The Opposite of Love Is Indifference!

In 1982 this monk and author, penned the quote: The Opposite of Love Is Indifference! However, this monk was not rich or famous, or at the time, book published. Thus, like all things that get public recognition, this slogan was published by this monk, only on a web hosting service that went extinct. Then it was re-posted on Geocities in the mid-nineties, which also went extinct.
With evidence of this, date stamped on a 3.5" floppy disk, this monk could care less if Elie Wiesel, or anyone else, read this way back when, then reworded it or whatever, because it is not a copyrightable quote anyway. I never read anything of his so it did not come from that way. The first person to publish a thing, does not mean it originated from them; in fact that would be rare at best. There is nothing new under the sun!
In fact, it is not even a new idea. This author, merely a monk of YHVH, got it from scripture. Plus, with many books consumed (from the 70's onward) in the Philosophy category, it is likely to have been in one of them too, in some form or another. It is doubtful (on or before 1986) that Wiesel read from this monk's obscure web-pages; this is because the general notion of it was published well before the first printed bible, by others globally, post-Christendom.
This is written in response to those who need to police the Web, and/or anything that they do not agree with. Since this monk never sought any credit for the quote, and honestly do not care if anyone believes any of this or not, anyone can quote it and attach another name to it, if that pleases you. Plagiarism of any kind would be equal to lying, which Messianic disciples never do.
As a Messianic disciple, everything ever done or written or published; all of it comes from the Indwelling Holy Spirit, and thus, it is not "owned" by, nor "originated" from this particular Oracle.