Law lords

Justifying Power Over Others!
Evil Men Do Not Understand Justice, But Those Who Seek YHVH Understand All! (Pro 28:5)


Caveat: Heavy topics such as this assumes a present understanding of some fundamental theological themes, such as Christus Victor atonement, with additional context such as an understanding of the history of Christendom, with special focus on the Constantinian shift, and even earlier, the first great falling away, which inspired the Johannine epistles, all of which inspired a page titled anti-Messiahs. There is very little milk here (1Co 3).

In The Absence of Love, There Is Law!

Law exists for two reasons; 1: To control the action and/or inaction of the Faithless Loveless: Secular Law! And 2: To expose human character, for good or for evil. Very few care at all, about what their Creator thinks; they are merely primates with Souls, but will live/die, ignoring or denying that Soul (2Pe 2; Jude); even the churched.

Dying Inside: The Hidden Crisis in America's Jails ~ How Businesses Became People ~ Against Empire: A Yoderian Reading of Romans ~ Why Police Cannot (and Will Not) Protect Our Rights ~ The Vietnam War (Ken Burns: PBS) ~ Quesnay: Despotism of Natural Law ~ The Wall Street Psychologist: Narcissistic Personality Disorder ~ What Happens When Narcissists Lose? Expect Rage & Terror! ~ 5 Cartels That Rule America And The World ~ Zimbardo: Psychology of Evil ~ The Science of Evil: Ponerology ~ America is a Plutocracy Masquerading as a Democracy

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