In the age of technology, a news reporter could simply audio or video record someone they are reporting about; they would then go back to their studio and write a story based upon those recordings. Prior to this modern practice, reporters had to do it the old fashioned way; they took notes with pencil and paper; or if you go back even further, the ink and papyrus of the scribe.

Scribe was a generic term for an employment role; the cream of which went to those who could read and write at a high level: Most scribes were little more than copy machines; hence the term copyist. But there were Scribes in First Century Israel that were more specifically a political or legal assistant, or a religious Scribe (scribe is a generic word, like writer). Those with well-to-do parentage and/or family money, tended to be those who would be a Scribe, while poor folk took all the lower paying and less glorifying scribe positions, just as classism manifests, to this day: Thankfully, YHVH will put an end to it (and those who enable it) forever.

Whenever something big was/is about to happen, the reporter (or scribe) would show up on the scene to record the statements, events and so on. If they were trailing a famous person, like today's paparazzi, such as a politician or a pop star, they did so because news was/is their source of income; their livelihood; for some even their passion; and, it was safer than being a messenger.

The Q source is also referred to as the Q document, Q Gospel, or Q sayings; the Q is taken from the German Qu'elle, which simply means "source." And rightly so. People understood this in the First and Second Century; if you were a disciple of Messiah, at the time of His life and/or shortly after His Ascension (say, AD 25-95), and you had the handwritten words of Messiah Yeshua (YHVH-in-skin) in your possession, you would naturally protect those words of life, with your very life. And so it was; and so it is; and so shall it remain!

The Spiritual Big Bang: Messiah Yeshua!

Remember that the first coming of the prophesied about Messiah was news that would far outweigh modern events such as 911, for Messiah Yeshua (Himself) was the very epoch of time, itself; we began the modern or common era, with/from His life/death. His presence on Earth was the single greatest and most important event that will occur, during the sum of human-time; humanity's big-bang! The Creator becoming One among the creation!

Now imagine a predicted event that would make 911 pale by comparison: Could you even imagine that no one would report on this massive event? Not one person would take any recordings of any kind? This epoch came and went with nary a few eyewitnesses? Hardly!

Imagine a predicted terrorist attack that would kill millions of people and cause more destruction than all other terrorist events and wars that will occur on Earth, collectively and forever: Now imagine that not one reporter even shows up to the location: No pictures or videos shot; nothing recorded of the event at all. Decades later, a few folk that heard about it from their parents or grandparents, casually recalls the (word-of-mouth) event from these (now) wives-tales, and then someone else records it for the sake of historical posterity (i.e. oral tradition). Yea, I'm not buying that either.

It is popularly postulated that the Gospels were written decades after Messiah Yeshua had ascended into Heaven; that it all came by word-of-mouth, after a generation (or 2) had passed; that the Gospels were written after the rest of the Messiah Scriptures. From this assumption, one could easily conclude that these words (the Gospels mostly) cannot be taken literally, or cannot be reliable; that people are bad at recalling events that are even months old, much less decades later. Thus, the notes of Saul (or any of the fellowship epistles) should be the core of doctrine. And from that we have (the demonic manifestations of) Bibliolatry and Pauline Christianity (i.e. Christendom).

Wise people will think: who would have benefited most from such a presumption? Who could prosper from deception? Excellent detectives will always (and first) follow the money! The cleansing of the Temple is an ongoing and direly needed duty, and we disciples of Messiah Yeshua are just the servants to perform that duty. We disciples today (as in all generations; think Reformations), replicate our Master, Messiah Yeshua, and purpose to expose the monetization of YHVH in any form, as pure evil, and inform the general public, publicly, and if needed, by similar dramatic (but nonviolent) means (Matt 21:12-17; Mark 11:15-19; Luke 19:45-48).

Remember the fact that satan is the god of this world, and is so or does so, exclusively through human pride-ego-emotion. Study the Great Temptation of Messiah for the clues. Even though Saul of Tarsus had a personal Damascus Road encounter with the Holy Spirit – who rightly identified as Messiah Yeshua, so that Saul would know it was not satan, the god of this world, who Saul had previously been unwittingly serving (Acts 9:1-4, 5-9; 22:6-11; 26:9-14, 15-20) – this epoch in his life, did not include the written Gospels, and though Saul met a few of the eyewitness Apostles, it is still evident in his (later written) fellowship notes that Saul had read at least some portions of the written words of Messiah Yeshua (the only written Godspeak in existence), perhaps from handwritten copies taken from the original Q-sources themselves. The fellowship letters written by Saul would not have been nearly as revered as would the verbatim words of the long prophesied about Messiah.

While there is no physical evidence left behind (nor should there be), from those reporters (scribes), trailing Messiah Yeshua and writing down every word that exited His mouth (with margin-notes of where/when/what He was doing), any thinking person would not believe that no reporters showed up for the greatest event of all time; that nothing came from those epochal events! We know in fact that He had multitudes who followed Him on a number of occasions; they had to hear about His arrivals from some source: Yes, they had news way back then! And it traveled as fast as the fastest animal used (there and then) for that purpose.

Sure, only the Jews, and those they told, and also those who studied the Tanakh, were perhaps the only people to know about this coming epoch (it was not globally known about at that time, hence: Mark 16:14-17), but this plane, brown-skinned Tekton Messiah Yeshua, stayed in that region His entire earthly life, and so, knowing about it while living in other parts of the world, would not have mattered anyway, at that time.

The Q source was real; faith plus logic reveals this to the Elect of YHVH (Heb 11:1, 6). They were the original verbatim sources that were used to construct the rest of the documented story. Many people used them, and probably wore them out, combing over them, over and over again. Tattered from repeated use, time finished them off. But like any such work; once the notes are refined and rewritten and edited over time, the original notes are no longer necessary. Besides, people would have tried to profit from them; something Messiah Yeshua clearly opposed. Indeed, they would have revered them and treated them like a holy talisman!

Were these original handwritten scribe notes treasured? Protected? Indeed! That is probably why they will not be found, and that's assuming they physically survived at all, into even the 3rd Century: I seriously doubt they did. The obsession with religious artifacts is now an important part of our History lessons. Out of the countless thousands of papyrus scribed notes and stories, only a very small fraction of them survived time, and only because of special circumstances, such as with the Nag Hammadi scroll library, or the Dead Sea scrolls.

The Greatest Attenuation To Faith Is Empiricism!

IOt is vital to understand that most of the men who participated in the religion of Christianity did not have the Indwelling Holy Spirit dominating their Soul; these were not Spiritually transformed (metamorphosed) people; instead, these were Faithless-Godless-Loveless religionists (pretenders; stage actors; hypocrites), who exploited Scripture to benefit themselves in the here and now (2Co 4:1-5). The proof of that reality can be measured; again, just follow the money (Luke 16:13-15).

The Greek word is hypokrites which simply means a stage actor; a pretender and dissembler. Messiah Yeshua called the professional religionists of His time/culture that very word, and ironically (or prophetically) today, it is the Christians who again, have stages for their self-centric monologues and tithe-funded rituals. Only, unlike a stage actor who is a real person playing a fake role on stage, the Pharisees were fake people playing real roles on stage: theaters, synagogues, temples, churches or street corners. Hence, the barrage of condemnation from my Master, Messiah Yeshua. Christianity does not represent Messiah Yeshua! All of Christendom was/is the business spin-off of satan (CEO) following his cemented doom via Calvary's cross.

A religionist might feel threatened when a protagonist of academia would challenge their biblical interpretations; even the very bible itself; henceforth, this is where bibliolatry emerged. It was an attempt at empiricism; the manufactured belief that the bible was god-like (hence, the capitalization of the word, Word: John 1:1), and so, everything irregular or confusing in the scriptures would be challenged on an academic level, and of course, the pride of the religionist, forced them to seek answers from an academic standpoint: Empiricism.

Without the illumination of the Indwelling Holy Spirit, the Faithless-Godless-Loveless consumers and enablers of the religion-businesses (globally and forever), cannot see themselves as frauds and fakers, and so they pretend, and then publicly sell it all as real; prophecy fulfilled (Matt 7:13-16, 21-23). It is analogous to the fake kissing (or hugging) among the worldly masses, churched or not; it is to openly play loving (the public caring show), but cloaked in open pretense: All this stems from the kiss of Judas which was/is the affection of satan. People here in these end-times, pretend at everything; pretend love; pretend honor; pretenders of all things that have noble themes.

YHVH does not provide all the proof, to any one individual or even all within one generation; wisdom is need-to-know; there's always an X factor in everything. What the Indwelling Holy Spirit has revealed to me, is not the whole picture; it cannot be: That would give me far more power than any human (apart from Messiah Yeshua) could tame. An elderly John on Patmos was overdosed with wisdom so that he’d write the Apocalypse; he did not survive long thereafter. But his purpose was fulfilled. Being a disciple is potentially hazardous, but since this life is a blink-of-a-blink of time for us, dying prematurely while in the service of our Master, is a glorious death indeed.

But all this is to compel us to have living Faith; to force us to seek; to knock; to ponder; to pray genuinely (James 5:16). It is as if our blessed Heavenly Father is giving us something to do (something far above and beyond a dead life of mere consumerism and capitalism); compelling us to seek answers to what we do not understand, as we are able, and learning most of all, through the process, to trust YHVH completely, by accepting the things we have no answers for, and never will in this life: Hebrews 11 summarized!

Why YHVH Allowed Scriptural Manipulation!

A faith or a trust in the infallibility of inerrancy of any christian scriptural text, is just a faith and trust in the catholic monks who housed and preserved them, edited and translated them. All those who believe in biblical infallibility of inerrancy are fundamentally catholics. Of course, to the infinitesimal Elect of YHVH, the COPs (Catholic; Orthodox; Protestant) are really just one religion-brand, with many tentacles branching out from them all. But tho the christianized religionists, they see big differences between themselves in their competitivism for clients they call adherents.

Unbeknownst to the monks and priests who were responsible for the canon of scripture, YHVH preserved what YHVH wanted preserved, in spite of the humans involved. Keep in mind that we are volitional (free will) beings; YHVH did not (cannot) make anyone do anything in this matter (nor in any other matter, for that matter)! But YHVH is very long-game clever; that is, YHVH allows satan (and his trillion demon crew) to manipulate humans via pride-ego-emotion, and then YHVH exploits satan. YHVH will honor your and my volition for life; it is only I who can surrender my will unto the Lordship of Messiah daily, via the example brought to me by (yep) scripture.

The scriptures that are availed to me in the late 20th Century (forward), were preserved, not in the literal sense, but in the same way that a coded message would be missed or misinterpreted by anyone who does not have the decoding methodology. For the infinitesimal Elect of YHVH, the supreme decoder is the Indwelling Holy Spirit (inspired on one end, decode on the other): No human brain (alone) can decode the text at face value, literally or academically, and most certainly not by hermeneutics or exegesis. In fact these very study methodologies expose the absence of the Indwelling Holy Spirit, and make the texts a mere academic exercise, which is adulterated or monetized, which has most brazenly created an antiChrist culture that the Johannine epistles addressed and exposed.

Those who "came out from us but not among us" (1Jo 2:15-17, 18-21), were the westernized-christianized-monetized, who saw in the scriptures, the potential religion-businesses that could thrive monetarily; they were those who became the COPs; first the Catholics, who morphed into the Orthodox, and finally the most depraved and darkened of all, the Protestants (those furthest from the Cross), with some of the most antiChrist of all humans who were ever christianized; the westernized-americanized evangelicals of these end times. They will be a political force that will aid satan in bringing about end time events.

It was the catholic monks that canonized the scriptures; all bibles today are (directly from or derived from) strictly catholic publications, and it is by what they picked to canonize, or standardize, which exposes their true motives, and that was to monetize YHVH; the supreme anathema (the unforgivable sin). Their goal was to distort the message of Messiah Yeshua, with an overwhelming amount of written text from writers that did not walk with Messiah Yeshua directly, and as such, were more easily manipulated by satan and his trillion-demon-army.

No one outside of blind enculturation, who is thus, not governed by pride-ego-emotion (that is, the infinitesimal Elect of YHVH) believes that scripture is without errors or has been preserved in its original form throughout time. In fact, those who manipulated the scriptures the most, were the westernized Europeans (mostly from the 3rd to 13th Century). So, how did YHVH preserve truth for future generations? The Indwelling Holy Spirit (1Jo 2:15-20). Now of course, no teacher discourages people from attending a school, otherwise they'd have to return to the soil, and laboring for the things that are good, they would have to grow their own food, instead of (time-for-money) buying food and shelter with mammon, from those who actually do all the hard labor.

Also, YHVH can end a man that would have manipulated the scriptures beyond what YHVH wanted, and to be honest, most men who had this responsibility, though controlled by the control-freaks of their time/culture, would not dare touch the most important portions; what Messiah Yeshua said in Person: The Godspeak! The Q!

But the real tell, is to look for people who are the blinded followers of the blind; those who live just like their enculturation instructs them. They do not labor with their own hands; they do not at the least, grow or make all their own food and build their own buildings (homes primarily), and live very simple, material-lite, contented and peaceful lives and lifestyles. All money-dependent people are not only Spiritually lost, they are actually dangerous to all other life-forms within their impact zone, which is of course global, if they are the collaborators of/in the car-cult.

YHVH allowed some alterations, because in doing so, men unaware, were creating elements of scripture that would then have to be deciphered, via the Indwelling Holy Spirit alone, and not be decoded properly, by the academic methodologies of the pride-fueled. What these manipulations expose, to the disciples of Messiah Yeshua, future, was what-how-why they did so. As a disciple of Messiah Yeshua, I have the supreme decoder in me, but more importantly, the very Inspiration of all the scriptures abides within me right now. What I am now writing comes to me the exact same way that every jot and tittle of scripture came to my brothers and fellow disciples. Read John Seventeen until you memorized it: Once you can recite it verbatim, then meditate and pray over it. Then we'll talk!

Whatever was cut or just not included in the final canon, is irrelevant in the bigger picture of life, because life itself is not all that complicated to understand to begin with: Volitional beings living on an planet and in a world governed by those very humans, with natural laws and time limitations. Now calculate everything from that!

I know what my Master, Messiah Yeshua, said with His own mouth: From those words alone I can comprehend the sum of corporeality, by possessing and harboring within me, the very Inspiration of scripture. All that was finally canonized, is not the whole story (John 21:25). But all of that can get confusing, and so a more simplified barometer is needed.

First, there are the Godless masses on Broadway, versus the infinitesimal few Narrow Way (John 3:16-21; Matt 7:18-23), which teaches us that the bulk of all humanity are not lead by YHVH-Love via the Indwelling Holy Spirit. So, from this simple math, we (again, only the infinitesimal Elect of YHVH) know that whatever the bulk of humanity thinks or does, likes or copies from one another, is not of the Father, but is of the world (1Jo 2:15-17).

Those responsible for this canon of scripture (the Catholic-Orthodox-Protestant, or COP guys), were/are themselves, the earthly agents of satan. But as we learned from the life of Job (and Judas and Saul for that matter), satan is on a very short leash, and can only impact an individual so much or for so long. But the results of such tampering is evident in lifestyle and intent. All religion is a smokescreen to obscure the truth of intention.

A complete understanding of the Constantinian Shift and Christus Victor are vital keys, due to the many other facets they touch and impact; plus, all disciples of Messiah Yeshua, spend their/our days, obediently laboring in the natural world, and the rest of this life, studying, researching, pondering with long-suffering, praying, meditating, and literally consuming scripture as well as all the peripherals that connect to it.

Conversely, the merely christianized live antiChrist lifestyles of indifference (via blind enculturation), are money-serving, power-hungry, law-exploiting, and demon-centric; who then merely consume religion products (e.g. Christendom) with the same ego-pride-emotion, in tact, which ironically are the very people the Indwelling Holy Spirit avoids completely. Only the dead can be reborn; only the broken repaired. The egocentric and pride driven masses of christianized people are the prophesied (seared) Matthew Seven Christians; they will remain pretend-Christians, via religion, until their Day of Judgment, and be totally shocked when they are being cast (still unresurrected) into the blackness of extreme outer darkness, the vast expanses of empty space; the hellishness of the Abyss.

The main tell (or fruit), is the pursuit of lordship over other humans, and the literal millions of ways that people justify, rationalize, and validate their power-hunger or lordship over others. One thing is clear from their lifestyles (the fruit on the tree for all to see); setting aside religious authority for a moment, they will exploit secular laws, rules, ordinances, or any other possible paradigm that serves to control others.

Even the mismanagement of the natural world itself, apart from humans, is a tell. But to use the Lord Himself, in any way possible, to gain any sort of power or control over any other human being; this is a sin, so sinister that those who do so, are surely doomed to the lake of fire. We, the infinitesimal Elect of YHVH; we follow only one voice (John 10); our Master, Messiah Yeshua, for He is our one and only Lord.

But for the Godless and the Godless-religious (of any religion), their lord is money; they cannot hear from Heaven, because self-justification obscures the Voice of Truth, and so they follow their own, and the demons have a field day with them. The greatest of sinners on Earth are found among those who exploit religion-god-bible, to do these evil deeds; the Pharisaic of all times/cultures; the supreme sinners who monetize YHVH in any form. The YHVH-monetizers (of all generations) are satan's crowning glory here on Earth. YHVH obviously does not interfere with the natural course of things, except where it serves YHVH exclusively, such as with any so-called Spiritual gifts; not one of which is/was human-initiated (Matt 5:43-48): All miracles are but the outcome of true Love, expressed on Earth through human hands.

If for one example, you collaborate with/in the car-cult, that one act alone, from among dozens other such outward fruits, proves that you exist in a continual state of indifference, which is Lovelessness, which is (itself) impossible for anyone with the Indwelling Holy Spirit: YHVH is Love; the Holy Spirit is YHVH-in-us. All disciples of Messiah Yeshua are YHVH-Love, manifest, and that Love manifests, within corporeality, nowhere else, but in and through us mortals.

The world (indeed the corporeal universe) is merciless, violent, cruel and unforgiving; we, the Elect of YHVH, are the feet and hands and the very example of YHVH-Love, demonstrated only by our lifestyles, which are shaped and defined, not by our cultural directives, but by the disenculturated new creation that we become. It is the organized religions, filled with money-loving mammon servants, which put a price on that which is Holy; that provides a false sense of eternal security for a tithe (Acts 8:17-23).

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