Q–Source, Q–Document, Q–Gospel, Q–Hypothesis, Qu'elle!

{Not to be confused with the conspiratorial Q–type sociopolitical cults; the prophetic strong delusions exhibited by Satans militant anger–fueled christianized of the Eschaton Era!}


Scribes: The Proverbial Behind–the–Camera Crew Of Their DayThe Spiritual Big Bang: Messiah YeshuaThe Greatest Attenuation To Faith Is EmpiricismWhispering In A World That Only ShoutsWhy YHVH Allowed Scriptural ManipulationEvangelism: Twofold A Child Of HellBefore Time Was, I AM!When Messiah Was WesternizedWords Have No Meaning To An Unchanged HeartSelf Justification Obscures The Voice of TruthWhy Miracles Are Not Ours To MimicJudging Everything From The Lens Of SodomThe Cult Of LiteralismExtrapolating From The Little Things

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