely accept a religious doctrine, we become One with YHVH! Religion itself quickly becomes offensive!
Everything that happens to us is random; at least, as random as the cosmos can be, given the fact that YHVH can bounce around through time and space, at will; after all, YHVH created them both, and all else that was, and is, and will be (Acts 17). I look into my past, remembering first, that YHVH works independently with us all, so, there is no blanket formula, which I could say now, to define any of this. So, I can only speak for myself, and then extrapolate just a bit to gain a better understanding of any of this.
I noticed for example, that I was more intelligent (in some things mind you), than most people were/are; and this was evidenced well before I gave up my life/soul unto the Messianic Cross. Was that random or preparatory? Did YHVH see into my future to know that I would eventually surrender unconditionally unto the supreme and eternal Lordship of Messiah Yeshua, die to this life, and desire to be a new creation?
Perhaps! It would make sense to me at least, that YHVH knowing my outcomes, would then go back in time, and change things for me along the way, though I was unaware of it. YHVH would place things in my path that I would pick up out of curiosity, and that would lead to another thing, and so on. Or, a possible event that would have caused my death, averted, and I was never privy to it, like not being at the wrong place at the exact time for such an event to kill me.
Who knows, right? Conversely however, many people try to imply this, whenever they escape death. And yet, the vast majority of people who die suddenly like that, they cannot speak on the matter or make such claims. It is easy to do so when we survive it. Besides, most people live anti-Messianic lives and lifestyles, womb to tomb; what would be the result of that?
So, can it be concluded that only survivors are somehow more loved by their Creator (who or whatever god entity that is for them), than those who die? Do survivors who can speak, are they not expressing the same arrogance that defines and exposes all, who have not yet been Spiritually metamorphosized? Indeed! Again I think and say: Oh Lord, there go I but for Your grace!
Metaphorically speaking, YHVH is in the heart transplant business. YHVH is not trying to improve our earthly lot; candidly, YHVH is not all that interested in it. And candidly again, we who are truly under the Messianic Cross, we are not either. This life is a micro second within a millennia; a penny among quintillions dollars! This life is merely the launch pad for a trek into the great unknown; an expanse so vast and so enormous, that it makes this life seem ridiculous, unto all who has a YHVH level view of things; indeed, all who are yoked with Ruach HaKodesh, even if it has only been one day (Acts 1 thru 5).
Without the Indwelling Holy Spirit, humans remain, well, hopelessly human; they remain little more than animals; inhuman; psychopathic and sociopathic; higher primates if you will (2 Peter 2 & Jude). Many have mastered mimicking sophistication; they look good on the outside, but inwardly? Until Elohim can release a person from the bondage of their enculturation, they will remain a subject therein; indeed, they will be subjected to its forces, and altered because of it.
Church, rituals, rites, religion, traditions, celebrations and holidays, may pacify people for now, but the cognitive dissonance will slowly consume people like corrosion (James 5:1–4), explaining why so much self-abuse, and mental illness, and consumerism, rebellion and defiance, money hunger, hoarding, and general (cultural) anesthetization, thrives in Mammon centered affluent societies. This will increase exponentially until the blood bath of the Eschaton, and then will conclude with the return of The King.

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