Messianic Intentional Community:
Where, Why, How, When!
Until The Return Of The King!
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Summary (tldr):

  • We will all labor from home property (Internet? Yes! It's useful).
  • If there are children present, they take priority over any work activity {takes a village}.
  • One main goal here is to greatly reduce the need for money via Simple living.
  • All human shelters will be the same basic size, built based on needs, but artfully individualized by occupants.
  • Hierarchy will be eschewed (anti–hierarchical). Love fulfills Torah!
  • Cars and guns are prohibited. Guns are for bullies and cowards; the Car Cult is stunning in its destructiveness!

Money Dependency And The Manifold Compromises It Engenders!

Nowadays, too many are trying to build or join an Intentional Community, while still stuck in Westernized traditions; doing so where economics is the major role in how it all plays out; where Mammon is god and money is the only (or primary) barometer of all other things. Also, too many christianized are driven by fear and paranoia, and thus, seek others to create some prepper fortress to ride out Armageddon.
So, if one is driven by fear, and owns firearms in the belief that one can extend ones earthly life with such force, and are even trained in the art of death; we are not on the same path. Satans Earthly Trinity Is Economics & Politics & Religion! Once this is understood about this life and this world: You are not far from the Kingdom of YHVH! (Mark 12:18–34).
The (Catholic; Orthodox; Protestant) COP Cultists, created the Great Commi$$ion theme; however, that was accomplished by Saul of Tarsus and others, who brought the unknown Jewish Savior unto other cultures; to make known the Abrahamic El of all creation to the Gentile world. Most Jewish people (and others they directly influenced), had already known of a coming Savior. To go out was to share the Jewish Messiah, Yeshua, with non–Jews; that is finished.
Messiah Yeshua provided stern warnings of the dangers of proselytizing and evangelizing (Matt 25). Today in the modern world, we are eye witnesses to the sin–evil that such things generate. Most people hate Christians: Not Messiah Yeshua (YHVH), but christianity & religion & fascism! And not because they shine the Love, witnessed upon the Messianic Cross, but because they are so unlike The Messiah. They are indeed, the anti-Messiahs, and their hypocrisy stinks so badly almost everyone can smell it. We, as the Messianic disciples of all generations, are (metaphorically) called to be a city of lights on a hill: Remember that in those days it was dark at night!
You are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hid. Neither do men light a candle and put it under a bushel, but on a candlestick, so it gives light unto all that are in the house. Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father, which is in Heaven. (Matt 5:14–16)
The Spiritual light that shines, comes from within us, then outwardly; it is not done with sounds but with light; our lifestyle is the fruit–evidence, not what we say. Therefore, all current and future Messianic disciples, do not seek words; they/we seek others who live as Messiah Yeshua would live in any time or culture or location. It is not What Would Jesus Do! Pet slogans aside, it is what Messiah Yeshua already did; no projection, only reflection. Did (and thus would) Messiah Yeshua do anything that had a good chance of causing suffering and death? (Answer that within yourself.) Now ponder the consequences of the Car Cult.
All things are lawful for me, but not all things are expedient; all things are lawful for me, but all things do not edify. Let no one seek their own, but everyone another's well being. Whatsoever is sold in the market, just eat it, asking no question for conscience sake. For Earth is The Lords, and the fullness thereof! (1Co 10:23–26)
In modern times, we have to look upon everything that was already established by former generations, and then run all of it through the YHVH Love filter, first, and then be dedicated to rejecting or abandoning anything whatsoever that is not clearly Messianic; that which is not safe; not sustainable; not edifying.
As for this Koinonia, it is preferred that, if physically able, one is not afraid to Labor by the sweat of the brow. Also, and very importantly, Messianic disciples do not live in fear at all, because Love casts out all fear! Koinonia is intended to be Messiah centric; a fossil–fuel–free, calorie–burning, work–smart, Garden of Eden styled, Love–driven communal entity (Matt 25; Acts 4; 1Jo 4).
Therefore, if you are conspiratorial, political, defiant, bigoted, rebellious, anger–driven, obstinate, suffer from machismo, are pride conquered, or are still trapped in Satans tiny divisional worlds, such as the cult of patriotism, save your/our time and seek elsewhere. You are lifestyle proof of Eschaton Era prophesy (2Ti 3). Please, earnestly seek the Messianic Cross: Be Love.
This is Koinonia; it will closely resemble those of the first century; we will be a collective of mostly social rejects; the economically marginalized; the elderly, the poor, broken, disabled, unwanted, unattractive; perhaps without kin that truly cares about us, simply because we are; because we are all the precious creations of YHVH Love, with eternal Souls of incalculable worth. We learn who truly Loves us, once we have nothing whatsoever to reciprocate!
The many westernized christianized people ― those who have merely swapped the word Jesus for Yeshua, perhaps to distinguish themselves from those others whom they deem distasteful ― are still (likely) not individuals fully dedicated to living full–time under the Messianic Cross: But that is (just and only) what this is Koinonia all about; it is what Koinonia is! Anything else is unworthy to pursue; it would be just another real estate transaction (Capitalism). And that paradigm is undesirable and unsustainable.
Messiah Yeshua was considered a radical, when compared to the Enculturation molded masses He was surrounded by; and so are all His disciples, then and now and always. All Messianic disciples are extreme, but not to the extreme left or right, nor anywhere in between; instead, all disciples (past; present; future) are extreme high–center, and apolitical (John 18:33–36). Messianic disciples are not Tanakh Torah (or Law) keepers; that pharisaic state was eliminated upon the Messianic Cross: We now honor and live only the 1 Law of Love (Rom 13). Be woken, ye who sleep in denial!
Still here? Awesome! The initial (proverbial) slap is intended to move the religion brand shoppers along elsewhere. So, are you tired of making the rich even richer? The economy was rigged by the wealth–class a millennia ago; nonetheless, economic inequality is not only a monetary economic thing, it is also a social thing; it is (to some degrees) a choice. Being dependent upon the greater economy now comes with too many risks associated with it.
Many people are rightfully seeking a place to belong; to be among others who are not so fully soaked in the bathtub of demonic inspiration. We were created to be social beings, and it can get difficult to go it alone in this world. But a calling is marked by an internal drive to seek out truth, come what may.
And among the many revelations of that difficult trek unto Narrow Way, it will lead one to the realization that genetics are almost irrelevant in this life; that those close on the hereditary tree, are not the criteria we must employ (or deploy) to make this life's decisions upon; that we are one species on one suitable planet with one shot at becoming One with YHVH via one another (John 17):
Then one came and said unto Him: Good Master, what good thing shall I do, that I may have eternal life? And He said unto him: Why do you call Me good? There is none good but One; that is, Elohim! But if you will to enter into life, keep the commandments! He said unto Him: Which? Yeshua said: You shall do no murder; you shall not commit adultery; you shall not steal; you shall not bear false witness; honor your father and mother; you shall Love your neighbor as yourself! The young man said unto Him: All these things have I kept from my youth up! What do I yet lack? Yeshua said unto him: If you will to be perfect, go and sell all that you have, and give it to the poor, and you shall have treasure in Heaven; then come and follow Me! But when the young man heard that saying, he went away sorrowful, for he had great possessions. Then Yeshua said unto His disciples: Amen, I say unto you that a rich man shall hardly enter into the Kingdom of Heaven. And again I say unto you; it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter into the Kingdom of YHVH!
When His disciples heard it they were exceedingly amazed, saying: Who then can be saved? But Yeshua beheld them, and said unto them: With men this is impossible, but with Elohim all things are possible! Then Peter answered and said unto Him: Behold, we forsook all, and followed You: What shall we have therefore? Yeshua said unto them: Amen, I say unto you; that you which have followed Me, in the Regeneration when the Son of Man shall sit in the throne of His glory, you also shall sit upon twelve thrones, judging the twelve tribes of Israel. And everyone that has forsaken houses, or brethren, or sisters, or father, or mother, or wife, or children, or lands, for My name's sake, shall receive a hundredfold, and shall inherit everlasting life. But many that are first shall be last; and the last shall be first. (Matt 19:16–30)   {cf. Exo 20:12–16; Deu 5:16–20; Lev 19:18; Titus 3:4–7; Acts 3:19–24}
One must be called to be a Messianic disciples; one must be called to a simple lifestyle; the call is why people seek out Messianic Community (intentional or otherwise). The problem is (and has been) that they have been in the bathtub for too long already; they seek a crossover place that is still in/of/for the World, but a bit less worldly. This will not be that.

Transportation Choices Impact Everything!

Please allow one example (there are many): I/we do not use or own a car, and therefore do not buy one penny worth of gasoline, oil, tires, car parts, maintenance or repairs, insurance, tickets, titles, taxes, nor any of the many expenses associated with owning/operating a personal car. I/we do not collaborate with any who profit from any of these products or services. And that is just the monetary association. Risking the life of others is a trillion–fold above those mere dollar expenses.
Instead, I/we walk/hike, e–scooter and pedal bike, and infrequently use Public Transportation (PT) like Amtrak (preferred) and Interstate buses (rarely), and local PT when going distances beyond a dozen miles one–way. Living near an Amtrak, or at least a Bus depot to take us to Amtrak, would be ideal; even without any of them, we can still walk and bike.
Hypocrisy? I've already sent certified letters to all of these Transportation and Delivery entities, demanding that they switch over to 100% renewable and/or sustainable fuel sources or modes or methods. I/we explain, as faithful stewards of YHVH, our Love–driven ecological stance; that they too should immediately abandon anything sold by the fossil fuel industry, and also adopt the RRR lifestyle.
Now, it is understood that they are going to ignore it; surely the letter got trashed the day it was read. After all, they are money–serving money dependents; economic parasites and predators. As such, they are going to do whatever it takes, unto the devout service of their god Mammon, no matter what the short or long–term consequences are: Horrifying but understood.
However, since (as an individual) I can only "be" the change I want to see in the world, and live my lifestyle accordingly; I do so, knowing that I cannot force another to do likewise. But anyone can state their case, so that if anyone questions my sincerity for lifestyle sustainability, they can look at the certified letter receipts, and how I live now; the light on the hill indeed! But that living testimony would surely look better within a Messianic Community forest ecovillage or transition town.
Whenever someone implies that because I do not own a car, that I still benefit from others who use these destructive and dangerous systems, I can then point to the certified letters as proof of my stance; that I am trying to get them to see and to change. And if virtually everyone else would send their own certified letters, to those fossil fuel consumers that they too, are forced to use, I am certain that such changes would be seriously considered.
What I cannot do, alone, at least in this life, is to end Big Oil, or Big Car, or Big Infrastructure, or Big Chem/Ag, and remove most of the road infrastructure, and the million square miles of life–blocking asphalt and concrete that the Creator–hater planet–trasher masses, are rushing headlong, to resurface this YHVH planet with, just to roll about everywhere, in their living room on wheels.
For decades I have written that we, as a society, must make those, whose actions (or inaction's) cost something to others, to pay for the consequences of those "freedoms!" E.g. Those who make guns & bullets should have to pay for the human losses that come from those products, regardless of political document amendments. Just like with Johnson Talcum Powder lawsuits, only a million times more than they have paid out in court.
Such costs would be passed onto the buyers of guns & bullets, which would now be way more than current costs (e.g. an assault rifle should cost $20,000+). In like manner, anything that has an outside cost, such as tailpipe emissions; they too should pay up, via tax or fine or fee. Allow everyone the same freedoms we all have now; however, institute accountability; make those who use their freedoms that end up costing others, to pay up! That is what true justice is.
This is an uncommon idea; personal accountability. It may seem that is what a Justice System is for, but humans do not have those; we have a Judicial Industry, and the profiteers of that Industry ― those with Law degrees: Judge; Prosecutor; Defender; etc. ― they will live and die without a conceptualization of what actual justice, even is! Only YHVH knows Just justice.
That is why so many want to leave places that try to gain more control over human behavior. But any place that grows in human numbers, and who does not control them; that place slowly but surely goes to hell; it always does. Rather than force people to comply, tax dependent governments pamper them because of perceived freedoms! But: Freedom Without Accountability Is Tyranny!There Is Great Confusion Between Freedom And Power!
Now, I fully understand this mentality: I want to do whatever the hell I want to do, wherever the hell I want to do it, because I am free! This is called Satanic (or christianized) freedom! It is pride conquered self-centeredness! Conversely, Messianic Freedom is the kind of freedom that comes packaged with real Love. It is entirely different; it puts others before self; it accepts responsibility for all personal actions (directly and indirectly); it is exemplified in lifestyle.

More TheoLogical Pondering!

I will obey the Design Paradigm (think garden of Eden), and as an eternal Messianic servant, I will not allow such an infrastructure to grow on any of the (still virgin Kingdoms of) YHVH planets, which we Messianic disciples will be assigned as partner stewards of, once we are beyond this "blink of a blink" of time life on Earth (1Co 6:1–3).
This only applies to those with a living, transcendent, lifestyle affirming Faith! We can only give our lives unto the Lord; to live under His Lordship. There is no way to give our hearts to The Lord; that is nothing more than a lifeless, purposeless religious slogan, too often void of literal truth and tangible results.
The cartoon christianized, loosely following Abrahamic roots (or what little they know of them), wherein the explanation of creation, was itself a creation; they have some odd and fictional perspectives on the afterlife, with no basis in the reality of YHVH, measured either in scripture, nor in the more sure Logos: the natural world; the YHVH Creation, which attenuates into the tendency toward Bibliolatry.
Unfortunately, Earth will not be one of them; it is a doomed planet (2Pe 3:10–13; Rev 21); eventually rendered a floating "dead of life" monument to the consequences of Lord free freedom, the superpower of human volition, the catastrophic force of human pride and ego, and thus, the summary consequences of satanic sin–evil on a global scale. The New Jerusalem will not be on this planet, and maybe not even planetary.
The mark of the beast is money itself; specifically, the USD, and that means the mechanism or delivery system is economics itself. If a group decided never to use the USD again, only trading voluntary time and homemade material things, those actions are not taxable, and thus under no ones control. Satan, via his human followers, are only about control, power, dominionship and lordship, in (this) the World.
While still living on Earth (and now well into the end–times), one thought is to reside within an already established network of Amish travelers; a horse & buggy would be awesome; plus, who does not like horses, right? But the needs of horses can be expensive, depending on what they are utilized for. But I/we are open to it if there is a way! Places overtly humanized are not animal friendly.
As for transportation options, there are many. Since about 2017 or so, e–scooters, and micromobility in general, have come a long way for local transport (I can still ride my peddle bike for short trips). But being where traffic is more accustomed to slower travelers, may have better safety advantages for us Messianic disciples, as we exhibit a perpetual Messiah centered light (Matt 5:14–16).
The wide variety of e–scooters, such as those built for off–road or unpaved pathways such as stabilized trails, are as impressive as those built for more urban settings, even the street legal (motorcycle) kind. And like Messiah Yeshua would do, I/we too oppose the catastrophic and dangerous Car Cult.
It may seem unlikely, not to participate in making the rich even richer, but think about the Amish; they don't order anything from (but I/we do, for now at least). They (too) live simple lifestyles, and make almost everything that they do not buy at Walmart.
But as with all protestants (and everyone else under the Abrahamic religious umbrella), living without the mind of Messiah Yeshua, they can only be like whatever their enculturation tells them to be, which is only a piecemeal of what Messianic Koinonia looks like.
Most everything one needs can be made with wood, the great renewable (the planets fat layer) thus limiting things bought online and shipped overseas from the mega–rich suppliers and makers of all things sold! The shipping industry is itself, a YHVH hating planetary force for destruction, and that is just its environmental impacts. Like money hoarding or wealth hunger, consumerism is also Spiritual cancer, and everyone even nearby the Messianic Cross, know it well (Mark 12:34).
Living in a rural or small town setting, would limit the trips to the big box retailers too. The Amish may like Walmart, but then, I/we are not Amish, though I/we do like many of their lifestyle choices. But just to be clear; Amish are not Messianic disciples, but a more conservative branch of protestantism. Oh, and Walmart is OK too I guess.
The Amish learned a powerful lesson, long ago now; that land ownership itself brings with it, a whole new set of problems when it comes to humans living together in proximity on this planet. This is why the American Amish have (long ago now) dispensed with the communal models of income sharing and/or a community of goods, once popularized in the first century Acts (1 thru 5) archetype, though other Anabaptist rooted protestants like the Hutterites still do.
When Native Americans first learned of land ownership, after their first contact with the Colonizers, they were puzzled by the very notion of land ownership; that any one human could possess what was/is (for them) eternal and vast beyond measure. Earth will always be here, but our life is but a vapor; a millisecond inside a millennia (Ecc). How could anyone think they could "own" land? It is like believing you can "own" the air we all breath! From the dust of Earth we came and so shall we return to it; it is therefore impossible to be its owner.
But the dominionist conquerors had left a continent that was already being squeezed by too many anti-Messianic people (lords, or desirous of a lordship), occupying it at the same time, and that always creates problems, since the bulk of our species are little more than advanced primates, and all primates are territorial and thus violent when others who are not of their breed will (proverbially) crossover their territorial urine lines. And the same thing will happen here too, as it did in all Empires.
Fast forwarding to modern times here in the Ununited States Annexed, the same pathology exists, but has had to evolve (or devolve?) into what we are now witnesses to; the seemingly civilized market share feature of that base territorialism; the massive Ponzi scheme called the Real Estate Industry. And that is all anathema unto the only Owner of Earth. Parasitic (or usury) economics now covers the globe and has fully infected everything and everyone. But in the meantime, we Messianic disciples must endure it (Matt 10:16).

Messianic Koinonia Versus The Capitalist Intentional Community!

Messiah Yeshua condemned the Religionists who became the mammon empowered religious hierarchy of His time and place. But more, they were an example of what Satan does to people with money; what Satan and the demon crew can turn humans into with Mammon. Yeshua accused the Pharisees of a great sin; the monetization of the elderly; in this specific accusation, it was female widows (Mark 12:40): But the greater meaning is clear. Money economics warps everything; it monetizes humans, and that leads to exploitation, commodification, prostitution, objectification, then misogyny and misandry and bigotry of all types.
What was, and should still be, an extra level of care given to all of us, as we age, has also been commodified; reduced to a mere monetary function; a dread because all monies should be earned through the time–for–money system of employment, which the elderly retire out of, and thus, become a mere financial burden on the young. But this is systemic, and that system is the Satan–led production of the Monetizers. You cannot and will not, serve YHVH and mammon; it is The One or the other {$}. True Koinonia is a complete mystery to the World. And yet even some of them are noticing!
Is This A Housing Revolution For Aging Boomers? (Treehugger)
Geriatrician Dr. Bill Thomas is turning the idea of how we age upside down. He rails against the so called "continuum of care," where we move from what's called "the grim march from independent living, to assisted living, to nursing homes, to memory units, and to the grave." He promotes instead what he calls MESH: tools that help people Move, Eat, Sleep, Heal. He is on to something here, a doctor talking about food, fitness and comfort. I've been thinking about it as an architect, having watched my parents generation get old and die, generally unhappily and in the wrong kind of place for their needs at the time. Since learning about Thomas, I've spent some time on his website and really like it.
What was the natural order of Messianism in the ancient past ― the Koinonia ― died a long time ago. It faded away as the numbers of the Elect of YHVH, became fewer and fewer, all while the human population exploded. Today, deep into the Eschaton Era, there are so few Saints alive, we (accountable adult) Saints who remain, know assuredly that this is the Eschaton Era; a time period that Boomers have lived an entire lifetime within.
Ananias and Sapphira were the Grifters of the first Koinonia; avoiding them today is tactically wise. But like a thief in the night, this time will go undetected by the masses (1Th 5; Matt 24; Luke 17). Nearly every (accountable) adult has been taken by Satan and his trillion demon army, who now control just about the whole of the human adult population. The Elect of YHVH are sheep engulfed by wolves; there are way too many sheep skinned wolves and never enough carcasses.
Now, here in the Eschaton Era, YHVH has to use the proverbial donkeys among us; that is, YHVH has so few future resurrected Saints left in any large numbers, YHVH has to get creative (me for one!). And like before when YHVH had only what there was to work with, YHVH used a donkey to speak to Balaam (Num 22), or a burning bush unto Moses. But if they did not or would not, the rocks would indeed cry out (Luke 19:40)! One way or another, YHVH will get it done, and still not violate human volition. Masterful!
All of this is no different than anything, which falls under the banner of land use, including the Intentional Community model. This impacts the vast majority of Intentional Communities among the westernized, since I have not yet been to, or communicated with, any Intentional Communities outside of the English speaking world. But the bent logic of dominionship and its landlordism, verily has no planetary boundaries.
Therefore, most Intentional Communities in the USA will be little more than real estate transactions. The notions proposed of one big happy family sharing equitably in the bounties of Earth, are at best, delusional. It is the individual (or the business entity) that holds the deed to the property in question, that holds all the power therein, and reaps all the rewards that are developed on that deed lorded land.
That explains why so many of them like to offer a free stay, in exchange for labor of some kind, because paying an employee a living wage would cost them a lot, but crashing on their proverbial couch, via basically camping on their land, costs them nothing extra than what it already costs. I have no interest in using land to exploit anyone in that way; I am a carpenter by trade (a Tekton) and so I labored hard all my life; I just cannot exploit people.
Unlike it was in the seventies thru the nineties, the Intentional Communities are no longer even blurring the terminology, once used to trick people to participate, for free, in the development of such lorded land. One example (among dozens I could share), is this Intentional Community and their unabashed ad for rentals; then compare that to another Real Estate Company ad for one of their rentals. Stunning price differences indeed! Much cheaper just to live in the latter.
Therefore, there is not one Intentional Community, which at the very least, can be found on the Wild Wild Web, wherein someone can be free to be! There is no such thing as true freedom; just ask any Native American how it all works; or many of the homeless living inside the prison of economic affluence.
True freedom is the absence of a monetary system; at least, in the way that those systems were initiated in feudal Europe. Those educated therein, know how such corruption shaped Western culture and all that followed it, including the economic production that is Christendom.
Like my Master (Messiah Yeshua) I'm a pacifist, and will endure suffering, even on a cross if necessary (which is unlikely but I am ready, nonetheless), to show how much Love that Messiah Yeshua has for all of us. Our Kingdom is not even of this world (John 8:23; John 18:36–37), and so, all we can do is Love everyone and everything always, and live Messianic lifestyles, and let The Lord do the Judging, and the attracting.
Notwithstanding, it is worth it to post this, so to keep the proverbial doors, always open to a Messianic Intentional Community, here in the Ununited States Annexed. There may indeed be the few, the humbled, the redeemed, here on this continent, but if that is you, I/we want to meet you. But it is equally important to point out these inherent problems, up front, and why such an entity may never be possible in the money dominated USA.
If you are already money wealthy, it would be better to move to a South Pacific or Atlantic island; Hawaii, The Bahamas, or even emigrate to New Zealand (that is what many with the mean$ already do). Indeed, anywhere that is 25 degrees South or North of the Equator, and is relatively safe, and spoken English is widespread, assuming that is the only language you know.
For us staying mainland, it has even been suggested to go in among Tribal Indigenous Americans, to see if anything like this is possible among them. It may end up being the only way; nevertheless, I/we am still hopeful for a simple Messianic Monastery, as freed from money dependency as we can make it; as self–reliant from the greater economy as can be achieved. The Mammon servants that create and/or maintain the world of the Monetizers, are eternally doomed unless they repent and radically change how they live on this YHVH created and owned planet.
About.Me? I am Tekton and an Oracle; I'm a devout student (and coeditor) of the Messiah Scriptures (since the eighties) with special focus on the red letters of my Master, Messiah Yeshua. In this world, I am: simple living; disenculturated; apolitical; egalitarian; pescetarian; a voluntarist; a Monotheist; unritualistic; a woodsman; an undergrad; a sociologist; a published author and webmaster.

Ideas Worth Pondering!

One Time Big Buy: Hilly land is not worth much to crop farmers, nor real estate developers, but for those into forest farming, it is a worthy option. These are the reasons why it is better to be a forest farmer than a flat land sodbuster. As a pescetarian, I/we also avoid eating anything made from hybridized wheat, and eat an otherwise low carbs diet in general. Thus, a healthy fishing spot nearby is almost a prerequisite.
Forests can grow tree nuts, shade grown coffee beans, and a host of herbs and vegetables, just to name a few. I enjoy design/build of greenhouses. Forests are also a great place to raise egg laying chickens & turkeys. Goats and chickens are not too large, and they can be well fed and protected within natural forests via silvopasturing. It is better not to eat the flesh of animals, but I also understand the compulsion battles of the gluttonous. Animal products are fine because nothing living has to die; chicken eggs and goats milk (and its cheese) are great protein options.
Being a sodbuster is backbreaking hard work, and requires a lot of tilled land, lots of chemicals, and equipment. Thus, stand–up harvesting is also better on the body; that of trees and bushes and vines, as well as the technique of vertical farming. Reducing repetitive bending over is wise by design.
Buying land in the US is a daunting task. But this particular Intentional Community will be a forest community, and thus, it targets those who like and prefer the forest. This vision is a forest like those in the (US geographical) Ozark Plateau, the Ouachita Mountains, and the southern sector of the Appalachians, though most forest lovers enjoy all forest biomes, myself included.
The Great Northwest is awesome; from the Shasta Trinity National Forest, up to the North Cascades National Park, that entire region is beautiful. But in the foreseeable future, that region of the continent is going to be plagued with droughts, and then the wildfires, and then the mudslides that follow. Air quality is thus a major factor in the Great NW.
Plus, it is also very expensive land, and, much of its higher elevations can have brutally cold winters. Now, if money were no object then location selection would not be so hard to make. Nevertheless, for daily living, I think it should be a consideration to live South of (roughly) the 37th parallel, and where it is deeply forested, so that winters are mild and growing seasons are longer, requiring less resources to survive; namely, to warm ourselves, but also, to produce more; to be able to stay active longer, both sides of winter.
One idea proposed was to appeal to Federal or State agency's about the possibility of leasing Federal or State land, at an affordable monthly price, rather than trying to buy land. The point made would be that we would not develop it, but would instead, live by the Leave No Trace camping model of land use. Land that is not ripe for development anyway, or is intentionally restricted from development, would be a possibility. But I/we are always open to ideas!
For example, I know how to build self contained and self-powered tiny homes on high stilts that respect the land (and animals) underneath it and around it; to compost everything; to beneficially expand the natural world around us, by living via mutualism and commensalism; in a specific way, to be symbiotic with nature. Digging and trenching, cutting down and mowing, and paving over the surface, are completely unnecessary, and indeed only destructive.
Sweet Growth Zones: When accounting for the importance of greatly limiting the need for the US$, one must first look at what requires the most, versus the least of them. The less dependent that anyone is on money, will mean more independence and interdependence: Buy and Sell Local, indeed! Or fair trade is even better; time and things!
Land will cost the most, initially, and so, a location where the per acre cost is as low as possible, is ideal, while still being in a sweet zone. For example, buying 300 acres of desert land, cheaply, will not provide much for this kind of endeavor, whereas, 50 acres of hilly rocky forested land will yield far more.
Monthly Buying: Look at what costs the most at any local grocer, and then at the Farmers Market (if there is one close), and then with online purchases. Whatever costs the most, that is what an Intentional Community would make onsite, and sell the excesses thereof. For example, beans, and grains like oats and quinoa and brown rice, are per pound, fairy cheap; growing and harvesting them on a small scale is not. Therefore, it is better to just buy them with money.
This same logic gets applied to all, as it is possible. For example, one cannot grow pineapples on any large scale, in, say, the lower US Midwest, but avocados can be grown there, which are super healthy, and a bit expensive, store bought. I/we eat them, and cruciferous vegetables aplenty, and all the roots, especially carrots and a host of tubers.
Monthly Selling: Now, look what costs a lot, especially online, and, does not weigh too much. I enjoy designing and building plant greenhouses and nurseries, with focus on standing greenhouse gardening, especially for perennial herbs, and sit down (or even wheelchair accessible) raised bed for growing root vegetables and cruciferous vegetables outdoors.
A great US$ earning home business, would be to grow and make and sell, small but high priced things online, such as ginseng and others. For example, a pill machine is fairly cheap and easy to operate, and shipping small bottles is as easy as handing it off to a US Postal Worker who delivers mail.
Power and Water: The sun shines all day; wind moves most all the time; river water flows in perpetuity; sunshine and movement can be harnessed for power. Acquiring land where a large river flows is often expensive, but rain falls freely everywhere! In other words, an Intentional Community would want to be where there is plenty of annual rain fall; water is life! Rain catchment is a necessity.
Thus, it is ideal to collect and harvest rain, via metal roof runoff, with some to be filtered for drinking, cooking and bathing, and the rest stored for growing. Here are the 10 states with the most rain and snow in the US based on statewide average precipitation.
If there is enough rainfall, that will be sufficient: If not, then there needs to be another source; ideally, a river or a large lake, which might have its own problems with pollution. Otherwise, potable water must be trucked in, if a Well is not monetarily or geologically feasible; not a good option.
But if the land has a large enough stream flowing through it, with a good volume of water annually, then it is time to build a small hydro power dam, and thus a small lake for fishing and swimming, as a side perk! That is also a possibility with hilly land where their valleys offer a decent amount of water flow. Here's 1 example at YouTube; there are much better ideas but this is a quick sample to see how easy it is. Salvage yard alternators are just one way to reuse.
Perennially Renewable: Trees have been growing on Earth for countless millennia, and by the literal quintillions, and will continue to do so, forward in time, long after the last human has turned to dust, and will do so until the sun grows cold! See intriguing YouTube videos about Chernobyl reclaimed by nature.
Trees are, by far, the most sustainable, and the most abundant renewable element, on Earth. Obviously, rocks or stone (Earth's upper crust) would outweigh and out volume trees at any given point in time, but then, they do not change or grow or die; they are just there always (and this, without delving into the consequences of subduction).
And it is the same with water; the hydrological cycle of Earth does not add nor subtract any appreciable amount of H2O, liquid, frozen or gaseous. It is reusable and therefore would not be classified as a renewable, outside of aquifer depletion, which if left alone would recover naturally.
However, trees grow like literal weeds in all forest biomes present at any given point in time. Forests grow slowly when measured in human time but in geological time they are fast growing. Earth is Symbiotic; it is Mycorrhizal.
Therefore, one cannot have an intelligent conversation about a renewable, healthy, and sustainable lifestyle, without making trees and forest systems, and wood products, a major component in such assessments. The goal would be to use wood everywhere, as much as that is possible, replacing plastics and metals where feasible. Perhaps that is why YHVH–in–skin decided to be a carpenter!
Animal Sanctuary, Dog & Cat Rescue Center: This has been on my heart since childhood; I hate kill shelters, and feel sorry the people employed there. The ideal setting would be to create a safe place far enough into a forested setting so that barking dogs (24/7) would not bother neighbors. So remote, yes, but still, the goal of being within 10 a mile travel distance of an Amtrak station would be ideal. The logic here is to be reasonably accessible to the Amtrak network of trains. We do not want to be the cause of anyone driving.
Wrap: An Intentional Community Q & A was written and posted online, well before Social Media existed, but since most emails about a Messianic Intentional Community in the USA, were mostly questions pertaining to theology and lifestyle models, such questions served to expose the Americanization that deeply impacts almost everyone, and only a few here, will ever transcend it all to become disenculturated via the auspices of the Indwelling Holy Spirit.
More to come! Taking requests, so by all means, share your ideas, even if you are not interested in this Messianic Koinonia. In the Love of Messiah Yeshua via Ruach HaKodesh. In the eternal servitude of Adonai our Elohim: YHVH! We start with this first planet of YHVH: Earth! And a Messianic level of Stewardship.

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