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The World of Messianic Discipleship: The Status of Messianic IdentityPain That Is Not Transformed Gets TransmittedTo Test The Heart Just Nudge The EgoThe Anti–Messianic Masses Become What They Watch–Read–HearHebraic Homeland: Aliens From The Commonwealth Of Israel21st Century Pharisees: Political; Self Righteous; Bible CentricMonk of YHVHThe Money SerpentLiving By The Word Versus Living For The WorldYHVH Provides Thru Nature: Satan Only Tempts With MoneyThe Inferiority Of The Superiority ComplexA Servant Is Not Above His MasterMissionary Monasticism: Anabaptist–Like Hebraic MonkSpiritual ApotheosisVolitional Eunuch: Marriage Unto YHVH AloneThe Evangelistic Christianists Role In Satans Eschaton Era ParadigmThe Aryan Adulteration Of A Homeless Brown Jewish CarpenterSelf Justification Obscures The Voice of TruthMonk In The MetroTemptation CathedralsPredestination: You Can; You Should; But You Won't

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