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monk of YHVH; oracle of Adonai; follower of The Way; Tekton
Quotable Monk!
We Were Reborn That Way
YHVH Is Love; Satan Is Pride
We Are What We Do And No More
Guilt Makes Truth Seem An Attack
The Opposite of Love Is Indifference
This Life Is Not Even About This Life
To Test The Heart, Just Nudge The Ego
Brandishing: An Exhibition Of Cowardice
Ethics Are Negotiable; Morality Is Absolute
Self-Justification Obscures The Voice of Truth
Hypocrisy Is To Move The Target Onto Another
The Greatest Attenuation To Faith Is Empiricism
Christendom Does Not Represent Messiah Yeshua
Spiritual Metamorphosis, Not Religious Conversion
Predestination: You Can; You Should; But You Won't
Saintliness Is To Live In The Completeness Of Humility
It Is Not Freedom With Money; It Is Freedom From Money
Volition Is Your Superpower That Even YHVH Will Not Alter
Modernity Seen Thru Scripture; Not Scripture Thru Modernity
When You Love You Can't Hate; When You Hate You Can't Love
Peace Is Not The Hope of Salvation; It Is The Proof Of Salvation
Social Roles Don't Define Character; Character Defines Social Roles
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