The Blind Cannot Benefit From A Flashlight!

Ruach HaKodesh & The Holy Spirit In The World!


Thy Word Is A Lamp Unto My Feet And A Light Unto My PathRuach HaKodesh Versus The Holy Spirit In The WorldPredestination: You Can; You Should; But You Won'tThe Science Of The SpiritualSpiritual Brotherhood Linked Through Time Via The Holy SpiritWhy You Cannot Learn Scripture From MortalsWithout Ruach HaKodesh, People Are Just Social Stage ActorsEmotional Fire Versus A Steady FlameThe Anti Religious MessiahMessiah Yeshua: Paradigm of CorporealityThe Iscariot ParadoxSpiritual Transformation Versus Religious EnculturationThe Theological Christ Versus The Living MessiahThe Economic Life Versus The Spiritual LifeSpiritual Cancer: Greed As Stage ThreeMonks Meats: Sorry, No DairyThe Great Paradigm ShiftSin Packets Of The Self RighteousShame Salvation?All Messianic Doctrine Is Encapsulated In The Red LettersThe Irony Of The Blind Who Proselytizes The BlindWithout The Indwelling Holy Spirit, There Is Only You In There

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