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Scribes: The Proverbial Behind-the-Camera Crew Of The Day!

In the age of technology, all that we see on screen, has an entire crew just behind that camera view, and though we do not see the camera either, we know they are all there, by the scope of what we are watching. Today, a news reporter could simply audio or video record someone they are reporting about; they would then go back to their studio and write a story based upon those recordings. Prior to this modern practice, reporters had to do it the old fashioned way; they took notes with pencil and paper; or if you go back even further, the pricey ink and papyrus of the ancient scribe.
But sticking with this modern metaphor, what was happening here, was not (analogous to) a movie being made, about making movies; this was not a fiction about a reality; this was reality; this was real life; this is reality. Well, it is for those who are true believers, and not mere religion consumerists who only collaborate with other religionists, just in case this whole afterlife thingy, turns out to be true.
"Scribe" was a generic term for an employment role; the cream of which, went to those who could read and write at a higher level: Most scribes were little more than human copy machines; hence the term/role copyist. But there were Scribes in 1st century Israel that were more specifically a political or legal assistant, or a religious Scribe; scribe being a word analogous to the English word writer. Hence, we have the Scribes that Messiah Yeshua linked directly to the Pharisees, versus the lowly average blue-collar scribe.

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